Farnam Comfort Zone Feliway Electric Diffuser with 48-Milliliters Imitation Cat Pheromone

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Product Description

Comfort Zone reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including: Urine markingVertical scratchingLoss of appetiteReduced desire to playReduced desire to interactComfort Zone helps comfort cats in stressful situations such as:Moving to a new homeVisitors to the homeNew pet or family memberAdjusting to a new environmentMultiple cat householdsThe secret to happy catsYou've seen your cat contently rub her face on the furniture, corners of the room, bottom of the curtains, and even you. She's marking her surroundings with special facial pheromones. These pheromones reassure her that all is well in her little world.However, if something stressful disturbs your cat's environment such as a new pet, visitors, moving to a new home, or even rearranging the furniture, she may begin urine marking, scratching, or even stop eating, or have a reduced desire to play and interact.Comfort Zone Plug-In with Feliway contains a formula that mimics the feline facial pheromone. Used where the cat spends most of her time, it will soon calm and reassure her once again, greatly reducing or completely stopping the stress-related behavior.Convenient plug-in module gently releases Feliway for up to four weeks.Nontoxic and odorless. Not a drug or tranquilizer.Will not affect humans or other pets.

  • Indoor electric sprayer and 48-milliliter bottle of synthetic cat pheromone
  • Emits comforting, feline pheromone that sooths anxiousness of vet visits, visitors, moving, new pets
  • Quells or ends unwanted behavior such as urine marking, vertical scratching, appetite loss
  • Odorless and non-toxic with no affect on humans for easy setup anywhere in the house
  • Effective in rooms up to 600 square feet; refill bottles available

Customer Reviews:

  • I would have thought it was a bunch of hooey, but it seems to really work!
    At our vet's recommendation, my wife got this cat-pheromone emitter to help our scared and shy new cat feel happy and content in her new home. It is kind of like the air fresheners which plug in, except humans can't smell it. Based on the cat's favorite spot now being right beneath it, where she sleeps contentedly, I would guess that it works quite well.

