Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner 8 oz

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  • Know what you're buying.
    I received this product and several others for Christmas.
    I personally cannot use it as a conditioner because it contains vodka and that simply dries my hair out, but I do love to give my hair a little spritz before blow drying so that the smell lingers.

    Having said that, I have two daughters of mixed heritage; one has baby fine curls and the other has spiral curls down to the middle of her back.
    This product is the perfect leave in conditioner for their hair texture.
    The smell garners compliments from their child care providers, the parents and from their school teachers.

    It leaves their hair shiny, detangles and is a great quick refresher in between weekly shampoos. This conditioner has helped me with detangling the oldests hair, there are no more fights and because of the texture of their hair, it leaves a great shine.

    Please know that this is not a stand alone product. It's a leave in conditioner and like any other line, you have to use all the products together to get the full effect of the line and what it's promoting....more info
  • Good product
    I have dredlocks, and have found this to be a very effective daily treatment. Because of its light, water-based consistency, it's great for moisturizing between washings without leaving residue or being greasy. I put it in a spray bottle, and spritz it on to prevent my locs from getting dried out. Plus, the smell is delicious....more info
  • doesn't condition well
    I purchased the Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla leave in with the Rosemary Mint shampoo for dry hair. Very disappointed with both products. This one doesn't condition my hair which needs a lot of taming before leaving the house. Something that is creamy would probably have been better. I also found the shampoo SUPER drying. It stripped my hair which is not good for hair that's already dry....more info
  • Beware if you have allergies
    I bought the entire line of products from the Lisa's Hair Regimen on the Carol's daughter website. I took all the products back to Sephora yesterday. I used this Hair oil on my scalp and the next day my scalp started itching. I washed it that night and woke up the next morning in serious pain. I wear my hair natural and I had what felt like chemical burns all over my scalp. When I took the product back to Sephora the lady who sold it to me told me my scalp was RED w/ white spots all throughout it. I had to take OTC pain medication twice a day for three days just to help me sleep at night due to the pain. The only thing I can attribute it to is an allergic reaction. The product contain extracts from different types of plant and flowers. If you have allergies to these items I would suggest not using this product. I contacted Carol's Daughter and have not heard back from them yet. I would have expected more from the company who's product states 'Made with Love, Peace'.
    ...more info
  • Scented water
    I just received my conditioner today and it's going back to Sephora. I don't know how this can be called a conditioner because it's nothing more than water. It also smells nothing like vanilla. The only scent I could smell was coconut and I don't want my hair smelling like that....more info
  • Love This Product!
    I've been washing my hair in Carol's Daughter brand Shampoo and using this conditioner afterwards. I love the smell and the way my hair feels. I'm using the whole beauty regiment suggested by Jada Pinkett. I love it....more info
  • Two-edged sword
    Like so many of the other reviewers I love scent of this conditioner. When I use it my partner notices and buries her head in my hair. The "conditioning" leaves something to be desired though. My hair is very fine and curly. With this product my hair quickly turns fuzzy, wooly and unshiny.

    When I want amazing tresses I turn to a gel product by Grassroots. It doesn't smell like anything but it leaves my curls shiny, full and soft to the touch. I put up with the bad hair when my sense of scent is revved up....more info


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