Revlon RV544 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ionic Lightweight Dryer, Silver/Black

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Product Description

Tourmaline Ionic Technology Natural gemstone delivers the most hair-conditioning ions and fast drying, far-infrared heat for maximum shine, softness, and manageability.

  • Ionic/tourmaline technology
  • 1875 watts of power
  • Ion Indicator Light
  • 2 Heat/Speed Settings
  • Diffuser Attachment

Customer Reviews:

  • LOVE this hair dryer!
    I have long thick hair and it takes a big cbunk of my time every morning to blow it dry. This hair dryer cut my drying time by approx. 40% - it's amazing. And the price is fantastic compared to other tourmaline dryers I've looked at. ($200 or $300 for a hair dryer? You've got to be kidding me!!) I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Light weight and very effecient. Love it!
    This is a great little hairdryer. I like the fact that it is so light weight. It works great also. I would definitely buy another one of the same model. ...more info
  • Extremely pleased with this hairdryer
    This hairdryer is amazing. My hair is softer & shinier than it has been in years. The hairdryer is easy to use and a great value for the price....more info
  • Took me 30 years to find the right hair dryer and this is it!!
    My daughter bought this dryer and the first time I used it, I fell in love with it and ordered one for myself from Amazon. It is so easy to style my hair with it because it doesn't blow my hair all over the place. It's lighter in weight and is much quieter than any other dryer I have had. ...more info
  • It's a good blow dryer
    It's good but not excellent. It's fairly lightweight, moderately loud. I don't notice anything special about the 'ionic' thing. Controls are easy to use. I really don't like the diffuser. The 'fingers' are very rigid and the whole dryer just skids over your head. I have a more contoured pliable diffuser from an old dryer that I use instead....more info
  • Hairdryer Is Great!
    The Revlon Tourmaline hair dryer drys as fast as advertised. It is also very lightweight. Love it!...more info
  • fries my hair!!
    Based on all the great reviews, I hunted everywhere for this dryer and finally found it. It is nice and light weight, but after using it for a week, I found my hair was dry and fried! I have semi-long, fine, colour treated hair. I also purchased the bed head tourmaline dryer, the one that changes colours for neg or pos ions. I gave each new dryer a week long shot, the bed head is heavier (not too heavy though) and does a WAY BETTER job than the revlon rv544. After the week of using the revlon and resulting dry/fried looking hair, I switched to the bed head and right away my hair was smooth and healthy looking. BED HEAD ALL THE WAYYYY!!...more info
  • WOW - leaves my hair softer and healthier looking than air drying!
    I have thick, long, curly hair and have always air-dried. When I'm really in a hurry, I use my husbands blow dryer, but always find it leaves my hair looking frizzy and destroyed. I decided to purchase a hair diffuser, but couldn't find one to match the blow dryer we already have- so for not much more than the diffuser alone, I decided to try this blow dryer, which came with a diffuser & concentration attachment.

    This blow dryer is amazing!

    It leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth, which is the opposite of what I've always thought a blow dryer would do. Best of all, it dries super fast. In 5-10 minutes I am ready to walk out the door and I still have my curls!

