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Spectrobes puts you in charge of a mission that could save the galaxy! Two junior Interplanetary Patrol officers, Rallen and Jeena, learn of strange, prehistoric creatures with strange powers called Spectrobes. They hold the key to defeating a vicious and merciless force, known only as the Krawl. Our two young heroes embark on a mission to save their galaxy: Excavate, awaken, train and collect all the Spectrobes they can -- and get them ready to battle the Krawl.

Customer Reviews:

  • the second funnest game ever
    This game is so cool! You get to run around searching for minerals and fossils and going inside black and purple tornadoes to fight aliens! it is not like pokemon at all. Your main character can fight with a blaster, sword, or glove. You will have to use the mic a lot. I am even stuck on this games and can't get past this one dessert area. But it is so fun anyway. This game is for people who have just bought a DS, or someone who has one. I think you would like this game if you bought it. THIS GAME IS SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • This Game Sucks.
    After the hype Disney has given this game over the past several months, I was expecting something really special, and not a Pokemon rip-off as the company had promised. Well, they got that part right, but not much else. The game basically consists of you entering a level at one point, randomly digging all over the entire map, then searching for the exit. There is no online multi-player as the 'Wi-Fi' logo on the box might lead you to believe, only local ad-hoc (that is, once you dig up the randomly placed cube needed to unlock that function). You also have to locate other hidden cubes to unlock such basic features as say, using the cards that are included in the box. Who thought up this genius idea? This is a kid's game! Another stinging point is no direct control over the Spectrobes themselves, just your main character who dies almost instantly any time he recives damage in a battle. You can only use the L & R buttons to activate Spectrobes' attacks, while trying to position your player without dying. This seems like an idea for a new franchise that was ruined by poor planning, or a desire to get the game out before Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. Trust me, save your money for those games, as they are 100 times more fun and rewarding than this one....more info
  • Spectrobes Rock! (Pun intended)
    I've had the game for a few hours now, and could barely tear myself away long enough to post my first impressions!

    I absolutely LOVE this game! The story is one I haven't seen before(no "team Rocket/Magma/etc is raising havoc again", but it does have a sort of "save the universe" feel), the game runs in real time; both battles and in running around and searching for fossils! Speaking of fossils, I found that is one of the bits that took a lot of strategy, later fossils require you to use a delicate(but still speedy) touch. One of the most frustrating things about the fossil excavation part is if you take too long to excavate a fossil, you automatically lose that fossil!

    After you successfully excavate a fossil, you take it back to your ship to "awaken" it (be sure to do this somewhere somewhat private, you'll be shouting at your ds a lot, but it's only for a few seconds per fossil, and whispering/blowing doesn't always work.)

    Then, you take it to an incubation chamber and feel it minerals you have excavated(you'll often find minerals, fossils or other things when out looking for fossils, the color denotes what you may get: gold is always a fossil, blue is always a mineral, rainbow is always a "cube".)

    It's best to put two monsters in one incubation chamber, then when they get old enough to fight, they will give each other bonuses. Come back and check on them in a while, and see if they are sparkling. If they are, they turn into a cacoon, and you tear it open to show your newly-evolved creature! Most have 3 forms, from child to adult(which is when you can fight) is two, then a final form. Some monsters evolve over time, others when you give them enough minerals, others..I haven't learned yet! It's very similar to the "farms" from Digimon World DS I played earlier in the year, except you can't see them on your top screen during searching or fighting. The game uses both screens, and many times both are put to great use! You have two monsters that are always with you ready to be summoned into battle(which is done by walking into these annoying black vortexes that tend to like to follow and/or trap you!)and one you can choose to follow you around and help you look for fossils. To do so, you simply tap on it, and rings appear. If a glittering gold, blue or rainbow spot appears, touch it, and you go into the excavation screen to dig it up.

