Sahale Snacks, Valdosta Blend, 5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)
Sahale Snacks, Valdosta Blend, 5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)

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Pecan, sweet cranberry, black pepper, orange zest. Made with black peppered pecans and sweet cranberries, this sumptuous departure from everyday snack food evokes a unique taste of the American South. Who says indulgent can't be healthy? We founded Sahale Snacks on a simple idea: Take whole foods in their natural form, add some culinary magic, and produce great tasting, nutritious snacks. Premium tree nuts are the basis of our nut blends. Tree nuts are cholesterol free and contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats associated with lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease. Product of USA.

  • Case of six 5-ounce pouches (30 total ounces)
  • All-natural ingredients, including black-peppered pecans, sweet cranberries, and orange zest
  • Cholesterol-free; good source of mono and polyunsaturated fats
  • Award Winner: Voted "Best Nut" in Health Magazine's Best of Food awards for 2006
  • Evokes the unique taste of the American South; made in the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Sahale Pecans
    Delicious ... one bite led to another! Package arrived on time and well wrapped...very impressed with Amazon's delivery. ...more info
  • original and amazing!
    I have tried all of them and although Valdosta is my favorite for snacking, they have great recipes at their website for the others. There was one that mixes with cilantro to make a pesto that is fantastic. And they're not too spicy as my 2 year old daughter loves them too!...more info
  • Soooo Good!
    I am addicted to this stuff! It's excellent by itself, but even better on a salad with a balsamic vinaigrette and some bleu cheese. Can't be beat!...more info
  • Sahale Snacks, Valdosta Blend
    I love this treat! It's a flavor explosion--a little sweet, a little sour from the cranberries and orange, and then there's the unexpected black pepper that was such a surprise additional flavor....more info
  • Great snack
    This is a great snack and the price was great on Amazon. Saved a couple dollars....and no shipping charge....more info
  • yummy snacks
    the sahale snacks are fantastic.
    delicious alone or add them to a salad. priced right.
    when you finish one bag, you can't wait to open another...more info
  • Great snack!!
    I actually got some of this as a gift myself and was instantly addicted. I am also amazed to have seen a review saying it was hot.. I don't know what that guy was eating but it was NOT this product. It is not hot and all (and not spicy). Soon to try it as a salad topping. It is really nice to finally find some snacks that are satisfying, tasty and nutritious as well. Heck...I'd eat the stuff even it wasn't nutritious... it's that good!! ...more info
  • Fabulous snack food & salad topper
    I first picked up a bag of this tasty treat at TARGET but when I went back to purchase more, they had discontinued them. I loved them so much, I searched the internet and found them on Amazon. Now I have a standing order - a case every four months - well -that's only six bags but they don't last very long at our house. The slightly sweet- slightly peppery glaze makes this a fabulous topper for a fall salad too. I keep a bag in in my tennis bag for a mid game energy boast......try em - you'll love em! ...more info
    These mixes are very tasty as well as healthy. I'd rank Valdosta the number 1 variety. The price is high for just five ounces. My rating is based strictly on the product itself; not the price....more info
  • Larger sized bags of the Valdosta Blend are available at Costco seasonally
    The ingredient list made for interresting reading. So much so that I almost left my first bag of these treats on the shelf. The kicker for me was that they did not contain any ingredients I am allergic to, so into my basket they went.

    Once I tried them I became addicted. These are great right out of the bag. I also love them in a tossed green salad with crumbled bleu cheese and thinly sliced fresh pears.

    I checked Costco yesterday for the Valdosta Blend, but they were out. They are currently offering another Sahale blend with almonds. I didn't buy it--I'll wait for the Valdosta to come in. I am not sure if Costco changes the Sahale snack selection seasonally or if they were just out-of-stock.

    When we were vacationing in Texas, I bought another Sahale blend to sample. I wish I could remember the name of it. It wasn't as good and I would not go out of my way to buy it again. I will continue to buy the Valdosta Blend regularly though. ...more info
  • Sahale Valdosta Blend
    If you like it hot, this is te snack for you. It has great content but it was too peppery for me....more info
  • This snack blend is the best!
    Sahale Snacks, Valdosta Blend, 5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)

    Truly an excellent snack! The flavor is amazing. I have become a big fan of this product, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to add a little excitement to their everyday snacks.
    ...more info
  • Yummy
    All of the Sahale Blends of dried fruit, spice and nuts are great, but Valdosta is my favorite. It is an all-natural product that combine sweet and savory into one delicious package with a great combination of pecans, cranberries, pepper and orange zest. The pouch is easy to open and close, making it a great choice for quick on-the-road snacking. ...more info
  • delicious.
    I got a variety pack of Sahale mixes, and this was the only one i liked. The others just didn't work for me, though i only actively disliked one (sing buri, my coworkers all hated it too, though they gladly ate the other flavors i dismissed).

