Tovolo Yellow Groovy Pop Molds

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For material handling. Comfortable, warm 8-oz. brown jersey with knit wrist cuff. Clute pattern, straight thumb.

Get an approving smile from the kids while serving them healthy juice snacks with Tovolo's yellow Groovy pop molds. Simply fill the funky shapes with favorite beverages, attach the handles, and set them upright on their custom tray in the freezer. Because the molds are individually cast, it's easy to serve one or all six at a time and to prepare assorted flavors. Built-in drip guards also keep clothes and hands clean--now that'll make mom grin. Crafted of durable plastic with a fun lemon hue, the molds offer a fresh, summertime look that can be enjoyed again and again. The entire set measures 7 by 5 by 8 inches. --Kara Karll

  • Set of six yellow Groovy pop molds with custom base; measures 7 by 5 by 8 inches
  • Crafted of durable plastic for years of fun icy treats
  • Fill with kids' favorite juice flavors and freeze
  • Innovative design allows removal of pops one at a time
  • Handles feature built-in sticks and drip guards

Customer Reviews:

  • what a great idea
    Each popsicle can be individually removed and refilled meaning that you will never have to be without your homemade pop's...more info
  • Decent product for the price
    This is a great product, especially if you are dieting. My only problem with the product is that each pop has a gully to catch drips. The problem is that then you can spill the liquid on your clothes. The tupperware brand does not have this little gully and you must wrap a paper towel around the base to catch drips, but it doesn't collect and spill on you. The tupperware pops are $25 and not worth the extra money. ...more info
  • Best pop molds I've ever used!
    I've used several ice pop molds over the years, and up until now I thought Tupperware's pop molds were by far the best. These Tovolo molds lack the ability to replace either the cap or the handle (they are one molded piece) but the plastic used in the cap/handle and the mold is easily the best I've ever seen for pop molds. It's too early to predict how well these will actually hold up after dozens of freezings and thawings, but if the quality of materials is any indication, they should last a long, long time.

    One month later:

    While I still think these are overall the best pop molds I've ever used, I did discover one thing about them (the hard way, naturally): don't drop them on anything hard (i.e., a tile floor) after they've been in the freezer for a day or more. The yellow caps/lids tend to get brittle after freezing, and they will crack and/or break. The opaque molds don't appear to have this issue, although I don't plan to intentionally test their break-resistance threshold. I glued mine back together with Barge Cement. It's not pretty but it's functional....more info
  • Fun and Healthy!
    These molds make nice big popsicles. We love making them with grape juice, very refreshing! I only stopped short of giving them 5 stars because I did have trouble getting a couple of the popsicles loose from mold, and I pulled stick out trying to do so. BUT the next time I just ran them under warm water to loosen them. I never run out of popsicles now, especially when the kids get sick and I can't make it to the store....more info
  • A good product
    My kids love making these popsicles. The only thing I can say is that they are awful big for kids. My kids can never finish one of these because they are so large. ...more info
  • Low-Carb Recipe Suggestion
    Fill blender with around 2-2/3 cups water. Add 1/2 cup party peanuts (around 12 grams carbs) and pulverize. Then blend in 1 pack of sugar-free vanilla or chocolate pudding mix (around 28 grams carbs). Then blend in 6 ounces of low-carb vanilla yogurt (around 4 grams carbs). A 4-cup mixture will fill 8 pop molds. The nutritional math works out to around 5.5 grams carbs and 70 calories per pop (depending on the ingredients used).

    The pulverized peanuts produce a small-crystal ice texture. Thawing the pop in the refrigerated section for 2-3 hours before consumption results in an ice cream like texture.

