The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet: Boost metabolism, get rid of fattening toxins, safely lose up to 8 pounds overnight and keep them off for good

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Ready, Set, Glow

What if you could lose three to eight pounds in a single day?

What if that nearly instant weight loss made you feel lighter, freer, cleaner, and more energized?

What if that single day began a healing, cleansing, revitalizing process, raising your awareness of the poisons that pollute our environment and purging your body of the toxins that set you up for weight gain, fatigue, and a host of deadly, debilitating diseases

What if that one day of weight loss could help jump-start a long-term weight-loss plan?

Well, that single day is here. With Ann Louise Gittleman’s The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet you can:

Cleanse your system back to health

Get rid of unhealthy, fattening toxins

Safely lose up to 8 pounds overnight and keep them off for good

The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet is a whole new way to think about weight loss. This is the first crash diet that not only works in the long run, but is also good for you.


You know how it is. That special event just around the corner and you can’t fit into your designer jeans. You need a fool-proof, emergency weight-loss method that really works and works fast. So how do you safely and quickly lose those extra pounds?

Once again, renowned health pioneer and bestselling author Ann Louise Gittleman has a quick, no-strings-attached solution that is also good for you. She is always on the cutting edge of developing new methods to rejuvenate the body and facilitate weight loss and she’s done it again in The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet. Gittleman takes the age-old method of fasting and incorporates it into a safe and healthy one-day plan that helps you lose weight fast, gets rid of toxins, and gives your body a cleansing boost to prepare it for even more weight loss down the road.

The plan itself is blissfully simple:

THE PREQUEL: Seven days of adding detox support foods to your diet to prepare your body for the one-day Fast

THE FAST: One day of sipping Gittleman’s “Miracle Juice,” a deliciously spiced mixture of herbs and spices specially designed to stave off hunger, balance blood sugar, boost metabolism, and replenish nutrients (no kidding, the juice is completely delicious)

THE SEQUEL: Three days of reintroducing supportive and immune-boosting foods into your diet to seal in the results

That’s all. There’s no need for a strict maintenance plan or more dieting because the Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet purges your body of fattening toxins so that you’ll keep losing weight once you’re finished. What’s more, if you can’t add those healthy foods to your diet in the Prequel and Sequel, Gittleman provides a list of replacement supplements that you can easily find in your local health food store or online.

So, use The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet to jump start an over-40 metabolism, melt away vacation or holiday pounds, break a diet plateau, get in shape for that high school reunion or wedding, and even help heal a chronic illness. Even if you’ve been slow to lose weight in the past, the pounds will melt away quickly during your one-day fast. Inside there are recipes to prepare for the fast, shopping lists, and tips for sailing through the fast.
In addition, Ann Louise Gittleman shares the wisdom she’s gained from years of research on health, diet, and nutrition. You’ll find out about hidden toxins found in the environment and in everyday foods, and learn easy steps you can take to live healthier every day.

The perfect diet: simplicity, effortless weight loss, and obvious health benefits from a nutritionist with a proven tack record. You’ll feel so good after your first fast, you&#821...

Customer Reviews:

  • Feel better, look better, sleep better!
    After Fat Flushing for a few months I did the Fast Track Detox. Fat Flush eating is routine for me so the prequel was a snap. The fasting day was very easy. Everytime my stomach gurgled, it was time for juice or water so I never experienced any hunger. I lost 6 pounds, but more important, I really felt clean inside and very energized.

    I did the Fast again a few months later (after the holidays) and lost another 5 pounds. This time it was not about weight loss... it was about detoxing and giving my body a break.

    Ann Louise's dedication to understanding how our bodies work and how we can help ourselves be healthier is fantastic. I went to several doctors when I was heavy (I have lost all the needed weight... about 50 lbs) and each one gave me extreme scripts for extreme medications with unpleasant side effects... and of course Prozac... none of which I ever took. What my body needed was to be detoxed with good unchemicalized food of the highest quality. Ann Louise packs a lot of information into the book. I have reread it many times, each time finding another little nugget to help me. I really do believe this is not a diet but a detox program. I feel better, look better and sleep better! Give it a try!
    ...more info
  • How We Lost Weight and Felt Great
    Ann Louise Gittleman's approach to detox, dieting and healthy eating hit the mark for my husband and me. Her Fast Track Detox Diet book gave us the details of why detoxing is vital to our well-being and the scientific basis for all the recommended foods and supplements. The book is well-organized, easy to read and includes recipes. This was the first diet my husband had ever been on, and he lost 10 pounds in 8 days; I lost 4.5 pounds. And we did this while on vacation.

