Canon PowerShot A530 5MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom

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Canon makes an affordable, high-quality 5.0 megapixel, 4x optical, widescreen capable digital camera a reality with the PowerShot A530. Fast, powerful, and impressively compact, the A530 delivers beautiful images and high performance with its DIGIC II Image Processor. Best of all, this camera retains all the easy-to-use accessibility that has made the PowerShot A Series so popular. Auto and Manual Exposure/White Balance settings ISO range 80-800 for shooting high-quality images in a variety of lighting situations Shoot pictures in the Widescreen resolution option (2592x1456) to view them full screen on your widescreen TV or computer monitor! Built-in Flash with Red-Eye Reduction 16 Shooting Modes; 8 Photo Effects Self-Timer - 2-sec./10-sec., Custom Up to 2.1fps Continuous Shooting SD/MMC card slot A 16MB MMC Card is included, however we suggest purchasing an Optional 512MB memory card. It will allow you to store a lot more video and images, as well as take advantage of the camera's high Resolution abilities. Interfaces - USB2.0, A/V out (NTSC/PAL) Print directly to Canon CP/SELPHY Compact and PIXMA Photo Printers or any PictBridge compatible printer via included USB cable without a computer! Powered by 2x AA Alkaline or Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries for on the go freedom! We suggest purchasing optional rechargeable NiMH batteries to be able to take approximately 4 times as many still pictures when compared to alkaline batteries with this camera Approximate Unit Dimensions - (WxHxD) 3.56 x 2.52 x 1.70; Unit Weight - 6.00 oz (Body only without memory card and batteries)

  • 5.0-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 13 x 17-inch prints
  • 4x optical zoom; 1.8-inch LCD display
  • ISO 800 shooting; widescreen (16:9) stills recording
  • DIGIC II and iSAPS for fast, precise results; VGA-quality movie mode with sound
  • Powered by 2 AA-size batteries; stores images on SD memory cards (16 MB card included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Its been everywhere with me
    I've had my canon a530 for about 5 months now. In that 5 months its been in texas, on a plane, at my school(i'm 16), outside, indoors and dropped once by my father. After taking a fall the zoom tended to stick a tiny bit but after moving it, it works fine. I love the features and it took amazing pictures out of the plane window, but my only concern is how durable it is. ...more info
  • Canon
    Love the camera. And the instructions on how to use it are very clear and helpful!...more info
  • camera
    I love my new camera. It is easy to use and it fits all my needs....more info
  • a let down
    Alright. For being my first camera, I liked it at first. The main reason was because it would tell you in understandable english what setting you had it on. Another thing I liked is that when you are looking at the pics, the camera detects what way you are holding the camera, and displays the picture so it's right side up whichever way you are holding it.

    Now, what is making me sell the camera and buy a different one is that well, the 5 pixels makes the pictures come out poor. And don't even try to take a scenery picture with this thing. But the main reason is that I have gone through 4 sets of batteries in one day. I wasn't even taking that many pictures, and was turning it off in between. What I think is ridiculous is that it doesn't even come with a charger, which was a very poor choice for Canon to make. One more downfall is that the display screen is a little small, it doesn't bother me that much, but I know for some people it would be a big deal.

