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Avatar: The Complete Book One DVD Box Set includes the collection of all Avatar Water Nation episodes. This 6 disc set will center on the Water Nation and its characters in 20 Avatar episodes (Chapters 1-20) 5 DVD s plus a bonus disc filled with incredible special features!System Requirements:Running Time 489 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: CHILDREN/FAMILY Rating: NR UPC: 097368011946 Manufacturer No: 801194

Book 1: Water, Vol. 1
Mysterious, visually beautiful at times, and surprisingly funny, Avatar: Book 1, Volume 1 is the exciting story of Aang, a 12-year-old reincarnation of the ancient Avatar, whose purpose (in an imagined world that seems both ancient and futuristic) is to restore peace and order between warring armies of the four elements: fire, earth, water, and air. At one time or another, over thousands of years, the Avatar has been embodied in masters of each of the elements. Aang (who is freed from a century-long sleep inside an iceberg) happens to be an "airbender," capable of using air and wind as powerful forces for moving objects and defeating hostile armies of firebenders. The feature-length Avatar follows Aang and a couple of friends as he becomes reacquainted with the world he knew before his 100-year hibernation--a world now lost to history. The story also concerns internal dramas within the unforgiving world of firebenders, who are intent on destruction and conquest. This engaging story, very pleasant to look at in its rich tones of blue and orange, is for all ages. --Tom Keogh

Book 1: Water, Vol. 2
Avatar The Last Airbender, Book 1: Water, Volume 2 continues the adventurous if half-comic journey of 12-year-old Airbender Aang, reincarnation of an ancient avatar, and his friends Katara and Sokka as they seek a teacher to help Aang fulfill his peacemaking destiny in a war-torn world. The four episodes on this disc, a follow-up to the elegant, magical series introduction, find the trio wandering through sundry Earth Nation cities, where they encounter signs of troubles between the once-harmonious, elemental tribes representing fire, earth, air, and water. They also bump into trouble with the occasional evil kingdom, as in "The King of Omashu," where Aang must go through various trials to save Katara and Sokka from a bizarre execution. (They're encased in growing, crystal structures.) "Imprisoned" finds Katara inadvertently responsible for the arrest of an Earthbending boy who dares to use his powers while his people are under Firebender occupation. The ambitious, two-part "Winter Solstice" is the best production in this collection, a pairing of storylines involving the capture of a Firebender war criminal and the hopes of a frightened village that turns to Aang to defeat a monster from the spirit world. The action is still original and fun on this sequel--most of it continues to be based on exciting uses of the elements--and the lead trio's characters (Aang the scamp, Katara the idealist, Sokka the skeptic) are still a pleasure to be with. --Tom Keogh

Book 1: Water, Vol. 3
The Avatar saga continues with four of the anime series' strongest stories yet on Book 1: Water, Volume 3, mixing goofy comedy with mythic drama in the spirit of Avatar's magical debut (Book 1 Water, Volume 1) and engaging follow-up (Book 1 Water, Volume 2). Volume 3 concerns the continuing (perilous) travels of Aang, the 12-year-old Airbender destined to heal the rift between the world's air, water, fire, and earth peoples, and his friends Katara and Sokka. "The Waterbending Scroll" finds Katara so jealous over Aang's quick mastery of complicated waterbending techniques that the trio ends up in trouble with a cluster of cutthroat pirates. "Jet" is an interesting story of an adolescent boy leading a Robin Hood-like rebellion against the firebending occupiers of his land. Charismatic and rakish, Jet makes Katara swoon and becomes a hero to Aang--until his true colors and agenda show up later. "The Great Divide" places Aang and company in the position of mediating a truce between refugees seeking assistance across a great canyon. Finally, "The Storm" is a superb piece which shows us, in parallel narratives, how Aang was fleeing his oppressed life as an avatar-in-training a century earlier when he became encased in ice, and how the driven, seemingly merciless Prince Zuko lost his own boyhood innocence before setting out to capture Aang. This excellent collection carries on the series' imaginative, graceful animation, making Avatar a real pleasure to watch. --Tom Keogh