    Of course, we picked a nice spot for it, in a corner with a soft thing to sleep on, but her wanting to be there all the time suggests there is more going on than that. I guess maybe there is more to this pheromone thing than I thought, and I should stop snickering at those ads in the back of Popular Science magazine for pheromones to attract women! ;-)...more info
  • Did NOT work
    I tried using the spray as well as 2 bottles Plug ins. They were expensive, but since I recently moved, I was hoping it will help alleviate some problems. My cat still meows like crazy and urinated everywhere(he's neutured). I tried for 3 weeks and gave up. It seems like it works for some cats and doesn't on others. I'm the unlucky one I guess. Luckily my other cat has always been just fine. I just didn't see any differences when I used the product since the problem didn't get better at all, and it felt like a big waste of money....more info
  • Not sure if this works
    I bought this to deter my cat from spraying on the couch and I am not sure if this is working. He sprays less, but it may be due to some other interventions that I tried at the same time....more info
  • Feliway Spray
    I don't have anything against this product - it was easy to use and everything. But, it said that it worked to eliminate pet urination in 95% of cases. We thoroughly cleaned the area before using the feliway, but I guess my cats are in the 5% bracket......more info
  • Feliway comfort diffusers seem to work
    We have a one year old kitty that is extremely nervous about everything. She was a found feral kitty and so probably had it pretty rough the first few months of her life. She is fine with us, although sudden noises or movements frighten her. But if anything in her routine changes she begins "stress grooming" and had actually pulled so much fur off of her back that she had two bald spots. Feliway diffusers were recommended and so we put them in the two rooms that she is in the most. We really believe that the Feliway has helped to calm her. She is not so jittery and has almost completely stopped the stress grooming. When they ran out we could see that she was nervous again. We replaced them and she is much better. The product is expensive but I believe that it has really helped our kitty. I would recommend this product....more info
  • Stopped vertical scratching
    My 5-year old kitty scraped the paint off of every corner in my apartment... until we hooked up the Feliway! It supposedly doesn't work for every cat, but it did for mine!...more info
  • Great product for use with other interventions
    I Feliway because my male cats started fighting with each other after I had my first baby. They were getting pretty aggressive with each other and one of them started to spray different areas of the house. I bought Feliway (spray and diffuser) and it really helped calm the situation. Both of the cats relaxed a lot. It wasn't enough on it's own to stop my cat from spraying (for that, we had to put the cat on Prozac, believe it or not), but it did make both cats feel a lot more relaxed and has stopped the aggression. By using some behavioral techniques and meds (for the spraying cat), combined with the feliway, the unwanted behaviors have complete stopped. I definitely recommend this product to people with cat "issues."...more info
  • Works in the immediate area
    This product works in the immediate area where it is deployed. I have yet to have a cat spray an area within a few feet of a diffuser. Unfortunately they are spraying other places nearby, and unless I buy one of these diffusers for every outlet in the house we may be out luck. Of note is that the primary cat causing all of the problems is possibly the most neurotic cat I have ever seen, and I have had the "pleasure" of living with quite a few over the years. So if your cat is a little more normal this product might resolve your issues. ...more info
  • Well, I'll Be..
    Desperate but sceptical, I bought three Comfort Zone units in hopes that they might reduce my cat's unfortunate habit of urinating on various favored vertical surface throughout my house. My vet had assured me that medically, kitty was fine, that the behavior was probably due to stress or depression. Unfortunately, my sweet but stubborn Angora simply would not take the anti-anxiety meds the vet prescribed. So Comfort Zone was my last chance.
    Three weeks have passed since I pligged the units in; kitty has totally stopped his inappropriate peeing, a behavior I'd previously seen him exhibit on a near-daily basis! And, as an added bonus, he and my female cat have stopped getting in sparring matches (the female never has cared for other animals). This thing really works! ...more info
  • Not worth the price of shipping!
    I had high hopes for this stuff. The only thing it did was smell up the room! It did not reduce my cat's stress. In fact, I saw absolutely no change in him. Not worth the price of shipping!...more info
  • Didn't work for me but a friend swears by them
    I got these because our male neutered cat sprayed all over our basement. My husband has a very sensitive nose and was totally grossed out by it, and we were also trying to sell our house in a really bad market so we couldn't deal with cat-spray. We have two dogs (we eventually gave the cat back to the Humane Society when these didn't work) which I think made the cat territorial or something. Maybe the previous family gave him away because he was a sprayer. Anyways, our friends recommended these after their cats started spraying. They swore by them. I noticed perhaps a slight difference in our cat's behavior but he still sprayed. He was an awesome cat. I was sorry to have to give him back to the Humane Society. I gave the Feliway balls to our friends, since they seemed to work for them. ...more info
  • Leaks all over
    I purchased this knowing the pheromones may or may not help quell my darling and sometimes agitated kitty. I didn't see any difference in her behavior, or any calming as some had experienced after a month of us, but that is fine...I just wanted to give it a try. However, I am giving this one star because the contraption leaks all over the socket and I was constantly having to clean up the oil that collected below the outlet. I would have purchased another bottle of the fluid to see if my cat reacted to the product after longer exposure, but the leaking and drips just required too much maintenance for my taste....more info
  • Feliway is NOT the way!!
    My cat meows outside my bedroom door every night and morning. I plugged this in the hallway to hope to calm her down. The first night she went absolutely nuts, throwing her body against the door and clawing at the carpet. These are behaviors she never exhibited before. I left the plug-in in the wall until it dried out and there was no positive change whatsoever. All I did was waste my money....more info
  • Silent Miracle Worker
    Recently moved into a new home with my 3 cats. 1 of them has a problem with marking his territory. We moved a 5 year old large dog in a couple day later and the territorial cat made friends within a couple days and has not marked anything even once. Prior to this he would have FREAKED if any other animal came into the home. I used the diffuser in conjunction with the Felliway spray....more info
  • Money Well Spent
    This was the best investment I ever made! We have two cats - one had to have an overnight stay at the vet for teeth work. When she got home the next day, the male cat started growling and fighting with her. At first we assumed it was the strange smells and once she started grooming herself, all would be well. They had been inseparable before this - sleeping together, grooming each other etc. It got worse to the point they couldn't be in the same room together. We physically gave her a bath (not fun for anyone) to get rid of any stray smells but after 2 weeks, they were still hissing and fighting. Then the male peed outside the litter box twice in different places. Time for drastic action. The vet recommended this product - he was charging much more so when I saw it on Amazon for around $20 I thought - why not? I plugged it into the wall and by the next morning both cats were not only in the same room but actually eating out of the same bowl again. They have been best friends again ever since. I ordered another one just in case. Truly a great product and worth every penny. Wish I had done it sooner!...more info
  • Trying to get my cats to stop peeing...
    My vet recommended this to me because my cats are peeing in the house instead of the litter box. They are still doing it so I am not sure if this product really works....more info
  • Didn't Work
    Our female indoor cat, after eight years of good behavior, recently sprayed the bottom shelf of a bookcase near our front door. I ordered this product, plugged it in near the bookcase, and hoped for the best. After about a week, our cat sprayed the diffuser. So the product obviously hasn't "calmed" her. Also the product isn't odorless as stated. Disappointing....more info
  • Nice product
    This seemed to comfort my new cat while I was trying to introduce him to my old cat, but it can't really help them much since they just don't like each other's attitudes. I am planning to buy the refills for another couple months to help them calm down again....more info
  • Excellent Product! Impressive.
    My 10 year old cat has a very nice and sweet nature. However, lately he has had some health problems (under treatment currently), which made him anxious. So he didn't want to be petted, he was over-eating, and he cried a lot; all absolutely foreign behaviors to him. The vet said that it was anxiety. Thus, I decided to give "Comfort Zone - Feliway Diffuser" a try.

