Conair 213X Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Technology Ionic Styler, Black

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1875 Watts / Ionic Technology / Tourmaline Ceramic Technology / 3 Heat - 2 Speed settings / Diffuser for Curly and Wavy Styles / Cold Shot Button / 9' AC

  • Tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Ionic styler
  • Professional AC motor
  • 7' professional line cord
  • Diffuser and concentrator attachment

Customer Reviews:

  • Better than all
    This dryer is amazing! Though it is a bit heavier than others, it dries my hair 3 times faster! I love it and have been recommending it to all my friends!!...more info
  • Conair
    Super hair dryer, the only thing negative I've found is the weight of the dryer.

    It was a little bit heavy on hand but other than that it works really fine

    ...more info
  • Great product!
    I'm so glad I got this for myself. I was looking for an ionic styler that was reasonable priced and works well. This is it! It's a great styler and works really well and doesn't burn my hair. Plus it comes with the attachments which I love.
    The only thing I don't like is that it's a little heavy but I can work with that.
    Overall, I'm a very satisfied customer!...more info
  • Good solid hairdryer
    I just used the hairdryer for the first time this morning. I'm not 100% sure it dried my hair faster but it did seem to make it glossier. I was using a CVS travel hair dryer for 3 years before this one so obviously it was an upgrade and I am no expert on hairdryers. It was a bit heavier than I'm used to and not as easy to switch on and off with the flick of a thumb but overall it seems to be doing a good job. Normally I use a boar bristle brush to add gloss to my hair but this dryer made it look good without even using that brush. ...more info
  • great product for price!
    Picked this up because my dryer died. It is a little heavy, but it is much quieter than my previous dryer. And it dries my hair faster. Overall, a good value....more info
  • Great hair dryer
    The hairdryer works very well, with impressive forceful drying capacity and a quiet motor. The only drawback is that it is somewhat heavy....more info
  • Best hairdryer I've ever owned...
    I'm very glad to have found this hairdyer! It's a great price for a great product.

    It's makes drying my long (down to my waist) hair much quicker (~5-8 minutes as opposed to ~10-20). It does make my hair feel so much smoother than it does when I use any other hair drier (you don't feel like your burning your hair or getting your hands caught in your hair/pulling your hair out).

    The only potential con (not really a big deal to me), is yes, it is heavier than a typical hairdyer. On that same note, it makes it feel like it has more substance than the cheaper $20 dollar hairdyers....more info
  • This Hairdryer Has Changed My Life
    ..okay, maybe a bit of an overstatement, but I truly feel that way every time I use this thing! Professional salon results every single time. I had *thought* that I was using a decent ionic/ceramic hairdryer, but for the past year or so my hair just would not behave. Frizzy, dry and damaged looking - even though I knew it wasn't truly "damaged". Could not figure out what the problem was (post-pregnancy changes? Wrong products?). Now I know it was the poor quality dryer I was using. How I wished I had known this a year ago and saved the $$$ I spent on smoothing/straightening cremes/balms/products - which never worked anyway!

    + hair dries in 1/2 the time
    + smooth and straight with minimal effort
    + long-lasting salon smoothness/style throughout the day
    + quieter
    + cooler - even on high-heat setting

    + some think it is heavier than most, though I found it no heavier than my last one
    + the funnel-shaped "concentrator" attachment has fixed positions, requiring two hands and some difficulty to move/turn on the fly while drying your hair