Book 1: Water, Vol. 4

Book 1: Water, Vol. 5
Chapters 17 through 20 of Avatar the Last Airbender: Book 1 Water, Vol. 5 find Aang, the 12-year-old Avatar destined to bring peace to the world by mastering the four elements, once again in direct collision with the forces of the Fire nation. In "The Northern Air Temple," a sad Aang visits the ruins of a monastery well known to him in his past life. Aang is shocked to discover a tribe of faux Airbenders living there, presided over by an inventor with a dark and even treacherous secret. "The Waterbending Master" introduces Aang to a mentor he would just as soon avoid: an old Waterbender who can teach him to move, shape, and fight with liquid, prerequisites to Aang assuming his place as the world's savior. Meanwhile, Aang's traveling companion Katara is frustrated by that same master's refusal to sharpen her own natural, Waterbending talent; until, that is, an unexpected link between them becomes clear. (Aang's other friend, Sokka, stays busy--and crazy--chasing a princess who gives him mixed signals about her romantic interest.) "The Siege of the North, Parts 1 and 2" is yet another epic confrontation between Admiral Zhao's Fire Navy fleet and the Aang gang. The twist this time is that Zhao attempts the murder of Prince Zuko, an action that cannot go without consequences. As usual, Avatar is visually exciting and highly original, an otherworldly yet fully accessible fantasy full of dreams and good humor. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Absolutely Superb! In a class of its own!
    I rarely write reviews, but I felt like I needed to voice my support of this wonderful masterpiece! I'm a 36 year old dad who's favorite TV shows and movies consist of Blade Runner, Carnivale, Rome, Miyazaki's animated films, but I have to say that Avatar: The Last Airbender is now up there with the best of them! Yes its animated and I do have kids, but this show is for everyone. It's spiritual and philosophical themes are some of the best I've come across and I actively want my kids to learn from this show. Great characters, epic story, lovable protagnists! What more do you want! Even if the live-action movie doesn't do it justice (and I hope it does, cause it deserves that respect), don't overlook this gem!...more info
  • excellent buy
    I am very happy with this buy. Not only was the product in excellent condition, arriving within a week, but the dvds were great to watch!...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    I bought this for my kids, and they talked me into viewing it with them. I have actually enjoyed watching this. (I am a high school English teacher, so I thought I would find it juvenile and silly.) It is not perfect, but it is pretty entertaining, the story lines are intriguing, and there is a good dose of humor. The interactions between the main characters are charming. Once again, I have been pleasantly surprised....more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    This series is amazing. I love the story and I am an adult. Simply one of the best anime series I have ever seen. Buy it and watch it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. ...more info
  • Avatar Book 1 Collection
    I thought the CD's were well packaged and in good condition. The quality of the CD's was very good as well. My kids are in love with the collection.
    ...more info
  • This Rules
    If you like Avatar The Las Airbender Then you will Love to buy this and its a awesome Story so for people how like this kind of series then this is your Series:)...more info
  • One of the best....
    We have watched Avatar on free to air TV for a while now and jumped at the chance to see the whole series in order. What is exceptional about this series is the scope of the script (80 episodes to complete the story!), its quality and interest for both kids and adults and the quality of the animation. We were glued to the box for hours.........more info
  • There is no greater cartoon on earth!
    Is Avatar not the greatest cartoon out right now! Man, sometimes I forget I'm watching a cartoon and that the main characters are kids. The story line is so adult! I bought the whole collection for every season for myself to watch! If I had kids I still would have bought it for myself. I have become so enlightened spiritually by this cartoon that was probably meant for kids! I don't think children will get out of this cartoon what is actually delivered spiritually. I think maybe kids just watch it for the physical element action and they might even notice the fact that the avatar has a crush on Kitara. Adult cartoons like Family Guy and South Park which I love also have you rolling with strong adult content but avatar is certainly G rated with their content even though it is adult. My favorite characters mean so much to me because I have an Azuela and a Kitara inside. I can be precisely dangerous like Azuela and internally powerful like kitara. This is an awesome cartoon I look forward to another season on nick and I can't wait for the movie to come out. I sure hope M. Night Shyamalan does this movie justice or he'll have some firebending coming his way!...more info
  • Watch out, the seller is a rip off
    I ordered this item and recieved an empty box with no discs. Amazon removed the order from my records so I could not complain and has been slow in responding to my e-mails.
    Order at your own risk....more info
  • Family Entertainment!!
    This is the third and final season of Avatar. I highly recommend all three seasons of Avatar. The entire family will enjoy watch Avatar together!! Excellent Show!!...more info
  • For Adults and Kids!
    My 5 year old son loves Avatar. We watch it almost everyday and I have come to enjoy it as well. The writing on the show is fantastic and there is always a moral to each episode.