    My main concern was the size of the area. I live in a modern house where the kitchen, living and dinner rooms are just one huge-big room. So I was afraid that the effect of the product wouldn't be felt. I used a "surge protector", which I secured well against the kitchen wall - where my cat spent a lot of time, so the diffuser would be at his level (closer to the floor but secured). Something IMPORTANT: I make sure I unplug it when I'm not at home (fire concerns). And although it is unplugged for hours, its effect is still felt. Also, it is completely odorless for humans.

    After a day, I noticed a difference in his behavior! The same day he wanted to be petted. After less than a week, he has stopped crying as he used to, he eats more normally, and sleeps on my bed again! I could not believe the effect this product has on him. I feel "Comfort Zone" will really help in his recovery. I'm please with it and I would recommend it to any one with a cat suffering from anxiety and stress. ...more info
  • undecided
    This might work for you and your cat, but it didn't work out for me and mine. I quarentined my cat off for 3 weeks used special "scent removers" bought this plugged it in, unquarentined the cat...and she sprayed her first night out. Extremely frustrating. There are a lot of good reviews, so I suppose it can work, but not for all cats. It's up to you whether or not you want to take the chance and potentially waste money or potentially correct your cat. Flip a coin....more info
  • Didn't work for my bully
    I had two cats that were constantly at each other. Jasmine pretty much laid around on a big pillow all day. Mogie would stalk her, run up and swat her, etc. all day long. I gave this product a try, in hopes that he would calm down and quit harassing Jasmine. I plugged it in right by her pillow. I didn't notice any changes in either of them. Mogie still bullied, and Jasmine still hissed, screamed, and occasionally charged Moglie. Jasmine remained totally stressed out, independent of the pheromone, so she has gone to another home. :-( (Mogie is a BAD cat, but a great companion for me. Couldn't send my soulmate away!) I still have another cat, so I'm going to try drugs next on Mogie. (A mild antidepressant that is known to reduce aggression in cats) In any case, this product might work for minor problems or as "aromatherapy", but it didn't work for us....more info
  • It really works
    This product really worked. I had my cat fixed, moved into a new home, new furniture and all in the same day. Not to mention added a dog to the mix and he HATES dogs. I pluged the comfort zone in about 3 hrs before I brought him home and he's been even happier and better behaved than he was before. We even had a baby shower a few weeks after with lots of strangers, which he doesn't like, and although he did hide from ppl he didn't scratch or pee on anything like he had done in the past after just one person came over. I intend to never not have one of these things plugged in. It was a god send for my kitty. He's just so happy and in love with everything. Its like the world is in catnip to him. He's much better behaved and even plays with the dog....more info
  • very expensive but doesn't work
    My tomcat sprayed the walls right next to the plug-in diffusers. I had bought three of them with refills...a lot of wasted money....more info
  • Didn't work at all for my cat.
    We had a cat that was a very good cat until the kids came along. She hated the kids. Everywhere the kids were, she'd follow and urinate. If the baby was in the crib, she'd urinate in the crib. If the baby was on the comforter, she'd urinate on the comforter. It got to the point that we were prisoners in our own home. Everything the baby lay on could never be left out. We had to make sure all blankets and cribs and anything the baby touched were locked in a room away from the cat.

    When my daughter came along, the cat went to war. She decided she'd had enough of kids and was going to abandon her litter box.