    My hair is fine, but I have lots of it - and is layered with a significant wave to it, even curly if I choose to make it so. This dryer gives me smooth, manageable styles with just the right amount of volume (with my round brush). I also noticed that after being caught in the rain one day, when my hair literally sprung up in curl ringlets from the weather, even the curls were smoother, more defined and not frizzy! I almost liked my curly hair - and this was hours after I had dried it straight! This dryer is simply a miraculous tool!...more info
  • Good but heavy.
    It's a great hair dryer and for a good price. It is as some other reviewers have said, heavy. I'm not sure if I'm just used to lighter dryers, but this one makes my arm tired.
    ...more info
    A great product for the price. It has performed above my expectations. It is slightly heavier than what I was accustomed to, but, that really hasn't been troublesome. The control buttons are another item that I had to get used to. Dries hair very quickly. ...more info
  • Best Dryer I've Ever Had
    I got this hair dryer for my wife after she complained her old one took forever to dry her hair. She says this Conair drys extremely quickly and is the best dryer she has ever had. She doens't really use the attachments so she couldn't say anything bad/good about them. She highly recommends this dryer and says it is a great value....more info
  • I really like this hair dryer
    This is a really nice hair dryer for the price. It is powerful and much more quite than I thought it would be. It dries my short, but thick hair quickly and the cold shot button really works. It also dries much faster then my old Revlon hair dryer and makes my hair nice and shiny. The only reason I did not give it five stars is because it is a little on the heavy side and I wish the cord was retractable....more info
  • Conair 213X Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Technology Ionic Styler, Black
    Oh my gosh!!This Conair is the best hair dryer I've ever had.I initially bo't a cheapo Vidal Sasoon for $10.00. It was pretty lightweight, but it got so hot my hair burned-I called it the "screamin' demon"--the sound was ear-splitting. This wonderful Conair is not loud at all; it has high/low warm settings--the warm is not hot; there is high/low hot setting; and the cool is actually COOL with a high/low setting. It's the best dryer ever for me. This dryer is a little on the heavy side, as I have Lupus with complications, but I will certainly compensate for that by leaning my arm on the counter. My hair shines, it doesn't snarl and knot up, and I'm happy as can possibly be! Buy it, you'll never regret it. Do it now!!...more info
  • Awesome!!
    The product works great. It dries my hair fairly quickly and my hair ends up being soooo soft. I highly recommend. It is a little heavier than most driers, but after a few days I didn't notice this anymore. It looks cool and is a fabulous dryer!...more info
  • Fabulous Hair Dryer
    This is an excellent hair dryer. It is definitely a salon quality dryer. I recommend it highly....more info
  • Makes a huge difference with my hair!
    I was a little skeptical of some of the reviews on this dryer. I had a hard time believing that a blow dryer had the ability to make my hair look healthier and shiny. Well, I'm so glad I was proved wrong!

    My hair is very thin, but it's usually so frizzy by the time I'm done drying it straight. With this blow dryer, my hair doesn't have a bunch of fly aways and it looks so shiny!
    For the first time in years, I'm actually happy with how my hair looks.

