Peaceful Breeze Small Room Air Purifier, Black/Silver

List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $48.62

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  • Eliminates odors and cigarette smoke
  • Ideal for small rooms of 12' x 15'
  • Uses a HEPA filter to purify 99.97% of the dust, allergans and bacteria in the air
  • Attractively designed, space-saving, energy efficient, whisper quiet and competitively priced
  • Perfect for kitchens, dorm rooms, offices, bedrooms and bathrooms
Customer Reviews:
  • It has no air circulation.
    This product has almost no air circulation. So, of course, it's quiet but I don't see how it can be doing any air cleaning. You have to take out the filter to use the fragrancer, so it's either a fragrancer or an air purifier. If you use the ozone, it gets the bleachy smell fast and doesn't seem to clear up any odor very well. I wouldn't recommend this product. I'm not even sure why they made it in the first place. ...more info