    To conserve mold-release running tap water, fill a small container with hot water and consecutively immerse all the molds in one session. Place the pops on a plate in wagon wheel configuration and return to freezer....more info
  • healthy treats for kids, good quality for mom!
    Just what I needed! I am making more of my kids' snacks rather than buying convenience items. I'm a doctor, & I have become fed up with having to decipher the ingredients that go into my kids' bodies. I know that my pops have naturally sweet organic strawberries & homemade organic yogurt in them, and that's IT. And the kids devour them. Or plain organic juices, lemonade, you name it. It's not hard to fill them, or clean them, so it's no more work than spending the extra time in the freezer aisle. I can refill them individually as soon as the molds appear in the sink (or the kids are making juice blends now). As another reviewer confirmed, some plastics will crack if dropped when frozen, so I would be careful of that. The kids slide the pops out easily by running them under a little cool water for about 30 seconds. Drips aren't an issue if they remember to slurp out the drip catcher. You do need enough freezer space to keep these upright until frozen of course, although they don't seem to drip if the top is on firmly. I suspect it may leak if you try freezing these on their sides, as the frozen liquid expands. Happy pop-making!...more info
  • Great Popsicles
    Popsicles molds are good sized, seem very durable. The handle catches juices so it doesn't drip on your hand....more info
  • Works well but BIG!
    These molds work really well for their purposes.

    The good:
    - BPA free
    - Cheap!
    - Very sturdy
    - Drip tray definitely helps
    - Easy to clean and use

    The bad:
    - Really large sizes - may be too big for kids
    - Popsicle stick to the mold somtimes...more info
  • Work well...
    These pop molds work well. Just remember, when you take them out of the freezer, run the iced part under warm water for about 10-30 seconds. And don't fill them to the absolute top. Enjoy....more info
  • Doesn't release well
    Have to submerged under hot water to get the mold to release without the stick pulling out of the popsicle. A portion of the popsicle is left in the lower part of the handle, either get it out with a utensil or it's all over the place....more info
  • Very nice and high quality
    These popsicle molds are very nice and sturdy, easy to fill and to wash out. I like them especially because you can just take one out of the freezer compared to other molds that are all-in-one mold. The only negative is that they are a little messy to eat. If you don't pay attention and don't hold the popsicle straight you will most certainly end up with a couple drips here and there from the popsicle melting while you eat it. Would definetly buy again though....more info
  • very refreshing
    I have a hard time finding my favorite ice pop - Root Beer flavor. This way I can buy some, let it go flat and then make my own. These are a large size, maybe not for toddlers, but good for older kids and (adult kids)....more info
  • Best popsicle molds ever!!!
    I've used many popsicle molds before finding these gems and these are by far the best shape, easiest to use and clean, and most practicle I've ever used. I just ordered 4 more sets!
    EBH...more info
  • Iced Pleasure on a Stick!
    I had tried other Popsicle molds before finding Tovolo and was sorely disappointed. The plastic sticks would break after just a couple of uses, the molds did not hold very much, and the holder was not that steady in my freezer. These Tovolo Yellow Groovy Pop Molds, in my opinion, work on every level. The molds make a beautiful Popsicle with an abundant amount of iced product, the sticks are strong, and the container holding the 6 molds are sturdy in my over-stuffed freezer. The molds go through the dishwasher without an issue and don't retain any coloring nor odor from their last use. I am thrilled and would definitely recommend. ...more info
  • Very happy with this purchase
    These are high quality sturdy plastic, sit in my freezer well and are just the right shape and size. They are easy to unsheathe when frozen and make pretty festive healthy frozen treats. I'm very happy to get this....more info
  • Trovolo Yello groovy pop molds
    I have bought cheaper versions of popcycle makers ,I like to make healthy treats without sugar or preservatives etc. These are the best molds!
    They are easy to use, sturdy. You can take them out of the tray to store them easily in the freezer.Easy to wash. The shape is comfortable for the mouth. Only 1 complaint, the stick is kind of long and it is hard to get at the bottom of the popcycle. My favorite- frozen ( no sugar added) cherries with unsweetened goat yogurt and unsweetened coconut milk- blended. Apple juice can add sweetener without adding sugar. Delicious!
    gw...more info
  • Wonderful Product!! A must for hot summer days!
    Key Lime Popsicles
    5 cups water
    1 cup sugar
    1/2 cup fresh Key lime juice or lime juice

    Combine sugar and water in a large non-aluminum saucepan; bring to a boil and stir until the sugar dissolves completely. Cool sugar mixture completely. Stir in lime juice. Place the molds in their stand, then fill with lime mixture and place their caps on top. Freeze overnight or longer until frozen solid.
    ...more info
  • Big size, easy to use & clean, LOVE IT!
    We looked all over for a popsicle mold that made popsicles like we wanted. Lots of them were too small, or messy to use, or had other design flaws.

