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Many listeners will recognize relationship fairy-godmother Iyanla Vanzant's positively charged style from her frequent appearances on Oprah?. She infuses this reading of her own book with the cadences of a revival preacher on a Sunday morning. (It's no surprise, then, to find "ordained minister" listed in her biography.) Using housecleaning as her central analogy, she urges listeners to clean out their heads and souls if they want to be prepared for real love. Using anecdotes from her own life and those of others, she outlines how personal responsibility and respect for oneself can clean the attic, clearing the way for long, healthy relationships. (Running time: 2 hours, 2 cassettes) --Kimberly Heinrichs

Everyone wants to experience the light of love. The problem is that the windows of our hearts and minds are streaked with painful past memories and disappointments. These windows are so clouded by fear, self-doubt and misconceptions that the light of love cannot shine through. In this spiritually enlightening book, author Iyanla Vanzant helps us understand the true meaning of love. In using the example of spring cleaning a house, she asks us into think of ourselves as the house, and as we go through each phase of cleaning or healing, we progress from the basement of the house to the final successful stage of recovery at the top. All in all, it is an excellent book that guides and assists readers through the thorny pathways of life and love.

Customer Reviews:

  • Best "Pick Me Up" out there!!
    This is a very inspirational cd. Iyanla really helps get you through the "Meantime" without guilt. She is an excellent author and speaker! A must for every woman!...more info
  • Band aid for the soul
    This book got me through a rough time in my life. Made me realize I surrounded myself with people that cant seem to get out of "Basement" mentality,making me unable to pull mylife forward.If you have ever felt "stuck" I suggest you read,and re-read this book.... you will be able to let go of the people that are afraid to go forward with there own lives and pull you down with them......and finally move on to a loving,happy,life of your own....more info
  • Really good book ...!!!Helped me a lot
    I enjoyed reading this book, I was going through a tough time in a relationship that I just came out of and it has helped me identify some of my problems. I have learnt to accept responsibility for any decision that I have made and started having hope once again to find the love I truly desire......more info
  • Eye Opening
    Wow - I knew I needed to clean up my life....but how. After reading this book I cleaned house literally and mentally what an experience to rejoice in! I have cleaned unhealthy people from my life and am happier now than I have ever been. A copy of this book is my "personal handbook" I keep it on my nightstand for refreshers when needed. I highly recommend this and following what it says...more info
  • Rest and Understanding
    This CD will calm your mind and spirit. You'll be motivated and inspired as you relax into a deeper understanding of life.
    ...more info
  • Extremely calming
    This was a very calming book for me as I enter the transition time in my life, yet again. i have begun to understand things that I did not really understand before. i knew it, but didn't get it. I'm slowly getting it. And it's nice to have faith be the grounding support....more info
  • Be careful what you looking for, you might find it.
    Over the past several years, I've tried so hard to figure what was wrong with my partner and his participation in the relationship, so I tried this book to find out what was wrong with him and to my surprise....I was the fault of everything wrong in my life of relationships. I am on a new road to recovery after reading the Meantime. Thank you Iyanla for opening my eyes since the answer was inside me all along....more info
  • In the Meantime
    Excellent. Truth put to music. A rare find. I just love it....more info
  • Great Pick Me Up
    This CD is a good blend of music and spoken words. From the first song to the last, this CD gets you through certain thoughts or feelings you may be having about yourself and relationships. This CD has rhythm wethter it's reggae, soul, or insprational.

    I wish I could find more CDs like this. As with her books, Iyanla has found a way to tap into your inner self....more info

  • Thought Provocative
    This book by Iyanla is the most provocative and inspirational book I have ever come across. She makes things that have been issues or unexplained for so long so simple and comprehensive. She instills a sense of hope that what is happening, what you are going through is normal and it can be fixed and dealt with.

    Her writing has made my past experiences so much more "meaningful" and explains so much about me and why I did what did and do what I do. The book has certainly inspired me and I now feel ready to face any challenge coming my way, keeping my intentions and expectations close to my heart on my way to the attic!!

