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Sedu SU-100A Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron featuring Tourmaline technology generates more negative ions than just ceramic irons only. Negative ions eliminate frizz and renew hair with shine and softness. Adjustable heat temperature from 235 F - 410F. Ultra-lightweight design made with composite materials used in aerospace.

Customer Reviews:

  • AWESOME!!!
    This product is awesome.. I bought it a couple weeks ago and saw how small the iron was, I was like wow all this hair is suppose to straighten out with this..but i love it, the sedu does not pull your hair it leaves and incredible shine and my hair is soo bounce and soft..I 100% say BUY IT!!!! Its worth it.....more info
  • expensive but worth the cost so far
    I bought this to replace another ceramic iron that I had that broke after 4+ years of almost daily use. This is my fourth flat iron -- one was good, two were bad, and this one seems great so far. I have used this only a few times but I already am hugely impressed with this product; my hair is straight, shiny, and soft.

    It is the bad designs of my previous ones that make me appreciate this one so much.

    1. It has a high heat setting which allows me to straighten my thick, curly, color-treated hair in only 10 minutes as opposed to 20 or more.

    2. The controls are in a location that I won't accidentally touch and change.

    3. The iron is lightweight and easy to manage -- I don't have to use both hands on the iron to hold it to keep it closed or to support the weight.

    4. The slight curve in the handle makes it easy and comfortable to hold.

    My previous good iron (a different brand) eventually had the electrical problem that others are referring to in their reviews (a problem in the swivel connection) and I hope that for this price, that this one lasts just as long as that one did....more info
  • great product
    I was skeptical about paying this much for a flat iron, but once I tried it I realized it was worth every penny. It works very well and quickly. The best part, though, is that is glides through your hair so smoothly without any pulling. I have recommended this product to many friends. I have owned mine for over a year now, but have purchased others for gifts....more info
  • Super shiny & healthy hair!!!
    I am speechless, it is extremely lightweight, ready to use in 20 seconds, easy to operate, results in shiny and healthy straight hair!!!! Also, try the Garnier Leave-in Conditioner to put on before the straightening process. It helps from preventing the heat damage to the hair.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    I have purchased the Conair and Hot Tools Ceramic Flat Irons in the past, and while they were both good, this is even better. It straightens my hair much quicker and is designed so that when you close the plates, you squeeze the handle and not the plates. No more burned fingers. I can wash my hair at night and wake up and flat iron my hair and it comes out stick straight. For all of you with naturally curly hair, you understand how difficult that is. I love this iron. It was worth spending the extra money on it. Oh, it also does a great job on the kinky hair close to the scalp. I wish I had known about this sooner....more info
  • Should expect more for the price tag!
    There are a few reasons why I haven't returned this product yet:

    1) I'm absolutely lazy at that kind of stuff, returning within the X day window, etc
    2) I'd have to be flat ironless for a few days, at least
    3) It's not that bad, I guess

    I really miss the absence of a spring, because how I used to curl hair with the CHI was to straighten a small length of the section, then twirl the loose hair once around the iron, and pull it through. When I did that, the entire length came out curly. Try doing that with the Sedu. Because of the lack of spring / glide, you'd just get jerk marks all over your hair. By twisting my hand back and forth throughout the length, I am able to get a wavy / pseudo-curly look, though nowhere as controlled or intentional looking as with the CHI (the curls seem to fall where they wish). This is also WAY more work than I'm willing to do after buying such an expensive product!

    Now would you believe it, this iron doesn't have an auto off feature. I went on a day trip and shortly after I left realized that I may not have turned off the iron. I just figured it would be off when I came back, like my CHI seemed to do. I got back several hours later and it was still on. If you're going to buy this, either make sure you're not forgetful, or be sure your renter's / home owners's insurance policy is up-to-date and covers fire.

    The iron also seems to direct heat towards the scalp first. I know I'm not supposed to flat iron damp hair, but I do sometimes because I don't spend enough time getting my hair completely dry. My other irons didn't seem to mind too much, but this iron seems to direct heat downwards first, so you do feel that burn and really can't get very close to your scalp if it's at all damp. Especially in your ear area, ouch! (Thankfully not speaking from experience on the ear stuff, just my guess).