    I highly recommend it....more info
    Great show. One of the best cartoons on today. Story line is excellent and it gets you hooked. I just simply couldn't stop watching it. I would recommend to anyone who loves anime or just cartoons period. I am now an avid watcher and getting the seasons as soon as they come out. ...more info
  • I'm 21, and probably to old for animated stuff...
    but i have to say i love the Avatar series. Originally i started just watching it occasionally with my younger brother, but the more i watched it the more i liked it. All the different elements w/ their own fighting styles is incredible, the characters are loveable, and i love the corny humor. Great series for all ages, and theres characters in there for everyone... my 5 year old sister loves Appa and Momo, my brother of course likes Katara and Aang, and though its hard for me to choose a favorite, i love the moral struggle Zuko is going through, and of course i love the Uncle with his 'glass half full' mentality. Great series, very well thought out, and definatly addicting with the plot!...more info
  • Amazingly deep characters and enjoyable for kids and adults
    I have never written an online review before but "The Last Airbender" series deserves a lot of praise.
    This is one of the best TV anime series ever. Something me and my daughter enjoy watching together, The characters are amazingly deep and intricate.

    It puts values, healthy respect for principles, modesty and courage over greed and warfare. Theres something to love in every episode of this series.

    Watch all 3 books. AMAZING !

    -Sundru...more info
  • avatar the last airbender book 1
    We love the series. We found the quality to be good. No problems with the DvDs ...more info
  • A worthwhile purchase
    I have followed this series since the day the first episode aired for the first time. I am constantly amazed at the complexity of the characters. They demonstrate a level of depth rarely seen in an animated series. Even though I have watched this season, and this series, many times, I still find new things that I had not spotted before. This is a very worthwhile purchase....more info
  • Not just for kids
    A number of close friends have placed heavy recommendations on this cartoon series. Avatar is more than a show for kids. The storylines and characters are truly lovable! I recommend this series to anyone who loves anime, elemental-based fantasy, or a good laugh at fun humor. Dramatic and hilarious, this series is a hit!...more info
  • Oh yeah
    I can say in all honesty that out of the three seasons, this was the best one. The writing and storyline were tighter here than they were in Season 3, and this boxset is definitely a must-have for any Avatar fan. I never get tired of watching these episodes, especially 'The Waterbending Scroll', 'Jet', 'Bato of the Water Tribe', and 'The Deserter'....more info
  • Excellent Series
    When I first saw Avatar, I didnt really like it that much becuase it (the illustrations )appears too kidsie for me but I know the story is very good and so I am giving it another try with a more open mindness . I am watching the series in sequence ,that's why I bought the dvd box set .

    My only problem is the quality of the compression of the dvd.The images in the background are not crisp.I thought it was my eyes but its not,and it is not the the dvd since the player is a very good Sony HDMI player and I have no quality problems playing other 2D animations on it.Or maybe it is just my copy, who knows....more info
  • Avatar's Awesome!
    Water, Earth, Fire! All the episodes so far are enriching and tolerable for adults to watch with their kids, grandkids, and talk about the values you see coming through as the characters develop and the stories unfold. Believe me, it's a blessing to have the dvd version as opposed to viewing it on television laden with commercials that you would like to fast-forward.

