EdgeStar 10,000 BTU No Drip Portable Air Conditioner, Dual Motor, Stainless Steel

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Simply put, based on our independent testing and customer feedback, EdgeStar brand portable air conditioners offer the perfect combination of cooling power, quality and style- a combination unmatched by any other units on the market. EdgeStar has listened to customer requests and introduced a 10,000 BTU unit that keeps many of the great features of the best-selling model on the market, plus it adds a fully self-exhausting design, an auto-restart feature, and a true stainless steel body with sleek black accents. We recommend this pint - sized powerhouse as the best choice for cooling rooms from 150 to 300 sq. ft. Additionally, this portable air conditioner features an electronic display, a remote control, a built-in timer, and more.

  • Manufacturer recommended maximum room size: 300 ft2
  • True self-evaporating design that means there are no buckets that must be emptied. If the internal reservoir ever fills, the unit shuts off its compressor and continues exhausting the condensate until the compressor can safely restart
  • Operates in three independent functions- air conditioner, fan, or dehumidifier
  • Remote control and portability rolling casters included
  • Dehumidifies up to 38 pints of water from the air per day
Customer Reviews:
  • This is a great little unit
    I must have received a unit from a completely different universe than the other people that have written the bad reviews here. I love this thing! I've had it in what WAS a really hot room for over two weeks, it's nice and cool in here now, and the drip pan is bone dry. It cools the room off just as well as a window unit of comparable BTU. It looks great, is made well, blows plenty of cold air and operates exactly as advertised. Unless the people that wrote the bad reviews got defective units I have no idea why my opinion would be completely opposite of theirs. The reason I bought this unit is because it was so highly rated by multiple sources. . . .and I am completely satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Internal water container fills up fast
    This is the fourth PAC I own. This model looks nice, but has one very annoying quirk. The internal water container fills up just after one night of use. I wake up in the morning to see the 'water full' indicator light lit. This has not been the case with other units.

    This problem is annoying, as I then have to manually empty it daily, which totally defeats the purpose of a supposedly no-drip PAC.

    I e-mailed Edgestar, and they responded quickly in 1 day. They said this was 'normal' for ambient humidity.

    When I then asked if there were any settings I could change to make a difference, this was the answer:

    "This unit is designed to automatically evaporate the water it condenses from the air. During this evaporation cycle (while the internal drain pan is full), the compressor will not run (and the unit will not blow cold air). Once the water level has gone down, the compressor will kick back on.

    If you want to minimize the water collected and evaporated, potentially turning the fan speed down and/or raising the "set temperature" of the thermostat could help a little bit. However, these things will likely have only a very small effect, if any effect at all is noticed. "

    When I called Compact Appliance, they also told me it was normal, and that the old style 'drip' units had to be emptied every 2 hours or so. (So why don't they state so on their website?) Instead, this unit is advertised on Compact Appliance as "Hassle free fully self-evaporative system- There's no need to empty a water bucket- no drip design" (Is this false advertising?)

    This model is not all bad. It looks great, and it allows the user to change the temperature display from celcius to fahrenheit and back. However, the fast water fill and the flimsy black plastic air vents which break if you are not careful with them are not worth the trouble.

    I would not buy this particular model again given the choice....more info
  • Hunk of Junk
    I took a chance and bought this no-name model over the 'net because of its exterior design, specifically an attractive stainless steelcase. Big mistake. A much better choice would have been an Amana 7000 BTU model (a friend of mine has one) that I could have gotten for less $$$ at a local store. I won't repeat everything that the previous critic has ennumerated, but I wish I had read that review before I bought this thing. The problems this person states are 100% accurate.

    Edgestar's customer service is useless...they only answer simple questions by email...they don't have a live person when you call the service dpt. They promise they will call you back within 7 days, but they don't. Just as well...I'm not about to invest more money in getting this thing sent out for service and shipped back at my expense.
    Also beware of their retail front operation known as CompactAppliance/Portable Air Shop.com. Their customer service consists of referring you to Edgestar...where you only get voicemail. The only thing I can do is to warn others not to make the same mistake.

    ...more info
  • Expensive trouble
    As a top consumer magazine said, beware portable A/C's. This one is trouble and twice the price of a dependable window A/C. It barely cools the space in front of it, much less a room. Though supposedly automatically exhausting moisture, it turns itself off frequently because "WaterFull" light is on. Directions say it may be need to be leveled. That does not help. So it must be emptied manually and only water comes out the bottom drain which is about an inch above the floor, so any water not caught when emptied runs under the A/C. Bad! It is not very portable. It must be within about 5 feet of a window where you have to install the exhaust hose and within about 5 feet of a three prong outlet. and the hose is ugly and the electrical cord is covered with lead. Much of this A/C is plastic and breaks quickly -the exhaust hose frame which attaches to the A/C, and the hose. The window bracket bends out of alignment. The manufacturer has not sent me the promised replacement. The exhaust hose also gets very hot. This A/C is very heavy. My online ordered A/C arrived at my 3rd floor apartment with a battered box, but seemed not to be visibly damaged. It will be expensive to return....more info