    I do like how lightweight it is, and it seems to do an okay job straigening the hair. But when I spring the extra cash for a product like this, it's gotta multitask and work flawlessly. IMO there are other products out there deserving of the price tag on this one, and they do a lot better job....more info
  • Absolutely wonderful
    This is the greatest flat iron you could ever ask for. It saves so much time to straighten your hair. If you can spend the extra dollars go for this iron, you wont regret it.
    ...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    Would not trade this iron for any other! I had a Cricket before, which was NOT cheap! My stylist gave it to me one day, it was to small for her, but perfect for me! It worked fine and I was using a heat tamer one day and the metal started to peel off. I contacted the heat tamer company and they asked for the item to review and claimed it was the iron NOT their product. Either way, my iron was ruined and I needed a new one. I researched for days and found this one highly rated. I tried it and it is the best I have ever tried! Ever! Very professional results! Easy to handle! Just the right size plates. BUY ONE NOW!...more info
  • High Cost, Absolutely No Durability - Stay away!!!
    I bought this item for my wife exactly four months ago (9-15-06) and she said it was working well for most of the four months. She had concerns because the electrical cord which attachs to the unit rotates and when it rotated to certain angles, the heat would turn off (as indicated by the green light which is either off, flickers or solid). As she used it, the problem became more and more frequent. Now, the unit will not work unless it is at one point and at a certain angle (which I guess allows electricity to go to the unit). I tried taping it to that location but the cord also has to stay at that certain angle which is impossible to maintain when using the iron. This is not very good for such an expensive item which gets alot of twisting and turning use and should have the highest materials and workmanship to prevent electrical. My wife admits that like anyone the unit has been dropped, but that should not cause an electrical cord problem. Dropping the iron risks breaking the two flat iron ceramic plates, which are still perfectly intact. The problem is that because of the cord, and the way a flat iron is used, there is alot of cord twisting. For what is advertised as a "professional" device and at a cost which only a professional would normally purchase, we cannot believe that this could be used in a "professional" environment. My wife only uses it six or seven times a week, not six or seven times a day like in a salon. We highly recommend that you STAY AWAY from this product. ...more info
  • Best straightening iron I've used
    I've been straightening my curly hair for about 5 years now, first I used the conair steam straightener, then I upgraded to the Chi ceramic iron, which worked pretty well for a few years. Recently I noticed it was not working as well anymore. I had seen some good reviews on the Sedu iron, so I decided to give it a try. It works wonderfully, smoothing my curly frizzy hair better than even chemical straightening, which I've had in the past. I would definitely agree with their claim that it makes hair 3 times smoother. The cost is high, but worth it. Hopefully the iron will last several years to really get your money's worth....more info
  • "It's not all that!"
    Several people on other sites rave about this flat iron..."It's not all that!" Especially for the price.

    I rated the Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro 1.5" flat iron 3-stars because it did straighten my hair. However, for the price and after all of these rave reviews (67 as of this writing) I expected it to be better than the Remington Shine therapy flat iron ($50)--but it is not better. In fact, it is not even as good. The Remington Shine (with avocado conditioners) did add a lot of shine to my hair. This model of Sedu gave a little lustre. The Remington Shine flat iron did not pull my hair at all. This Sedu pulled my hair a little (very disappointed!). The Remington Shine flat iron was used on my relative's very curly, super thick hair and the results were wonderful--shiney hair, no pulling, straightened, and in record time. I used that same iron on my hair and was amazed. (I have tight curl, wavy, shoulder length, thinnish hair; I am African-American). The Remington Shine therapy flat iron was very easy to use, straightening was so fast, my hair was very shiny and there was absolutely NO pulling. Today, I used my new Sedu. As I said in the beginning, it did the job of straightening quickly, left a little lustre, but it did pull. For $115 vs. $50 for Remington Shine flat iron I expected better of the Sedu and it let me down. It is not worth the money.

    I understand users being thrilled with Sedu if other irons can't do what it can do but watch out Sedu, now there is an iron that can out do Sedu and for half the price.