    We both feel great, have increased energy and are thrilled with the results. I strongly recommend this book. Check it out -- you'll learn the secrets to a healthier way of eating and how to stay fit for life....more info
  • This will change your life!
    As a nutritionist, I have often come across diet books, "health" books, and the like, and read most of them with a raised brow! I have to tell you that I could not put this book down! It makes so much sense! I have used the Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet with several clients and have seen dramatic results. If you are looking for a "real" solution to weight loss, this book will change your life!...more info
  • Fast Track to information
    I started reading this book with the hope of losing some weight. I got much more than that. The information is presented in a logical and progressive format. The writer prepares the reader for what lies ahead very well. She lays it out so that you do this and then this and then viola you are past the one day detox and are into the 3 day support phase. I followed the process and really enjoyed it. Plus, I plan to incorporate many of the ideas into my new "seeking health" lifestyle....more info
  • Not what I was expecting...
    This is not quite what I was expecting. It may be helpful to some, but I was looking more for inforamtion to work with clients in this area. I can't say it is a bad book, it is informative....more info
  • Athletes and Vegetarians
    As far as the program goes for athletes, many of my running friends did the program for detox purposes not just weight loss and did just fine. There is no calorie or food restriction other than the elimination of the detox detractors and the inclusion of the five groups of foods for liver support and the two groups of food for the colon. It's a shame that some of the Amazon reviewers of this book didn't read the book properly or even go the website which is promoted all throughout the book for free support and encouragement!

    I would highly recommend this book to athletes and vegetarians alike.
    ...more info
  • One day? More like two weeks
    This book does a good job explaining impact of toxins on your metabolism and need for detoxification. I found it useful and credible. But the program is quite demandeing and complex. First you need to plan your foods and and shop for them, then it really takes 11 days and you are warned not to skip a step. I have to admit, I still have to get around to it. The one day in the title is just a gimmic....more info
  • Fast Track got me on track
    I completed The Fast Track program last spring and was very happy with the results. I lost weight and felt better and cleaner inside-thus the `detox' effects.
    The foods that are listed in Fast Track as liver-loving and colon -caring are healthy foods that I now try to incorporate into my every day eating habits.
    I notice that when I eat foods that are allergenic or that I am sensitive to, like the `detox detractors', I gain water weight, feel bloated and tired. I have learned that the key to maintaining the Fast Track benefits after completing the 11 day program, is to incorporate the Fast track principles and foods into my every day life as much as possible. I am human and do not always do this. No book can make you apply the principles of eating well for detox and maintaining good health. That is up to you, but if you are looking for extremely helpful guidelines check out Fast Track to Detox. If you have any questions about detox or the principles of Fast Track, you can ask Ann Louise Gittleman directly at her website. She answers all concerns personally-how many authors do you know do that?
    ...more info
  • It works !
    I got the book for Christmas and start reading it immediately as I had some issues with and upcoming colonoscopy. Ann Gittleman's advise on the colon & the liver was right on the money. I follow the book's Detox directions and the results were great. I was very surprise how that Miracle Juice worked had no cravings for food during the process. Altogether I lost 5 pounds without trying.

    I told all my friends and co-workers about the book and now they want to see my copy. I intend to use the information I learned from The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet for life. ...more info
  • KNoon
    I was looking to do a detox to make sure I was as healthy as possible. I ended up losing some stubborn weight that I haven't been able to get off for a couple of years in the process! This book explains everything you need to do very easily and has recipes. My boyfriend and I felt great during and after this detox. I feel like a new person. The only thing I would like to mention that they don't in the book is how time consuming it is to shop, chop vegetables, and cook all of the stuff you need to eat. It was a little taxing at times, but well worth it. ...more info
  • Detox and weight loss
    Outlines a great program that works for detoxifying your body and for weight loss that still leaves you full of energy...more info
  • One-Day Detox Diet
    I really like this book. I felt that the information was sound and didn't suggest anything that would be hazardous to my health, so I decided to try the one-day detox fast. I found breakfast to be tough since it suggests that you stay away from products that contain gluten, but I perservered. Basically the diet suggested staying away from simple carbs and adding certain foods to your diet such as cabbage, collard greens, broccoli, carrots, apples, pears, etc. I found that there was at least one food in the groups that I liked or didn't mind trying. The 'miracle drink' was pretty hard to swallow, but the results were phenomenal. I lost about six pounds, but I also felt wonderful, both physically and mentally. It's not the one-day detox alone that produces the weight loss, but also the 7-day prequel and 3-day sequel. I will definitely do this again. ...more info
  • Daring, Daunting, and Delivers!
    After attending one of the author's free support groups at a local bookstore, I decided to give the program a try. Maybe it was the testimonials from the group (one woman cut out the gluten in Gittleman's Detox Detractors and no longer suffers from mouth ulcers and depressions) or maybe it was the author herself who is such a wonderful testimony to her own program : slim, trim with flawless skin and very high energy.

