method Daily Shower Spray, Ylang-Ylang Formula, 28-Ounce Bottles (Case of 8)

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"Method inspires consumers to create a happy, healthy home." This Daily Shower Spray by Method is made with ylang ylang, is non-toxic and naturally derived. So simple to use, just spray a misting on the walls of your shower and let the cleanser do the work. No need to rinse, scrub, or do anything elsethe natural surfactants (corn and coconut oil) do the hard part, all you need to do is watch. With daily use, you should see results in under a week. Method, as always, sells its products in recyclable packaging made from 100% recycled materials, and purchases renewable credits to offset the carbon emissions from manufacturing and daily operations. They're the real deal when it comes to sustainable business. With our daily shower spray, you'll never have to scrub, wipe or rinse your shower again. Just spray a fine mist on all wet surfaces after each shower and we'll take care of the rest. Naturally derived, non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients like lactic acid dissolves soap scum and mildew from your shower without harming anyone in it. Plus it comes in a 100% recycled plastic bottle with a DfE-recognized formula. Go Green! Take shorter showers and install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators in your showers, tubs, and sinks to conserve more water.

  • Pack of eight 28-ounce recyclable bottles of shower-cleaning spray (224 total ounces)
  • Dissolves mildew, hard water stains and lime stains; simply spray after every shower and walk away
  • Made from naturally derived, safe, biodegradable ingredients
  • Convenient and effective with a fresh flowery fragrance; no need to scrub, wipe or rinse
  • All Method products are biodegradable, never tested on animals, and packaged in recyclable materials

Customer Reviews:

  • Can't stand the smell
    I think it works ok but I couldn't stand the smell to try it long enough....more info
  • makes housework easier
    When I moved into my current house the tub was looking pretty bad. I did scrub it and actually thought about replacing it because it never looked really clean. After 3 weeks of using the method daily shower spray it looked better than ever before. I admit I used about 2 to 3 bottles during the first three weeks but my tub has been looking good ever since. I use about one bottle every 3 weeks now. A lot cheaper than getting a new tub, too! :) (I have to say that house cleaning is not my strong side, too busy ... but I do like a clean house and appreciate shortcuts and products that work.)

    I've been using this product for a while now and I sure hope they won't stop making it. I DO use it daily, and yes, an unscented version of it would be awesome. However, I'd rather sniff Ylang Ylang for 10 seconds a day instead of scrubbing the bathroom.

    I tried a different product that was cheaper. I went back to Method for two reasons: the other product did not work and the smell was truly rank. So ... I love the results of Method and in comparison it smells rather decent....more info
    I've used this on the tub for several months. It actually does improve the soap scum ring with no more elbow work than simply spraying it around. Compared to all the nasty products out there that are supposed to do the same thing, the scent is heavenly. The trigger container is easy to use. The Daily Shower Spray does leave a bit of residue so that I see a tiny bit of soap bubbles in the tub the next time I run it, but that is easily taken care of with a super-quick rinse. Excellent product that looks nice, too....more info
  • haven't cleaned the shower in 2 months
    this stuff is amazing. start with a cleaned shower, and use it every day. smell great. works on shower walls, doors and fixtures. can't get enough of this stuff....more info
  • We LOVE Method Cleaning Products
    My family and I love all of the Method Cleaning Products. While this is not my favorite scent, it's much better than the fumes that you would get from traditional cleaners and much safer for all the members of our family (young and old). It also works amazingly well. (Kind of makes you wonder why all those other harmful cleaners are even necessary).
    We generally buy these products from Super Target, but Target has a way of eventually discontinuing those great one of a kind items so it looks like we'll be ordering some of these products online. Targets loss but Amazon's gain.
    ...more info
  • not received
    I ordered this product, but never received it--don't know what happened. Can't rate the product---customer service on this product gets "zero"....more info
    Okay, we tried the Clean Shower spray which did not work on soap scum. I did some online research & found several good reviews for this product. I could only find it at my local Target store, but am glad to see that Amazon carries it, but in bulk.

    For the last two years, I have been forced to take showers rather than taking baths, & I totally prefer to take baths. My boyfriend & I were forced to share a bathroom when we moved two years ago. With him being a mechanic, the tub got pretty nasty. Ohhh how I longed for those days when we had seperate bathrooms.