    A true inspiration!...more info

  • In the meantime
    Ths book reads waaay too much like a 12 step program....more info
  • I couldn't even finish this book!
    This book has been around for so long I finally decided to pick it up after such great reviews and recommendations from others. I found this book to be of NO help whatsoever. The stories in the book in my opinion have nothing to do with anything and the repetitive speaking is what actually made me not even want to continue reading. The entire book is just saying the same thing over and over and over again but in a different way, actually sometimes the same exact way. Page 1 of a book should not say the same thing as page 200. I just was really tired of all the same things being said I had to stop reading. ...more info
  • Truthful, Insightful and a sure way to heal...
    I've recently gone through a separation along with other very deep and painful issues that have somewhat made me feel very insecure about myself. This book has helped me recapture some of that essence I thought I had lost or maybe never really had. I have found something of myself and my life's experiences in each story Iyanla relates. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who at some point has felt despair and/or guilty for the lost of a loved one. There is no greater love than that of one's self, but that is also the easiest love lost....more info
  • Bad writing spoils what could be a good book
    While the message of this book is as wonderful and uplifting as everyone else has mentioned, the author's editor should be fired. I found the writing style so distracting that I could barely finish the book. Anecdotes appear with seemingly no connection to the previous paragraph, the same thought is repeated a million different ways, and the organization of the book is terrible. Maybe Iyanla should stick to public speaking, because writing is not her forte. I'd go with another book that offers more practical advice and less rambling....more info
  • Great self help book
    This is a great book to help anyone looking for lasting love. It will help you understand why you are the way you are and how to change into the person you would love to be to get the love you deserve. I will read this book over and over again for sure....more info
  • Find yourself reading this book.....
    I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful and insightful this book is. I recommend it to everyone I know--even if you're not having a life or love "crisis" there are insights and wisdoms in this book that can help everyone. I even took some of Vanzant's profound passages and wrote them on pretty paper and hung in next to the mirror in my bathroom--that way her knowledge of the soul can keep getting reinforced to me. You will not regret reading this book....more info
  • Moving On
    This book clarifies the pain and anguish an individual goes through when they are trying to surpass a heartbreak. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who has allowed themselves to live through the shadows of another. You learn the power to care for you and no one else, because only you can make yourself happy in life....more info
  • In The Meantime: Finding Yourself And The Love You Want
    Thank You A Harris for taking care of your book. It was is excellant condition. Sister girl seeks the truth. And doesn't talk around her self. She get's to the point. I'm enjoyin it. I would love to meet (Iyanla Vanzant) someday. Thank you, From Tulsa,Okla...more info
  • Where's the helpful advice
    This book is a waste of time. There isn't anything to help you with getting out of the meantime. It's just alot of writting about how great it is to be out of the bad part of life and in the good part.How to get to the good part is everyone's best guess. ...more info
  • A MUST Read
    I've read some pretty good spiritual and self-help books over the past couple of years, and have gleaned some great information from them all. But this is so much more than that; it is a life changer. It's like sitting down on a warm park bench and having a conversation with a trusted, caring friend. The book is simply put, mind blowing and life altering.

    I can't adequately describe exactly how, but the writer strikes the difficult balance of intertwining profound wisdom and interesting stories to keep the reader engaged. I devoured it in two days and that's only because I had the flu. Otherwise, I would have read it end-to-end without stopping. I will no doubt read it over and over again.

    The message isn't always easy to swallow; I grappled with it at times myself despite the fact that I am about as open to change right now (to my own chagrin) as they come. It might be even harder to accept for those still stuck in thinking life and love can be controlled and/or owned. I read a review of a man who didn't like the book and cautioned not to let a significant other read it. That's okay, I understand that thinking and was there myself as little as a year ago. But I couldn't disagree more now, and I sent a copy to my ex-partner.

    This book did more to expand my perspective -- and heart, than any counseling or book has done to date. It is THAT good. At the very least, you can't help but come away from it feeling more understood, supported, inspired and hopeful than before. Excellent book....more info
  • All houses need constant cleaning and so does our heart
    I first heard about Yyanla Vanzant 4 years ago as I was feeling down and miserable. My love life was pretty much a mess. One day I turn the TV and Iyanla was the feature guest of Oprah. What an experience! I ran and bought In the Meantime and it was worth every cent. The cases presented by her are as real as life itself and all of us, I'm sure, can relate to those experiences and best of all: learn. Our hearts like houses need constant nurturing and caring and this book shows you how. Buy the book and keep it in your nightstand it is sure a great companion in life....more info
  • DO NOT waste your time in the "MEANTIME" !
    I was hoping this book would be more positive. I didn't find the examples of other couples unrelated to my current situation or worth reading about. Actually, I could care less about these fictitious people anyway !!!! I was hoping that the author wouldn't waste hundreds of pages telling me to "wait" and "hope for better things" while in the MEANTIME.....after reading this...I WILL NOT WAIT in the meantime BUT live my life being happy NOW not dwelling on a failed relationship...if this doesn't make any sense...exactly...either does the book!
    don't waste your money !...more info
  • Great stuff after wading through the fluff
    Iyanla's book would make a great article. She fluffs it up with lots of repetition and extended stories. Read it with a high-lighter and fold over the corner of the most important pages. Reread just those pages when you need a boost.