    For a Christian viewer, it gives you a chance to show the characteristics that Aang possesses that are Christ-like. ...more info
  • Great Series for Young and Old
    My son, who is four, got my husband and I interested in this series. The storytelling is rich with strong character development and great narratives. The action scenes are excellent and the messages wholesome. My son is still too young to really become 'devoted' to a series, but my husband and I are caught - hook, line and sinker. Definitely recommend!...more info
  • Another wonderful Avatar box set
    Fantastic set! It is really nice to watch Avatar without all the stupid..and I mean stupid commercials. The shows were what were advertised and the extras were quite interesting....more info
  • Air Bender
    The product was great when we bought it. The product came in an extremely timely manner. It was great. Thank you!!...more info
  • Greate deal, allot of chapters!
    Its greate,I buy it for my friend and now Im the one how is watching it!...more info
  • Fun for whole family!
    My family enjoys watching this show together. The DVD collection is great to have because it is difficult to find it on TV. A wonderful story....more info
  • Whole family watches!
    Everyone in my family loves Avatar (3-year old daughter, 5-year old son, as well as Mommy and Daddy). It's great to be able to watch a specific episode and not have to worry about comercials. I'm sure we'll be getting the Book 2 set soon!...more info
  • Best American Cartoon
    As far as American cartoons go, this is the BEST one on TV right now. The characters are enthralling, the story captivating, and the animation superb. (Thank you Korea!) While this is made for children, adults will enjoy this series as well. Probably the best thing going for it is it doesn't "talk down" to it's audience. (Glad someone finally figured out kids *are not stupid*.)...more info
  • Best kids series ever
    Avatar is a great show all three of my boys ages 3, 9, 13 love it. This set is great now we can finally erase them off the DVR....more info
  • One of the best cartoons I've ever seen
    I was told by several friends that I absolutely HAD to see this show, because it was so amazing. So I rented four out of the five Book 1 DVDs (Vol. 2 was absent from the library shelves) and spent a day becoming completely absorbed in this world. I'll be the first to admit that I don't like Japanese anime very much, so something that is so heavily influenced by that style has got to be pretty darn good for me to like it despite that. Avatar was all that and more. Gorgeous character designs, animation, and backgrounds make for a feast for the eyes.

    Also, this is the first show that I've seen in a very long time that isn't completely dumbed down and filled with aesops, despite its target audience. Yes, there are overall themes of friendship, loyalty, good vs. evil, and teamwork that are pretty evident in any children's cartoon, but Avatar is a nice change in that it doesn't beat you over the head with those ideas (usually). The characters are diverse and well-developed - even the random extras, like Foaming Mouth Guy and Cabbage Man have their fans - and it's a perfect blend of action, humor, adventure, and (dare I say it) the beginnings of an epic romance.

    One warning though: make sure you have plenty of time when you start it. Avatar is like visual crack; one episode and you're hooked....more info
  • One of the best TV programs out there!
    This show is amazing! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would! My brother(12) and I(17) are HUGE fans of the show and when we saw that season 1 was out on DVD we had to get it!
    The world that Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko (the creators of Avatar) have brought to life is a true work of art. The characters have heart and depth, the backgrounds/settings are captivating, and the show's story line is extremely well thought out. The show has a perfect mix of comedy, action, and romance - making it appealing to a large audience. Avatar is also entertaining for all ages and is a great family show.
    The world of Avatar is heavily Asian-influenced and some components of the show remind me a lot of Hayao Miyazaki's work (which I love). For instance, Appa's design reminds me of the Cat Bus in My Neighbor Totoro and the Ocean Spirit in the season finale looks a lot like the Nightwalker in Princess Mononoke. I think that anyone who enjoys anime will enjoy Avatar also.
    I recommend buying this set of DVD's instead of buying the season separately spread out onto 5 individual DVD's. You save a lot more money this way (about $25!) and you also get a bonus dvd with lots of fun and interesting information about the show on it.
    These DVD's are great for new fans to get caught up with the series and a must-have for any hardcore fan. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a show that you'll fall in love with and will want to watch again and again. ...more info
  • A Wonder for All Ages
    I avoided this show for a while, because the previews made it seem a little too much like Pokemon or whatnot. But after hearing good things from several trusted sources, I figured I'd give it a shot.