    ...more info
  • No lightweight
    This dryer works very well, but it isn't as "lightweight" as one might expect it to be, considering that is the way it is advertised....more info
  • Very Impressive!
    If you have long, thick hair, this dryer is a must! The high speed setting throws out a ton of super hot air cutting drying time in half. The low speed setting is great for styling. I have never dried my hair in a more efficient way. It is also lightweight and rather quiet. A very useful tool for the busy woman on the run. Thanks Revlon!...more info
  • Better than my old Professional dryer!!!
    Growing up I worked in hair salons and my sister is currently a hairdresser so I've used many amazing 'Professional' hair products and styling tools. I've always believed that 'you get what you pay for' and spent over $60 (at a hair show) on a professional hair dryer, the CHI Nano in Pink, thinking it would last forever and would do less damage to my hair. Well, after just 1 year, my CHI has stopped working although, it worked well while it lasted. I began to research online various models including serveral T3 models which are priced above $150. On my last trip to Walgreens I figured I would get a cheap hair dryer to hold me over until I had more money to purchase the one I really wanted. $21.00 later, and I have no regrets or intentions of spending $150! This Revlon dryer has really changed my perception on 'cheap' blow dryers. I would recommend it to anyone. It is SUPER light, not extremely quiet (it is 1875 watts!), and drys my thick head of wavy hair in the same, if not less time, than my expensive CHI dryer AND my hair is so soft even after I use my flat iron to tame those random wavy pieces =) I can't say anything but good things about this product. It's amazing!...more info
  • switches flip off easily
    Dryer works fine, as others have said, but main problem with it is the switches are placed right where one's fingers naturally fall, causing it to switch off accidentally at least once every time I use it. The pressure required to switch it on/off is not too great, so it's easy to accidentally switch....more info
  • Better than the T3!
    I just bought the travel size version of this dryer after I dropped my second T3 travel dryer and broke it (WAY too fragile for the money they cost)and was very pleasantly surprised. My hair came out better than with my $100 T3 dryers! And this one cost me $19 on sale at Target! My hair came out much smoother, no frizz and shinier. I styled my wavy hair with a bristle round brush like usual but with this dryer it actually gave me nice, large soft waves that stayed that way all day. Very happy with this product. ...more info
  • Very nice dryer
    This product has absolutely met my expectations. It is lighter, quieter, and much more efficient than the model I had previously been using. I have even seen an improvement in the health of my hair. Very good value for the money....more info
  • BEST dryer I've tried and only $17.99 w/ free brush at BJ's Wholesale!
    I bought this dryer a few weeks agao at BJ's wholesale club for only $17.99. It came with a free anti-frizz ionic brush as well. After trying hair dryers by Chi, Conair, and Wahl, I was so fed up. All those dryers took a very long time to dry my shoulder-length naturally-wavy hair (over 15 minutes), and they left me with frizz and no shine. The Revlon is fantastic. It only took 8 minutes to completely dry my hair, and left me with smooth beautiful shine. Note: I normally use SunSilk hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and Lanza Strait Line Smoother Straightening Balm. The model number on the box says it is the RV-5242 (I think because they are including the free brush). The brush itself it the BEST snag-free static-free brush I have used in years. I HIGHLY recommend this dryer to everyone. ...more info
    If you have straight hair that you actually do something with stay away from this dryer. I have short straight hair and this dryer is leave my hair flat and limp!!! I am definitely returning this dryer. I will take my chances with my old beloved CHI that has a short in it until my new one is comes....more info
  • Great Dryer
    I had read in many places that this was a good ionic hair dryer. It was indeed very light and quieter than other 1875 watt dryers I've used before. I found the high/low heat settings to match exactly what I had expected. The high heat was hot enough to dry my hair quickly but not so hot that I felt like my hair was about to fry. The strength of the fan was good as well. I felt like maybe the high fan could have been a little more, but it might be a psychological thing due to the quieter sounds....more info
  • Overall, Good Hairdryer
    This hairdryer is powerful and lightweight and does a good job drying my usually frizzy hair and making it relatively smooth. The only drawbacks are the noise (I bought it thinking it would be quieter than my old dryer-- not so, but about average for hair dryers), and the placement of the buttons (I keep hitting them by accident, but it's nothing I can't get used to). Overall, I would recommend this dryer, especially if you don't want to spend the money on a T3. I like the diffuser attachments that come with it as well. Also, keep in mind that the airflow is POWERFUL, so if you don't like getting blasted by a stream of air on the high setting, then this isn't for you. It would benefit from a medium setting....more info
  • concentrator has melted through
    I have had this dryer for about 6 months and loved how light weight it is. I have very thick hair that takes about 25 min to dry, so that is great. But the peice that is attaches to the front called the concentrator has melted through on both sides, I called Helen of Troy (the manufacturer) and they will send a replacement if I return this one. I will not ask or this one again....more info
  • Good hair dryer
    Powerful and light weight. My hair doesn't seem as "soft" as it did with the Sharper Image hair dryer, but good hair dryer for the price....more info
  • Hate the controls
    The dryer works well and is reasonably priced, but the controls are placed so that when you wrap your hand around the dryer it is practically impossible not to touch them and either get a different setting or turn the dryer off. In my opinion, it should be back to the drawing board to design better placement of the contols. ...more info
  • Hot and light
    This hair dryer is excellent for quickly drying your hair. I am able to dry my daugther's long hair in about 35 minutes. I purchased the T3 for this versatility, but when it went on the blink, I decided to try a different product that promised the same results. This dryer provides the same or better results at a fraction of the cost....more info
  • revlon hair dryer
    Probably the best hair dryer I ever used. Dries hair quickly and is lightweight...more info
  • Great hair dryer
    I recently purchased this hair dryer and I really like it. It IS very lightweight, just as the other reviewers have said. I'm also amazed and how quickly it dries my very thick hair!

