WindChaser PACRWC 12,000 BTU Remote Controlled Portable Air Conditioner

List Price: $699.99

Our Price: $449.00

You Save: $250.99 (36%)


  • 12,000 btu cooling capacity
  • 4 functions in one unit. Air conditioner, heater, dehumidifier and fan.
  • Dual hose system. The intake hose draws in the outside air and the second hose eliminates warm air exhaust
  • Humidity indacator
  • R407C coolant
Customer Reviews:
  • Painful condensation removal
    We purchased this unit last year to help cool down our study room. The room is about 13' by 13', and can get really hot during summer - especially when all three computers in it are turned on. We use the unit only for cooling purpose, and this is the second summer we will be using it. I would say the biggest disappointment with the unit is the painful condensation removal.

    1. It is built with multiple functions - cooling, heating, ionizing, and dehumidifying. The control panel is fancy with lots of LED lights for indicating the operating status.

    2. It reduces humidity quickly in cooling or dehumidifying mode. We live in New Jersey where the humidity is what makes the heat unbearable sometimes. The unit reduces the humidity level much faster than other dehumidifiers I have. You start feeling comfortable when the humidity level reduces, even though the temperature may not drop as fast.

    1. The condensation removal is a pain in the neck. The unit is advertised to be able to evaporize the condensation through the exhaust pipes. Unfortunately, we live in the area where this capability is inefficient - if it's ever working. The condensation tank gets filled up quickly. The drain outlet is on the back, and is too close to the ground to allow easy water removal. It is even impossible to install a condensation pump with such a low drain outlet. I ended up putting four bricks under the unit and attaching a vinyl tube to allow water draining from front. Fortunately, the unit still runs smoothly even when it stands on those bricks - it does not vibrate or make extra noise. I probably will add a condensation pump later so the unit can run continuously without interruption when the tank is full.

    2. The cooling power is not impressive. I would expect it to cool the room much faster with the 12,000 BTU rating. In our case, the room temperature barely drops 1 degree (F) after more than half an hour of operating. Fortunately, the reduced humidity level makes you feel better even though the temperature is still high....more info
  • Excellent Coolling
    Not sure what's wrong with R. Richardson's unit, but mine works like a charm. We have a 16' x 20' with cathedral ceiling bedroom that we use this in. I previously had a single hose unit and was intrigued by the dual hose design. It definitely cools A LOT faster than my old single hose design. The tubes are an eye-sore, but hey, they're better than a permanent window my opinion. So far, I have only used the air conditioner, so I cannot comment on how well the heater works. However, the AC unit has NO problem cooling our large room down to a nice 63 degrees. It'll even go to 61, but that's too cool even for us.

    My advice to R. either have installed it wrong or have a bum unit. Either way, your experience is probably atypical....more info
  • Not as expected
    I just got this unit 4 days ago for my home office. The dual exhaust tubes are huge - looks like 6" diameter... not very attractive going from unit to window. My office is 12x13 so I assumed a 1200 BTU would cool it down fast. Wrong. It will cool the room but so far I have not been able to get room temp under 76 degrees... room is comfortable but if it can not cool a small room to 72 forget a large room. Noise level is loud but bearable. I can still talk on phone without distraction. Manual is terrible. Does not explain what each function does. I never understand why a company can not write a good manual. Ion? Auto? and the symbols on unit are not intuitive. I couldn't figure out window adjusters - so I have a 4" space on my casement window I need to block off. I will probably return and get a window unit....more info