BlueAnt X3 Micro Bluetooth Headset (Black)

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Product Description

The X3 micro is the ultimate Bluetooth accessory for people on the move. The X3 micro is a high quality full duplex Bluetooth headset backed by a manufacturer's 2 year hardware warranty. Small ergonomic design, only 5.2cm long Lightweight at 13 grams Keeps mobile phone radiation away from your head for health conscious people Multi-Function Button (MFB) provides for simple control of the headset LED lights can be switched off for night time driving Can easily be swapped from left to right ear Transfer calls between the X3 micro and a mobilephone during a call Compatible with Bluetooth Mobile Phone, Smartphones, PDAs and VOIP applications

  • Small ergonomic design (only 5.2cm long)
  • USB, wall and in car charger provided
  • Pairs with 3 Bluetooth devices
  • Lightweight (13 grams)
  • 2 year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • The not so comfortable BlueAnt X3
    I gave my BlueAnt X3 away to my brother because it was too big and the ear piece was also too big. The product just did not meet my standards. ...more info
  • Very Nice
    Ordered and received a couple days later with Amazon Prime's free 2-day shipping. Haven't had any problems yet (but have only been using for a week). The controls do take some getting used to, but once you figure out the simple pattern it's relatively easy. Folks with very large fingers may have trouble (but I suspect these tiny things -- no matter what brand -- may offer challenges for larger fingers, in general).

    I use this with my personal cell and my work blackberry in the car and it's great. Never have to dig for those things in the bottom of my purse again! The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars and not 5 is because the sound quality could be better....more info
  • BlueAnt X3 Micro Bluetooth Headset
    This is great device it is easy to switch from one device to the other, but the ear buds come off and get lost using this without the ear bud becomes uncomfortable. They should send at least a pack of 6 ear buds with this item. ...more info
  • good, clear communication, slight ouch over the ear
    Background noise minimum. Clear reception and clear on the other end of the line. The person you are speaking to does not hear background noise either. The best on quality reception. The part that goes over ear is too bulky, gets caught in sunglasses, slightly uncomfortable....more info
  • Blue Ant Bluetooth
    Very good bluetooth device. You can be heard clearly; you don't sound muffled to listening party....more info
  • Good for the money
    I have had the BlueAnt x3 headset for several months now and for the money, it is a decent headset. Comments from other reviewers are correct with regards to the echo on the receivers end when the volume is turned all the way up. The problem is that in most cars, it needs to be turned all the way up. I tried the gel ear piece and is isn't very comfortable. Although I may be something of a snob on that front since I changed from a Jabra wired headset that was so comfortable. Despite the echo, sound quality is acceptable on both ends of the conversation. I don't walk around the city much with it in, so I can't comment on wind noise. One of the big reasons I bought this headset was for the variety of recharge options it gives. In that, I am not disappointed one bit. Everyone should include a car adapter at the very least.

    Summary: Decent sound quality except for an echo with the volume at max, moderate comfort although secure in ear, great recharge options....more info
  • BlueAnt X3
    This is the best headset I have every had. The comfort is great and so is the clarity. The fact that it comes with so much makes it unlike any other. You normally have to purchase all the accessories but they all came with it. In my opinion, it's your best buy....more info
  • Good but not great.
    The X3 pairs easily with my Palm but the one trouble I have is that it does not fit snugly in my ear and thus I have a hard time hearing people on it. ...more info
  • Blue Ant X3 ...great product
    Easy to sync. Light weight. Holds charge a long time. included charger works great and includes adapters for car. Recommended...more info
  • good product but no accessories/replacements available
    I bought this headset and it works well for the price I paid. Plus the accessories that come with this headset is amazing. You would have to pay extra for the different types of chargers. The sad thing is that I lost the charging cable/wire on a trip and now I can't charge my headset. I just hope I can get another cable/wire from Blue Ant....more info
  • Dissapointed
    I reserched this headset on line & it was well recieved by a couple High Tech Review websites. My experience has been a lot of trouble with phone to headset interfernce, dropped calls & poor battery performace ...more info
  • Pretty good bluetooth for a pretty good price
    I have the bronze one- love the color. The design is handsome and this was a criteria for me- some bluetooth headsets are just tacky looking.

    Small/lightweight and comfy enough (for having something in your ear), stays in fairly well, even without the over-ear holder (which comes with it and you can use it or not).

    Very cool charging set-up, so the headset actually comes with charger for the car, the house, and the computer- all in one. And there's not another cord to clutter up my life.

    Holds charge a long time. After 5 + hours of talking, I've yet to have to re-charge before just plugging it in at night. (I noticed that some of the otherwise cool headsets out there don't have a long talk time- why not???)