    ...more info
  • I LOVE my Sedu flat iron!
    This flat iron is the best. It flattens my hair so fast and nicely. My hair feels silky soft after each use. I do find that the type of product you use increases that silky softness plus it protects your hair from heat damage. I personally was recommened biosilk. I really LOVE that stuff. It smells good and works great with my Sedu. I also use "Loreal Hot Straight" too to give it a little bit more protection from the heat and it works great. My hair looks like I step out of a salon everytime. I can't get over how smooth and straight it is. Bad hair days are in the past thanks to this flat iron :)...more info
  • This think is AWESOME!!
    I love this straightener! This thing cut my "hair time" from 40 mins to 15 mins or less. I love the fact that it actually tells you what tempurature your at, not just "high" or "low." Of course, I run it at it's highest temp: 410 degrees, but when my little cousin wants to be "just like me," I turn it down to 250 so I don't burn her fine hair. I bought the 1" plates so I can easily curl the ends in or out if I don't want that totally straight look. I can actually add volume to the top of my hair by pulling it up when I straighten it. The only thing i would change is to make the plates longer, so I can grab a bigger chunk of hair, but that's just me being lazy. I have had to bring this to work for some of my girlfriends to try, and everyone who has tried it went out and bought one!! I found a UK website that had reviewed tons of hair straighteners, this was #1. It got a 4.8 out of a possible 5 from over 4000 reviews. It was featured in Allure Magazine at one point. I definitely recommend this to anyone with any kind of hair!!...more info
  • Worth the big bucks
    My hair has always been thick, coarse, wiry, wavy and hard to manage. I tried two cheaper, well-known flat irons with mediocre results. It took a long time and if I wasn't careful my hair looked fried. I bought this Sedu because of great reviews and couldn't be happier. I now have slick, straight hair or I can put a little wave in by angling the Sedu. It now takes 15 minutes or less to do my medium-length, layered hair. I just keep my hair well conditioned. I love it. It's definitely well worth the price!...more info
  • a new woman
    A friend recommended the Sedu. I saw her thick hair turn very straight. I have it and it has changed my whole appearance! I can look neat and professional for work. It heats up fast and is easy as can be!...more info
  • Stopped working as well after 9 months
    The iron worked well the first few months that I had it. But maybe after 9months or so I noticed that it just didn't seem to work as well. I thought it was my imagination or that maybe i needed to work smaller sections of hair at a time. But after about 9 months i was using the highest heat setting and tiny sections of hair - and it still isn't doing the job. My hair stylist used her Chi on my hair recently and I remembered what an iron is supposed to work like. I would not recommend the Sedu. ...more info
  • Supermodel Quality Hair in half the time!!!
    Like everyone, I was reluctant to spend so much money on a flat iron. However, after buying three cheap flat irons and having them short out, I decided it was time for a real salon quality one. I chose the Sedu because it didn't have a slough of complaints for it shorting out on both amazon reviews and other sites.

    The first thing you notice about the sedu is that it is so light. It feels like nothing in your hands. It straightens your hair immediately with one pass. My hair looks just as good as when my stylist does it, and I did it myself in very little time!

    I highly reccomend this product. It's worth the price!...more info
  • Its Grrrreeeaaatttt!!
    I bought this iron maybe a year ago at an Ulta store and I have to say, I was impressed. I wanted a flat iron that would actually straighten my hair. I am Black and my hair (not that thick, shoulder length) gets out of control when it's time for a perm. I use this flat iron to postpone getting a relaxer and after i have gotten a relaxer to make the ends straight. I had heard questionable things about it, but my personal experience has been:

    *I have been through many flat irons and this one seems to get the job done right. Straightens and shines (I use the John Freida thermal protectant)

    *The only problem I have is that if its too hot or I am moving too slowly, the iron will sometimes singe the ends of my hair (not good!!)

    *No electrical problems. To this day, it is still working properly and it has been dropped many times.

    *Easy cleaning. Just remove the plates and wipe clean. No gross gunky stuff

    *Gives my hair BODY. Something I did not experience with other irons.

