Sharper Image SI719 Tabletop Silent Air Purifier with Ionic Breeze

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  • Very poor buy
    Don't waste your monies!!! I attempt to give the most honest opinion on each product and always allow it to lay over a couple of days or even weeks just in case some expression should be changed. I've done the same with with this and if given the choice, it would rate a mere "0" (zero)
    Absolutely no noticable difference in the room (small bath) and noisy. Sharper Image usually produces better products than this but this one is a complete failure. Sorry, the truth sometimes isn't what one loves to hear but most of the time it's beneficial in improving the situation....more info
  • stops working
    I'm on my replacement one right now since the 1st one stopped working within a month. My second one doesn't seem to be working right either. I wouldn't waste money on this....more info
  • Great while it worked
    I loved this air cleaner. I, too, cleaned it often as the directions suggest if not cleaned it can burn out. I used this in my bedroom and while it worked, it was great. Not even a year and it suddenly just stopped working. No light, no cleaning. The Sharper Image website is down stating something great is coming. I just hope it will be a replacement for my broken machine but I won't get my hopes up per the previous comment I read here....more info
  • Good when they work . . . . .
    I purchased two of these. Within one year one had to be returned. They sent a new one. Now 1 1/2 years later both of them are not working. I noticed they reduced their "lifetime" warranty to 5 years. I'll be sending both of these back providing they allow me to. ...more info
  • great when it works..........but.............
    i just ordered my 4th replacement model. that's right, my FOURTH. my first model lasted one year before it died (and i'm fastidious with my cleaning of the unit), and they have sent me 2 refurbished replacements in the past 2 months that have died within 3-4 weeks after arrival. today they said they will send out a new model based on these problems. and guess what? my original model had a "full five year warranty", but the newer units only have one year on their warranty. gee, i wonder why...............................for the record, i own a quadra as well, and it had never given us any trouble at all....more info
  • Great product
    This works so well and so quietly that I am going to buy a bigger one for another room in my house....more info