    Some reviewers have complained about the placement of the controls, but I haven't found it to be problem. In fact, I like how easily I can change the dryer settings while in use. And I find that that the amount of pressure required to actually flip the switches is sufficient that I don't change the settings on accident.

    Other reviewers have said that the hot setting is too hot, but I don't agree at all.

    Overall, I've been very satisfied with this purchase....more info
  • Great!
    My T3 hairdryer started sparking inside on me, so I needed a new dryer. I didn't want to pay a lot, as I wasn't that crazy about my T3. It was heavy! It was also too hot for my scalp.I purchased the Revlon dryer and all I can say is WOW! It is very light weight, and very powerful. It also dried my hair in one minute! I have thick hair that's down to the bottom of my neck, and using this dryer along with my hair straightening iron, makes my hair is so soft, and keeps it's style! I highly recommend!...more info
  • Great Dryer
    My wife and I use this dryer daily with great results. It's powerful yet lightweight and comfortable to hold. I highly recommend this dryer....more info
  • Hairdryer
    I live in humid FLA- and this hairdryer does the trick. Dries fast and efficiently. The cool shot button works quickly. It's also lightweight and quiet. ...more info
  • What's wrong with this hair dryer???
    After many years of daily service, my old Revlon 1875, Model #473 finally stopped running. Without hesitating I went out to buy what I thought would be a "new-and-improved" version of the same dryer. What I found was a product with no resemblance, except for the name.

    The ONLY good thing I can say about his new dryer, Model RV544, is that it dries my hair much faster than the old one did. But the result is disastrous. I have short, straight hair that is well-styled. This dryer leaves my hair limp, with no body. I used the "cold shot" setting on the old dryer to give my hair lift; on the new model it's a useless feature. The attachments are also useless, at least for me. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but after using this dryer every day for a week, trying various combinations of heat/speed settings, I'm going to pack it up and return it.

    Another note -- I tried to find a website so I could write to the manufacturer. It's odd that there is no such website. The name "Revlon" means nothing on this piece of equipment, because it's made in China by "Helen of Troy" so no one is even taking responsibility for this worthless item. Just goes to show ya -- sometimes newer does NOT equal better....more info
  • Revlon RV544
    I'm sure there are better dryers out there, but for the reasonable price, this is probably as good as you are going to do. Air flow is better than on most inexpensive dryers and it throws a fair amount of heat....more info
  • great dryer!
    This blow dryer works great! My hair is dry in about 5 minutes and the concentrator works well at smoothing it all out. My hair feels full and soft, not dried out. The shipping speed was slow---it took the full "14 days" to arrive. Other than that, I'm very happy with my purchase and have recommended it to my friends! ...more info
  • It's ok for the money
    It's not very powerful so takes a while to dry your hair ... I have flat irons that I use as well .. if I didn't then i would want a different hair dryer ... good as a basic dryer ...more info
  • Best dryer I ever used
    I got this dryer this week and used it a few times. It is not so noisy as others have said. Sounds more like a blender on low. The rocker controls are in exactly the right place for me because you can finish with a shot of cool air without taking the dryer away from your hair. It dries faster than my expensive ionic dryer and my hair looks and feels different, too....softer, shinier and styled the way I like it. If this dryer lasts a long long time, and keeps doing what it is supposed to do, I would say it is almost perfect. I just wish it was a bit smaller since I found it in a 'travel dryer' search....more info
  • Good dryer
    Good dryer. I was looking for something to replace my old ionic dryer, which I loved and which (sadly) finally died, and tried out numerous products from different stores and manufacturers. Unfortunately, this one isn't quite as powerful as I wanted (ionic dryers just don't seem to compare to regular ones), but it's the best of the five or six that I tried. ...more info
  • great product
    This is a great hair dryer. It got my hair dry in half the time as my old dryer. Also is lighter to hold. Got one for my daughter who has shoulder length hair. She said she wouldn't part with this dryer. ...more info
  • Great Dryer!
    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this hair dryer. Its very light and it drys my hair in like 5 min. I bought a $300.00 ion dryer and i have to say I like this Revlon dryer better. I read the reviews and i decided to try it. I have to admit, maybe because i read so many reviews that stated that they keep shutting the dryer off because of the location of the on and off button, but i havn't done that once. hasn't been a problem for me at all. i am going to purchase a couple more....more info
  • I think it is ok
    I don't feel too much difference between this dryer and others, but I don't feel anything bad with it. It is a little heavey, but acceptable. I give 4 stars....more info
  • too long, too heavy
    dryer was too long and too heavy to use comfortably with diffuser on it. disappointed in this respect.
    ...more info
  • Great Blowdryer!
    I love this blowdryer! It's surprisingly light considering the power it has. I really like the diffuser, too. It works well and very quickly on my curly hair. I'd highly recommend this dryer....more info
  • Dries really fast
    This blow dryer dries my hair faster than any dryer I've ever had. I would definately recommend it....more info
  • Quick and light
    I bought this hair dryer to replace one that was fabulous....until the day when it stopped heating. This is so lightweight and dries my hair very quickly. It's an excellent replacement that exceeded my expectations....more info
  • Best bet for your money
    I've had two T3 blowdryers in the last few yrs ..only to have them both fail me within 12 months of using them.. One only lasted a couple of months. My sister also had several of the T3 dryers and had the same problem. We both have thick frizzy hair and agreed the Revlon did as good a job straightening and smoothing as the T3. ...more info
  • Not a quiet hair dryer
    After reading several reviews saying this was a quiet hair dryer I bought it and compared it to my ancient VS quiet traveler. It was louder. Other than that it seems to be a decent hair dryer but my hearing is more important to me, so I've returned it. The search continues....more info
  • Fast hair dryer!
    This hair dryer is easy to use and it does, indeed, make my hair dry faster than the last dryer I had did. Usually, having only two temps doesn't work for me because the warm is usually too cool, but its not on this one and even the hot isn't too hot!...more info
  • Dryer
    I am so pleased with this dryer. After doing some research at consumer reports, this dryer was rated higher than the T3 dryers. I would highly recommend this dryer to anyone who needs a high powered dryer....more info
  • Not a bad hair dryer for the price. Dries hair quickly!
    I have thick, coarse, wavy hair to the middle of my back...that I like to wear straight. My old hair dryer would take a good 20-30 minutes to dry it, and that was with me brushing and pulling and exerting some effort. So imagine my wondrous surprise when this hair dryer did the same job in about 10 minutes--no lie! And it is SO light!!

