Bedtime Beats: The Secret to Sleep

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Created to meet the needs of more than 40 million sleep sufferers and light-eyars beyond lullabies, Bedtime Beats: The Secret To Sleep is the first classical music collection available as a true sleep remedy, an effective alternative to medication and sleepless nights. Carefully programmed in accordance with recent research from Case Western Reserve University--which discovered that classical and soft jazz music played at 60-80 beats per minute induces sound sleep.

Customer Reviews:

  • Helps Me Fall Asleep
    I own one copy of "Bedtime Beats" and I'm buying another for
    when I'm traveling. It lulls my wife and I to sleep and helps
    us not concentrate on what happened today and what will be hapening tommorow. Great Product!...more info
  • Bedtime Beats: The Secret to Sleep
    I love listening to soothing sounds to help me sleep at night. This CD is expecially relaxing to play when turning in at the end of the day. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be lulled off to peaceful slumber. ...more info
  • Welcome relief
    I first listened at my computer and found myself slowly relaxing and really enjoying the beautiful music but wondered if it would REALLY work since I find it very hard to get to sleep and stay asleep. Well,folks, if you have doubts about it working, throw them out the window! I did not make it through Track 1! Not only that but when I woke 5 hours later and turned it on again hoping to just enjoy the music - right----didn't make it through Track 1 again and got another 2 hours of sound sleep. This CD is a godsend for those of us who have trouble getting to sleep. I highly recommend you buy this CD - you'll never find a better deal. Kudos to the Mercurios and everyone associated with it who have given us this beautiful pair of CDs. I'm getting several for friends and family.

    Marie...more info
  • somewhat of a disappointment
    Many of the songs are relaxing & help me get to sleep - but there are other songs that change the mood & spoil my relaxed, sleepy feeling. The CDs just didn't work for me. However, I made an IPOD playlist with just the songs I found relaxing & sleep inducing - that does help me get to sleep & sleep more soundly. When I do fall asleep listening to this music, I find that, when I wake up, my breathing is slower & deeper. ...more info
  • Ahh, sleep.
    I was doubtful that anything could help my longterm insomnia but I was wrong. By the end of the 2nd or 3rd track, I am asleep. I put the cd in downstairs one evening just to hear what I keep missing and my husband and I made it to track 4, I think.

    Definitely worth the money....more info
  • misleading advertising
    Somehow, from the description of this album, I expected jazz to sleep by. What I got was very dull classical. So boring, it does NOT occupy my mind enough to distract me from cares of the day, so not a sleep tool for me....more info
  • Not as tasty as Merlot...
    ...but it doesn't come with the unpleasant side effects either!!
    Seriously, this product arrived during a particularly stressful week, so I didn't think it would be very effective under the circumstances. I was wrong. First off, don't let the "beat" aspect deter you. It does not mean there is an odd, new-age, techno rhythm inserted into these beautiful classics. The "beats" are inherent to how the music is played, so you are not getting hit over the head with a separate, strumming sound. I leave the science of all this to those who created it. What is apparent is that the pieces chosen for this set of 2-CD's are amazingly lovely. Sort of a "best hits" in their genre, in my opinion.

    But the real question is: "Does it help you sleep?" YES!! Beside the pure listening pleasure, I noticed right away my breathing pattern calmed, even when mind-juggling those things that were determined to keep me awake. In a short while I was able to relax enough to the point of focusing on the music and a sense of calm, not the stresses du jour. A feat that normally calls for a glass (or two) of Merlot. It goes without saying, one cannot (well, should not) frequently rely on the Merlot-method as a sleep aid. :o)

    No unpleasant side-effects here! It really does make a difference in getting to sleep and sleeping better. AND the music is sublime.

    It is going to be my main gift giving product for the upcoming holiday season.

    I Highly recommend this!!