    Yet, I wouldn't trade my copy. You can't borrow it. Get your own! She does a nice job of cutting to the core of successful relationships and what we need to do as individuals to guarantee that our next relationship is better than the last, moving to that one special person that we've been longing for....more info

  • Married with kids, after reading, expect a divorce
    I don't deny the fact that this book was helpful in allowing people in casual unhealthy relationships to take a closer look at their situations. I do however, feel that things change when you are married, have kids and have a firm believe in your wedding vows. No doubt this book gets you thinking about yourself and helping yourself, but I believe it falls short in re-enforcing a commitment that people have when they get married and bring children into the world....more info
  • "Anger is a learned behavior, you weren't born this way." - Free (track #18)
    5 Stars is not NEARLY enough to rate this magnificant cd. It's not just music but its spiritual and mental awakening at its very BEST. Each and Every Song on this CD is BEAUTIFUL and MEANINGFUL... at the least! And the interludes frmo Ms. Iyanla Vanzant are too valuable to put into words.... Anyone who knows hurt, anyone who knows confusion, anyone who knows pain and anyone who KNOWS they want Peace will find total joy in owning this disk. If you listen, you will be heard... meaning, if you listen to what she says, your inner most self will be heard... she touches a part of you that you neglect in so many ways... it's just wonderful... I heard this cd probably back when it first came out and I have been in love with it ever since... In fact, passing it along to my Mother, my best friend, and recommending it to anyone I feel would truly gain something from this remarkable delivery... I would recommend this cd to anyone who is trying to get thru life with their head up and their heart open... In these days, it's hard to live with an open heart because there is so much pain evolving but for anyone who wants some spirtual feeding, This is a full course....more info
  • Good Premise - Worthwhile Read
    The reason I gave this book 4 stars, instead of 5, is that Vanzant's writing style is pretty undisciplined and at times overly indulgent. She spends a lot of time telling loosely related stories, that often lack clear or definitive connection to a thematic point. As many books make things like love TOO academic, by bombarding readers with lists and 'how-tos', VanZant would have been well served to include more practical 'rubber meets the road' advice for her readers.

    On the positive side, I think her dual premise is very good. 1) the Meantime (which should be seen as a blessing) is meant as a preparation for the love you desire and 2) you will open yourself to that relationship by experiencing the different facets of love, and focusing on love in general.

    I feel like I came out of this book with one very strong benefit. I am more patient and calm in my preparation for the love of my life, rather than feeling fearful and anxious. Additionally, even when I did find this book to be somewhat excessive and even annoying, it only took me about 2 weeks of casual reading to finish it.

    All in all, a worthing endeavor....more info

  • In the Meantime find something else to read...
    Now I finally know exactly why I've been avoiding Iyanla Vanzant's books. I started reading this book because I was hoping to find some assistance with a lacking relationship I'm dealing with. I flipped through the book in the bookstore and read a few paragraphs that related to I bought it. Today I will be returning it. What I wanted to know was how to get my mind off of relationships gone wrong and myself right. This book offers no solid solutions, it only brushes over what needs to be done. I kept reading thinking, well maybe she'll help me sort through this mess in the next chapter--but she never did. I thought this book was about finding yourself and the love you want...but it's really about finding the money to pay for this book and trying to regain the time you wasted on reading it....more info
    This is a great book and I have already recommended it to several of my friends. If you are looking for personal growth and spirituality from within then this is definately the book to read.