    There are two negatives with this dryer. The placement of the buttons is awkward. The way they're positioned on the handle makes it hard for you to dry your hair without changing the settings or turning it off on accident.
    The second negative is the weight of the dryer. At first, I thought it was way too heavy. Now, a few weeks later, I've completely adjusted to it.
    Even with those two negatives, I would still highly recommend this blow dryer. I can't believe I went so long using one that was so sub par to this. ...more info
  • Very good dryer
    I really like it because I noticed it is quieter (when on "high") than my previous one I bought a year ago. My last one was an Andis 82075 Tourmaline/Ionic hair dryer, and that one broke after a year. It also dries hair pretty fast.
    ...more info
  • Great Dry for Long Hair
    I find this product to work very well for me. I have shoulder length hair that is fine, full and straight. The time to dry my hair is long, BUT, with this dryer it takes less time and I get much better results. The dryer is quiet, has warm, hot, and a button for cool air. You can use either temperature on high or low. The cool setting is great to set the style. The unit has a little weight to it, but nothing overwhelming. ...more info
  • Time Saver
    This dryer doesn't perform miracles, but it dries my hair faster and with less frizz. Yes, it weighs more than many other driers but I'm holding it up for less time. It's worth it to me. Can't beat the price for such a cutting edge product. ...more info
  • great dryer
    Great Dryer for the price! Is a little heavy but I expected that from the other reviews. Nice long cord. I seem to hit the buttons on the handle (on and off and heat buttons) when drying but nothing that would stop me from buying this dryer again. ...more info
  • Lots of air!
    I don't notice a difference between this and the $10 travel dryer I bought from Bartell's, other than the fact that this dryer seems to put out much more air at a slightly lower temperature, and doesn't make as annoying a sound. The old $10 dryer made a whirring sound that was hard to deal with at 7am... this dryer doesn't seem as quiet as the ones they use at salons, but it's certainly tolerable. Overall, I don't know anything about hair dryers but I'm satisfied with this one....more info
  • Great hair dryer!
    I am very happy with my purchase, and would recommend this hair dryer.
    It dries my hair fast, and I like that it has the cool air setting without having to hold the cool button.
    I compared the price to hair dryers at Walmart and decided to choose this one instead because I got more for my money.
    The only downside is that is a little bit heavier than other hair dryers.
    Overall, it is a really good hair dryer!...more info
  • Love it!
    This hair dryer is a great value for the price! motor is not loud and the heat temp is perfect for me...I totally recommend this hair dryer!...more info
  • Great hairdryer - not-so-great attachments
    I bought this as a gift for my sister. It is slightly heavier than her previous model, but getting used to the new model was easy. It works quickly, isn't too loud, but my sister says the attachments are a bit of a pain. If you need to use the attachments on a daily basis, this might not be the right model for you. Other than that - GREAT hairdryer....more info
  • 4 1/2
    I give this product a 4 1/2. It works great and dries your hair really fast. I had another conair that i did like but this one is amazing! The reason I didnt give it a 5 is because, like most people said, it is heavy. But other than that this is a great product and i recommend it to everyone! ...more info
  • Not as powerful as I thought it would be
    I bought this to replace my Conair Yellowbird. For me, I need the air, not heat. It does not produce as much forced air as I thought it would....more info
  • too heavy
    a nice blow dryer, however, ridiculously heavy. when i try to grasp it higher on the handle to lessen the weight, i keep pushing the cool it's very awkward to use for me, unfortunately, because if it were lighter, it would be ideal. great attachments, great dryer. it only takes me about 5 minutes to blow dry my hair but that is too long with this one! ...more info
  • Love it love it love it
    After a $6 conair lasted me for years, i replaced it with a $20 revlon that was a piece of crap. I vowed to research my next hairdryer online instead of picking randomly in the store and settled on this one. I LOVE this hairdryer. By far the best I've ever owned, and the best diffuser I've ever used (curly haired girl, here). There is a stark difference between hot, warm, and cold, too. I should maybe buy a second just in case they ever discontinue this model......more info
  • Love this dryer
    One of my main objectives was to find a quiet, quality hair dryer. I reviewed several in a much higher price bracket. This one is quiet and a quality device....more info
  • Dries great, poor design
    This hair dryer was a great upgrade from my last in that it dries my hair faster and my hair feels nicer when I'm done. It is quite heavy though, and the cool shot button is very poorly placed. I accidentally hit it all the time!...more info
  • not what i expected
    i like the fact that i can use it warm/hot AND cool without pressing the blue button all the time.
    3 stars because it freezes my hair sometimes when using the warm/hot feature.
    good for drying your hair when its too wet.
    NOT for styling....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I am a marketing professional so I think I'm "above" much of the marketing companies do to differentiate their products/introduce new products. I purchased this b/c I needed a 2nd blowdryer for our vacation home - it was rated well and reasonably priced but I wasn't convinced by this newly boasted "ion" technology this and other blowdryers position themselves. But it really made a difference in my long, thick and sometimes frizzy hair! It shortened the time of blowdrying (from 15min with my old dryer to 5) AND the hair was much smoother/more managable. The unit isn't small but the weight some reviewers commented on wasn't an issue for me at all. I highly recommend this!...more info
  • Great Dryer, Bad Placement of Controls
    I have been using this dryer for 7 months and really like it. It really dries my hair fast and does not burn it or dry it out. My only criticism is the placement of the controls. It is impossible to completely grip the handle and not touch the temp & speed buttons. I accidentally switch the controls and trigger the "cool" button just about every time I dry my hair. This hair dryer is heavy enough that you need to be able to hold onto it. I would like to see the controls moved somewhere off the grip in the next version....more info
  • Extremely Satisfied
    I purchased this hair dryer about 1 yr ago and am extremely happy with it. Prior to this dryer, I had a Conair CP2675, which is my all time favorite...until it stopped working!! I couldn't find it in stock anywhere so I decided to try the 213X. I am really picky when it comes to hair dryers since I have really thick and curly hair but it leaves my hair soft and silky, and never frizzes my hair so there are no complaints from me. I highly recommend ...more info
  • Excellent
    This was a great purchase. It came with a diffuser... and a flat thing which i dont use. There isnt anything that i dont like, the cord length is perfect...the heat is perfect... the cold shot is great.. although i do hit it without realizing it.. but thats no big deal. Great Dryer, great price.. adn the free shipping said it would take up to 3 weeks... but it was at my door within 7 days.

