Sprite Industries ARS5-CT Shower Head

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Product Description

Treat your skin, hair, and tired muscles to the best of the best with the Royale Shower All-in-One Filter ARS5. This wall-mounted shower filter not only removes chemicals and impurities from your water, it also washes away your stress with a pulse massage option. The tension-relieving massage is just one of five adjustable spray settings that range from a fine mist to a firm, full spray to suit any preference. The ARS5 features anti-scale spray nozzles that help prevent scaly buildup on your shower surfaces. The Royale?s sleek styling and elegant chrome finish are always in style.

  • Reduces scale buildup on tiles and glass
  • pH balances the water
  • Wide showerhead features 5 spray settings and pulse massage
  • Anti-scaling spray nozzles
  • Designer soft-touch spray adjustment pads
  • Chromed metal parts for maximum durability
  • Swivel ball easily adjusts direction of spray
  • Easy installation takes only seconds and requires no tools
  • Replaceable cartridge lasts up to 6 months (depending on water quality in your area)
  • Features:
    • Patented filtration media target chlorine and other chemicals
    • Durable chromed metal won't scratch or chip
    • Massage setting offers the perfect release after a stressful day
    • Patented high-performance filtration media include KDF-55 (copper-zinc) and Chlorgon (mineral salts
    • Removes chlorine, rust water, sulfur smell, and other odors
    Customer Reviews:
    • Good quality
      This is very easy to install and has plenty of water pressure. I no longer smell chlorine so it must be doing it's job. My skin and hair feel a little softer...nothing major just a slight change. The shower head and filter are well made. I highly recommend it....more info
    • I love my new shower head
      I truly love my new shower head with filter. I can take showers now without chlorine burning my eyes and irritating my skin. When I wash my hair, it's so much softer and not stressed out by the crud in the water. I recommend this product....more info