Sharper Image SI871 GP Silent Air Purifier with Ionic Breeze

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  • Awesome Product!
    My girlfriend has stabilized congenital emphysema and allergies that make it difficult for her to breath during certain times of the year. Personally, I have very bad allergies that make you wake up every morning with sinus headaches and stuffy noses. After purchasing this product 2 years ago, I do not regret dropping $400 on the system. Also, I use a cold Holmes humidifier. Together, these systems allow us to breath. I can actually smell food in the morning. My eyes are not dry anymore and I have not had a bout of wheezing in 1 1/2 years. For those who have left poor reviews, your systems broke and it does suck...BUT, mine works great and has not broken. So, if you are looking to purchase a system, buy the warranty. My girlfriend also has been doing incredibly well over the past two years as well. She has only had two cases of wheezing and that was because she came down with a cold.

    Another tip if you are interested in purchasing the air system: Get a humidifier because the system sort of brings down the humidity in the room (Do no sit the two near each other because water and electricity are not a good combination). Also, do not directly sleep with the system pointed towards you because you will dry out your sinuses. Try to clean the system once a week and buy a mask to protect yourself from the dust. Clean the system far away from open doors or windows of your dwelling. The last thing you want is the gunk back in your home. ...more info
  • My wife & her best friend love the Ionic Breeze
    I don't have allergies but my wife is allergic to mold, fungus, dust, pollen and many other airborne allergens. After a relative gave her this product she noticed a huge reduction in sinus problems related to allergens. I came to Amazon to buy some for her best friend, who has a motorhome for cross country traveling. Her friend takes her 3 golden retrievers with her and loves the clean air inside her motorhome after borrowing my wife's unit. My wife's friend lives in a fantastic home in Key West. She can afford any air cleaner made on earth. She specifically wants these cleaners for her house and motorhome. They work well, they are easy to clean and they are quiet. What's not to like?...more info
  • JUNK
  • The Sharper Image Files for Bankruptcy Protection
    Published: February 21, 2008

    The Sharper Image has filed for bankruptcy protection after years of slipping sales, stiffening competition and image problems over its Ionic Breeze air purifiers. In 2005, a Consumer Reports study suggested that the Ionic Breeze product might be dangerous to users because the purifiers generated small amounts of ozone.

    *** Lawsuits from Ionic Breeze owners soon followed ***

    A California case has been certified as a class action, which could translate into significant legal costs for the company. A proposed settlement of an Ionic Breeze lawsuit in Florida was rejected by a judge in October, sending Shaper Image's stock plunging.

    With little money to run its business, according to its bankruptcy filing, Sharper Image was broke.

    The 2007 holiday season provided little relief.

    The retailer's management now says that 90 stores, about half of all Sharper Image's outlets, are performing poorly and should be closed "as soon as possible."

    ...more info
  • A fool and $400 dollars soon part!
    Score: Ionic Breeze-1, Me-0.

    A 400 dollar little corner fan thing that does nothing-and it does it well. I can watch this thing sit there and do nothing, all day, with total satisfaction. ...more info
  • Pretty good.
    This product is pretty good. I've had mine for 3 years and it work just as good as when I first got it. This filter isn't the end all to air purifying but it's cheap to run all the time and it's quiet when you keep it clean. When it's not clean it makes angry noises (buzzing). I don't know how people can say that it doesn't do anything though. Every week I need to clean mine because it gets caked with dust. Thats part of the problem with the stupid thing. I've grown to hate cleaning this thing. It's really annoying to have to clean this thing every week, let it dry and then continue use. The most annoying part of cleaning it is wiping down each blade. Those commercials you see on TV where they just run some water over it and call it quits are a joke. I'm just glad I don't have the next gen unit with a million closely spaced blades. I'd probably turn on Linkin Park cut my wrists after having to deal with cleaning that monstrosity after having to clean it out a couple times. I really want to find a good hepa filter, where I can just toss the used filter and get a nice new fresh one. All and all the Ionic Breeze does a darn fine average job, and I would probably recommend it if you don't mind cleaning in all the time....more info
  • Read Consumer Reports Review Regarding This Product
    I owned one that broke after a year. Waste of my money and way overpriced and didn't perform as promised.