    Good luck and I hope you have as much success as I have with this product!...more info
  • Worth every penny!
    Just another curly-haired girl, writing to say that of all the flat irons I've tried over the last 20 years (and there've been a few), this is by far the best! I heats up in minutes and it gets plenty HOT at only the halfway setting! My hair comes out smooth and soft in a fraction of the time it used to. I love it!...more info
  • Simply the best their is
    I bought this product off of [...] almost 2 years ago. The Sedu completely changed my life! I have very curly, color treated hair that wouldn't stay straight when just blown out with a blow dryer. Then I went through a string of cheap flat irons from Walmart and let me tell you it really took a toll on the health of my hair. I was just about to give up on my search for a decent flat iron when I came across the SEDU 1 1/2 inch. Its straightening plates are soo smooth! It didn't snag or pull my hair at all and it got it straight as a board. I love that you can change the heat settings too that really helps. I've used it on all my friends hair, and I think that they have all tried to "steal" it from me at some point. There just isn't an equal to it anywhere, thats why it is simply the best flat iron out there!...more info
  • Sedu Ionic ~ the BEST STRAIGHTENER EVER!!!
    Sedu straighteners are AMAZING. I work in a salon and they sell some high-end ceramic hair straighters for over $120 each. However, the Sedu straighters are WAY more easier on your hair. They glide over the hair like silk, and I don't find that the expensive other-brand ceramic straighters feel silky when I glide them over my hair. Sedu corporate office is here in the US in New Jersey. The ceramic or whatever its called... when it heats and up and you glide it down your hair, it is super smooth and there is no tugging on your hair. LOVE IT. I wish they would make curling irons but I don't think they do....more info
  • Salon-quality tool
    My hair is very wavy and frizzy, I have to condition my hair every day so it doesn't look dry and damaged. 2 weeks ago I got my hair cut, the stylist used a Sedu straightener on me. Wow! Suddenly, my hair was stick straight and super glossy (really brought out the natural highlights). I bought one from him for $199 (should have checked the Internet first).

    I've tried a cheap flat iron before; after wrestling with it for 40 minutes and pulling the heck out of my hair, all I got was slightly "pressed" hair.

    The Sedu iron has super smooth ionic plates, so it glides through your hair very easily, quickly and smoothly. No more pulling of my hair. I can give myself smooth, gorgeous, in about 5 minutes. Another plus is that the style will stay until the next time you wash your hair; Now i only have to straighten my hair every other day.

    Sure, Sedu is on the expensive side, but this salon-quality tool is more than worth it. Look good and feel good every day!
    ...more info
  • Wow, this thing lives up to the hype!
    I love this flat iron! I received the Sedu last week. I washed & dryed my hair as normal using a high price point shampoo/conditioner(Ojon), then I blew dry my hair using Fredrick Fekkai glossing creme. I then fired up the iron which heated up quickly. The first run through my hair I was Wowed & Awed. I am African-American with spiral curly hair. I don't have chemicals in my hair & I live in Hot & Humid Houston. A curly head girls nightmare.

    The end result was I finished my hair in record time for me. I only had to run through my entire head of hair twice. My hair was shiny & light. Lots of good body. The frizz was noticebly less. I have had my hair straightened for about a week now. I only pressed it that one day & have been able to maintain by platting my hair into 2 ponytails.

    I absolutely love this product & think It was the best investment. The price was well worth it. Now I have the flexibility to wear my hair naturally curly or SEDU straight.

    ...more info
  • Calling All Sistas!!!!!
    First, I want to say to those who read this ..

    I AM 100%, PURE, UNTOUCH, GRADE A, PUREBREED, CERTIFIED, PANTENT-PENDED PROUD BLACK!!! ( I know this because I have a stamp on my butt .. HA!!)

    I am going to be honest .. I have the nappiest hair on the planet, and can't nobody tell me otherwise.

    I went natural about a year ago. I tried everything to starighten my hair, even the old fashion "hot comb on the stove" routine. It got straight, but I got burned really bad, not to mention burning out my hair.

    I bought this flat iron, but didn't use it. I put it in the drawer and forgot about it. My bestfriend came over with her daughter and tell me that she was going to get her hair flat iron at some girls house for $25. That's when I remember I had it. I told her to try this first.

