Peaceful Breeze Small Room Air Purifier, Purple

List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $43.99

You Save: $26.00 (37%)


  • Eliminates odors and cigarette smoke
  • Ideal for small rooms of 12' x 15'
  • Uses a HEPA filter to purify 99.97% of the dust, allergans and bacteria in the air
  • Attractively designed, space-saving, energy efficient, whisper quiet and competitively priced
  • Perfect for kitchens, dorm rooms, offices, bedrooms and bathrooms
Customer Reviews:
  • Glad I bought it!
    First time I've owned something like this, but so far works as advertised! There are two settings for different types of purifying. Helps me breathe better with both! Pretty quiet too, actually I sort of like the very low steady noise. I haven't tried the aromatherapy function yet, so can't vouch for that. But this was definitely worth the sale price I paid for it, especially when comparing prices with other brands! ...more info