    But, I really have to take issue with some of these reviewers who didn't read the book correctly and are grossly misrepresenting the content. First off, the program is NOT a low-calorie program. You follow your regular diet (minus the detox detractors like white sugar, white flour, artificial sweeteners, gluten, and soy) and add certain powerfoods that support the liver and colon. To this you simply drink 1/2 of your weight in ounces; take two tablespoons of healthy oils, and 4 ounces of protein, twice per day .After all this is a detox book.

    Secondly, removing hidden food allergens (like the gluten and soy) is a key to lasting weight loss because these foods create water retention and water weight gain. Omitting them from the get-go in the 7-Day Prequel preparation for the One-Day Fast is the reason that people start to lose weight immediately and keep it off IF they continue to follow the hypo-allergenic liver-loving and colon-caring food plan. It's not the calories; its the allergies. Brilliiant!

    Lastly, the book is not a recipe book, it is a detox manual. And, one of the most responsible ones on the planet at that. As the author painstakingly points out, since the petrochemical revolution over the past 100 years, we can't "fast" like we used to because of the overload of fat soluble toxins impacting the liver. So, the book is true to its title - it is a ONE-DAY Detox that is preceded by a preparation period and a healing period. What's so deceptive about that? That's just a true health professional being responsible to her readership. Duh.\

    Finally, not everybody should fast. But that doesn't mean you can't do the program. Just skip the fasting day.

    The book is terrific and I like the emphasis on organic. Gittleman is the only author out there who is true to her message and has been for her past 24 books. I have seen many other so-called experts on television and this woman not only knows her stuff, she can strut her stuff with the best of em....more info
  • Fast Track really works!
    After doing the Fast Track Detox Program I lost 8 lbs. I found the book to be informative and made the program easier to do. I feel that the program worked very well for me. The author gives lots of resources and information in the back of the book. When I had questions about the program I consulted with the online Forum that is on her website and they were very helpful. The fasting day went by quickly. I had no problem not eating that day. The Miracle juice was good and helped curb my hunger and keep up my energy. I definitely recommend Fast Track for anyone looking for a good detox!
    ...more info
  • Great Way to Start a Healthy Chapter in Your Life
    Thanks, Ann Louise, for a wonderful perspective on the importance of evaluating what we eat based on more than just grams of carbs and numbers of calories. I learned a whole new way to look at prepared foods -- and I don't buy many any more. Our family is going organic, with a new emphasis on enjoying the whole experience of food, from shopping to cooking to sitting down to savor food and time together.

    After enjoying the vibrant health that the Fast Track Detox Diet has helped us to, we don't ever want to go back. This has been a life changing experience -- we plan to do the detox regularly and follow the tenets of the plan for life.

    And, yes, we did all lose weight! ...more info
  • The Fast Track to Mind-Body Health
    The Fast Track is a beautiful, clean method to lose weight fast and enhance your life forever. Yes, the pounds come off quickly but unlike other methods, there is no sagging skin left behind -- my skin tone is better than it was ten years ago! My energy and mental focus have improved along with my overall health.

    I attribute my success in this diet to not only the Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet book, but also the Fat Flush Cookbook, which takes all the guesswork out of the process. The recipes are easy and delicious, and make the diet shopping and cooking simple and fun. After the prequel, one day fast, and Detox sequel are complete, the Fat Flush Diet plan is the perfect tool to maintain the weight loss.

    The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet is far more than a one day quick fix, although it does deliver rapid, yet healthy, weight loss. This is a chance to take control in the battle against a ever more toxic environment. ...more info
  • loved it and lost
    I am hooked on Fast Track! My friend recommended it after losing 20 lbs. with it and I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't like the fasting day at all, but some of that was my fault (for reasons too complicated to explain). However, I lost 11 lbs. in the 11 days and I feel much better. The diet gave me just the jump start that I needed to get going on losing weight and feeling fit. After 3 kids, I needed SOMETHING! I'm planning to continue with the diet (though I'm sure I will modify it) for as long as I can. It all makes sense and the steps, menu and style of the book was easy to read and re-read!