    Laurie...more info
  • Not exactly....
    This cd wasn't exactly what I was looking for, it does not really help you fall asleep. Some of the music can be annoying and it could have been more soothing....more info
  • this really works
    I brought this CD set about 2 years ago. Originally it was to help me to get better sleep after a stressful at work. It works so well that I rearly hear the last few pieces on the CD. Last year, my mother was diagnosed and treated for cancer. She had trouble sleeping due to the mental stress and side-effects of the chemo. I recommanded to listen to the CD set. She loved it. Now the CD set is part of her sleeping routine....more info
  • So so
    So, so. I anticipated this being relaxing bedtime music - but it has some more uptempo stuff on it - not what I expected....more info
  • I Haven't Heard the Second Half Yet..........
    Usually, when I write a review, I like to let the songs play in the background, hoping that it will inspire me to some new revelation as I write. In this instance, though, I can't risk it; every single time I play either disk from this two-disk set, I start to drift off. I'm not kidding! For insomniacs, this collection could work better than Sominex. My normal procedure for any review is to listen straight through every note of music at least once, and then listen twice more, emphasizing the bits that made the deepest impression. Nearly a month ago, I thought I would do just that, but this disk threw that methodology right out of the window. For three weeks, I listened to this collection at home, at night, in the environment that it is intended for - my bedroom. For three weeks straight, I fell asleep before track five...
    How can I write a responsible review if I can't even stay conscious while listening? Determined to do the right thing, it occurred to me that maybe I should alter the environment. For instance, I could listen to "Bedtime Beats" while driving, but there's no way that I'd risk it. If the potency of the formula carried over, I could kill somebody, so here is all I can tell you about "Bedroom Beats - The Secret to Sleep";
    1) The title is really stupid. There is nothing resembling a `beat' anywhere on this collection (or at least not on the first four tracks). Percussion players need not apply. Some tracks barely have a `tempo'.
    2) The first four tracks on either disk vary from entrancing (an excerpt from "Ravel's Piano Concerto in G Major" and Debussy's "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair") to corny (Vaughn Williams' "Fantasia on Greensleeves."
    3) It works. The stated intention of the collection is to promote rest, and I can personally vouch for its validity in that regard. As for the quality of the music on this collection, though, you'll have to ask someone else. ...Yawn.....
    B Tom Ryan...more info
  • The Best Sleep Aid Ever!!
    I have always had trouble falling asleep and have tried other sleep solutions but none have ever worked for me. A friend read about BEDTIME BEATS in MORE Magazine and suggested that I try it. I was skeptical but decided I might as well give it a go. To my surprise and delight BEDTIME BEATS worked! I have listened to the cd for 4 nights now. I have fallen asleep each night more easily and not only am I sleeping better but I have enjoyed the beautiful and peaceful music. I highly recommend Bedtime Beats to anyone who has had trouble sleeping! ...more info
  • Not what I expected.
    I should have paid attention to the two negative reviews. This CD doesn't put me to sleep at all--in fact, it keeps me awake. I find myself listening to the music instead of going to sleep.

    One of the pieces has irritating and dissonant passages mingled with relaxing, soothing passages. Also the music changes tempo and volume quite often, which would wake me up if I did start to drift off.

    Since I expected something that would put me to sleep, listening to this is upsetting, because I wasted my money.

    However, since it works well for most reviewers, I figure I must hear things differently, or have a harder time falling asleep than most. Maybe if I listened to it enough to get used to it, it might work better.

    I would like to find something totally soothing and relaxing--maybe I need actual recordings of water or rain, but I prefer music. Any suggestions? ...more info
  • It works!
    If you wonder does the CD work - it certainly does. I don't think I got through the 3d selection before I was asleep. It certainly is relaxing. ...more info
  • Very Soothing Way To Fall Asleep
    I love the fact that this is two CD's worth of songs, and we listen every night. The songs create a calming environment, slipping off to dreamland is only a few notes away....more info
  • "RELAXATION +++++"
    ...more info
  • not too useful for sleep.
    It has some nice quiet music. However, it's inclusion of Greensleeves/"what child is this" was a poor choice; it has this quiet music, followed by this sudden and loud "den", which always wakes me up. Very very annoying!
    ...more info
  • To up beat for sleep
    I agree with the other reviewer I found most of the music to be too up beat for falling asleep, and my problem is staying asleep, not falling asleep. Some of the music made my heart race and then I could not fall sleep. I tried this CD 4 times before calling it quits. I would not recommend this CD. I have resulted to using my very loud air purifier as white noise so that as I sleep the street sounds do not wake me up, but recently someone recommended to me trying a Homedics SoundSpa machine, which has all kinds of natural sounds for background noise when sleeping. I may try it. I hope this review helps....more info
  • Dreamy Sleep
    Bedtime Beats reminds me of the classical music my mother played for me when I was a child. Almost every night I fall asleep by the end of the second CD. The music might be a little upbeat for some people but I find it very calming. I also find myself listening to these two CDs when I'm reading. So if you buy this CD set and you can't get to sleep at least you still have some music to create musical moods in your life.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
  • This CD works like a charm
    I bought this to help my eight year old son fall asleep at night. For the last couple of months we've had problems getting him to stay in bed and fall asleep in a timely manner. This CD arrived two days ago and for the last two nights this has helped my son fall asleep within about fifteen minutes of getting into bed. Now not only is he falling asleep much easier he is also getting a much better night sleep. We are happy, he is happy and so is his teacher since she doesn't have a tired little boy to deal with every morning.
    ...more info
  • Excellent relaxing music and sleep aid
    This CD collection is so effective that I still have not made it through the first CD to listen to the second one. It's very relaxing music and helps me fall asleep every night....more info


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