    ...more info
    This is my third time reading the book i first got turned on by her writing on oprah years ago and buy copies for all my friends that need a new perspective. IT IS A MUST READ SWAKATA YOU CAN BE HAPPY YOU AND ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THE CHOICE...more info
  • One of the best books ever!
    I highly recommend reading this book.. it is truly liberating. You'll open your mind, heart & soul to be a more loving and accepting person....more info
  • Just at the meantime
    It's a good book i like it. A Cosine of mine recommand i t me. Everyone should read it. ...more info
  • A Tower of Strength
    I have had this book for several years now and am freqently referring to it in difficult emotional times. I have recommended it to numerous friends, male and female who have also founf it extremely helpful.

    We are in agreement that the first 5 chapters are the most valuable and have re-read a number of pages when feeling directionless and without strength.

    I don't consider myself to be a particularly spiritual person and was thus surprised to find myself being supported by something quite alien to me, for which however I am extremely grateful.

    Truly an inspiration which I thank Iynala for immensely. Please can we have some workshops in the UK !!!!....more info

  • Fabulous book!
    This book was suggested by a random person. I was immediately enthralled from the first chapter and could barely put it down. It is the perfect book to read when you are ready to begin reading yourself....more info
  • Insightful!
    Iyanla is very personable. She really makes you stop and think that we are not crazy or wrong, we all just need to believe and trust in ourselves....more info
  • Life-changing and insightful book
    I read this book while trying to decide whether to stay in a painful relationship. Before I read this book, I was miserable about the direction my life was taking and felt powerless to change any of it. What I read made me realize that I do have choices, and also showed me the importance of finding love within myself first and foremost. What I found in this book made me feel peaceful for the first time in a long time, and taught me how to find joy in the struggles in my life. This will be a book that I read over and over when life gets rough, and I have no doubt that each time I will learn something new....more info
  • Poorly written and an even poorer message
    My wife and I have been married 11 years, things have been better between us. We both went out and bought books to help with the relationship (or so I thought). After reading the book my wife explained that we should "wait and see". I, at the same time, read the 7 Principles of Marriage. My take was, our relationship is bent not broken, let's try to fix it together. After reading half of "in the meantime" I see where she got her opinion of "action". You have two choices from the book: 1. Do nothing until "inspiration" hits 2. Throw away everything and start over. Either way the book gives no other options or practical examples to move ahead together in a positive way. Don't waste your time and hope to God that your significant other doesn't get a hold of this book....more info
  • I've found myself
    This is a wonderful, uplifting book! It really touched my heart and soul. I am a better person after reading this book. I often reference back to it from time to time. I finally feel that I am ready for the love I've been wanting for so long.
    Thanks Iyanla!...more info
  • Life Changing
    First I just want to thank God for Iyanla's courage and boldness of indulging in the wisdom and creativity that she has been given. This book has tremendously changed my life and my perception of life. I now know that there is no limit to my love but the one I place on it. If you want to reach your full love potential I strongly encourage you to not only read this book but take your time and put the principles in action. This book will not only make you a better person in the way other people look at you but will help you to take comfort in the decisions you make in life whether they turn out to be what you wanted or not. I want to also thank a very dear friend of mine who cared about me enough to recommend this book to me and also made sure I read it at the time when he knew I needed to value myself more. I now recommend this book to anyone who wants to know their full love potential and want to move to the highest level that life can offer through love. I assure you this book will help you and give you the strength to do so. Iyanla Thanks again for being obedient to the spirit of God and for caring for the nation. I pray that life will bring you all the best and you will not lack in wisdom or knowledge at anytime. I now encourage you to keep focus and let love, love you.
  • Finding Yourself
    This book is not just for those who have lost the one they love. It is about learning about yourself and how to love yourself in order to bring out your best qualities so that you and your true love may find each other one day. It is spiritually uplifting and gives even those who have lost all hope of finding thier soul mate hope....more info
  • Please Read
    This is a book you have to read.. Things we should know about life. You will feel a burden lifted..Please read.....more info
  • Use it "In The Meantime"
    Iyanla did a fabulous job with this album. Her voice is so inspiring, and just helps you get through it or over it! I remember being in a very long relationship and when it ended I did not know which way to turn. A friend made me listen to this album, and I can truly say "that was all she wrote!" Iyanla takes you step by step to begin healing after having to let go. The songs are so inspring as well. If you don't have a copy of this album I suggest you go ahead and get it. You won't regret it!...more info
  • Iyanla Vanzant helps you get to the core of life
    Iyanla Vanzant speaks mostly about the importance of "living in the now", something we all know but are too busy to practice. She does a nice job too of comparing the Western style of "Doing" as opposed to the Eastern style of "Being." Linking the two cultural aspects could not have been an easy task, and I applaud Ms. Vanznant for having the courage to reach into a women's soul, and to draw out the ugliness that lives there.

