Honeywell HFD-135 Permanent IFD UV Antibacterial Air Purifier

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Product Description

The HFD-135 is a Honeywell Germ Reducing Air Purifier with Permanent Filter-Anti-bacterial filtration & UV Lights helps reduce airborne germs.

  • Antibacterial air purification system with permanent IFD UV filter
  • Removes airborne particles such as mold spores, dust, pollen, and cat dander
  • Electronic controls offer 3 cleaning levels; 1- to 18-hour auto-off timer
  • Low maintenance; quiet, efficient performance; no expensive filters to replace
  • Measures approximately 14-1/4 by 15-1/2 by 19-1/3 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Awesome1
    I love this product! My husband and I both have allergies and asthma, and 2 small dogs. We have the filter in our bedroom and I could tell a difference right away. We own two other Honeywell filters as well and this is my favorite one by far because there is no expensive filters to buy. For those of you who think this product is loud, you haven't had many air purifiers. It's not extreamly quiet but this one rates as one of the quietest even when on high!...more info
  • Better ones out there than this
    I had very high expectations for this as it is made by Honeywell, a trusted name. The unit features a UV light which is supposed to help kill bacteria, and more for even cleaner air.

    I did not like the unit because of the smell it produced. The fan is quite silent on low, but too loud on high. When I leave it on all day, and with the door closed, I come back to find a "burnt plasticy" smell. Very hard to describe, but there is a smell, and I could not tolerate it. I sent it back for a replacement and the 2nd one did the exact same. Might be the fan motor heating up and releasing some of the plastic smell, I am not sure. There is an annoying whizz sound from the motor that is audible also when on high. Both units were returned back to Amazon. They took care of it quickly and easy!

    The unit is made for a room up to 150 sq ft, and is a lot bigger in person that the picture makes you believe. I would compare the size to a small desktop pc.

    When you turn on the UV function, a blue rim will light up on the top for an aesthetic effect, but does nothing else. You cannot turn it off unless you turn off the UV feature. Not good for light sleepers who are bothered by light and noise.

    I cannot recommend this product because I feel there is a major design flaw. The unit's filter should have been sealed air tight to preserve the integrity of the filter materials. Some of the Styrofoam smell got adsorbed into the filter and you can smell it when you turn the machine on.

    I recommend you spend a little more and buy a Rabbit Air BioGS. That thing is quiet and has been working for me brilliantly! ...more info
  • Works Great, but Misleading
    The unit works ... but it is advertised as being quiet and being able to work for rooms of the described size. Well, it is either one or the other. If you set it to the recommended speed for a larger room, the is very loud. If you set it to the quietest setting, it only circulates the air in the recommended room size every couple of days.

    I normally leaving it running on high when I am not home to scrub the room, but as soon as I come home, I put it back on low because it makes too much noise....more info
  • Works great as it should
    Just used it one night and I slept GREAT, and I could smell the difference in air quality plus I've had the best night sleep I've ever had in years. Those complaining about noise: You must be comparing it to the Ionic Breeze which has no motor driven fan. Those are not HEPA and barely move any air at all, and only effectively cleans the air within the small perimeter of the unit itself. To move the air in a large area, you require a fan, and a fan will make a sound. I fell asleep with the unit on MEDIUM, on the LOW setting I actually found it too quiet, because I live in the city of Chicago and there is always noise going on outside - on medium it's quiet enough yet makes enough sound to block out all the city noises outside. It sounds like a running air conditioner or fan, it's pleasant. If you require complete silence to sleep, then Ionic Breeze might be the one for you (although it's ineffective at cleaning the air efficiently). Prior to this unit I had a Hunter 401 and filter replacements were expensive not to mention the motor-burn out problems I was having in the long term. I could smell the air quality difference within hours of this running on high compared to the Hunter 401. ...more info
  • great look and great performance
    this thing is as good as its look. The allergy is a lot better on my son....more info
  • Pretty Good
    A little bit loud on the highest setting and the ozone odor is a little strong, but both of these flaws are tolerable. Product works really well. I leave it on in my bedroom when I sleep and can really tell a difference the next morning. This is my first air purifier so can't really compare it to anything, but I would recommend trying it out if you have allergies or sinus problems....more info
  • A nice filter unit
    I got the Honeywell HFD135 one year ago for my studio apartment in New York City, shared by two people and a cat. The apartment faces a street and has no central air-conditioning. We also cook in the kitchen. The improvement in the air quality was amazing in the first few days after the purifier was installed. The air felt "clean". Just like tasting bottled water (after)against chlorinated tap water(before), the difference was evident.
    The filter has reduced the smell from the cat litter. My allergy symptom to pollen was reduced in the spring time. The air intake on the bottom of the unit traps a layer of cat hair and dust that can be vacuumed away. The effectiveness of the UV lamp cannot be seen, and it was manually switched off anyway. The fan noise can be heard at night even at low setting, but I understand the filter won't work without sufficient air flow. For people who are very sensitive to noise, this can be a problem. But for people like me living in NYC, the street noise is much louder so I don't mind the filter at all.
    The IFD filter can be easily cleaned periodically by either vacuuming, or rinsing in water and dry. The only problem is that after a few months of use, dust began to gather around the bottom area of the unit as well as on the fan. The fan grills cannot be removed, so these places are not easily accessible and regular vacuum cannot reach. When the bottom air intake is blocked, the filter would become much less effective.
    The air purifier works really well. The only flaw that I can tell over time is the difficult cleaning above and below the central filter. Still five stars for the improvement of the air quality. ...more info
  • a bit noisy
    this was bigger than i anticipated. there are three fans setting and on the lowest setting there is a moderate humming. it's a bit loud for me to sleep through. there is a timer setting so i set it to run while i'm away.