    Battles run in real time, and you have a monster on your left and right sides, which you control via L and R, respectively. Your character can equip weapons, but it's best to run everyone up to the Krawl(the game's enemies, lumped together and called simply "the Krawl" )and fight. At first, the battle system seems kind of slow and clunky, and there is no way to turn the camera, but it's actually not bad! You have to wait for your Left meter or Right meter to fill up (think Active Time Battle meters and you'll be close) then you press L or R when your left or right monster is near an enemy to fight! There are combos, and monsters can work together on one single, massive attack, but I have yet to try this.

    Graphics? 3D during game play and battles with nice effects when waking fossils, full-motion cut-scenes and a lush planetary design. Plus, the monsters actually animate(Pokemon, I'm looking at YOU!) during battle, or can be seen running alongside you or doing a little dance when they find a fossil.

    As you can see, I have barely scratched the surface on this game, and so far, I'm addicted! It's everything I was hoping for and more! Contrary to what many are saying, I didn't find the game's music to be grating, just kind of bland. Nothing to hum during game play, and when you use your spectrobe to hunt for fossils(which you will do every few steps) you'll find that sound might grate on your ears very quickly.

    All-in-all, while it may not be Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, I think this is a great monster-battling RPG to tide you over until then!...more info
  • wonderful game
    I have not played this game myself... but my nine year old son LOVES it!!!! He has thanked me repeatedly for buying this game and continues to say it's the best game he has ever played! If you have a child around this age and need a new game... this is the one!...more info
  • Spectrobes - by Justin
    General Info:

    I just have beaten the first planet. The first planet is hard, especially your first battle on it, but overall I won it on my first try.

    4The instructions are very complicated so please read them very carefully.

    Don't always just do stuff you like to do such as not going out in the patrol cruiser. Always try to get the best spectrobes possible. To get an adult one which is so easy to get it, get a little guy which is an egg with wheels, put it in the incubator and feed it one mineral. Then you get an adult Spectrobe which is actually pretty good.

    Try to always avoid black vortexes until you've learned the art of battling from practice. At first you don't always have a sword and a blaster but once you've gotten two cubes you can fly over to the narrow headquarters in your patrol cruiser. Then find the guy with the jet pack on -- wel. you may not think it is a jet pack. You can buy some awesome stuff but at first you get a free sword and a free blaster. I bought a level two glove and a level two sword. I haven't tried out the blaster yet but I think it is pretty good.

    My friend Nick has almost beaten the game and is on to the leader Crawl. He says it is impossible! His friend Mike has already beat the game with his level one stuff.

    You can find out about the levels in the instructions.

    Minerals, Fossils and Cubes:

    Also listed in the instructions. I'll give you a more advanced review about this. Your third spectrobe, a little, cute Cummo you have to awaken, which will be listed in the next section of this review, is a search Spectrobe. My friend Nick has, like, 8 Cummos. He says that the whole star system is Cummo heaven, which I don't think is true.

    A search Spectrobe helps you find minerals, fossils and cubes. Cummo is a good search Spectrobe, but all the other Spectrobes you can find on the planet are just as good at searching. The Spectobes you can find, which I have, are a little eggy dude with wheels, and a sword guy. I've used each of them once in searching along with Cummo. And now I'll finally stop talking about search Spectrobes and go on to excavating minerals, fossils and cubes.

    Some more useful stuff: Glesh is very good for mining minerals, fossils and cubes. You have to use drills to excavate them and you only get three pieces of equipment, including a blue drill, an orange drill and a blower. I find that the blue drill and the blower are the most useful. I don't really know the difference about the blue and the orange drill, though, but I like to use the blue drill most. I've only used the orange one once.

    At first try not to get the gauge up to red, until you get some new tools. Actually, try never to get the gauge at red or else you will lose the fossil even if you are really close.

    On the first planet, Adios, which you have to rescue, you have to get two cubes before you can go to headquarters. Good luck on getting those cubes! But first you have to get some more Spectrobes but you start with three. If you think that three is a lot, you are so wrong! I have about seven Spectrobes.