    The readers who are truly 'in the basement' probably won't get much out of this book, but those of us on any higher level will start to 'get it'. It helps you understand that growth is a process, and progress isn't easy or visible at every turn. It shows that our vision changes as we progress and that the pain we are going through will eventually be replaced with love and hope! If you are new to recovery or spirituality, some other books may be more helpful at first, but coming back to this book is like working a puzzle - confusing at first, but with steady progress becomes easier and satisfying.

    She is well informed as an author who knows women's most intimate feelings. Men would do well to read this book as well. She is able to consolidate religion, psychology, and psychotherapy all in one book. It also discusses how both our childhood as well as previous experiences make us who we are, including our parts that need to be healed - NOT FIXED!

    Overall a good book serving as a potential antidote for assisting readers being true to themselves. It all starts and ends with YOU!, truly an amazing book.
    ...more info
  • Sincere Author But....
    Reading the author's works convinced me it's time to move on. I truly admire Ms. Vanzant's courage: she doesn't merely mention skeletons in the closet -- she flings open the door and lets them dance out, with her joining in the rhythm movements, as well. Still, she's too tied to what I see as an extremely rigid, morose phlosophy, the Course In Miracles -- as fossilized. at times, as the traditional paths such teachers claim they needed to flee. Many of the author's ideas are fatally flawed -- It's unfortunate that she, and Marianne Williamson and others, like to quote my late cherished mentor, Joel Goldsmith. (Ms. Vanzant refers to him as her "Master). They are misleading seekers into thinking that Joel would have agreed with many of their principles. I used to leave aside this misinformation whenever it cropped up in the above teachers' works. Now I feel it really is rather disrespectful to him -- he spent his life encouraging others AWAY from the kind of advice these lecturers give. This particular book amply highlights that Ms. Vanzant (and Ms. Williamson, et al) like to fashion prayers asking God to let them be used for noble purposes. Joel always told us, Spirit cannot be used! Period. Even to ask to be used is a form of egoism, subtle self-serving manipulation, he asserted. I also think Ms. Vanzant, etc. is asking us to waste precious time, years even, in arduous techniques, workbook-questions, that are self-indulgent and unproductive. My heart goes out to all -- To obtain your Good, You don't have to wait in the meantime, while working through "issues," or wait until you've improved your present image, circumstances. No more tedious work-assignments. No more poring through "lessons" or reading of ones suffered by authors -- (doesn't it seem as if lessons are lurking in every corner of the universe for these New Thought teachers? ). As disheartened as you may feel about life, really trust that there are faster, more effective ways of living life than the New Thought crowd is acknowledging....more info
  • Finally on the 3rd floor...
    I actually SAW Iyanla while she was promoting this book. I cried through the entire lecture because I felt like she was talking to ME...that was 3 years ago. I am now DIVORCED and away from the relationships and ways that kept me in the "basement". I recently bought the audio CD for a friend and listened to it twice...only to realize that I went through every single phase of what she discusses in her book and I've seen the light. Loving yourself is the real message here. I'm so glad that I bought the CD that I'd like to give a copy to all my friends. If you are in need of a spiritual awakening, get this book. Better yet, buy the CD because it's as if she's talking directly to you - it only takes 2 hours of your time and it's well worth the time. I only wish I had the CD and book handy about a year ago while I was in the thick of my divorce. Trust in yourself. Trust in love. Trust in GOD. BUY THIS BOOK....more info
  • Very Pleased
    Very happy with this item, Only took me one day to listen to it, and got alot out of it. Recommend to all that want to start a new way of life. ...more info
  • Want to Renew yourself ?
    I bought this book, the workbook and the tape..I love it. I always refer back to this book and listen to the tape for motivation, inspiration and relaxation, It calms your mind and spirit. You will love it!...more info
  • I really like this book
    Too often books about finding closure are more about blaming the ex than about searching within to see what choices we make that lead us into these various relationships. Taking responsibility for ourselves is the foundational thought of this book. For our relationships and our choices. I was pleased when I read this book and encourage others who are experiencing the need for closure to give themselves a copy of this. It will help you get through the meantime....more info
  • One of the best books ever
    I must say that this book is one of the best books I have ever read! No matter what stage you are in your life if you have questions, doubts or are just confused about anything this book puts it in a way where you can find the force and focus to move past the rough patch and keep moving to your final goal. In the mean time also makes you refocus your self and be a more positive person. I recommend to anyone that needs that push from a relationship, a death in the family or just a negative episode in life!!...more info
  • There is a lesson in the music!
    For anyone struggling with relationships, this is the CD for you! Most of us have to be "told" when to take care of self! Play this CD as you are preparing to start your day, and I can assure you that your self-confidence will be more secure, your self-esteem will be raised and you will not allow any relationship, whether personal or professional to make you feel "less than." One of the best "self-help" lessons available....more info
  • This book is great
    I was given this book as a christmas gift and from the time I read it i decided to apply some of the things in my life and I can truly say that I am a happier more loving person. I have been through a difficult relationship and this book helped me to see things clearer. I honestly believe it was a god sent. I have been recommending it to my friends and people who I meet and hear their stories.
    I thank god for giving Iyanla Vanzant the inspiration to write this book....more info
  • Excellent Healing Time
    Iyanla Vanzant speaks about the universal desire to find our soul mate--that one person who completes us and makes everything right in our world. She uses the metaphor of cleaning one's house to getting our inner selves ready to receive our soul mate when they do appear in our lives. Vanzant shares her own story of meeting her soul mate at summer camp when she was just a teen. Even though their paths in life crossed several times, it wasn't the right time for them to be together until recently---she was married, he was married and now they are finally through their own personal "meantime" and married to each other.