    ...more info
  • Works GREAT!!
    My hair is long, and very course and thick. It normally has taken about a half hour to dry. At my hairdresser's, she had a dryer that would get my hair dry pretty quickly. When I asked, she explained it was a tourmaline dryer, and the cost was $350-400! Well, I couldn't afford that and came online to search for something affordable for me. When I saw the reviews on this product, I thought maybe it might be helpful and decided to give it a try. Total RAVE, my hair was dry to the root in under 10 minutes! This is one of those finds you just have to pass along, it's such a time saver, and it's very affordable. Don't miss it!...more info
  • WOW damage free hair drying at last.
    My stylist told me about this dryer as my hair is so fine and gets damaged by the dryer. This dryer makes a big difference and is worth the price. My hair is shiney and healthy now. Yes, it is a bit heavy but it dries your hair so fast you will not mind. Hold it like stylists do on the body, you can as it will not burn you....more info
  • Works great, but very heavy
    The hair dryer works fine but it is much heavier than any other hair dryer I've ever used. The controls for on/off & heat or a bit hard to use - you have to slide them rather than a switch but it doesn't interfere with the overall function of the hair dryer....more info
  • Overall - quite satisfied.
    This dryer is nice. I don't know if it's any faster but it does work well and my hair really does feel shinnier and healthier. It is a bit heavier than I was used to but not problematicly so....more info
  • Left my hair shiny and manageable!
    We live in an area where the water is extremely hard, leaving my hair dry and brittle after washing. I was initially skeptical that a $35 hair dryer could make a difference, but I noticed immediately that my hair was softer, shinier and laid down much better and was easier to style after using this hair dryer. I highly recommend this product! ...more info
  • Great Product - going to buy another one
    My daughter and I have shared this blow dryer for the past two year. It gets used at least every day.I have never had a problem with it and both of us have healthy, sleek, and shiny hair. I receive many compliments on my hair, almost daily. After sharing, I need my own blow dryer. I thought I should splurge on a high-end product, but after scouring reviews, I decided to just buy another one of these products. It works great, its cheap, and it does what high-end products say they do. Save yourself some bucks! Only draw back: it could be quieter, but my hairdresser expensive dryer is louder!...more info
  • Great hair dryer, diffuser OK
    This hair dryer meets & exceeds all of my expectatations, but the diffuser is OK.

    The speed & heat settings are great, the noise level is pretty low - it does a fantastic job drying - seems to be much more even than my last dryer which left wet sections next to near-burnt sections. Sometimes a product will have a 'high' and 'low' setting, and there's not much of a difference. In this case, it's really nice to actually have a low setting for the diffuser.

    I have a ton of curly hair, so I feel that the diffuser is quite shallow in depth compared to the last one I owned - my hair kinda spills out instead of sitting 'in' it. However, the shallow diffuser shape seems to be the trend, so unless you have an old-school one that fits over the nozzle, I don't know that you'll have much of a choice in new dryers.

    I would highly recommend the dryer, and say 'meh' about the diffuser....more info
  • great product
    This hair blow dryer is amazing. My hair was dry and coarse, but only after using this product, it feels smoother and softer. Now I make a point of using it everyday....more info
  • Great value and power
    Simply put - I've always wanted a quiet, powerful, and sturdy blower without spending a fortune. This one fits that description perfectly. I've used quieter machines, but the sacrifice of heat and force wasn't worth it. You could spend more, but I'm not sure why you would......more info
  • Great Dryer and Styler!
    I gave this to my daughter as one of her Christmas gifts. She requested it based on what she had heard and read. She loves the hairdryer because it allows her to work with her very thick hair in more than one way. This a a great dryer and stying tool!...more info
  • Not a perfect one!
    I wanted to change my hairdryer to get a lighter and a more quiet one! but I think I haven't made a good purchase, this hair dryer is too heavy and also makes lots of noise. But don't back up, overall it's not that bad!...more info
  • better than the cheap products, but it is heavy
    I am not a great fan of haridryers for the fact that my hair normally gets tangled in the works; drying effect on both hair and scalp. After reading the reviews here, I decided to splash out and incredibly, my hair feels and looks shiney and definately did not dry my scalp.

    the drying time was a lot quicker than I have experienced with other dryers.

    However, like other reviews, this dryer is heavy and when you add the diffuser - I found it a little difficult to use. I am glad my hair is short as holding this dryer for any more than 4 minutes would not be fun. ...more info
  • Good Quality...BUT
    The quality of the product is very good. It feels like it will last a long time.

    does wonders on my hair.

    ...more info
  • Too Heavy
    Did a great job blow drying my hair, but the dryer is too heavy for me so I am exchanging it for something lighter. Also, the cool button is located right where your index finger goes, so you end up accidentally pressing it quite a bit. ...more info
  • Good buy
    Best hairdryer purchase so far. Dries fast, makes hair silky and can't beat the price. Only negative is that the dryer is on the heavy side... Still a keeper. ...more info
  • Would definitely recommend
    I have medium to long length hair and this hairdryer dries my hair pretty quickly. I have had a hair drying in the past that dried it a little faster but I paid more for it. This maybe adds 30-45 seconds to my drying time so I would still rate it as very good. My hair does not have a lot of flyaways or static to it with this dryer either. Wouldn't say it is super smooth, but I've been using it during a humid season so it's hard to say. I would recommend it and I'd most likely buy it again if I had to replace it. I do like it much better than my daughter's Bed Head hair dryer she has. That one is super heavy and doesn't dry quickly at all. ...more info


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