    I can hear others very well and volume is generous and loud. The volume control placement is awkward to me and I have small fingers, so it would be hard to navigate for many, I'd think. I just use the phone volume control, if possible.

    It did not do well at all with my Samsung 610, but does very well with my Motorola Krzr (even though I like the Samsung and do not love Motorolas!) At the moment, I have the headset paired with just one phone and have not tried using the option to connect with 3 phones at once.

    Others have said that they hear me well most of the time, yet sometimes it sounds like I am muffled or choppy. This is why I give this item 4 stars and not 5. I would certainly rather that I always sound as great as I am hearing them.

    On the very good side of sound- I am told that the headset is WAY less sensitive to noise I am making while talking than on my old bluetooth. With my old bluetooth , noises would pick up far too easily and sound like I was breaking glass or banging on metal when I was simply moving around the house doing hardly a thing. I would almost have to come to a standstill to be on the phone. This headset is super compared to that.

    I was also looking at the Aliph Jawbone Noise Shield Bluetooth Headset, but was just not excited about paying almost $70 more for it! Maybe paying 2 1/2 times the price of the Blue Ant X3 gives you perfection in a bluetooth headset? The reviews on that product didn't lead me to believe that it was worth all that, so, for the most part, I'm satisfied with this one.

    ...more info
  • It's good a few good features, but....
    ...three major flaws in my book: it has a tinny sound that is difficult to hear in a noisy environment, an ear bud that is uncomfortable, and only one size of ear hook that is too big for my ears. I'm not a petite or small person, but the earpiece won't stay on well, no matter how many ways I've adjusted it. Contacting the company to ask for a smaller ear hook resulted in a "we're sorry, but we don't have one" message. To their credit, they did reply promptly, but weren't of any help. I've seen this complaint from other people. Pros: The lanyard and clip are nice, the size and weight are small, and the chargers are awesome. Nevertheless, I will be returning this product and finding a more comfortable unit, even if it doesn't have as many "features"....more info
  • I dont like it too much because...
    I have owned many many BT devices (about 20) and find this one is not very good. First its very uncomfortable in my ear, second it disconnects all the time for no reason and does not connect automatically to the phone when you power it up. Last but not least..the range is very limited compared to a cheaper Jabra and Motorola BT. Lots of static and scratching noises when I'm only a few feet away from my Z3, Pebl or Razr. I will return it for another one and hopefully that one will work better... ...more info
  • Excellent Volume
    This headset is very nicely priced for the quality of the audio. "Loud" enough and static free. It is also very easy to use and quickly attaches "one handed" to your ear. The design of the car charger that comes with it is one of the nicest I've ever come across. My only small complaint is that it doesn't hug my face quite as tight as I would like. Maybe I can't have everything. If it hugged my face tighter, it wouldn't be as quick to put on or as comfortable to wear. I told my cats and they said "Jerry, quit complaining and fill up our food bowls"! ...more info
  • Small and lightweight, but really cheap quality
    On paper this product seemed like the solution for using with skype on my macbook pro. It can be charged on USB, good range, and small enough you even forget you're using it.

    But when it arrived the sound quality was awful, and from time to time (more often than I'd like to) there's bluetooth problem with the mic that only gets solved if I restart my computer. I contacted Blue Ant about this and they say I have to download a bluetooth upgrade from apple, when in fact I'm using the latest driver available. The mic sensitivity is low, and the construction quality is cheap.

    The battery duration is good though.

    If I could go back I'd try another more expensive product... which is probably what I will end up doing....more info
  • Bluetooth
    Ordered the blue tooth headset, received it quickly in perfect condition.
    In less than 5 minutes had it paired up and it sounds wonderful!...more info
  • Small with poor fit and sound quality
    Pros: Small, Nice Charging options

    Cons: Doesn't fit on ear well, constantly falling off. People on the other end consistently complained that they could not hear or thought they had a bad connection. Would not but this brand again....more info
  • happy with my blueant headset
    i like my blueant headset, good size for me, i hear clearly everyone can hear me. The only thing i don't like is that it won't stay in my ear and it sometimes fall out fit loose. Other than that i would buy it again...more info
  • Best little gadget I've bought yet
    It works with 3 devices at once, just a couple taps and you're switching between Skype, your cell phone or listening to music from iTunes. Well built product for the price....more info
  • Flashing Lights Makes This Headset Unique
    Great product!! Sound quality is excellent, easy to pair with my cell phone, and the three charging options (USB, Wall, or car) are very convenient. What makes this product really unique is the series of flashing light patterns. This allows you to easily know the status of the device. Is it currently connected with my cell phone? Is there an incoming call? Is the power on or off? All can be answered depending on the light pattern and color. Not to mention it looks cool when wearing it....more info
  • Works well, worth the money
    It's hard to properly review something when you can't compare it to much. The only other bluetooth headset I owned, a Motorola, worked okay until it simply died one day. The X3 provides good sound quality, though it is susceptible to static at times, even when well-within its operating range of my phone. The problem with these things is that they introduce yet one more opportunity for your phone transmission to break down. With cell phones, calls can drop out for no apparent reason, even when you seem to have full signal strength. Now, you introduce a bluetooth transmission into an environment already flooded with a wireless computer network with computers also broadcasting their own bluetooth signals.