    Good luck to all who try it!...more info
  • Lots of fluff, little information
    Pretty much lots and lots of "soapbox" chat without much actual practical information. Not recommended...more info
  • Nice Job Ann Louise! Thanks for the Help!
    This was an amazing experience for me! I have to admit that I found the concept of "cleansing my body" a little hard to accept at first, but the more I read, the more I was convinced. I was really eager to do the program and that's probably what made it easier for me to stick with the eating plan. I felt lighter and more energetic, and my skin looked better too. This book was suggested to me by a friend and I can't thank her enough for opening my eyes. My recommendation to people who had trouble following the plan would be to give it another try - the benefits are definitely worth it.

    ...more info
  • Not quite 8 lbs
    This is a very good book, but could be mis-leading. It is actually a 7 day pre diet (very strict) one day fast and 3 day post diet, so after 11 days I felt 100% better, but I only lost 3 lbs on the one day fast.
    ...more info
  • I have never felt so great!
    Great program! I could stop there, but I know many won't believe how easy this program is! I have never felt so great! The program was easy to follow, the online Forum was helpful and so were the sales consultants for Uni Key Health, for those quick little questions. My skin looked great and I have more energy than I have had in years. The fasting day passed very quickly without any problems. I do get migraines and was a little apprehensive, but it worked with no problems. In the past I have tried Weight Watchers and this was a quicker program with fast noticeable results. My cloths fit better (I noticed that) and some of my friends that I hadn't seen in months, couldn't believe how great I looked. I am hooked and will use this program to cleanse my body seasonally!

    California...more info
  • not exactly one day...
    This is one of those books that sound too good to be true, and is too good to be true. The cover makes promises the context can't keep. There's a seven day "prequel" of very restircted eating, the "one day detox" of just juice, and a three day sequel of very restricted eating, all to be followed with serious dietary changes for life. If it was easy for people to eat like this they would already be doing it and they wouldn't need this book. There's a lot of good nutritional information here (although she said vinegar makes you acidic, when, even though it is acidic, it makes you alkaline when metabolized, which is what you want if yu want to be healthy). Bottom line is, if you need to lose 10 lbs quickly, can stick to a tough regimine for 10 days, and don't mind gaining the weight back when you go back to your regular eating habits, this book is for you....more info
  • The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet
    I loved this book. A girl I work with bought it first and shared some of the information. I was interested and purchased the book for myself. After following Gittleman's one-day detox plan, I felt revitalized. I continue to follow her dietary suggestions every day. I even gave a persuasive speech in class at school. Being a cancer survivor, this has motivated me to continue cleansing my body through the foods I eat. It is very informative in an easy-to-understand format. ...more info
  • Misleading Title
    This is a very misleading title. I've tried fatflush and bought this book also. I like Ann Louise and think her advice is sound but for me very difficult to adhere to, like all diets. In this book yes you are detoxing for one day, but on a strict diet leading up to that day. I was disappointed with this book. Lose 8 pounds in one day and gain it all back the next....more info
  • The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet: Boost metabolism, get rid of fattening toxins, safely lose up to 8 pounds overnight and keep
    Everything went great!...more info
  • Just an okay book
    Read it, was okay, not great, did not help me at all so far. Will try to read it again and see what I can do...more info
  • A clear choice
    With all the different and often times conflicting eating philosophies out there, it's hard to know which one is right for me and isn't going to cause any harm to my body. This book laid out the facts clearly and helped me to see that I was eating in a way that was not only adding on unwanted weight but was also preparing me for all kinds of health problems. I now understand the importance of eliminating toxins from my diet and have committed to eating exclusively organic food. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • fast track detox diet
    book gave lots of good insight, but diet itself, I don't know. Just use common sense, nothing 'white', no sugar....candida diet is similar....more info
  • Good condition as described and received in a timely manner.
    The product I received was in good condition (as explained) and it arrived in a very timely manner. I would work with this seller again and highly recommend them....more info
  • Whole new life plan
    This book offered a lot of useful info.Some hard changes to make but worth it....more info
  • Fast Track Detox Diet
    This book is easy to read. Although the author is a little conceited at times, I plan to use this book indefinitely.