    And I am so glad that I did. Right away, you can tell that this show is special. The characters are funny and quirky, but they are also real enough to relate to. The world they live in is populated with a wonderful assortment of conglomerate animals, and the people are not mere 2-dimensional characters that one can overlook. You even find yourself sympathizing with most of the villains. The people who wrote this show took a lot of time in developing the characters and the plot - I especially appreciate how they draw upon real-life martial arts techniques to create the different "bending" styles, and the nations of their world reflect cultural aspects of our own world.

    And, as an artist, I also enjoyed the beautiful, fluid animation and the enthralling musical score.

    This is not your typical kid's show. This is something that the whole family can sit down and watch together, and everyone will gain something. I am so glad that this show will be available when it is time for me to raise my own children....more info
  • Avatar The Last Air Bender
    I am very disappointed with the DVD I received because 2 of the 5 discs were scratched and cannot be played....more info
  • Finally a Great TV Show (and it's animated!)
    This show is quite amazing. The storyline is wonderful, the characters are intriguing and true, you even develop soft spots for characters who are suppose to be the "bad guys" aka the Fire Nation.

    But not only the story is great, but the effort the creators put into studying the different kinds of martial arts and their movements and attaching a unique "bending" element to each kind of fighting style.

    I'm a 21 yr old college student and this is one of my favorite shows of all time. I have NEVER bought a season of any show, but I am the proud owner of this complete series. Buy it, it's good. You will not regret it....more info
  • Absolutely wonderful!
    My entire family enjoys watching this series. We watched the series on tv. Now that it's over, we are working our way back through the series. My husband and I enjoy the story line and quality of animation. It's also fun to watch our children imitate the characters' moves. The series has sparked an interest in martial arts in my 6 year old, which we are encouraging and will be enrolling her soon in classes. Even my 2 year old enjoys watching this set!

    Excellent series for the family!...more info
  • So many DVD's so little time
    I bought this DVD for my daughter for Christmas. She might be in her late teens but she loves this program....more info
  • The master of four elements
    Most western animation for children is, to put it simply, really wretched. At best, it's tolerable.

    But a shining exception would be the tale of the Avatar of all four elements, and to restore the balance in the world. "Avatar The Last Airbender - Book 1" serves as a solid first season to this series, with its colourful world, vivid action and complex characters. It may be aimed at kids, but it's a solid enough series to be enjoyed by any age.

    South Pole Water Tribe siblings Katara and Sokka stumble across a glowing iceberg, with a young Airbender boy named Aang (and his flying bison) sealed inside. All Airbenders were killed long ago by the Fire Nation. You guessed it (and so does Katara): Aang is the Avatar who mysteriously vanished a century ago, and is the only hope against the Fire Nation. And, uh, he's a total goofball.

    Unfortunately, a Fire Nation prince named Zuko has been wandering the world in search of Aang, and agrees to let the Water Tribe alone if Aang surrenders. Of course, Katara and Sokka set out to rescue their friend, and since Katara isn't experienced enough in waterbending to teach Aang how to do it, they set out for the North Pole to find a waterbending master.

    Along the way, the three friends encounter hurricanes, woman warriors, a loopy old king who seems very familiar, Aang's ruined temple, a Spirit World Beast, a waterbending scroll, pirates, teenage rebels, two tribes locked in an eternal feud, a mysterious man in a blue mask, fortunetellers, a rogue Firebender, and an Air Temple turned into a steampunk palace.

