Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars, Raspberry and Chocolate, 2.2-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)

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Organic Live Food Fusion. USDA Organic. No Artificial Ingredients; No Preservatives; Gluten Free; Dairy Free. As a Registered Nurse and Natural Foods Chef I've developed a passion for raw foods. Imagine an alternative to high sugar processed snacks that tastes simply amazing, a fusion of live, raw and organic ingredients. Imagine a clean snack with a higher nutrient content that brings us closer to healing ourselves and the global ecology. Stop imagining and join the Raw Revolution you owe it to yourself. All Raw Revolution bars contain at least 95% organic ingredients. Vegan; Kosher; Uncooked; No Refined Sugars; Non GMO; Soy Free. Kosher and Organic Certification By: Natural Food Certifiers Spring Valley, NY.

  • Pack of 12 2.2-ounce bars (26.4 total ounces)
  • All-natural ingredients, including cashews, amaranth, dates, cocoa powder, almonds, raspberries, and sprouted flax
  • Certified-organic, vegan, kosher, high in protein and iron
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, no preservatives, non-GMO
  • Fiber-rich bar contains raw organic ingredients

Customer Reviews:

  • Delicious!
    I love this bar! Can't eat enough of them! They are delicious, nutritious and fill me up. I actually only need a half a bar to feel satisfied because they are so filled with nutrients. I like that if I'm on the run, or just need something sweet, I can eat a Raw Rev. Raspberry bar and know that I made a healthy choice. No filler crap - just good natural ingredients....more info
  • Like a raspberry chocolate brownie.
    This is a very tasty treat. 250 cal., 13g fat (2g saturated), no cholesterol, 29g carbs (19g sugar, 4g fiber), 6g protein. It has 16% daily value of iron. Plus it has a very chocolate-y taste with real raspberry flavor. Looks a little like a brownie....more info
  • Great!
    Very healthy, very delicious, very filling. Great for days when you need breakfast or lunch on the run....more info
  • Decent, but not the best
    Has an oily film on it. Good flavor. Somewhat thick consistency. Made me question whether it was really raw. It seemed more manufactured or processed than other raw foods I've had....more info
  • Doesn't taste like diet food to me
    Regarding my recent purchase of the Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars in Raspberry and Chocolate flavored (2.2-Ounce Bars for a pack of 12), I must say this sure does NOT taste like diet food to me. The chocolate rasberry blended together and made a delightful flavor. Even though flax seeds are mixed into this combo, the seeds are ground up enough not to cause any concerns and I really liked the chewy texture. I recommend keeping them in the fridge for a cool treat....more info
    I was so surprised about the last review!!! These bars are just great!!! You can really taste the raspberry and the chocolate is just yummy! It's great for people who want to cut down on snacks in between meals. It's a very nutritious, healthy snack - - better than just a candy bar . . . and it's not full of sugar! ...more info
  • Healthy Snack
    The bars have a mild chocolate and raspberry taste. It looks like a power bar in a little bit of liquid (oil-like), but has more of a dense-brownie texture. It's a good choice for a healthy snack. Everyone in my household liked it, and they disappeared quickly....more info
  • What were they thinking?????
    OK, this is just plain gross. I've eaten LOTS of raw bars and this one has been the worst. It's flavor is so intensely sweet, I couldn't even eat one full bite. And the consistency!!! What were they thinking. This is one step away from BAD baby food. Pure slimy mush. It doesn't feel healthy and raw, it feels like some old processed food one would buy at a bulk discount store. YUCK!...more info
  • An acquired taste
    Personally I love these food bars. Most people do not. If you like the taste of carob then these bars are for you. If you don't buyer beware.
    Great for anyone on the raw food diet....more info
  • Hoping this is an acquired taste
    The second half of the first bar I ate was better than the first half, so maybe this is indeed an acquired taste. It's unusual, and doesn't taste much like either chocolate or raspberry. And yet... somehow I felt satisfied once I got to the end. So with any luck, I'll enjoy my remaining 11 bars!!...more info
  • These are delicious!
    I try not to eat too many processed foods, but sometimes, like when you are traveling or backpacking, you need a convenient, pre-packaged food product. These bars are very tasty and they don't have any additives or strange ingredients. They are suitable for people with the common food allergies. For me, the clincher was that there is no added sugar except for agave nectar, which has a low glycemic index....more info
  • OK
    Healthy ingredients
    Low sodium
    No Trans Fats
    No Cholesterol
    Good Source of Protein