    ...more info
  • The Fast Track One-Day Diet
    I felt the title of this book was really deceiving. I want to lose many pounds - 'up to nine' as printed in the book in one day not having to prepare for 'THE DAY' over a whole week. Also, living in New Zealand I could not buy the sugarless cranberry juice anyway so it was a futile purchase.
    However, I agree with all the other information in the book which is really just common sense.
    I do hope someone really does come up with a miracle weightloss and NOT just another book written by a naturally slim person who thinks they know all the answers for the bigger people of this world. ...more info
  • Not Received
    I cannot rate this product yet because I have not received it at this time. ...more info
  • A bit complicated, but worth it for certain people
    I had about 20 pounds to lose, and tried other methods but couldn't seem to budge them. The key thing about any diet or eating program is that everyone's chemical makeup and metabolism responds differently, and so they don't work for everyone.

    The people who would benefit the most from this book and this program are those with a combination of certain symtoms and habits, plus a willingness to spend time, energy and money on shifting how they eat.

    This is a good book for you if (like me) you suffer from a collection of symptoms:
    - overweight
    - bloating
    - fatigue
    - bad skin/rashes
    - gastric issues
    - problems sleeping
    - cholesterol problems (among other things)

    While at the same time you have erratic eating habits, such as:

    - lots of restaurant meals & takeout
    - non-organic food
    - fast-food or processed prepared meals
    - a passion for sugar, alcohol or caffeine
    - overeating/portion control problems
    - too much starch, not enough vegetables in your diet

    - you decide you can live without coffee
    - you're not dependent on drugs or alcohol
    - you have accessibility to a steady supply of organic fruits, vegetables and meat into your diet (read: a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's near you)
    - the pocketbook to afford more expensive food, plus supplements

    This book would probably benefit these types of people the most, as it changes your focus toward food, and makes you understand why certain foods and habits are bad for you. The focus on the liver/colon is especially helpful if you've never given these two organs much thought. For me, it was a major eye opener. Her arguments for organic foods (especially meat) are especially persuasive.

    All that said, this is not a one-day detox, and I agree that the title is misleading. I lost six pounds in 11 days on this program, despite a sluggish thyroid. Since then, I've lost an additional two pounds in about a week. I don't stick to it daily but I've incorporated some lessons and I'm continuing to lose. I now find it almost impossible not to eat organic, and I realized that I had a sensitivity to gluten that I was not aware of which surely affected my weight.

    One thing you have to keep in mind when selecting an eating program is choosing one that has foods that you like. To be successful on this program, you must like or be willing to eat some dark leafy vegetables (kale, mustard greens, chard, etc.), plus your choice of asparagus, artichokes, broccoli, brussel sprouts and the like. And eggs, you've got to eat some eggs on this plan. But otherwise, you can eat a lot of your normal foods - the key is on elmininating wheat, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. (I cheated, and drank a cup of decaf organic coffee each morning so I didn't lose the "ritual" and it had a sort of placebo effect.) Someone posted that you can't use olive oil, which is erroneous; it's encouraged as part of "healthy oils" intake.

    You must also like cranberry juice, which is required for the fast to help stave off hunger. The requirement for unsweetened cranberry use probably makes this impractical for most people living outside the U.S.Canada, as it's difficult or not impossible to get in Europe, Asia and Australia.

    Many people complain about the cost of her supplements. But if you take her book into a local health food store, they can hook you up with an equivalent of whatever she's offering. I bit the bullet and ordered Colonix (you can find through a search engine) instead and while spendy, it's been incredibly effective as part of this program.

    One secret to the 11 day diet for me was vegetable soup. I made a couple of batches of different soups on the weekend (such as cabbage soup, broccoli/cauliflower, kale/white bean) and ate those each day for lunch to get several of the required vegetables. I also learned that I really like mustard greens and chard - I'd just never realized it. Just visit a recipe site like [...] for the recipes and plug in the ingredients.

    She has recipes in the back of the book, but I didn't try them save for the flax "pancake" that I made after the fast. It was fine, mostly apple-y, but I hadn't eaten in a day so anything tasted good!