    But through the journey, Aang is confronted by the vast changes from the last century, and they are constantly attacked by the desperate Zuko, and his arrogant rival General Zhao. And when they arrive at the icy citadel at the North Pole, Aang finds that saving his friends may be far more difficult than he expected...

    The highest compliment I can pay "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is that it's like a thoroughly solid action/fantasy anime, with lots of elemental fights. Though it starts off on a typical quest, it's graced with good writing, excellent animation, and a general look drawn from Asian and Inuit cultures.

    Though most of "Book 1: Water" is made up of one-episode stories, the writers nevertheless weave subplots through it. The world itself is a simple but well-realized one, with different civilizations clashing against the steampunky armored tanks and ships of the Fire Nation. Assassinations, captures, escapes and spiritual journeys are all interwoven into this story.

    That isn't to say that it's all grim and serious -- it's quite the opposite. Lots of amusing dialogue ("I'm too young to die!" "I'm not, but I still don't wanna!"), slapstick, and flashy fights involving eruptions of fire, swirling water and blasts of air. It all culminates in a brilliantly epic clash, which wraps up the season nicely while leaving the way open for Aang's next lessons.

    And they do a good job with the characters -- Aang is a kind and selfless kid, but still a kid. He has plenty of inner guilt and turmoil over his role as the Avatar and his past mistakes, but is still down-to-earth enough to tell an amazed fortune-teller, "Yeah, yeah, I knew that already. But did it say anything about a girl?" Katara and Sokka make good companions -- a sensible, short-fused girl with waterbending powers, and her rather reckless, courageous brother.

    And though technically the antagonist, scarred teenager Zuko also is worthy of note -- as the series winds on, we see how desperate he is to regain his lost honor, and the horrible event that led to his exile. He's the exact opposite of the nasty, proud Zhao -- and his lovably pervy uncle Iroh makes for good comic relief ("I'm certain you bathe regularly"), but there are hints that he's much more than that.

    "Avatar The Last Airbender: The Complete Book 1" has a few initial wobbles, but quickly blossoms into a brilliant little show. Definitely worth seeing....more info
  • Great
    Amazing story and great characters. perfect marriage for East and west !!!
    Joseph from Malta...more info
  • Avatar is Great
    The Avatar Book 1 Collection is excellent. Since I am a fan of anime, this is one of my favorites. I recommend this for everyone who likes anime....more info
  • Completely Amazing
    This series is just fantastic. it goes above and beyond the Nickelodean standard of children's programing, because the story telling and depth is anything but "just for children"

    This show, is beyond amazing, and I highly recommend it to anyone, however, this is not a show you can pick up from a random episode, and appreciate it. Watch it from the beginning, and enjoy it fully.

    I'd recommend this to any one, even the most avid anime fan will appreciate this....more info
  • Outstanding Series
    "Avatar The Last Airbender" is an outstanding series. The writing is excellent. It is funny, imaginative, dramatic, and suspenseful. Every episode develops the plot or one of the subplots. I liked it so much that I watched the entire series twice after buying the DVDs....more info
  • Very good!
    If you like adventure and magic you'll be served!!! The story line is good from the start to the end! Each character have their own personality. You will fall in love with this series for sure!!!! ^_^ ...more info
  • Awsome
    I love Avatar! It is so great to be able to sit and watch all the episodes together or be able to skip around to my favorite episodes....more info
  • Wow!!!!!!!!
    Was more thatn we exspected. Great bonus disc can't wait till Sep. for Book 3....more info
  • Complete Book 1
    Worth the money. I plan on buying this collection as a Christmas present for two families so they can have their own Avatar DVD complete sets....more info
  • Very Awsome
    This season is what really started it all. Its also has the best special features of all three seasons...more info
  • Great for anybody looking for entertaining cartoons
    I first saw the Avatar on Cartoon Network, after a few episodes I decided I wanted to see all the episodes without missing any in between. I have enjoyed them entirely and I recommend them very, very highly to any age group....more info


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