Prozone Twister Indoor Air Purifier, Black

List Price: $299.97

Our Price: $197.33

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  • Effectively purifies air, leaving it fresh and clean, in as little as 15 minutes
  • Destroys pet odors, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants in an area up to 3000 square feet
  • Patented activated oxygen generator eliminates nearly all organic and inorganic pollutants
  • Measures 14 x 13.5 x 4 inches (WxHxL); weighs 6 pounds
  • Features three modes of operation and a timer to allow full customization
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't do it!
    We bought this unit and returned it right away after doing some research. This type of product that used Ionic Ozone is actually harmful to your lungs over a prolonged period.
    When we got this unit we read the instructions which said do not use the ozone but 15 minutes every hour or get too close to the unit when it is on. This caused suspicion because I have a long term lung condition and certainly to not want to worsen it we did our research and found the EPA and other federal cites strongly recommend not using these type products....more info
  • Great for the price
    I want to start out by saying that this product is no miracle. I wanted to wait until I had the unit a few months before I wrote an honest review. I live in about an 800 sq ft apartment with vaulted cielings. I have no real allergies but I do smoke. I have noticed a difference in the overall cleanliness of the air but it certainly does not omit all odors. The unit seems to work very well eliminating any dust, pollen, mold etc... If you want to get rid of odors from smoke, cooking, pets, etc... you will probably experience a reduction but not elimination. Which brings me to the unit itself; the filter and the fan are quite small and not very effective. The UV lamp in the unit, however, seems to be very effective. It is quiet and very portable. The bootom line; the unit will improve the quality of the air without costing a fortune or requiring filter replacements but if you really want to eliminate odors you'll probably have to buy a much more powerful and expensive machine....more info
  • Excellent product for removing odors
    I've just used this product for the first time and I am absolutely amazed with the results. It couldn't be easier to use: Plug it in, flip both buttons up ("on" and "ozone" respectively), and you're cleaning the air. There's also a simple timer if your needs are more complicated, but we were around to keep an eye on it. It's surprizingly light, too.
    I'll preface by saying that I'm very sensitive to smells - I can't deal with anything too strong and I'm constantly aware of all smells around me (my wife says it's OCD, I say it's a side effect of a huge nose).
    We just purchased a home from an elderly woman, and with the house came some peculiar smells (dust, general staleness, cat pee, etc). Yesterday was our first day moving in the house, and my first time using this product (I got it on a referral from a friend just before we closed, knowing I'd have to somehow manage these smells), and I have to say that it has delivered far beyond my expectations.
    We were coming in and out of the house as we were moving boxes, and the smells were noticeably diminished after only about 5 minutes. After 10 minutes they were totally gone from an 800 sqft area. I let it run a bit longer just until I could start to smell ozone (about 15 min total). The ozone is not a bad smell at all, but it's easily identifiable in much the same way that natural gas is. The person who referred me to this product mentioned that when you can start to smell the ozone, it's done it's job in that space and is ready to move to the next space. This ozone smell disappears shortly after you turn off the unit and just leaves the room smelling like nothing.
    I continued to move it to different parts of the house, and after about 45 minutes, the whole house was smell-free. I'm pretty sure it's not just because we were getting used to the smells, because we were in and out the whole time, and never stayed in the room where the Prozone was running for more than a few seconds.
    I've only used it one day so far, so time will tell if the smells stay away forever, but I'm satisfied in just knowing that I can make them go away again at will whenever I please.
    It works, and it's worth every penny. ...more info