    There is nothing wrong with going through the "meantime." It is a necessary transition to be ready to accept the love into your life that you deserve. However, the meantime is not a time to sit around and bemoan the fact that our soul mate isn't showing up. It is a time of intense personal scrutiny to discover what we must get right within ourselves to be ready for our true love. Ms. Vanzant takes us through the steps to prepare us for that time.

    If you are alone or involved in a "meantime" relationship, then this book is for you. It will help you grow spiritually and show you how to gradually become your best self. It offers hope that someday your "meantime" while be over. Until then. . .enjoy the book!...more info
  • Excellant Service
    Arrives before delivery date and i am really happy with the quality!
    THANK YOU...more info
  • Interesting Read
    In her book Ms. Vanzant talked about problem relationships and how the couples resolved their issues. Ms. vanzant invites us to honestly examine our life and start some cleaning to bring out our spiritual and mental growth. She relates a cluttered mind to a house that needs cleaning starting from the basement upward. Get rid of the anger, the bitterness, the hate and get ready for the love you want....more info
    I received this CD as a Christmas gift from my sister, and I listen to it almost every morning. I have found true inspiration in Iyanla words. Understanding of what all of us go through. Then very uplifting. The words and music of this CD has truly helped me make some life changing decisions....more info
  • Lost lonley confused?
    Probably one of the best books i have ever read. Changed my life. Bitter - divorced - 25 - i was struggling. READ THIS BOOK....more info
  • If you're ready to hear this, it will change you.
    Man, where can I start. This really helped me break free of the way I viewed being single. Iyanla says, "you may think people can heal you and they may want to heal you, but they cannot." Only one of the MANY nuggets of wisdom and overall concepts that have truley altered my thinking. Excellent book....more info
  • Relationship Destroyer?
    I have not yet read this book. What I do know, however, is that after reading "In the Meantime," my partner of six years abruptly ended our relationship, ruled out any possibility of reconciliation, and cut off all communication. A mere coincidence? Not likely, given the 158 reviews filled with such drivel as "cleaning house" and "getting the relationship you deserve". It is obvious after reading ALL the editorial and personal reviews that Vanzant not only encourages her readers to regard relationships as disposable, but also promotes a simplistic and naive concept of love. It really is disappointing to see so many positive reviews for what appears to be such blatent escapism. My sincere hope is that YOU never come face to face with a spouse/partner who has adopted Vanzant's world view, and now regards you as the first sack of garbage to be thrown out during spring cleaning....more info


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