    I had spent so much money trying to get the cat to use her litter box. Feliway was a failed experiment. We had it plugged in the dining room, where she decided to urinate all along one wall every single day. It did nothing to deter her. In fact, I think the Feliway just made her more upset. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I wasn't sure about this one but after adding a third cat to our family I was not having much luck with introduction process. There was alot of hissing and aggression. Within a week of using the plug in diffusers the cats seemed to be much less territorial and now after a month I have just ordered refills because I have been so happy with the results. They say you can use one diffuser for each floor of your home but I have found it seems to work best having one diffuser in each room. There is no odor detectable to humans so I don't even notice they are there....more info
  • It works!!
    I bought this when my new kitten didn't get along with my other 2 kitties. Though it took a while to work, about 30-40 days, it did work, and now the kitty that no one liked is my little tabby's best buddy!! My Siamese still doesn't like the new kitty though, but I think that's just because she is the Queen of the house and sees the new kitty as competition for Mommy's love..hahaha...anyways, this item works, just be prepared to go through at least 1 refill before you see results. ...more info
  • Did not work
    Got the product once we brought home a new kitten to help the resident cat adjust after a negetive initial reaction. One month later and the hissing and swatting continues. No change at all. Don't waste your money....more info
  • I wish we had known about this earlier
    we have a 5 year old kitty who is usually on his best behavior. In the past year he has gotten in the habit of waking us up every morning at 4am and peeing outside the litter box.

    We started to lock him out of the room, but that wasn't working so well.

    We got this gadget and in the past 2 weeks we have noticed a significant difference in our cat's behavior. He is back to his old self. he doesn't wake us up, is more calm, and so far (knock on wood) no peeing....more info
  • Feliway Diffuser
    My vet recommended this, but told me that she's seen mixed success. Some people see an immediate impact, others don't. It was an attempt to calm my 1 year old cat, which is very skittish and keeps licking her fur off. It doesn't seem to have any effect....more info
  • Worked for my cat...
    My cat has had to move several times during his life so far (he's only 3), when we moved again in the first week of August he was scared for a long time and wouldn't sleep at night like he used to. He also wouldn't play with his toys for more than a minute or so, and just seemed very distressed all the time. He was acting up so badly it was hard to get more than 4 hours of sleep at once. It has been about a month since I ordered this product and I know it has really helped my cat... how do I know (other than being able to sleep and actually kind of forgetting about how he was acting) when he started acting absolutely INSANE for the last couple of days, I checked the diffuser and noticed that it was empty. Pretty good sign it was working if you ask me. :)...more info
  • Wow, Absolutely Nothing
    No change in behavior in my cats. I have had this product in place for a week. My neutered male is still roaming around, vocalizing constantly. My older female is still mean to my younger female. Not one change in any problematic behavior. It is as if the diffuser is not even in place....more info
  • No Help
    We purchased 2 of the plug-ins to see if our cats would stop using the floors and start using their litter boxes. The rooms we put these plug-ins are within the coverage suggested by the manufacture. The plug-ins didn't solve our problem, the cats still use the floor at times to relieve themselves and this was just 1 foot from the plug-in....more info
  • Complete waste of time and $$
    I have given this product a good and honest chance. Not only did it not do as advertised, my cats actually behaved much worse while the pheromone plugs were in place. Attacking each other more than ever, pooing and peeing in places they never had before.... I would NEVER have tried this had I known....more info
  • Didn't work
    Well, after reading all the reviews on this product, I decided to give it a try to see if it would help with my male cat's tendancy to pee everywhere but the litterbox. Not only did it have ZERO effect on my cat with the behavioral issue, it had ZERO effect on my young female kitty as well. (She has no behavioral issues)
    I was talking to my mom about the product and come to find out that they had tried it with my Grandma's new cat (at the time) a couple of years ago. Apparently Grandma's cat was rather high strung and always chasing people down the halls. So, my mom got this same product to see if it would calm Sissy down and she said it didn't work for her either.

    All in all, it sounds like this product works really well for some people which is great. I hate that it didn't work for me but I can say for the price I was willing to give it a shot! Good luck!...more info
  • Feliway Diffuser Has Kitties Calm..........
    I have a new kitten who is very playful and a 15 y/o Male who was not all that excited to see her join the family. I worked slowly introducing them but the older kitty was not happy. He had just lost his 14 year old buddy and I'm sure he was a bit lost... adding a new kitten was hard on him. This item was recommended so I bought it. It's been plugged in for a few months now and yes they are doing much better. Did this product do the trick or did they work it out on their own? I can not be sure but I was willing to try anything. Add to that the surgery of spaying the kitten and her being down for a few weeks and the Diffuser still plugged in and things are going better. I don't think it's a overnight success product. Working much like a plug in air freshner ...I found no visible odor from the product. Worth a Try.............more info
  • The little bottle was licking
    When I received the little bottle was licking, so I wrote to Amazon.com, they answered me and wanted to send another bottle, they asked if to the same address, but then I was ill for several days and I couldn't answer them back, when I finally did, there was no answer from Amazon. So, I still don't know if the product works because I didn't want to plug it with the licking bottle... I'm ratting the product with just 2 stars, anyway I would like to try it and maybe try the spray too....more info
  • Didn't work for our cat
    I understand a lot of people say Feliway has helped at their house, but it wasn't the answer for our cat.