    ...more info
  • 8 pounds in just one day?
    Well, I knew it was too good to be true. This diet, in order to work, consists of a 7 day pre-diet that is so low calorie and low carb with so many supplements that it's really the 7 days prior to the fasting day that kicks off the pounds. (Gittleman has quite the supplement list that she sells along with her book.) But like any other "too good to be true diet" you have to stick to a very strict post-diet in order to keep the pounds off. Otherwise, you gain more back than you had on in the first place. The one day diet is very simple and I can save you the money you might have spent on the book right now: Start early in the morning and drink one cup of diluted cranberry juice and then the next hour drink one cup of water. Drink one cup of water or diluted cranberry juice every hour, all day long, until you go to bed. Good luck. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    The book made sense to me, and I was excited to start the detox program. I faithfully followed the diet guidelines for the week leading up to the fast, then followed the fast to the letter. This included adding the fiber to the first and last drink of the day. Results? I lost two pounds by the next morning. Not the 3 to 5 pounds expected. But what disappointed me most was that I do not feel detoxed. I did not have a bowel movement during the 1 day juice fast, or the next day, or the next. I am bound up and in misery. I probably will have gained all the weight back by tomorrow and feel worse than before. I am following the three day sequel guidelines to the fast, but it is not working for me. I think this book is just another gimmick. I wish I never bought the book....more info
  • Life Changing - but not in the way you might think...
    I bought this book with the hopes that it would help me lose the last few stubborn pounds. I'll admit that some of the author's recommendations seemed a little radical, but I was willing to give it a try. So I faithfully gave up caffeine, ate the prescibed foods and avoided sugar, wheat, etc. etc. in preparation for the one day fast. I can honestly say that the one day fast was one of the WORST experiences of my life. I was starving, miserable, exhausted, cranky, and did have a revalation - but not the one the author promised. I realized once and for all that to lose weight, you simply need to eat enough good food to give you energy and exercise more often - not eat cups of raw parsley, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and nutritional yeast(which is revolting). I did lose 1.5 pounds during the fast, which I gained back in exactly one day - clearly just water weight. The author cautions against the dangers of EVERYTHING: Saran wrap, microwaves, teflon, unorganic spinach, plastic containers, etc. etc. If you would like to give up any pleasure that enjoying a good dinner with friends might give you, then by all means follow this plan. Otherwise, don't be fooled by quick fixes - they just don't work....more info
  • Wow the weight dropped and I feel great
    In January 2006 I needed to get rid of 10 extra pounds. About this time friend introduced me to the Fast Track ONE-DAY Detox Diet. I found this book to be very easy reading and the diet was simple to follow. Everything I needed was available at the local market. In only eleven days I lost all of those 10 pounds and they have stayed off! This book is packed with useful information. I would recommend this for everyone....more info
  • google this info and recipes and forget the book!
    This book is good in theory, but everything it tells you can be found online with google. Better recipes even. I tried the seed cookie recipe and all I got were soggy, greasy, seed clumps that fell apart and eventually molded.
    The author seems to have a very high opinion of herself which doesn't help.
    To start this diet, you need preparation and of course a detox for the detox at the end. What you should also know is that you will spend a small fortune on groceries to even begin the pre-diet section. Some things are hard to find and must be special-ordered. The recommended brands are organic and pricey, not usually what you can find at the average grocery store. I'm all for organic, but supplies get used up quickly, especially on some reject recipes that don't turn out. I wish I'd googled the information instead of buying this waste of time. After completing the diet, I had not lost any weight. However, this diet may work for people who gorge themselves on coffee, soda, and pastries daily. I already ate pretty healthy and it didn't make any if much of a difference and therefore was not worth the expense....more info
  • Deceptive, Disappointing, and Expensive
    It is not a one-day diet.

    You are eating a very low-calorie, high-fiber diet for 7 days beforehand, and also for 3 days after the one-day juice fast. The "miracle juice" that you drink for the one day is not much different from any other juice fast. Doing a fast and meditation might help you to focus on just how much or how little food you need to feel satisfied and be helpful in that way because it gives you a break (and any fast will do that, btw), but will only result in a temporary loss of weight, not a permanent one, unless you change your eating habits permanently afterwards--and you can do just that and not go through a fast.

    The recipes were most disappointing, with the exception of perhaps the flaxseed crackers as a healthy option for appetizers. One recipe, titled " Whey Delicious Pancakes" consists of eggs, whey powder (the author's brand, of course) cinnamon, and cloves, add a little optional flaxseed if you like. That is an omelette (unless you wanted to scramble the eggs), but no way would that be a pancake as most people think of them. There are much better recipes in her other books.

    Finally, she is still pushing the supplements and "superfoods" like algae. Her diet would probably work just fine without them, and she lowers her credibility when she says that some foods, like soy, for example, are bad without good reason--after all, people in other countries eat soy products and aren't overweight or in bad health.

    If you're going to buy any of her books, I would buy the cookbook. This one is okay to read, but not a keeper....more info
  • Um no
    Three complaints against this book:

    1) The diet requires you to give up caffeine and not just for one day but for 11 days. I am willing to make sacrifices, but this is where I draw the line. Fellow caffeine addicts, save your money.
    2) The science behind some of these prescriptions strikes me as weak. Blue green algae as a source of *protein*? Granted she only makes this prescription for vegetarians, but still? The USDA keeps no nutritional data on algae. I wonder if anyone has ever naturally used it as a source of food. See this for a skeptical take on algae:
    Some of the other prescriptions in this book also set off my "new agey bs" detector.
    3) Yes, the title is deceptive. However, losing massive amounts of weight in a day isn't a realistic expectation anyway.