    As she was doing her hair, I just stood there with my mouth wide open! It looked like silk (no joke). Renee (bestfriend) started aguing with me. telling me that I never used it, so she should be able to take it. NOT!!!

    I used it on my all natural hair, and was so happy!!

    I went over to my mothers house and she was mad. She said I went a whole year trying to grow my relaxer out, just to get a new relaxer. When I told her about my Sedu, She couldn't believe it.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! ...more info
  • great
    the package came in good condition and on time. the product works great. better than most straighteners for sure... no complaints here....more info
  • ooooh yea!
    this is the best! Leaves hair super shinny and smooth fast. It's light weight and glides on your hair silk. I flat iron about 3-4 times a week. I had it for about 5yrs before it stopped working (just doesn't turn on anymore). I bought a new one "her styler colour seasons" at the mall for about the same price and doesn't compare. Im ordering SEDU again! ...more info
  • Sedu has Topped the Charts
    I have been doing hair since 1980's and i've had numerous hair straightening irons through the years and i have to say i have been able to straighten more hair textures without the frizzy afterlook and not waste a lot of time falling behind.... one swipe down the hair shaft and it's perfect.... all i can say is to all the other hair straighteners out there "eat your heart out" SEDU has topped the charts.... to this day every person looking for a hair iron i recommend Sedu....more info
  • Not worth the money....
    When it works, this does work well but they die out pretty soon. I have bought two of these flat irons and both of them died out within a year. Same problem with the cord that other users have been reporting. For something that costs $115, you think we would get a much more sturdier product. Yes and it does get very hot on the outside. So be sure to stay away from the area where the plates are....more info
  • Love this flat iron
    Sedu SU-100A Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron, 1 Inch
    This flat iron is wonderful. I have had 2 CHI flat irons in the past but this flat iron is much better. With the CHI, I would get a lot of hair breakage but not with the Sedu. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Very Disappointed!!!
    My hair is naturally curly, but also professionally straightened with a cold smooth system. My stylist told me you get what you pay for when it comes to straightening irons, so I decided to order the Sedu. What a disappointment! It works no better than the straightening iron I bought at Sharper Image a couple years ago, which costs less than half the price of the Sedu. I've now had two stylists recommend the Chi and think I will try that. Don't waste your money on the Sedu!...more info
  • Wonderful results!
    I've been using this iron for about 3 months i can tell that it make difference. Not only that my hair is straight, but it's also silky and shiny ( compared to the results after hair dryer). I have wavy ( not curly) hair and it takes me about 15-20 minutes to style my hair. And i have a lot of hair! I've recommended this iron to a friend of mine who has curly har and she couldn't be happier. Just make sure that you use iron protector before using it and you'll be amaized by results....more info
  • Wonderful Product !!!!
    I read many reviews on this product and other products similiar to it before deciding on the Sedu. It took me a week to get the product and I anxiously tried it as soon as it arrived. I must say that the products is a dream come true. I am an African American woman and I have never been able to get my hair as straight as I am able to do now, not even when going to the salon. When I went back to work from the weekend, my coworkers all commented on how much longer my hair looked (because it was truly straight). I would recommend this to any woman. I have not been back to the salon in the last 2 months....more info
  • Carpal Tunnel, anyone?
    I bought this to replace my Chi while I was living in Europe (the Chi doesn't come in 220v). It is as good (or bad) as any El Cheapo straightening iron you can pick up at Target. As many reviewers have noted, it tends to burn your hands as you iron. Worse still, you can't use any protective product (I used the Schwarzkopf Osis Flatliner Iron Serum and Toni and Guy's Iron-It Heat Defense Spray with my Chi with no such difficulty) - because it literally "fries" your hair, stinks terribly, and leaves gunky residue on the plates. Also, I found that I had to run the iron over my hair several times (my hair is wavy/curly, not coarse) in order to get it as straight and sleek as my old Chi.

    Save your $120 - you could get 1 T3, 1.5 Chi's, or 5 Conairs that would do a much better job than the Sedu. ...more info


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