    However, for the most part, I'm happy with this unit. It fits well in my ear, though after about 45 minutes, I do experience some ear fatigue. I love that this unit includes three different methods to recharge it, but I'm not crazy about the tiny buttons. I accidentally cut off a couple of calls trying to turn up the volume.

    Bottom line? As far as I'm concerned, the X3 is worth the price, and I'll recommend it. I just hope it lasts longer than my Motorola. ...more info
  • Hard to keep on
    The call clarity is wonderful and the fact that you can charge the unit using the wall plug or USB right out of the box is great. The battery life is good as well. The weight is also a plus since it's barely noticeable once you have it on.

    There are two problems that I had with this headset though. The first is the fact that it was hard to get the headset on quickly. Even after months it took some time to get the headset on correctly. My other bluetooth was much easier to put on.

    The second problem is default rubber cover for the speaker can move a bit so sometimes you have to play with the placement of the cover to get it to sit correctly in your ear.
    ...more info
  • Not for small ears
    I read great reviews about this headset and the price was great. Some reviewers mentioned that the earpiece might be uncomfortable for people with small ears. I guess my ears are on the smallish side, but nothing exceptional, so I figured I'd be OK. I was wrong.
    The earpiece was huge. It didn't come close to fitting in my ear. The piece that goes around the ear, for those who want extra support, was about 1/2 inch too long. Really. My partner has large ears: the kind where a new hairdresser says things like we'll cut your hair so that it minimizes your ears. It fit him perfectly.
    I would say if you have normal sized girl ears or small boy ears, don't buy this device....more info
  • Dont' kill the ant!
    I purchased the BlueAnt X3 for my T-Moble wing. The BlueAnt X3 was easy to setup and has the convienence of charging either by USB port or via the included lighter adapter for the car.

    The clarity is really good and it's fairly comfortable using the behind the ear adapter. The BlueAnt X3 holds the charge for quite some time in stand by. I had left the BlueAnt X3 in my drawer for almost 2 weeks in off mode and it had no power drainage.

    I think this is a good product.

    The cons:probably the only con I can think of is that it's price tage is a little high at $40 - $50 depending on when you buy it....more info
  • A Cool Headset!!!!
    I went through a lot of reviews before buying the X3 and I have to say that I'm quite satisfied with my decsion on buying the X3. One bad remark I always noticed on the X3 reviews were about the speaker not fitting in the ear bud. I guess people expect too much and want everything perfect, well I would say the headset is very comfortable and fits with ease once you use it with the earloop. I have had no problems in any aspect of the X3 whether it is design, sound qulaity or features.

    I own a Samsung D807 phone and I had a Motorolla H605 headset before which suffered with voice clarity problems. The X3 is as cool as the H605(not like a weird thing hanging on the ear) and the voice clarity is excellent.

    It's really worth the price with all the different chargers and the cool features it comes with. I can finally stop my quest for bluetooth headsets and breathe a sigh of relief.

    Way to go Blueant!!!...more info
  • An okay and budget item.
    This thing is OK for the people who wants to try how amazing and convenient bluetooth is. This is OK, if you want to just use it for an emergency. This item is not good for long term using, it's uncomfortable, and unstable as time goes by. But with this price, it's an OK item.

    Recommend to people who has twenty bucks to waste and who wants to try new stuff....more info
  • Good Looks, Bad Static
    Looks very cool. Very convenient charging via USB port. Not so good sound quality. Audio has a lot of static tics and pops and that is the only reason I give this 2 stars. Everything else is great.
    Pairs quickly with my Nextel i870.
    I lost my Plantronics 510, so will fall back to this unit until I can find the latest earpiece that has received good reviews. Other may have a great experience with this earpiece. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. Maybe I got a "bad" one. ...more info
  • Perfect Headset
    This headset is exactly as described by the manufacturer. The sound is great. The fit is very comfortable; I have had it on for 2-3 hours without even realizing it's on.