    That said, not all the information in this book is garbage. You might learn a little.

    Chemicals are not entirely to blame for collective weight gain, as caloric consumption per person has increased. But unnatural chemicals could still potentially cause overeating. I doubt they are good for you anyway....more info
  • Way too complicated.
    I purchased this book because of the words in the title. "Fast Track", "One-Day"...etc. I needed to lose weight quickly and had heard of the author before. So, I was expecting to be able to just jump right into the plan and start losing. First of all, you will need about a week or so just to get through the book. Then another week to try to decifer all of the information. The diet itself takes about 11 days, not one. Then, the book scares you half to death about all of the foods you typically eat. If you are not prepared to go all organic and spend your life obessing about what you eat, where it came from, how to combine what you eat and when, then don't buy this book. It is simply a book for those that are ready to commmit to an entirely different lifestyle all together. Not for those that simply want a quick detox and to shed some extra pounds. Finally, on top of all this, there are countless "plugs" for additional products to buy both from the author's website as well as several other health based sites. ...more info
    Gittleman is easy to read and understand. Her advice is always clear and practical. I did the detox, felt fine the entire time, and have some noticeable results. It made me more aware of what I eat and drink and how to better support my liver with the right foods. The only negative is her advice for going forward, which I found to be unrealistic. I wouldn't want to be on this diet for life, but I certainly can and will change my diet and do the detox again....more info
  • Fast Trackin Nancy
    I have to say that I was already a fan of Ann Louise Gittleman when I heard about Fast Track. Her writing is down to earth, fairly easy to follow, and she pulls no punches when it comes to nutrition. This book is no exception. Ms. Gittleman tells it like it is: give up the junk, replace it with good, healthy food and supplements, and your body will reap the benefits - inside and out.
    I am here to testify that this diet works. In spite of being a vegetarian (and I thought, a healthy eater) for many years, my weight has crept up over the years, and I made the decision to finally do something about it. A friend introduced me to Ann Louise's books, and something clicked: this lady is onto something. Eleven days and TEN (10) lost pounds later, I KNOW this lady is onto something!!
    By now, you've probably read enough reviews to know how the diet works: give up the detractors, add foods that aid in digestion and liver/colon cleansing, and a one-day juice fast. I was introduced to various greens that I had never tried before, like chard, kale, and beet greens, and found that they are not too bad, depending on how they are prepared. While the diet is not so structured as to not allow individuality, there are recipes included for anyone needing ideas on how to incorporate certain ingredients. Not to mention that anyone can go onto Ann Louise's website and join a forum for support and have any questions answered. I have found the forum to be an excellent supplement for this book.
    One more thing about Fast Track: while it'd be difficult to give up all the detractors forever, you will not necessarily gain weight back as soon as you end your diet, as what often happens after a quick weightloss. This is sustainable weight loss, and Ms. Gittleman gives pointers and guidelines for this in her "Fast Track for Life" section.
    So, what are you waiting for?!
    ...more info
  • Not practical for athletes...or mothers of toddlers
    This was a very difficult plan to follow and is not designed for the young, active person without a weight problem. My husband and I were attracted to this plan by the "liver detox" benefits. While we certainly learned some useful dietary information, the 11-day detox plan is just not practical for anyone who is normal weight and active. By day 3 I was light-headed and exhausted. By day 5 I had lost 4 pounds and I called it quits. Gittleman's suggestion that people who don't need to lose weight "add a serving of nuts" just doesn't cut it. Active people without a weight problem need more carbohydrates than this plan allows for, and certainly need more calories. As a mother of a 1yr old and a 3yr old, it is simply not practical to spend all day eating celery and drinking whey protein just to maintain my weight.

    Also, I would say that I am very aware of the environmental toxins and am cautious to avoid unnecessary toxins. We buy organic foods, cook with stainless steel and ceraminc, etc. Yet I find many of her statements and suggestions in this book seem to go beyond the precautionary principle right into the alarmist camp. For example, in discussing the evils of gluten, she suggests that gluten sensivity may be linked to schitzophrenia. While there may be a data point out there that points to some correlation (and we all know correlation does not equal causation), I have a hard time believing that my piece of sprouted grain whole wheat bread will turn me into a just seems alarmist and really stretches her credibility. Many different people have many different sensivities and allergies, but to suggest that we all cut out soy, gluten, olive oil, and some other common healthy staples doesn't seem like good advice to me.

