Danby Silhouette DDR556RH Dehumidifier and Heater

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55-pint dehumidifier, Energy Star compliant, electronic controls, remote control, 1200-watt heater, 2-speed fan, temperature & humidity indicator, adjustable humidity settings, power on indicator light, low temperature feature, auto defrost

  • 55 Pint Dehumidifer and 1200 Watt Heater.
  • Energy Star Rated.
  • Digital controls and humidistat.
  • Easy to empty or connect a permanent drain hose. 2 Fan Speeds

 Customer Reviews:

  • Watch out
    This is the second Danby I have owned, and the second I will be returning for the same reason.....it leaks water. Danby referred me to several repair people in my area bu all were either out of business or said they don't work on Danby. It's a great dehumidifier when it works, but it doesn't last. Will avoid from now on....more info
  • So far, so good!
    I was a bit leery `bout buying this unit as there seem to be a lot of unhappy customers out there, but it seems to be one of the better-designed AFA features etc I could find-so far, so good with my unit. The big question seems to be durability and since I've only had it two weeks I can't comment on that. It's being used in my basement and seems to be doing fine, and the humidity reading closely matches that of my Honeywell TM005X Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer.
    This is replacing a Sears Kenmore that had its compressor crap out just past the 5-year warranty for the compressor system.

    Remote (maybe useless, but it's free/cheap)
    Heater included (could come in handy for heating damp spaces in winter)
    Display and control functions/layout/lighted panel
    Folding handle in tank makes carrying to empty easy/safer
    Accuracy of humidity display
    Audible warning when tank full
    Timer-allows you the option of setting it to run for X amount of time and shut off

    Wish the tank was bigger (probably at least twice the size)
    Strong plastic odor! (Seems to be dissipating)

    Don't know if I like the fan running all the time, `course I guess it helps maintain more consistent humidity levels by doing so? Might be nice to have the option of having the fan cycle on/off?

    UPDATE EDIT: 3 months usage and no problems so far-I've really come to appreciate the beeper letting me know when the bucket is full....more info
  • Danby Dehumidifier
    Worked great for 3 months then the compressor went out. It took the service shop, which was 120 miles away, 8 months to get the warranty repair parts from Danby, even they said, never buy from this company....more info
  • Danby Dehumidifier Poor Quality
    Over the past 5 years my Danby dehumidifier has been in and out of service so often I've lost count. Eventually replaced with another new one and I had problems with that one! Don't touch them at any price!...more info
  • Junk!
    After going around to every local store and finding Goldstar, LG or Whirlpool dehumidifiers that haven't gotten great reviews, I decided to order a Danby dehumidifier from BeverageFactory.com. I first ordered the DDR451, and Beverage Factory said they shipped it, only to tell me a couple days later they actually didn't and that it was back-ordered. So, I asked them to upgrade my order to the DDR556RH since that was in stock. It was only a little more money and supposedly offered greater dehumidification, a heater, and a remote.

    The unit came via FedEx relatively quickly. It's tall, relatively nice looking, and similar to the DDR586R but that model does not have a heater. The display is a cool blue and indicates room humidity and let's you set the desired humidity from 30% to 80%. The heater works fine and shows the temp in the room and the desired temp setting (in C or F). The fan only mode also works, although it's a little loud on high, and I'm not sure why you would want to use just the fan. Unfortunately, THE DEHUMIDIFIER DOES NOT WORK BECAUSE THE COMPRESSOR NEVER TURNS ON. That's right, it doesn't dehumidify.

    I've tried everything. My basement has about 70% humidity right now, far about the 40% target I set. I ran it for days. Nothing. Not a drop in the bucket. Still about 70% humidity. I've unplugged it and plugged it back in, cycled through the modes, and fiddled with the bucket. Still nothing.

    Ok, so it's junk (I could stereotype this as cheap Chinese crap but not everything from China is junk). What to do? Beverage Factory said to call Danby. Danby gave me a local service number that's disconnected. I located the company in the phone book, and they said they don't service Danby products any longer because it's hard to get parts and they don't know why Danby keeps referring people to them. Back on the phone with Danby...

    Anyway, they gave me the service number for the next closest location - about 40 miles away. I've called them but they are on vacation. Hopefully they can fix this thing, otherwise I'll need to see if Beverage Factory will take it back. If they expect me to pay to ship the thing back, this story will get even more fun.

    I'll keep you posted on how it goes.
    ...more info
  • Danby is poor quality
    Have had a Danby Silhouette dehumidifier just over one year. The stupid fan runs all the time, & the water collector bucket gets mold in the bottom. To remove the bucket is like pulling teeth from an elephant...very tight fit.

    That is, when it worked!

    The fan still works, but the CONDENSER JUST POOPED OUT...only 1+ years. You have to suspect that they build in that amount of durability...just past the 1 year warrantee! This is particularly annoying since these things weigh in the 50 lb. range, AND since it's an appliance (in CT) I'll probably have to pay to dispose of it!!

    I'm here today to research for another (different brand) dehumidifier to replace it! I would NEVER buy a Danby (anything) again.

    I wish Emerson Quiet Kool dehumidifiers were still being made. I have one which keeps going like the Energizer bunny...so many years I can't count! I have it hooked up with an external pump so that I don't have to empty it. What a dream!...more info