    Right now I am looking at the HP digita cameras, and they are all looking promising!
    ...more info
  • Crappy Canon
    I got this camera for a Christmas present, and let me tell you. I absoluty HATE it. For 5mp it takes horrible pictures inside. I did all kinds of settings but nothing made it better, AND I had great lighting! The guide that comes with this camera is not very helpful at all either, I was very disapointed with this camera. It's flash-back time was the worst though. I'd take a picture and once 10 SECONDS later it came up! This camera is also a battery killer, I get about 15-20 minutes out of use on a fully charged set of batteries! I hated this camera and I sold it. I will not buy a Canon again with this experince. Total Pro's and Cons:
    Nice outdoor shots
    It's very compact
    Horrible Flash-Back time
    Very confusing guide
    Kills batteries in 15 minutes
    Indoor pictures are horrible...more info
  • Does everything right for a basic camera
    I don't think you can ever go wrong with a Canon digital and the A530 doesn't disappoint. It's not the smallest camera, but it fits in your hand well. The screen isn't huge like some other models, but it doesn't feel small either. This camera takes great pictures. It's fast and responsive and the menus are easy to navigate. The 4x zoom is a nice bonus as many cameras in this range have only a 3x. It autorotates pictures taken vertically. The movie mode is excellent. You can take 640 x 480 video at 30 fps until your memory card fills up. I would definitely recommend this camera for someone who's not into the tiny cameras....more info
  • another one gone bad in less than 1 year...
    OK... really sick of paying more money these days for QUALITY products, and they stink out on me less than one year. This camera has begun failing me last week, which would make it 7-8 mos old. Now I have to dig up my receipt and warranty. (thankfully after my last purchase of a $400 Nikon) I have learned my lesson in keeping receipts and boxes. Anyhow, my problem with the camera is that no matter what battery I put in it now, it is constantly showing LOW BATTERY and it just shuts off. Was very disappointed after taking this on a trip, i will never be able to get some shots I really wanted to get. Other than this problem now, I find the lighting on the camera to only be so-so. To be honest, I don't remember the Nikon I had, but that was an excellent camera for pics. Canon A530 is not great for the avid Ebayer either. Was only good for general purpose pictures. Save your money and stick with Sony or Minolta. Never has failed me. Guess I have to dig my old Minolta that requires actual film out again now. I'm sure this warranty process will take months. **UPDATED: I finally FOUND the best camera! Don't waste your money on this Canon, get the Sony Cyber-shot W55 model! Takes excellent pictures. I never have to edit my pictures anymore YAY! And takes great shots in the dark/evening. Please see my review for this camera....more info
  • Oustanding
    I got it for a friend of mine. Did not really use it. But the quality of pics are really amazing even when you are a novice. I am a A510 user and there is no other range of cameras which can beat the quality and price....more info
  • Problematic, poor performance over time
    I've had this camera for 1.5 years. I purchased it originally as an upgrade from an Olympus. I've had nothing but problems with it and have sent it in for repair, only to have the same problem occur after they fixed it and the warranty expired. It's sensors continuously say the batteries are low when they are brand new and charged and it won't take pictures. Slow between pictures when using your flash. If you have little kids, plan on missing all the shots when they are smiling. I won't buy another Canon after this experience....more info
  • This camera does it all
    This is a very good camera and it even records video and has sound. The pictures are clear and sharp and looks very professional. You can even zoom in and out for optimal results. Very impressive!...more info
  • A530 Great Camera
    We bought this camera for our son to use on the Appalachian Trail. He has been on the trail over 2 months, and the camera is still working like new. Two months doesn't sound like much time, but he has taken over 3,500 pictures with it. Also, he has fallen in the water with it in its case twice, getting it damp enough to have drops of water all over it. It has been damp many times from drenching rain, but he did keep it in its case. He never used the camera in the rain, so as not to damage it. Despite all of this, it still works well. One complaint he has is that it is hard to take close ups clearly and, since it does not have anti shake or an action setting, some pictures are blurry from his hand shaking sometimes. Otherwise, this is a great camera....more info
  • A530 - Too slow, dont buy it.
    Takes great pictures outside. In doors though the camera takes 2 or more minutes to come on and get ready for a shot.I have sent Cannon support questions regarding this and browsed cannon forums.No help was offered.
    Even with the camera on, I was never able to get a candid shot of my kids, its just too darn slow. Also carry extra batteries if you go some where....more info
  • missed many photo ops
    After putting in 2 new AA batteries I turn on the camera and it immediately turns off and I see a message on the screen that tells me I needs to change the batteries. I have had this camera for about a year and it has done this to me almost the entire time Ive had the camera. When I finally get the camera to turn on I am only able to take pictures outdoors in good natural light because I can never get the flash to work inside. I have tried using different size SD cards, tried different brands of AA batteries. Nothing is fixing the problem. There are much better camera's available at a comparable price. I have missed many photo opportunities because of this poorly made camera....more info
  • Nice Little Camera
