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Whirlpool(R) 70-Pint Dehumidifier ENERGY STAR(R). ENERGY STAR(R) qualified. Operates as low as 38 degrees F. AccuDry Sensing System - senses moisture in the air before removing to avoid over drying the air. Removes 70 pints per day. 2-Speed fan. Adjustable humidistat. Bucket-full indicator light. Automatic bucket full shut-off. Direct drain hose connection. Continuous run mode.

  • ENERGY STAR(R) qualified
  • Operates as low as 38 degrees F
  • AccuDry Sensing System - senses moisture in the air before removing to avoid over drying the air
  • Removes 75 pints per day
  • 2-Speed fan
Customer Reviews:
  • Worked for 18 months and useless
    I purchased this model whirlpool dehumidifier because of its high rating on a consumer web site and whirlpools good customer service reputation. What a bunch of horse manure. Since sears purchased whirlpool and now handles warranty repairs it is awful. I called the 800 numbers was told that limited warranty, 5 years on sealed parts could only be repaired by authorized service center since a tech can't come to my house outside of Chicago, no tech in this area, WOW sears is based in Chicago. Oh well I will take it to SEARS, great a sears is 2 miles away, there everywhere. They took 2 months, got the unit back dirty and ding up, and it didn't work it still didn't work after 2 months at a repair center. I called back and they said, it would now cost a minimum of $45 and may cost up to $150. I paid $199 for the unit at Lowes on sale. I have read up on whirlpool dehumidifiers and I have noticed complaints are after 16 months of service, most don't last 2 years. Lousy customer service, I think I will never buy another whirlpool anything. I filed a complaint with the BBB, maybe they will help get it fixed right this time....more info
    This unit works great!! We have had this for two years and will be getting another one because this works so good! The only time I hear any noise from this unit is when it is on an unlevel floor, otherwise it is great!!

    We get lots of water from this unit in the summer and very little in the winter, which this is the way it is suppose to work.

    LOVE THIS UNIT!!...more info
  • Can Not Extract A Tear Drop
    I bought this unit to replace a 45 pint LG low temperature model that stopped working. It's for my finished basement that has an average temperature of 55-60 degrees. Last night, it didn't extract any moisture at all, though I had it set to "Max Dry." Today, I set it to "Continuous" and left it for an hour. I was skeptical of its "Accu-Dry" sensor, because my LG ALWAYS was able to extract something from the air if I set it to always on. I only have 30 days to return the unit, so I don't want to wait for the humidity of summer. I set up a humidifier 4 feet away from it and still nothing. I then put the humidifier in front of it, and still nothing. It cycles on, runs for a minute and then seems satisfied with the humidity level and cycles off. Meanwhile, the humidifier is blowing humid air all around it, and this unit is not extracting a single teardrop in its VERY small bucket. Nice looking unit, but useless. I will most likely buy another LG, which happens to still be in stock with the vendor I bought this unit from. ...more info
  • Just awful!
    Yes, a dehumidifier makes noise. Having owned two others, each a different brand, I knew that already. But I should have paid more attention to a succinct review of this item that I saw elsewhere: "It wakes the dead." I would simply compare the sound it makes to a 747's engines - there's nowhere in the house one can get away from it, and that's the truth. It also doesn't remove as much moisture in the same amount of time as did my humble little Maytag 30-pint model, and it leaks.

    No, I didn't keep it. What a relief that return was....more info
  • Whirlpool AD70USS GOLD Dehumidifier-70 pint