    To make it short, this stuff really does work to my amazement. I no longer have calluses on my feet anymore since bathing helps exfoliate your skin faster & makes it softer. I figured all of this out when I started taking showers. For the past week, I have been taking baths everyday. NICE SMOOTH SKIN AGAIN & I GET A CLOSER SHAVE.

    My boyfriend & I both spray the tub after we use it. With the Clean Shower spray, soap scum started to build up, but when we started using this Method Daily Shower Spray, it dissolved the build up that the Clean Shower spray had left behind. AFTER USING IT FOR A WEEK NOW, I RUBBED MY FINGERS AROUND THE TUB & NO SOAP SCUM RESIDUE!!!

    As for the scent, it really is not that bad. It reminds me of baby lotion but smells nothing like a dirty diaper which I read in one reveiw. I believe this product is all natural as well, so no rinsing required. EXTREMELY CONVENIENT TO USE AS IT ONLY TAKES ME 10 SECONDS TO SATURATE THE TUB. THE TRIGGER BAR ALLOWS US TO HANG IT ON OUR SHOWER ROD. WITH EVERYDAY USE TWICE A DAY, IT APPEARS THAT ONE BOTTLE OF THIS STUFF WILL LAST ABOUT A MONTH. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS STUFF!!! ...more info
  • Don't know why people are complaining about the smell
    Because it smells great and it actually works. It doesn't smell like anything weird to me at all. It's much better than those other shower sprays that irritate your eyes and smell like bleach....more info
  • Made my shower door sticky, not clean
    I don't really like the smell of this product but I would deal with it as long as the product does a good job. It doesn't. Instead of cleaning the shower room (tiles and the glass door), it made the surface sticky and left dirty spots. This was a waste of money. I'll sticky with my seventh generation products. ...more info
  • I'm not sure what Ylang Ylang smells like, ...
    The bottle says it smells like Ylang Ylang. Now I personally have never seen, touched, or otherwise experienced a ylang ylang plant but if I were to imagine what it would look like based on the smell of this shower spray I'd guess it crawled on all fours and wears a diaper. I'm not sure what it is, but something about this scent reminds me of a baby or a nursery.

    Beyond the odd scent, it works rather well. I started with a clean shower and used the product after after shower, misting the walls and curtain. The curtain has remained mildew and residue free as well as most of the tub, and the faucet and other chrome fixtures have remained shiny and clean much longer than normal.

    I also appreciate that I'm not filling my bathroom with chemical fumes every day....more info
  • Love it!
    I just got this a couple of weeks ago and so far I love it! I love the smell of it -- it's very much like a fresh "baby oil" smell. Not too powdery like deodorant, though. I haven't used it long enough in the shower, but I can say that it's the only product I used on our new frosted vessel sink that got the calcium-like "rings" off. I haven't tried any harsh products on the sink, but my other environmentally safe/natural counter sprays did nothing to help it.

    I'm getting a couple of bottles of the Mrs Meyers basil shower cleaner soon, so I'll make a review on that soon.

    What I can say is that this stuff works just as well as traditional shower cleaner but it's much less chemically smelling and I'm not worried about inhaling it. I'm also not as worried if the cat happens to walk in a damp shower after we've used it.

    It might cost a little bit more, but if you find one you like and can order in bulk from Amazon, it's really not that big of a difference. :) ...more info
  • I like it alot!
    It works in the shower very well. Not sure what ylang ylang smells like, but this is not a bad smell. It is not flowery and overpowering like some other products I have used. It smells clean and pleasant....more info
  • Method Daily Shower Spray
    The Daily Shower Spray is great and makes cleaning the shower a lot easier. I keep one in each shower/tub area. I was however disapointed when the product arrived. Several of the nozzle/sprayers were damaged during shipment. Because of this, I replace the damaged tops with undamaged ones as I use the product. Hopefully my next case will arrive in perfect condition. ...more info
  • This stuff Works
    The smell is not very great, but after a time
    you get used to it.
    Good product, I will buy more....more info
  • Seems to work, smells strong
    I just got the case of this stuff a week ago. I love that Amazon shipped it to me UPS for free to Hawaii! Anyways, we have used it for a week already. The smell is quite strong and personally I don't care for it. We use it on our cultured marble tub surround, curtain, and the tub which I think is plastic. So far it seems to be okay. I haven't noticed it getting cleaner, but that's probably because it was already clean to begin with. I'm hoping it helps cut down the soap scum and hard water that builds up.