    First, the pros: This camera packs a lot of nice features into a small box with easy to use buttons and a small price tag. As a rule I've found that blurriness/darkness/brightness/etc. tend to be the photographer's fault much more than the cameras, and if you use the camera a lot and get familiar with the controls you can generally find a way to take care of the problem. One feature I love is the color change: black and white shots are clear, sharp, and dramatic and can make a pretty bland subject more interesting, and portraits come out great. There's so much more detail that you would miss in a full-color photo. Sepia photos are antique-looking, and with a few props you can take photos that look just like the ones you might see in a Civil War book. For a beginning digital photographer, or someone who doesn't make high demands on a camera, this one is pretty sweet.
    Now, the cons: first, plan on either buying rechargeable batteries or buying a lot, because this camera burns batteries like they're going out of style. This could be because I took nearly 500 pics the first week after I bought this camera :), and probably this camera doesn't burn batteries faster than any other model in this category-I've heard digitals are notorious for spending batteries. Just thought I'd warn you. Secondly, plan on getting at least one additional memory card. The included card takes about 15 Medium photos before the you have to upload-very annoying. The zoom is ok, especially if you utilize the digital zoom, but at just 4x it's not quite enough for my taste. It's great for normal use, but to capture that shot of a bird (or something) in that tree way over THERE-you may want to look into a few more "x's". It's also a little slower than I would like-it's "point-pause-shoot." Which means someone can make a face at the camera and have looked away before you get the shot-so it's not so great for children or active pets! Also, it's not a "click-click-click" continuous camera; there are a few seconds between the time one picture is taken and the time the camera is ready for the next.
    Overall, despite my critism, this is a great starter camera that goes far above and beyond the conventional film cameras most amatuer photographers have (the birthday/Christmas 35mm cameras that are limited to a flash, a viewfinder, a shutterbutton, and a wriststrap) and I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't make big demands on a camera, like really fast speeds and a powerful zoom (most people don't, I expect, need pro capabilites!) and who just wants a versatile camera for taking pictures of the kids (or the parents, whichever the case may be). It's pretty simple to use, it can give clear tight closeups of objects within its range, and with a little practice it can fill most people's needs, I think. ...more info
  • Great For General Use And Convenient Batteries
    Perfect for departmental use and occaisional travel. Use of 2AA batteries makes it easy to power just about anywhere in the world. Takes good photos, closeups, scenic, and technical shots for emailing to associates or dropping into work instructions. Durable and simple enough to share with point and shoot coworkers. Not as convenient as an SD600, but more affordable and adequate for most pockets. Battery life not noticed as I always carry extra batteries and remember to recharge overnight. This is not a good camera for quick impromptu shots due to slow turn-on cycle and time lag between shots. Would be a great first-camera gift for those just getting started or prone to dropping, losing, etc. Best kept in a small case rather than a purse or pocket, due to size....more info
  • Purchase of Canon A530 Powershot digital camera
    I'm very satisfied with the camera and the fast service from the dealer....more info
  • durable camera
    We needed a "knock around" low priced camera for our real estate business. We are very pleased with the simplicity and quality in this camera. It is a low priced camera that would serve many uses. A "great" family camera....more info
  • Great Camera
    I love this camera. It has enough features for a camera hobbyist and is simple enough for an amateur. The manual provided with the camera is very detailed and easy to understand. One of the things I don't like about it is the shutter lag time (especially bad when batteries are low). I like to take pictures of my niece and the camera isn't fast enough sometimes to capture some special moments. The only other thing I would change would be for the zoom to be 6x, but still a great camera. I bought it on Black Friday so the price was much better too:). I would definitely buy this camera again. I have some great pictures because of it....more info
  • Excellent for the price
    I have had this camera for a year now and I must say it is still doing me a great service. I especially love all the features, such as the color accent and the fireworks setting. Even basic auto has turned up some especially nice images. I also find my number of blurred movement images has decreased from my previous camera and my close up images are clearer. All in all a great camera for the money, small and lightweight, I can carry it anywhere.
    Any complaints I would have are normal for having an inexpensive camera, when I get my upgrade I will still think this camera is great, especially for everyday use....more info
  • Great for the amateur wanting more.
    I used to have an old Digitrex DSC-3000 (also available on Amazon), and it left me disappointed. The A530, however, has left me quite satisfied. A set of quality (rechargeable) batteries can snap at least a hundred pictures or so, mostly outdoors. I don't know what an f stop is or what ISO speeds mean, but I know that I can mess with them to get better pictures in the dark. In the light, and especially with the flash on, my pictures come out sharp and clear, with far less motion blur than I see in my friends' photos. Another perk was the short time between turning it on and being able to take a picture; only takes about a second or so. All in all, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone that wants something more than a simple "point and shoot," but doesn't want to spend a fortune. Throw in a 2GB SD memory card, and you're good to go....more info
  • Total Workhorse
    I got this camera as a Christmas present back in 2006. I've been using it solidly ever since, mostly for events (graduations, parties, etc), but also as a way to explore the city I live in. I have dropped it dozens of times, it's been knocked over, sat on, kicked, and always comes back with absolutely amazing pictures (many of my friends and family can't believe what can be done with this camera, despite its lack of manual lens control). In fact, I was just using it for a birthday party this weekend.

