Kashi GOLEAN Roll Bar, Chocolate Peanut Roll, 1.94-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Designed to help you stay satisfied. All natural. Contain 12g protein and 6g fiber. A chewy peanut butter center is surrounded by smooth chocolate and then rolled in roasted peanuts, crunchy soy crisps and whole grains. Optimized Glycemic response: GoLean Roll is specially designed for an Optimized Glycemic Response to help balance your body sugar. The Glycemic Response is optimized by the type of carbohydrates and unique combination of protein and fiber. Slow release carbs: GoLean Roll contains whole grains, nuts and low glycemic carbs to deliver a steady stream of energy, helping you avoid sugar spikes and crashes. Protein 12g: GoLean is high in protein. Protein helps give you a lasting feeling of satisfaction and is essential for muscle development. Fiber 6g: GoLean Roll is an excellent source of fiber, which promotes a lower glycemic response and helps you feel full longer.

  • Case of 12 1.94-ounce chocolate peanut roll bars (12 total bars)
  • Made with a peanut butter center surrounded by chocolate and rolled in roasted peanuts, crisps, and seven whole grains
  • All-natural; Kosher; high in fiber and protein
  • Made for an Optimized Glycemic Response with slow release carbohydrates to balance blood sugar, protein and fiber
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

  • I love these~better than candy!
    These are so good. I love the crunchy peanuts on the outside and the chocolaty nougat on the inside. it is like a candy bar, but better because it is healthy, full of protein, not too sweet, and there is no gross aftertaste. This makes a perfect meal on the go. I always have one in my purse for those days when I have no time in between clients to stop for a meal. This fills me up until I can get to my next meal. It keeps me away from fast food garbage stops....more info
  • one of the best protein bars!
    I'm an energy bar fanatic and try almost every new product. This one along w/ Odwalla's Super Protein are one of the best out there. Great taste (like a real, unhealthy chocolate bar!) and great nutritional value (taking into consideration fat, sugar, quality of ingredients, etc.)!...more info
  • Box crushed during shipment
    In my review of EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Nutrition Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisp, 12 Bars, I noted that though the bars were good, they were often slightly melted or crushed during shipment.

    I decided to take another chance on ordering meal bars from Amazon. This time, I ordered Kashi meal bars, which have slightly more carbohydrate than the AdvantEdge bars but don't contain sugar alcohols, which give me gas.

    The Kashi bars are great: all 11 of them. The box contained 12 bars, but it was severely crushed during shipment, which destroyed the 12th bar. I know that the damage occurred during shipment because the outside box in which Amazon shipped the meal-bar box was crushed like an accordion, worse than the boxes of AdvantEdge bars ever were.

    So, my review of the Kashi bars is pretty the same as for the AdvantEdge bars. Kashi bars are a good product, but they're sometimes melted or crushed during shipment.

    With 11 usable Kashi bars in the box I just received, Amazon's lower price still makes them slightly cheaper than they are at the supermarket. But it's chancy. You can never be sure if the product will arrive in good condition....more info
  • What happened?
    Every Kashi product I have purchased has always been great. I don't know if these were stale or what, but they tasted awful, like stale peanuts and no flavor. In addition, the center was so chewy that my jaw hurt after eating one. I gave it one star because if you really need something when you are out hiking in the middle of nowhere, it was filling. I think the 2 worst things about this were 1) all other Kashi bars I have tried are really yummy, and 2)it LOOKS like it would taste great. I would recommend the chocolate almond bars instead....more info
  • My favorite bar!
    High in protein, low in calories, and great flavor. I split them in half and eat the first portion as a mid-morning snack and the second portion as an afternoon snack. They keep me feeling full and prevent me from eating junk food, which has been great for my waistline. I can't say enough good things about Kashi!...more info
  • Roxanne G
    Quick, easy on the go cereal bar. A little messy to get the wrapper off, but very tasty. Would recommend!...more info
  • Mixed feelings about this product
    Fiber snack.

    I have mixed feelings about this roll. While it is tasty, it is messy, too. Unlike other bars Kashi puts out, this one loses it's form. Most bars retain their shape. This one gets sticky, so have a napkin and/or water handy. It does curb your appetite and gives you the benefits of fiber . . . all pluses....more info


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