60 Durex Condoms Variety Pack! CondomMan's Collection of the the Best Durex Condom Styles

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Our Price: $11.99

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Product Description

In the mood for a little variety? This product contains a sampling of each of the most popular Durex condoms in the world. Best-sellers from Durex include Extra Sensitive, Performax, Maximum Love and Intense Sensation. Each condom expires 2-5 years from date of purchase. Try out the best and find a new favorite.

  • A Collection of the best selling condoms from Durex, the most successful condom seller in the world.
  • Durex Extra Sensitive, Performax, Maximum Love and Intense Sensation included with your order
  • World-renowned to be the thinnest and most sensational condoms manufactured today.
  • Each condom has been tested electronically to guarantee reliability.
  • expire 2-5 years from date of purchase.

Customer Reviews:

  • Codomania
    Alas me end is in the trumpeted fading of the purple aegis, that corn rowed freak, singing loudly as im whisked away in abandon, flung down the dirty floorboard to absorb the dead skin of yesteryear. Then, amidst a flurry of rambunctious post preparations, i am relieved of my position, and ever gracefully in bliss, carried through the air- tickling my entire latex soul, one moment infinite, till it is gone, i am head backwards as I am tossed, towards my ultimate fate and journey just beginning, acommpanied by my new millions of slowly dying infantry, to the bin, to the bin! and to live no more....more info
  • Don't order condoms from this seller (CondomMan)!
    I never received them after the promised delivery date. After contacting the seller, I got them 3 days later. This item's shipping is $4.98 per ITEM, and I ordered 3 of these. It came with only one package with 180 condoms scattered in it. I paid almost $15 for shipping and expected for a better packaging since it's for a gift. You would think you pay for the shipping, and the packaging should be a little more quality controlled. This seller is very disappointing. If I can, I would rate 1/2 of a star....more info
  • Good and cheap
    Quality condoms, cheap price, amazing quantity. What more could you ask for? Keeps the girlfriend as well as my wallet happy. Fast, discreet shipping too!...more info
  • Best Value
    60 condoms in 4 varieties for $9 (plus shipping)??? It's a fantastic deal. This is the 2nd time I've ordered these and so far so good (no babies and no diseases!) Am sharing this batch with roommate (which just means I'll be ordering more sooner this time.) Am very happy discovered could order them this way. Discreet, fast shipping and great value for the money. ...more info
  • Everything was great
    Used them all weekend while out of town - thanks condom man! Now I won't have kids I can't afford! lol...more info
  • DUREX - Use It Or Lose It...
    Title says it all and orange-dot intense and mutuals are great. Not offensive in scent department. People of the planet earth, please enjoy Durex with your partner in goodly protective, non-reproductive health! The vendor chosen with Amazon sells HUGE combined pack and dates are well into the future too. Did I just review a birth control product online? Well, golly!!!...more info
  • good product but wrong variety shipped
    The package I received contained 15 condoms of the right kind, the other 45 were other Durex products. After trying them, I found them to be quite comfortable to use. But be adviced that mistakes did happen....more info
  • Incorrect amount
    Fast shipping, and the right variety. The only problem is I received 54 condoms instead of 60. No biggie since they are so cheap, I'm still a little disappointed....more info
  • Question on the package and manufacturing address
    We got the package, but the stuff in it was made in India and Thailand. Was it supposed to be U.N. of condoms? Why there's no information in the website?
    Even more, the manufacturing date printed on those 'Made in Thailand' can be blurred by hand....more info
  • quality condoms
    these condoms are reliable and very reasonably priced. after purchasing i received a discount coupon for future condoms. ...more info
  • Well worth it.
    I will definitely be a repeat customer. The order was received quickly and filled the sales description exactly. It also came with a coupon for the next purchase. Good buy!!...more info
  • Too small.
    I bought these to act as easy to carry goulashes, but they did not fit over my shoes. What a total let down. Now I have wet socks. How am I gonna pick up chicks with wet socks?
    Next time, Im buying the ribbed....more info
  • Good deal
    This product is a Good deal.
    $8.99 for 60 condoms, is a Fantastic Deal.

    You would pay that much for a 6 pack at walmart. (at least my walmart)

    BUy IT :P

    you wont regret it!!!...more info
  • Great product
    Iv'e always enjoyed the price and comfort of Durex, they may not be top brand but they are top quality. The only real discomfort that could come from this is the smaller sizes but if your like me, you don't need them....more info
  • Great Price
    Damn what a deal.

    Good condoms too.

    Why spend $9 on 12 when you get can 60?...more info
  • Excellent value
    I've purchased this product on more than one occasion, and I haven't been disappointed. The same product at the store, but a better selection, and a MUCH better price!...more info
  • Coming in handy!!!
    These bad babies are durable worth the money and easily accessible because I bought such a big bundle, thanks again durex....more info
  • Absolute Best !
    Got this item as advertised. The box contained all 60 condoms with the exact number of varieties ordered. Works well as expected at a much cheaper price. All condoms have an expiry date of around year 2012. Anyways, I have to order more of these because those will end soon !!!...more info
  • Lost Package help
    This seller was very helpful when my package was not delivered. I highly recommend them. ...more info
  • Incredible Deal!
    60 condoms for 7.99???? Wow! They also sell 48 condoms and 2 vibrating rings for the same price. I do enjoy the quiverful pleasures offered by the vibrating ring, but with the extra 12 condoms, I can score that many more times for the same price! I'll gladly trade that quivering for 12 more times. Durex rolls out an astounding variety with the following lines of condoms: Extra Sensitive, Performax, Maximum Love and Intense Sensation. Personally, I like the Performax, 'cause I'm all about performance....more info
  • Great Value
    $60 quality condoms for $14 shipped, can't go wrong with that. They are labeled on the back as to which is which....more info
  • Great deal
    The price was excellent. For a variety of 60 condoms, it was a great deal. Some other reviewers commented on where the "Made in" country was supposed to be...I don't know where they are supposed to be made but they seemed to work fine. The only thing that I didn't like was that all 60 condoms were shoved into a tiny cardboard box about the size of small coffee mug. This caused some packs to be bent and folded. You would think that they would be packaged more carefully so they don't get damaged or they'll be useless when you're having sex! The shipping also took longer than the estimated date so if you need these right away, you may be waiting....more info
  • Good choice
    This is an excelent choice for a variety of styles for you and your partner....more info
  • Poor Me
    Condom man's shipping is fast.
    However, my gf dumped me even faster.
    What the f!
    I need to find a new gf in order to leave a review here....more info
  • Great Value
    Great value... 60 condoms for what, $9. The condoms came in pairs, randomly shoved in a brown box. They were all there... just a little sketchy. They've all worked so far though!...more info


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