    Last night, it was knocked from my hands - lens extended - and fell down a flight of brick steps. It returned a lens error message to me, and wouldn't turn on. Today, a friend of mine popped the lens back into place (it had apparently bent at an unhealthy angle), and it's back to working like it did on Christmas Day.

    In short, I love this camera. My only recommendation would be to make sure you get good batteries, as mine seems to have slowly lost its edge with battery life over time. But that aside, this wonderful camera seems to be nearly indestructible, and takes great pictures to boot. Cannon has won a lifetime customer....more info
  • Horrible in low light indoors
    First of all, I am a reporter for a weekly newspaper. This camera travels with me wherever I go. I take both newsy outdoor photos and indoor photos at social functions. It's the latter that this camera really stinks. It is programmed to wait six seconds between flash photos, which, when you are taking photos of the mayor shaking hands with another dignitary, is an eternity. I end up taking an early safety shot then completely missing the real moment. Grrrr! It also is horribly grainy indoors, often to the point of being unuseable.

    But the camera isn't without some merits. Outdoors in good sunlight this little camera is fine. In fact, I've taken many good shots with it. The built-in movie mode is also very handy. Both the video and the sound are surprisingly good.

    The A530 may be OK for light home use, but it is not for the professional. I'm still impressed with Canon, however, and I'm looking at getting a higher level Canon point-and-shoot digital....more info
  • Not bad
    I like this camera, all things considered. I am only a casual photographer, so the fact that it makes it easy to take good pictures is excellent for me. I think that the menus are well thought-out and a lot of fun to play around with. My only complaint is that my camera eats batteries; I usually get to use the camera on one event per set of charged batteries. It's really annoying because it doesn't show battery status until they're almost dead. Other than that, great camera....more info
  • power packed
    Unbelievable product and value. Bought this camera back in October with no expectations that any great things could happen with such a cheap camers. What a mistake! Only after a few months and downloaded the manual and enlarged the print, Then I could easily learn all the tricks to fabulous photos...more info
  • pretty good
    very small and light, perfect for a girl,had no problems with it. the only thing is you need to buy more gigs as the memory card that comes with it won't do it for a traveller....more info
  • Survives nasty crashes
    I want to add that the thing is very durable.
    I just had a fall on the street, with the camera in my hand, so it basically absorbed much of my kinetic energy.
    As consequence, the camera looks horrible. The surface on one side around the lens got completely rasped away, with the deepest scratches around one third of a millimeter.
    But... it's completely functional!
    So, five thumbs up!

    ...more info
  • Fantastic camera, screen a little small
    I have the A520 and bought this one for my parents. It is "relatively" easy to use, I like the features and the manual. The stitch feature is easy to use, and the included software is great. I have taken some amazing manual zoom pictures with my camera. The LCD screen is on the small side, so if you have vision problems or easily develop eye strain, then you will want to look for a sale on one of the higher-pixel models (A540 or A560) that has a larger screen....more info
  • A good value for money
    Takes amazing photos in day light. However, night time photographs are just average.

    1. Not very expensive.
    2. Uses AA batteries.
    3. Good day time photos.

    1. Heavy.
    2. Night photographs are just around average.

    This is a great aim and shoot camera for amateurs....more info
  • Almost as Good as a Disposable
    Trade up! Go for the 600 Series. This camera has a v e r y s l o w flash recharge delay. My nephews unwrapped their Christmas presents faster than the shutter would engage. I have a lot of pictures of bodies flying toward blurred gifts. In frustration I gave it to the seven year old and he took outstanding still lifes. It is now his. ...more info
  • Worked great... for a little while
    I originally got this camera for a trip to Italy and Greece. And it took AMAZING pictures while I was there. A lot of reviews complain about the quality of pictures or the graininess, but a lot of that can be solved just through browsing the manual and stepping out of the "auto" option.