    For the reviewer who said it was too peppery, either they're extremely sensitive to black pepper, they got a badly mixed bag, or by chance grabbed a bit that was more peppery than the rest and didn't explore further. I think the pepper is perfect, strong enough to give it a little kick and sting, but light enough that it's not the primary (or even secondary) flavor. There is some variability, though, and once in a while you'll get a mouth full of pepper.

    While i gladly eat these for a snack at my desk at work, they are a must-have for long plane trips. The nuts make it filling, and the cranberries and glaze give it a nice sweet touch without being so sugary that i get the jitters trapped in a middle seat on hour 2 of a cross-country flight....more info
  • one of the Best !
    Sahale makes several nut mixes but the Valdosta blend is one of the Best.
    Just enough pepper and sweet to satisfy with a small handful.
    We always keep it on hand....more info
  • Crave it
    I didn't think I would like these, because I don't like pepper... But the combination of sweet and peppery is just perfect... Just enough for flavor, but not hot. I could eat a whole bag in one sitting. The nuts are just perfectly coated, the cranberries add the perfect zing. I'm craving them just at this moment now!...more info
  • best wholesome snack
    WOW!!! Without a doubt the best pecan snack on the market. Superb sprinkled on tossed salad, or just out of the bag....more info
  • Love this flavor!
    I bought the variety pack and tried this flavor third (see my reviews for Socorro and Soledad). I buy natural snacks for my kids (freeze dried fruit etc with no added sugar), but I find them bland. So I ordered these and I love this flavor. In fact my 4 year old wanted to try and she liked it - it wasn't too spicy for her. They use black pepper which is flavorful, but I wouldn't call it spicy. The nuts are big and crunchy and the fruit is small and chewy. There is about equal of both nuts and fruit. Valdosta has 7 grams of sugar in a 1/4 cup serving....more info
  • sahale snacks
    Super! One of the best and most unusual nut snacks we have tried. Bit on the spicy side....more info
  • Good Stuff!!!
    We have really enjoyed these unusual snacks! We first got the variety mix and they were all pretty good but this mix is off the chart! No need to put these in a resealable bag they just don't get that far! I keep thinking how good they would be added to a meal as garnish or a salad. We truly love them! Thanks Guys!...more info
  • yummy
    this is a perfect snack for a person who is on the go... I'm pregnant and I am addicted...yummmmmmm! The pecans have a wonderful glaze with a peppery finish and the cranberries are a sweet chewy compliment. DELICIOUS!...more info
  • crunchy tangy spicy, yeah!
    This is one of my faves of the Sahale mixes. The pecans are always perfectly toasted, the cranberries appropriately tart and in the right proportion to the pecans, and the black pepper adds the right amount of spice and heat. The only thing I might wish for is a little more of the orange's usually so subtle I forget it's supposed to be there!...more info
  • Great for Entertaining
    I was introduced to this product at a party. Loved the pepper kick with the pecans and dried cranberries. It has been a favorite feature on all of my entertaining menus. If you like cranberries, this will be a favorite.
    Sahale Snacks, Valdosta Blend, 5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)...more info
  • Yummy
    I originally found this at our local WholeFoods but the supply runs out quickly. I was very happy to find it at Amazon. All the varieties are delicious but this is my favorite. Crunchy, slighly sweet with a touch of salt and heat and hint of tartness or bite. If you love nuts you will love these....more info
  • great snack
    We were glad we were able to purchase this sanak from Amazon. It is difficult to find in stores. It is delicious and nutrious!...more info
  • Truly an excellent snack!

    This snack blend is the best! I tried it on the recommendation of a friend, and have come to love it. It's perfect alone, but I enjoy putting the mix on salads. It definitely spices them up a bit, and the flavor is amazing. I have become a big fan of this product, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to add a little excitement to their everyday snacks....more info
  • Sahale Snacks Valdosta Blend
    Quite yummy, not overly sweet, yet satisfies that desire for a sweet treat (thank you, cranberries!). I used this product to help break a longtime candy/sugar habit. Pecans. Dried cranberries. Black pepper. Mmmm. ...more info
  • Utterly marvelous -- best of the Sahale nut snacks
    These match the excellent quality of the same product from a local store, as do the "Soledad" almonds. It is difficult to keep from eating the whole pricey bag at one sitting. These are the Sahale Snacks that sell out first in the store. Friends likewise agree that these are the best. For some reason, in my recent shipment, these "Valdosta" pecans and the "Soledad" almonds were as good as the ones from the store, but the "Soccorro" Macadamia / hazelnut and the "Dauphine" Walnut / blueberry snacks were stale-tasting, even rancid, especially the walnuts, this despite being two to five months pre-expiration date....more info
  • I love this stuff
    and I am addicted - so fresh and flavorful. I will buy this over and over and try some of the other varieties. the Valdosta blend sounded strage but tasted like heaven....more info


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