    High in Calories and fat
    Not High in Vitamins

    When I ordered the RR bars I was hoping that they would have bigger chunks of the ingredients but it is more like they put everything in a food processor. I was also hoping for raspberry chunks but this uses raspberry powder. These bars are definitely an acquired taste but they aren't any worse than the "traditional energy bars" and I still do like that they have wholesome ingredients instead of all the funky stuff. I do like that these don't leave me with a bloated heavy feeling but they are satisfying. I will be using these as a meal replacement instead of the energy bars that need not be named.

    ...more info
  • Best gluten free stash for a celiac!
    Never feel abandoned in the food court -- just carry one of these and you will know you always have something very good and very safe to eat! All the Raw Revolution food bars are wonderful but this one is the best imho....more info
  • greasy
    After trying and not liking the Spirulina flavor, I compared the nutritional data of all RR bars and specifically chose the Raspberry flavor for its lowest fat content. I still find it too greasy to enjoy it....more info
  • Meh...an OK flavor
    I'm a big fan of the Spirulina and Cashew flavor...this, not so much. Very heavy tasting. It's hard to make it through a whole bar....more info
  • Passable snack
    With a list of ingredients like this, it is hard to believe that this is only passable. The chocolate is underwhelming, the tartness of the agave is overwhelming. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    These are extremely disappointing as I absolutely LOVE raw bars and have eaten many a Lara Bar. These in no way compare and oddly enough, taste like cardboard. I have no idea how these can taste so bad when they are made with such good ingredients....more info
  • Great Raw Energy Bar - the best raw cacao bean bar
    If you are raw foodist and / or vegan who is interested in organic / raw food, you will love this. Other people who are used to processed stuff will not love it as other more processed stuffs tend to taste better.

    I love it. Raw cacaol is such a natural high antioxident source that I try to find a way to eat it easily and here is a way! As far as I know, the only two other anti-oxident that is as strong as raw cacol (or more) is Jason Winter's tea and Mangosteen fruit drink / extract. ...more info
  • Not Too Shabby
    It's definitely a different taste, but I enjoyed it. I recommend PURE bars if you want a 5 star raw food bar. ...more info
  • Not the greatest tasting.
    Good for energy but not good tasting. For the money I prefer clif Bars....more info
  • Great bars!
    I tried one of these bars the other day and loved it! I'm going on a long bike ride soon and am going to take three of these. They're the perfect size for travelling with and really taste great!...more info
  • Not a cookie
    I think the product is very good but it is not a cookie! It is truly a food bar as it is called. I eat pieces of it for a snack. I can recommend it as a great snack but do not eat too much or forget dinner....more info
  • Highly Recommended!
    High Quality! Excellent price on Amazon using Subscribe and Save. Great Taste! The whole line is excellent. I like every flavor I've tried so far......more info
  • a work in progress?
    I asked my six year old niece what she thought of the raspberry bar and she said, "I don't like it. It's sour." That's what I don't like about it too. It would be a lot better without the tartness and could be a bit sweeter as well. Why not add some stevia?
    It has potential. The texture is appealing; kind of a soft PowerBar, and the price isn't bad.
    I look forward to an updated recipe.
    RDT ...more info
  • Great for Athletes
    I eat one of these everyday before I leave work to hold me over till dinner. I commute on my bicycle 16 miles everyday 365 days a year in all weather. It's so yummy and the perfect bar for all us crazy cyclist. I turned all my friends on to them and they are loving it as much as me. They are so good for athletes. The best energy bar I've tasted.... What is that person talking about that gave this product one star? They should loose the negative attitude and stick to eating fast food....more info


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