    Since it smells strong and perfumey, kind of like what you'd imagine someone's grandma to smell like, we have to close the bathroom door so that we can sleep. There is a window in the bathroom, but I like to leave the door open so that there is a cross-breeze.

    I bought it because we are trying to be more eco-friendly and healthly too. I have a toddler too so I like to keep toxic things out of my house....more info
  • Ylang Ylang Scent...Is It For You?...Great Product....Also Sold In Singles
    Okay so first things first, what the heck is "Ylang Ylang"?
    Here's a couple of excerpts from Wikipedia(free online encyclopedia)

    "Ylang-ylang ) (ee-lahng ee-lahng) Cananga odorata, is a small but beautiful flower of the Canaga tree. It is a fast-growing tree that exceeds 5 meters per year and attains an average height of 12 meters. It grows in full or partial sun, and prefers the acidic soils of its native rainforest habitat. The leaves are long, smooth and glossy and prefers the acidic soils of its native rainforest habitat. The flower is greenish yellow (rarely pink), curly like a starfish, and yields a highly fragrant essential oil. ......The fragrance of ylang-ylang is rich and deep with notes of rubber and custard, and bright with hints of jasmine and neroli."(Another one we may have to look yp)

    There is much more about the plant and it's uses there, just enter Ylang Ylang into google and go to the Wikipedia definition.

    Maybe someday technology will be so advanced that there will be some sort of scratch and sniff so we could smell the product being sold(wasn't there some sort of aroma cinema back in the 60's?), in the meantime these customer reviews will have to help you make up your mind. Of course, if you find it in a store you can sneak a sniff. Some people like it and some don't.I am one of those who like it very much. To me it is a slightly sweet, distinctive but gentle scent, that makes the bathroom smell fresh and clean, flowery, but I did not find it overpowering. In any case way better then any of those scented sprays that are meant to cover up odor, but usually wind up choking me, and it is a big improvement on the harsh shower sprays.

    How does it work?....It works wonderfully. I have a small bathroom with for what it's worth a fan, but no window. I have been using this product for more then a year, have never had one problem with mold, mildew, soap scum or any other hard to clean gunk anywhere including the bath mat, shower curtain and liner. I have never had to scrub at all and my tub stays really clean,cutting back on regular cleansing. Other people in my apartment building have not been so lucky.

    I also like that all the ingredients are biodegradable, naturally derived and never tested on animals.
    Ingredients:purified water, scale removers, soap scum dissolver(plant derived),naturally derived surfactant(corn),performance enhancer(natural minerals),fragrance oils, preservative(less than 0.1%).

    I'm guessing the fragrance oils is where the Ylang Ylang comes in, and I hope I've gotten them all right. The writing on the label was a little small for my eyes.

    The spray bottle can be used as a fine mist, or direct squirt, which will probably be helpful in dissolving old stuff already there. I spray the mist all over,including directly onto my curtain and liner, and don't have to run for cover knowing that the ingredients are safe, and don't make me gag. The product s clear and colorless.

    My advice would be to try just one bottle, before investing in this case if you are concerned you may not like the scent. Right now I did find it available here at Method Daily Shower Cleaner, Ylang Ylang Scent, 28 fl oz. But I have to say, this multi-pack is a really good deal.

    I enjoy many of the Method brand line of household cleaners as well as their line of personal products, I especially like the shower gelmethod Body Wash, Mango Mint, Case Pack, Six - 15 Ounce Bottles (90 Ounces), even though I have to use a little more to make a good lather. See my review for more details.

    Happy shopping....Laurie

    ...more info
  • effective but not the most pleasant aroma
    I agree with most of what I have read here... the spray works well but I will not be drawn to other ylang-ylang products if this is what they smell like. It's not a bad smell, just an odd one. I like Method products in general, but most of them smell a whole lot better!...more info


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