Sunpentown Induction Cooktop - SR1881S

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Product Description

Electric induction elements provide best cooktop performance, safety and efficiency. Unlike other electric elements, induction elements provide the precise temperature control of gas burners for gourmet cooking. Turning the dial down, the heat energy to the pan immediately decreases. Magnetic waves have no effect on skin or anything other than iron or steel. If the pan is accidentally removed from the cooktop, no more heat is produced. Features ceramic glass surface made in Japan. SAFE - no flames, butane or burners! Eliminates the danger of gas jets and hot burners. The innovative design of the ceramic plate creates instant heat, but only to induction-compatible pans FAST - no waiting time, heat is instantly transferred to the pan CLEAN - reduces pollution, fumes and offensive odor. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth CHEAP - costs 6 ~ 8 vs. $1.75/hr for butane

  • Dual function, cook and warm
  • keep at set temperature
  • 9 levels of heating power ( 120 F - 420 F)
  • Smartscan technology
  • Energy efficiency: 83%
Customer Reviews:
  • Outdoor cooking
    We purchased this item to use as an auxiliary cooking station outside on our deck, so we could fry without smelling up the house. We previously tried to do this with one of those auxiliary electric burner cooktops, but we could never find one powerful enough to heat up oil, or even heat up a big pot of water efficiently. This SR-1881S model (which I think is the top of the line) does the job. It heats up oil to 420 degrees, and quickly too. The unit itself doesn't heat up (how it works I'm not quite sure), and you have to use it with a steel or cast iron pot or pan (an aluminum pan won't work). However, the cooktop comes with a very nice metal frying pan perfect for burgers, etc., so when you compare this item's price to another induction cooktop, be aware that you are getting a quality pan thrown in. When you're finished cooking, ironically the cooktop is now hot, because it has absorbed back some of the heat given off by the pan in the cooking process, so you do have to be careful in handling it at that point. How about that - a technology that actually works, and works well!
    ...more info
  • Beware!
    Induction is great! But make sure you know what it is before you buy it. Your pans MUST be induction compatible pans. Out of the 20 I had, only one was. Induction cooking is basically sending a magnetic charge that causes the metal in the pan to heat up, rather than actually heating a coil.

    I contacted the company and someone answered promptly and in a language I could understand to tell me what the problem was. Great service!

    So after I got the pans I needed..... great for low temp fairly controlled 'sous vide' style cooking, and great for cooking something really splashy and messy outside. Pans heat up in seconds!...more info