    This one, the Tovolo Yellow Groovy Pop Molds, was EVERYTHING we wanted in a popsicle mold.

    1. The size of the pop is nice and big, like the size of a pop you would buy.

    2. You don't have to take all of them out to enjoy one. They pop out of their base individually!

    3. They have a drip guard, which until I had one, i didn't realize how great it was to have one!

    4. They are easy to use and clean. In fact, you could eat one, then refill just that one and put it back!

    The great thing about making your own pops is you can control the ingredients, PLUS save money. I like to strain yogurt to make it a little thicker, then mix it up with some fruit and splenda, resulting in a low-sugar, creamy pop. Or use a sugarless juice. As a diabetic, this allows me to have wonderful, delicious treats without destroying my health.

    This popsicle mold is really fantastic. I love it. We use it at least once a week...or more if you count the individual refills.

    Seriously, if you want to make popsicles at home, THIS is the mold to get. I am considering trying their other shapes, but for now i'm really happy with this one.

    priscilla...more info
  • Ice molds
    Easy to use. This item also makes great ice chunks for drinks. You can be creative with flavors beyond the ordinary.
    ...more info
  • Pretty Nice Solid Molds Easy to Use - Little Too Large
    We purchased these molds and have used them few times. Here are some Pro and Cons
    1. Very Solid and Strong Molds... (unlike cheap pastic ones at Walmart)
    2. Beautiful Shapes
    3. Fits nicely in base
    4. Easy to clean
    5. Drip Protector

    1. Little too large. We made icecream and I was not too comfortable at thought of eating it completely.
    2. Drip Protector is also an issue because most of ice cream stuck in there is too hard to eat. You will notice your tongue/mouth will be performing acrobatics just to reach the last bit.:)

    But all in all a Good Buy!!...more info
  • Work Great
    I love these. Now I'm able to easily make healthy frozen snacks for our family. Now I just need some new recipes......more info
  • Great product !!!
    I love these popsicle makers. Since I love cold treats in the summer, by making my own popsicles and keeping them handy, I can make a better choice for myself rather than the high fat/high calorie ice creams at the supermarket (that I also love). One of my favorite recipes is to first blend together frozen fruit, sorbet (Haagen Dazs sorbet has no fat and only trace amounts of milk protein), and a little bit of apple juice to loosen things up. Pour them into the Tovolo popsicle makers and you are in store for a yummy frozen treat. Peach fruit with Peach sorbet is my favorite. The catch all tray attached to the stick is a perfect way to keep clean while eating your popsicles....more info
  • Perfect
    This is the recipe you should try:

    3 cups of milk
    1 box of chocolate pudding mix (4 oz
    1 cup of whipped cream
    1/3 cup of sugar

    Combine the mixture and pour into individual ice mold. Freeze overnight, yum yum.

    Try it, you won't regret!

    ...more info
  • very good quality popsicle molds, should last for years.
    Wanted to make my own healthy popsicles and couldn't believe how hard it was to find them in the stores. So got these and am very happy with them. The plastic they're made out of is heavy duty so they should last for years if not a lifetime. Also they are a decent size-6 oz per pop....more info
  • Popsicle mold
    The popsicle molds are very large - too large for young children. I bought this product so that I could make popsicles for my young (1 1/2 to 7 yrs. old) grandchildren. The popsicles turn out to be as large as those one would buy from an ice-cream truck. I couldn't tell from the picture what size the molds were. Sizing information in the write-up would have been helpful. ...more info
  • Great frozen pop molds
    I'm impressed with the Tovolo Yellow Groovy Pop Molds. The plastic is very sturdy & the pops release easily by running under hot water for a few seconds. I like the individual molds, the fit is snug while waiting for freezing & may be eaten one at a time without having to unmold the entire tray as with other products. The handle is easy to grip, they are easy to eat, except when you get to the bottom. It's challenging getting your mouth around the last inch or so or the pop. I solved this however, by not filling the mold to the top. I do wish the molds were a bit smaller. The Tovolo pop is 4 oz, while store bought pops are 1.65 oz. I would recommend this product....more info


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