    When Consumer Reports released an unbiased review about how the Ionic Breeze did NOTHING to actually clean the air in their tests (and actually released ozone into the air worsening situations for asthma sufferers), Sharper Image sued Consumer Reports and thankfully lost. I think it shows the integrity of a company when they sue a non-profit organization that revealed that the emperor indeed isn't wearing any clothes.

    Stay away from this product. I am still upset about the money that I wasted on a hyped up product that did not deliver. Or if you don't believe me, search google for additional news articles about it's ineffectiveness. ...more info
  • A Piece of Junk
    After 3 months it needed more and more frequent cleanings, and after that, I couldnt keep it clean enough to prevent the sparking and noise. Just read the consumer reports on google and see. It's junk. They will replace it but the same problems come back..simply disappointing. I will never recommend this air purifier. ...more info
  • Excellent product, easy to clean
    This works really well in my NYC apt., though I have to clean in every few days. I have noticed that my parents ionic breeze, not in NYC, needs much less cleaning- so I think that has more to do with the city than the product. This gets rid of smoke and oders really well and is easy to clean. I have tried to clean my parents Oreck XL and it was an absolute pain, it needed to be taken apart and soaked (its so small that you do not have access to the blades)- basically the process took a day. With this, I just wipe the blades with a damp paper towel, wipe them dry, and thats it. It has started to make a weird satic noise and I think this is becuase I need to clean the wire inside, so when I find that, I will clean it.

    The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because I think it is not the most attractive, the Oreck deffinitly wins there, though I would still buy this one since I am more interested in performance than looks. But, the other model (without the light) comes in cool colors, like red, which looks much better. Also, the geyish-white outer part of this gets really dirty- it clearly is attracting dirty air!

    As far as the CR thing, I think CR wanted some hype. The levels of ozone were low then and since the reports, there has been the 'ozone guard' added, so they are actually even lower now. I have not taken this into the lab and tested it myself, but in theory. I actually love that fresh ozone smell and this doesn't have so much of that : ( But, thats ok, it does make the apt. where I have 2 cats and a litter box, smell better....more info
  • Cleans the air
    After a recenbt episode with water in the basement I was trying to get rid of that musty smell, opening windows and fans did not do it. My sister loves the Ionic, she has 3. I purchased one and after just 2 days of use I noticed a significant improvement.... Since I have only had it one month I can not comment on product reliability, but it does do a good job getting rid of smells. ...more info
  • Silent and Effective
    I use one of these in my bedroom at home and I have another at the office. These air cleaners remove a surprising amount of crud from the air and they go about the job silently, until it's time for a cleaning, which is about once a week during the pollen season, and once every two weeks otherwise. My allergies have improved and I sleep more comfortably as a result. In the past, I used a noisy HEPA unit that required filter changes and did not work nearly as well as the Ionic Breeze. This item is somewhat pricey, but it's worth it to breathe comfortably. ...more info
  • Incredible! The best on the market.
    I purchased this after recommendation of a co-worker. I have awlful year round allergies, particularly to dust, dust mites, mold and pollen. I was amazed the first night, I had the best night sleep and my sinus felt great. I'm amazed at the amount of airbourne pollution it grabs. Keeping it clean weekly keeps it running in top condition.

    I've tried other air purifiers but this one has done what it claims. I've purchased two and run them 24 hours. I'm glad that them....more info
  • You must have at least one in your home (2 is even better)!
    I love this product. We recently had terrible water damage from a storm in our beautiful finished basement. We had the water vacuumed out from the carpet and cleaned up but the basement smelled like wet dirty dog - we were concerned that it was going to smell much worse as it slowly dried out. We put a dehumidifier and our 2 GPs in the basement and let them all run. After everything finally dried out (which took a week) there has been no lingering odor or mold and if you walked into the room you would not even know we had water covering the entire carpeted floor last month. We use the Ionic Breeze GPs in different rooms of the house all year and we love them - they keep the air clean and fresh and we have never had any problems with them. As an everyday user - I strongly recommend this product. ...more info