    You can't go wrong with this....more info
  • Great Bluetooth Headset,But Not The Ear hook
    I like this headset great sound outgoing an incoming,but good luck on useing the earhook this headset works better without it,if it fits in your ear well,but I am happy with this one....more info
  • BlueAnt Rating
    I purchased two (2) Blueants for my daughter and myself and we are both dissatisfied. The instructions are too confusing, (eg. press once for this, twice for that, hold 3 secs for the other, etc.) Another big problem is the clarity of voice. Everyone complains that my voice sounds garbled. The only thing I really like is the fact that it is very light and comfortable. A packing slip included a number to call BlueAnt if I had questions or concerns but NO ONE was ever available. The recorded message to that number said "Mailbox Full!" I am very unhappy with this purchase. I would love to return it for an upgrade regardless of the cost because I have not been able to use it, nor has my daughter used hers....more info
  • BlueAnt X3
    This is one cool little headset. It is lightweight and comfortable. I have purchased quite a few headsets looking for a comfortable one and this is it. Only disappointment is that it does not stay in my ear without the ear guard, which is what I was really looking for. I could never wear an earguard with my sunglasses comfortably, but for some reason this ear guard does not get in the way. I love being able to charge the unit right in the car. Sound is great and the controls are simple. I've tried Motorola and Plantronics, and like this one the best!...more info
  • 1st bluetooth earpiece
    I received this item about a week after it was ordered and am very pleased at the quality and easy to use features. Would recommend to friends and family too....more info
  • too much trouble
    I generally don't take the time to come back and review something. I am one of those that appreciates, and takes advantage of, all the others who do. In this case, though, I am motivated. I had a motorola HS820 that I was extremely happy with. It was my first bluetooth device, and I used it all day, every day, for more than a year. When the BlueAnt was in the gold box, I thought that it looked like an upgrade, being smaller, snappier, more expensive, etc. I can say that it works. It works if you stay within 20 feet or so of your phone, and as long as you don't let pesky things like doors or walls get in the way. That wouldn't be so bad, except that everytime you go out of range for more than a moment or two, you have to go through the menu and manually reconnect the device. I also find it uncomfortable. I tried both types of earpiece covering. The foam is considerably better audio quality, though the plastic is a tad more comfortable. Since it is important to be able to hear, I had to go with the less comfortable option. It is light, but I really don't like having to insert the piece in my ear. It is a bit big, for my ear cavity anyway, and while maybe a bit more secure than the motorola, just takes more time and effort to put on. Sadly, my motorola hit the pavement one too many times (it didn't fall off, I dropped it) and I am now stuck with this. Happily, I have ordered another motorola, though a different model, and just have to use this until the new one arrives. My son is going to try using this for his online gaming. It might be okay for that because the portability/range stuff won't be a problem. I gave it three stars because it does work, and it does stay on your ear. I would not buy another, and will hesitate to buy something made by these people. Who needs the hassle?...more info
  • Quality headset, comfortable and convenient
    The small size and light weight make this a comfortable headset to use. You can use it without the ear hook, if your ear is the right size. The insert is comfortable as well. Great sound quality both for the wearer and the person you are talking to.

    The operation is slightly confusing until you read the instructions start to finish. ...more info
  • it works, but ...
    it sounds pretty bad
    it's comfortable, the gooseneck usb cable is great
    i don't see the need for all the silly flashing lights
    i got it for a great price and it works but the sound quality is pretty bad
    pales in comparison to my Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset (which they no longer sell)...more info
  • Won't Hold a Charge
    This bluetooth will not a hold a charge. I charge it completely in the car on the way home from work and when I try to use it in the morning, it is totally drained. This has happened more than once. I hardly ever write a review of a product online, but this one is bad enough to warn others. Remember if it doesn't work, you pay a restocking fee, the price of the original shipping and the shipping to send it back. I'm going back to the motorola brand that I had before....more info
  • Blue Ant Headset
    I have tried a number of wireless headset devices. This products outperforms all of the other headsets I have used....more info
  • Charge anywhere! Quality ok.
    The charging options are great! I get alot of static and poor sound quality sometimes even if my head is just turned away from where the direction of my phone is. I would not buy this product again. ...more info
  • blueant bluetooth is awesome!!
    i ordered this after much research and am totally satisfied with this product. i had a jabra bluetooth before which i liked alot but it fell apart over time. the reception is greatly improved over the jabra and the sound is exceptional. i did have a problem after i charged the headpiece with re-pairing with the phone but the customer service was excellant and called me back. i didn't read the directions and it was a simple tap to re-pair after charging. i think it's the best!!!!! would get it all over again! ...more info
  • Good but not great
    I thought this would be a nice economical blue-tooth ear piece for my phone. It works and mine has continued to keep a nice charge but the sound quality is somewhat poor. One day I had a full signal on my phone so I decided to re-record my office voice-mail message for my callers. I left a message and when I previewed it, the sound was awful. That's when I realized what people were talking about when they told me that my phone was difficult to hear me on....more info


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