    All was well for a about a year, until my automatic lens cover began malfunctioning. Now, every single time I go to take a picture, I have to remember to flick the half open lens cover with my finger. The camera already has a slow start-up, so this is just the icing on the cake. Figures that the problem comes up after the warranty period is over....more info
  • Sloooooooooooow
    There is a recall on this camera regarding the battery door which could cause a fire and drains the batteries quickly. I had it fixed by canon for free. I thought this might impact the shutter and write time. It did not. This camera takes forever to take and write to SD card. You will miss important pictures. Do NOT Buy....more info
  • fine
    The image quality is not so great...
    My sony ericcson mobile has 2.3 Mega pixel and that quality almost as good as this.even though that is less megapixel.

    Not happy with the size/shape.
    It cannot be easily carried by putting it in our pocket....more info
  • not for bi-focals
    This is a very good camera, unless you wear bi-focals or progressive lens. I could not see the display on outdoor shots unless the sky was overcast and I also had trouble with indoor shots in low light. When I tried using the viewfinder, the shot never turned out as I thought I had set it up.
    This was my first digital camera; I am much happier with the A710 I have now. ...more info
  • Canon A530 Camera
    Very suprised. This is a great camera. The person I gave this too loves it. ...more info
  • customer service
    I have to acknowledge what a fine company canon is. I bought this camera for my daughter [13] for chistmas. Not even a week later due to my daughters neglet it was left out were it got trampeld and scratched up and the optical lense was inoperative. The camera was trashed, so we were so upset because it cost a pretty penny. She took it upon herself to call customer sevice and have it shipped back to the factory to get an estimate to fix. Well come to everyones surpise they fixed the camera and shipped it back to my daughter free of all charges. They stated that allthough the repairs were not covered under waranty they stood by there product and wanted full satisfaction from thier customer!!!! Well all in all its a great camera with even beter customer service!!!! way to canon
    mike...more info
  • Canon Powershot A530 Digital Camera
    This model (the A530) has been replaced now with the A590 which retails for about $150. I've bought a couple of A 530's over the past couple of years(one for each daughter). The A530 is only 5 megapixtels, but it takes great pictures. It has proven to be very durable....more info
  • Good choice
    I recived this camera as a gift about 2 years ago. I really like it. It has alot of great fetures & takes some really nice pics. When I first got it I went outside to just mess around with it & see what all it could do & I got a really great shot of a grasshoper on a blade of grass that looks like something you would find in a magazine. The only thing bad I can say about it is that the battery life isnt very good. but other then that its a good camera....more info
  • takes everyday photos and art photos
    I love this camera. It's durable, easy to use, fits in my purse, and does everything I need it to to do. I've even dropped it a few times and it still works fine. In normal daylight, I always use the automatic settings. It takes perfect pictures. For pictures of my artwork, I change a few settings in the P mode, so I can adjust for the light and avoid using the flash. The macro works great and is easy to activate. If anything happened to it, I'd get another one either just like it or a similar model....more info
  • Good Camera....
    This is my first Digital Camera so I can't really compare it to others.... I have owned the product for about 6 months now and I'm very happy with it. The Camera is easy to use and takes very good pictures. The pictures I have taken outside have been great with very vivid colors that really "jump out" at you, very nice. The indoor photos are good but some have been slightly grainy. It could be I'm not using the best settings for taking indoor photos and will have to try different camera modes/settings, whice this camera does provide.... I keep the camera on "auto" and just "point and shoot" as I like to keep things simple. I have been happy with 90% of all photos taken this way, but the great thing about the camera is that you can, when your ready for that next step, put it on "manual" and begin to experiment with different things and maybe even become a photographic "Artist" someday.... In the mean time, if your just interested in taking artistic "looking" photos of your camping trip, without much effort, you can't go wrong with this camera.... Great value at $119.00.......more info
  • Great-Camera-Bonus Video Recorder and Sound,too you TV and Computer
    Our first camera with-out-film,WOW!,so many features we added a 512mb card and so now we will take it with us on special events and this camera either photo's or video recording Very-Very Pleased also has Zoom 4X that helps in Shots 20' or more everything included cables video-audio-RCA's and USB's.All we will ever need as a Family p.s. my wife loves to Scrap-Book memories in albums and allows creativity in our Computer Printer with High gloss paper....more info
  • camera purchase
    I am very pleased with my purchase. The seller provided the original box and instruction manual....more info
  • Cannon Power Shot A530
    It does what I bought it to do; take good quality pictures from a basic aim and shoot camera. It came with a 16 MB memory card which isn't large enough. I installed a 520 card which is sufficent for my needs. Batteries seem to last longer in this camera then my last. I owned a similar Cannon prior to this one, but it failed the drop test. I would recommend this camera. ...more info


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