Essick Air 2 in 1 Tabletop Air Purifier/Humidifier

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  • 2 in 1 Air Purifier and Humidifier
  • Cleans Air In A 12'x14' Room Every 15 Minutes
  • 3.3-gal of Output a Day/3.5-gal Water Holding Capacity
  • CADR: Pollen 110, Dust 125, Smoke 90
  • Removable Dishwasher-Safe Base
Customer Reviews:
  • Essick Air Purifier/Humidifier
    This air purifier is fine for a bedroom if you don't mind the sound of
    a fan running. On low its very quiet, medium speed rather loud but I am used to a fan running in my bedroom. High speed is very loud but I don't think you need the high for an average bedroom. The only draw back is the
    2 water containers are poorly designed for filling from a faucet. You are
    forced to hold the container while filling and then with you other hand you must put a capful of bacteriostat (a liquid that comes with it and you can find comparable products locally that keeps the water from building up contaminents that you have to use if you are going to run all
    winter) into each water container. At the medium setting for the humidifier you will probably have to refill the gal.&1/2 containers about every 2-3 days. Pay attention to the measurments in size because I think its a tad too large for a table. I keep mine on the floor. As other larger humidifiers turn off when the humidity chosen is reached, this one does not since it also is an airpurifier....more info