    So get this book for some good ideas about how to care for your liver and the benefits of various types of food. But there are better choices out there for the active person looking to refine their diets. I like the Core Performance by Mark Versteegen, which is better designed for the athlete who needs to maintain energy levels and muscle mass....more info
  • Fast Track Detox Diet
    This detox plan really seemed to help me. The only real problem I had was that some of the things you need to get for it are a little hard to find....more info
  • Detox to the rescue
    I have been following Ann Louise's Fat Flush Plan since January. And I was ready for a second seasonal detox before a trip for which I want to look fabulous. Fast Track is easy to follow and offers lots of very great information as to what we need and what to stay away from. I even have my Husband following the plan. The tracker logs are very helpful for each part of the plan. Everything is right where you need you it. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to clean out there bodies of all the things we should not be putting into our bodies and of the things we do not even realize we are doing to ourselves. Ann Louise to the rescue with everything we need to become Happier and Healthier for life....more info
  • Fast Track Worked For Me!
    I bought the Fast Track Detox Diet book and got started right away. The book was very clear and made the program easy to follow! Fast Track worked great for me! I lost the bloat and a pant size in only 11 days. The support of the author's online forum was amazing. This was probably the easiest program I have ever done. I felt so great even the day of the fast it was unbelievable. I cleaned windows, dusted blinds and vacuumed my house. I wasn't even hungry or I didn't get a headache on the day of the fast! When the alarm goes off in the morning, I am ready to start the day, no more hitting the snooze button. This is a great program and I even had my sister doing it with me and we live 900 miles apart and she was also amazed at how well she did and good she felt. Thank you Ann Louise for such a great easy program to follow! You have made a difference in my life!...more info
  • Fast Track is a couple of days then you do the one day
    Fast Track is a couple of days then you do the one day. ...more info
  • Wow - this is something!
    In response to some of the negative reviewers, let me say that if any of these individuals had questions they could have gone directly to Gittleman's Forum where all of there questions would have answered, perhaps by the author herself who actually participates in her own web site (isn't that refreshing). There are so many misrepresentations of the program reflected in these reviews that I felt compelled to respond, especially because I lost ten pounds on the program- which I haven't been able to shed on any other. Beyond a detox diet, Fast Track is an eliminative program for hidden food allergies. Thanks to Gittleman, I learned that I have a sensitivity to gluten along with 1 out of 133 other adult Americans. When I eliminated it as she suggests in her Detox Detractors, I lost weight literally overnight. My body could finally realize the bloat and water that it was retaining as an inflammatory response to the gluten. Wow - this is something....more info
  • Too complicated , a lot of work, and time consuming
    I was going to try this diet as I have been on the Fat Flush plan. But this is not a one day diet but an 11 day diet. This is a very misleading title for a book and the sales pitch of losing eight pounds in one day, is like a used car salesman's pitch that is not really accurate. (I wonder if someone can be sued for that?) Also it is just way too complicated. Too much food preparation and taking time out of the day to eat and drink. Not for working people or people who have any sort of active lives. While I think Gittleman's programs such as Fat Flush provide results - so would any weight loss program designed to cut calories and act like a diaretic. Plus a lot of the weight lost is water and other internal fluids that while to some degree are good to get rid of, do not constitute the loss of fat!!! Any calorie cutting for 11 days as substantial as this will cause similar weight loss. Plus I tend to be very cranky on her diets and can't wait for the moment when I can live normally. Also, I find when I've done her fat flush plan I need to keep myself at home and away from people because they are so much work and time. So I guess I can't speak for this diet because I haven't done it but in reading it and having been on the Fat Flush plan I have an idea of how this all pans out.
    ...more info
  • Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet
    This is a fantastic book!!!!!!!!!! I read it in one day and started the detox diet the next on 11/18/05. I was looking for something to improve my health and to help me lose weight. I have chronic Hepatitis C and after taking the treatment for this my immune system was very out of sinc. I developed chronic sinus problems and a host of other symptoms depression, fatigue, joint pain, swelling, just to name a few.
    By the time I completed the detox I had lost 12 lbs. and feeling great, ready to start the Fat Flush Plan. I am now off of all of my medication except for my blood pressure medicine and hopefully will be able to get off of it also. As of today I have lost 16.5 lbs. and I feel great, I have more energy than I have had in years. This is a great book if you want to jump start your body and your LIFE! I feel fantastic Thanks to Ann Louise Gittleman...more info


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