    because of the size and the powerful airflow it should support a large space. i felt an immediate noticable change. it has a large removable filter than you can vacuum and clean.

    so far it works well, but i wish it's not so loud....more info
  • Works well but noisy at higher fan levels
    Lowest fan level is almost too loud to sleep with in same room.
    Highest fan level is so loud I worry about disturbing the neighbors, plus the fan vibrates alot at highest level.
    ...more info
  • Uncertain whether the product really works
    First, upon receiving the product my first thought was how large it seemed. The picture seems to be a little misleading, because the design of the purifier makes it appear to look smaller. It was about 50% larger than I expected. So when purchasing pay attention to the measurements and determine whether the sizing is appropriate for space.

    Like many people I purchased this product to help with my allergies, but being that I do not live in a air-conditioned environment, I need to keep my windows open in order to stay cool (especially when I sleep at night). This may be affecting the performance of the product. Therefore, I'm still getting my allergies, and I have yet to pinpoint whether the product is at the least reducing my allergies....more info
  • I'm Pleased
    it makes a hum, even on the lowest setting. overall it seems to work just fine....more info
  • i love it
    i live in an old apartment and have dogs, this thing works 100%, i turn it on when i'm not home and when i come back, my allergies are diminished greatly. expensive, but it works and no cleaning required.

    it is noisy though, but at least it offers white noise, my neighbors are loud sometimes, and the white noise drains out their noise.

    overall 5 stars! highly recommended...more info
  • Thank god
    I can finally sleep at night. This unit works miracles... Easy to clean also. My allergies are bad so I keep it next to the bed at night on low.. I can finally breath again...more info
  • Very Effective in Reducing Pollen
    Live in Southern CA where Spring brings me terrible allergy symptoms. Unit greatly reduces my symptoms - as effective as medication. My wife also indicates less snoring - cheaper than surgery! Writing this review as I order our third unit. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Big, Loud, but makes a difference
    The difference in the air quality is noticable. I haven't tried to clean it yet, but it looks like it shouldn't be too difficult. One gripe is the blue led's. Would be nice to turn them off but still use the functionality (especially since they are purely for decoration)...more info
  • so far so good
    With only 90 days of use, can only say 'so far ,so good'.
    Pretty much as advertised(with the exception that it is fairly noisey.)
    If you have need for ultra-violet germ fighting light(which you can turn off&on),washable ionic filter then this will fit your needs..
    Considering its barreled/odd shape & rather large size, placement is a minor issue.Small complaint but assume necessary to design..
    Be aware that is does deposit some dust etc.on adjacent walls.
    However:Filter washes nicely..
    Ease of maintenance.
    Now if it gives long term service would say it deserves 5 stars....more info
  • I leave it running all day!
    I own the other Honeywell air pufier that looks similar to this unit but it is in white and LOVE it. So, when this upgrade came out, I decided to give it a go...esp because it had UV as well. I leave it running all day and night and it keeps the air feeling pure and clean. It is quiet and smooth. I am now considering buying a 3rd (an addition HFD135) for my family room. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Noisy
    This filter does seem to work well, however, I am returning it due to the excessive noise that it makes. If you look at the other reviews (for the HFD-130) you will see the noise described as "white noise"; let me explain the noise that it makes a little better than that. The unit does make a white noise that is associated with the moving fan blades. However, underlying this noise is a lower pitched motor noise that is more of a whining sound - like a vacuum cleaner. This noise is less than the white noise on the low setting, about equal to the white noise on medium, and overpowers the white noise on high. The other quality of the whining noise is that you can hear it from a further distance than the white noise. So when you have the unit on high, you can hear the whining noise resonating throughout my home, i.e. through the floorboards and through the walls.

    I think that one of the greatest considerations with an appliance such as this should be noise. I cannot understand why the Honeywell engineers have not done a better job considering this....more info