HYGIA 6.0 AC-6000 Complete Air Cleansing System

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  • Pre-filter catures large dust particles
  • HEPA Filter captures 99.99% of airborne particles
  • UV Light tube kills virusesthat are exposed to the light
  • Ionizer emits negative ions to enhance the cleaning process
  • Freshens air, removes odors

 Customer Reviews:

  • One year later and still working like new
    I bought this last year 9/07. I waited because prior posts always say how great an air purifier works after a few weeks. My daughter and I have severe allergies pollen, dust, smoke, etc....

    ******** Positives: ***********

    1. It's extremely quite on most settings. Even on high it's not very loud.
    2. Does not produce Ozone.
    3. It works. I have several air purifiers. This one cleans the air just as good or better than all the ones I have(1 Oreck Pro, 2 Hamilton Beach, 1 Plasmawave and 2 Hygia 6). I tested this unit with the others. With regards to room size I have vaulted ceilings so the rooms are large. When the wife sprays chemicals like(Starch when ironing, hairspray, bathroom cleaners) the Hygia picks up the chemical and turns up a level to clean the air. All the other purifiers missed these chemicals unless they are sprayed right in front of the purifier. My hygia is next to the bed in the corner and is at least 20 feet away from the bathroom (remember this is with Vaulted Ceiling).
    4. In the kitchen I set the Ionic on and it cleans the air. Much faster and better than my Oreck. I leave the Oreck in the kitchen do to the Truman Cell. Saves on filters, but it takes forever to clean out fryoil smell, smoke from foods, garlic etc....
    5. The filters are easy to clean and hold up very well. I replace my Hamiltons every 6-8 months and they are black. My hygia is a year old. The filter is dark but not black. The 6 levels of filteration trap alot of stuff prior to the hepa.
    6. NO SMELL AFTER A YEAR. All hepas start to smell bad! I took this to Disney to clean the air in the room, so this hygia has been all over. Yet the filteration is so pure it destroys odors. No mildewy black smut hepa filters unless you try to extend the hepa beyond a year. My other hepas stink with no warning. You go into the basement and realize it's time to replace the hepa on my other systems.
    7. It cuts down on spreading germs. My daughter is in Kindergarden and is already been sick twice. Asthma turns to Chest infection = a lot of coughing and hacking. She's been sick twice and yet this system seems to absorb the germs. No one else (other daughter and wife and I) got sick. Before the Hygia the other filters seem to blow the germs around. So far (knock on wood) this seems to absorb germs. I may help that I have 2 Hygias. One in her room and 1 in ours.
    8. Nice handle. Light and easy to move.

    ******* Negatives: ********

    1. It does not clean large rooms fast. My kitchen has an island and it takes awhile to clean the air. My master bed room is also large and it kicks up to high to clean the air. The ionic switch seems to speed it up.
    I leave the Oreck in kitchen.

    2. It doesnt clean harsher smells unless ionic is on. I dont mind the option but some do. The plasmawave was horrible. Felt like skin was irritated when plasmawave was running(No longer own).


    I still use the 2 Hamiltons in the basement only because they are good hepas and clean 300square feet. This Hygia out performs all of them. They need to make a bigger unit. I would like to get one for the whole level rather than get one for each room. I have 2 and will probably order 1 more.
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