    I do agree with some of the other reviewers that the buttons are not placed very well (although I only accidentally turned it off once), and I have to say that I wish the "cold shot" button was able to lock in the "on" position (like my last dryer did).

    I tested the sound against my old dryer (probably five years old, but the same wattage and also ionic), and they were about the same, but the Revlon is much lighter and dries the hair much faster. The air stream did seem a bit higher, but that was fine with me since I need that for my hair. And overall, my hair looked the same as it did with my old dryer.

    So, for a new mom with not much time for hairstyles, this hair dryer is a winner. It only gets knocked down to 4 stars because of the button placement and the cold-shot button....more info
  • Solid Dryer
    This is a solid hairdryer. It dries quickly, it's comfortable to hold, and it has the right amount of bells and whistles. I like how it not only has a hot setting and the usual cold-blast, but it also has a warm setting, which is nice to be able to use on my young daughter. It does what it needs to do for not a lot of money!...more info
  • Fastest hairdryer ever!
    I had an 1875-watt hair dryer that I thought I liked, but when it finally died, I checked the reviews on Amazon and decided to get the Revlon 1875 Tourmaline Model RV544. I had no idea what I was missing in the past! It's so light, my arm and shoulder don't tire from holding it. And the best thing is it dries my hair in half the time it used to. It doesn't seem hotter; evidently it's just more forceful. I love it and would highly recommend it to all!...more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!!
    I've had this hair dryer for about a year. It started off working perfectly, i was surprised how powerful it was for such an inexpensive hair dryer, but i guess you really do get what you pay for...
    A few weeks after i started using it it started flickering between the high and the low setting without me touching any buttons. I didn't think much of it, but as time went on it got worse and worse. Now it wont stay on for a minute without flickering to the lower setting, and since no buttons were pushed i have to wait it out for it to come back on high. It takes me 40 minutes to blow dry my hair when it used to take 20. I am in the market for a new blow dryer, but i wont be buying this one again....more info
  • light weight, quick drying
    I found this dryer to be lightweigt and very quick drying even when using the diffuser....more info
  • great dryer!
    This dryer is quieter than most. I really like the attachment that allows you to concentrate the air just where you want it, as it allows for better styling. It's got just enough power, and it pretty lightweight too....more info
    This dryer really does dry the hair much faster than a regular dryer which cuts down on the damage caused to the ends of the hair. Would recommend to anyone....more info


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