    Even though I have seven Spectrobes, three of them are adults. That means I have a choice of three Spectrobes to use.

    Cubes: Cubes have special effects on the game, such as the card input system. You have to unlock that with a cube, which I think is called the Beta Cube.

    Fossils: You can mine these in some areas on Glesh and other planets. Sorry to disappoint you but you can only find about two Spectrobes on Glesh, the eggy dude and the sword guy. This section also links with the lab system section, because you have to awaken fossils. To awaken a fossil, tap "start" then go "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." If you've done that properly, you should now have a child Spectrobe, which goes gallivanting around the room like its won the Stanley Cup! This isn't a hockey review though. Imagine, Spectrobes playing hockey. You can now use the Spectrobe as a search Spectrobe or try and evolve it by putting it in the incubator.

    Minerals: You can find so many minerals on Glesh. My favourite type is a health C mineral or a defence C mineral. Feed these to Spectrobes in the incubator. Advice: don't put evolved Spectrobes in the incubator because this would be kind of stupid because they're already at their best form, but if you want to, you can do it but I don't know what the point really is.

    Lab System: The lab system is how you use the incubator and how you awaken Spectrobes and the library and the Spectrobe server. The lab system is probably one of my favourite parts of the game and one of the most useful. I'm not going to give a very good explanation of the lab system, though -- only the good parts that are useful. The incubator -- this is the only way to get Spectrobes to evolve. You first mine some minerals listed on the section "Minerals, Fossils and Cubes", drag the minerals you have mined up into the box. Then press the icon with the arrow on it. The box will appear. Place the mineral down. The Spectrobe will eat it. If you have two Spectrobes, both of them will eat it. Note: you can only have two Spectrobes at a time in each box.

    The Main Characters and Battling

    First, the character you are -- Ralen. Second, Jina. Third, Adios. Fourth, Commander Grant. Fifth, the Crawl. By the way, you have to defeat the Crawl using your Spectrobes. Here is the battle code, which is also available in the instructions:

    X - attack, Ralen and Spectrobes.
    Y - follow me, Ralen only. Spectrobes follow Ralen.
    B - switch weapon, Ralen only.

    Once you obtain some items from the base, drag them up onto the icon of the body on the prismod. Now you are using that piece of equipment.

    The order goes like this:


    Use these items to defeat the Crawl.

    Since I am only on the first planet, this is all I know. I hope it is use to you. By the way, some advice: wherever there isn't a walkway on the planet, search here. Good luck on finding minerals, fossils and cubes and evolving and excavating Spectrobes! Those are my few final words. I wish you good luck with the game.

    P.S. Don't make any comments about my very long review.
    ...more info
  • An awsome game!
    My 7 years old son loves this game. This is what he has to say. "Spectrobes is awesome! I've had it for a long time. It's about defeating the Krawl with Spectrobes. To get Spectrobes you have to hunt for their fossils and awaken them. You can evolve them into three forms. The last form is their strongest form. Now I'm onto getting all eight Geos. Geos can destroy most krawl in one hit. I almost won this game. It's not easy at all."...more info
  • one of the best games ever
    To start out this is the best game I have played in forever. The main thing is to defeat the Krawl.(The bad guys on this game)You're main character's name is Rallen. He has different weapons varying from a blaster to a sword to a glove. This is not like pokemon at all. You go around with your spectrobes and defeat the krawl. You also look for minerals, fossils, and cubes. The minerals help boost your spectrobes level. There are also fossils where you can awaken them and they become spectrobes. You can also find cubes which give you valuable info about spectrobes. This is a really fun game and I hope this review wants you buy this game because it is very fun. ...more info
  • Useful evolved Spectrobes
    Spectrobes evolved forms are some of the greatest forms that are almost the greatest, but the Goes are the best. My house has flies, there are barely any flying creatures in this game, but this games reminds me of my house. Battling for evolving minerals are the best way to help your Spectrobes. I really like it!
    (Review by Xander, an 8 year old)...more info


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