    Although I installed a pair of plug-ins when our 8-year-old neutered male began spraying inside the house, my wife and I saw no change in his behavior. We believe the problem was triggered by the December death of the male who ruled our house... now the 8-year-old is the male in charge, and he was marking his new territory.

    The spraying didn't stop until we put him on prescription meds -- he's on Prozac, compounded into a topical cream at a local pharmacy and rubbed into one ear each night. Now that he's not spraying, the plan is to gradually lower the dose until he's off it.

    And hope he doesn't feel as though he needs to establish his territory anymore......more info
  • Feliway
    I am ordering more. I think it really works. Otherwise, it is completely coincidental that my cat stopped peeing on my stairs the same day I plugged the diffuser in! The only drawback is how hot the diffuser gets. I worry about fire hazards. But all appears to be OK. ...more info
  • Didn't work for me
    This had no effect on my cats. I recently got a kitten and the adult male Bengal that I have is VERY displeased with the new addition to the family. I tried placing the unit near the food dish since that is usually where they are when they run into each other. I tried moving it to different places in the house and there was no noticable difference in his behavior. Granted, the little cat is either really brave or really stupid because he does nothing but torture the bengal but overall, I saw not change in behavior from this product....more info
  • works great, breaks quickly
    I bought my diffuser 6 months ago and have replaced the pheromones every 4 weeks. It really cuts down on my cat's bad behavior & spraying, and eliminates it when the diffuser is working properly. The last two months the diffuser has stopped working. It still feels warm to the touch, but it dries out the pheromone "wick" and the liquid does not dissipate. My cat's bad behavior has increased as a result. I really can't live without one of these, I just wish the product would last longer than 4 months, as it is costly to maintain!...more info
  • Wish I would have bought it sooner!
    We recently adopted a shelter dog and our two cats were not happy about it. Our older cat in particular, who was known for being very affectionate and social, hid in the basement all day for about a month. One of our friends recommended this product and I was skeptical but it is amazing! It took about a week for her since she is a senior cat but she's back to her old self again!!! I am so happy I bought this product....more info
  • Feliway - disappointing
    I bought two Feliway electric diffusers, refills and a spray. It has had no effect on my two cats and the third cat I'm introducing to the household.
    ...more info
  • A Christmas Miracle!
    Friends had recommended Feliway to me at least a year ago... and oh! how I wish I had bought it then!

    I have a geriatric cat (14-1/2) and a very youthful 2-1/2 year old. They have had problems assimilating... as you can imagine. With Feliway in the apartment - they can now sleep inches away from each other on the same couch! The almost-snuggling happened just this past weekend! It has been a two year journey that could have been much shorter!

    For the people who haven't found Feliway effective, I hope that you can find out what is troubling your cats.

    I am very grateful for Feliway! It helps the younger cat the most - it really calms him....more info
  • It didn't change the cats' behavior but it changed MINE.
    Tried the diffuser and refills at various times, always hoping to modify bad kitty behavior and spraying. My vet suggested we try it. It was in a bedroom far smaller than 650 sq ft, but never noticed any changes of any type in the cats' behavior.

    But, I'm much more sociable and don't hiss or mark my territory anymore....more info
  • No multiple cat home should be without this!
    I was skeptical about this product but bought it anyway at the urging of our vet. Well, within 24 hours both of my cats are completely different! They are both more calm and no more using my bed as a litter box! One cat was always afraid of everything, particularly going downstairs. So I bought another one of these and plugged it in downstairs and WAH LA! Now I have two cats downstairs sitting in the sunny window! The dog and I do not smell anything, but apparently the cats do! Well worth it!...more info
  • I'm Impressed!
    This product worked great! We were having problems with one of our cats running away after we moved(three times he ran away). After purchasing the Feliway and putting them around the house, he has calmed down and hasn't run away again....more info


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