Whirlpool AD35USS Gold Dehumidifier - 35 Pint Low Temperature

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Product Description

35 pint dehumidifier with ultra low temperature operation (down to 38 degrees F). Suitable for small environments.

  • Energy star qualified.
  • Removes up to 35 pints of water in 24 hours.
  • Operates as low as 38 degrees F.
  • Adjustable humidistat. 2 Fan Speeds

 Customer Reviews:

  • Does the job well
    Whirlpool AD35USS 35 Pint Capacity Ultra Low Temp Dehumidifier (White)
    Very queit and keeps our basement from being damp. Have had other makes & models prior to this and were always noisy and hard to empty out. Worth the $$....more info
  • Did not last. Will not honor the warrenty
    I have the 50 pint version of this model. It started having problems freezing up after 4 - 6 months, and completly died after about a year. Whirlpool will not honor the the 5 year warranty. They require a bill of sale before they will even consider a warranty repair. Even then you have to pay a service fee, and only some of the parts are covered. So even if you have the receipt years later you will likely still have pay part if not all of the cost of repairs....more info
  • silent and efficient
    This dehumidifier is quiet and it was very easy to attach a garden hose, to have it running all the time into the bathtub. ...more info
  • Good Choice for a Dehumidfier
    I've had this dehumidifier for a month or so and am very happy with it. It is easy to operate, easy to move and works very well to remove moisture from our basement. Noise is not much of an issue for us since we use it in the basement, but I think the operation is pretty quiet, especially when it's run at the lower fan speed. Water bucket is easy to empty. I would definitely buy this unit again....more info
  • works fine
    I've heard this unit is noisey, but compared to my old one, I can barely hear this one. No ice like last one. So far, working great and sucking lots of water....more info
  • Excellent dehumidifier
    Highly recommend!!

    Unit is noticeably quieter than the LG LHD45EL dehumidifier it replaced. Tank is easy to empty. Only had this dehumidifier for a few weeks so far, but seems well built. Definitely would buy again....more info