Annie Chun's Rice Express Sushi Wraps Sticky White Rice, 8.1-Ounce Package (Pack of 6)

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  • Pack of six 8.1-ounce bowls, each pack containing everything you need to make healthy and fresh sushi wraps (48.6 total ounces)
  • Contains ready-to-eat sticky white rice, seaweed sushi wraps, and soy sauce
  • 100% natural; contains no MSG and no preservatives
  • Conveniently packaged and fun individual sushi wrap kits; create plain sticky rice wraps, or be creative with your favorite fish, tofu, veggies, or meat components
  • Finalist for Outstanding New Product at the 2006 Summer Fancy Food Show

Customer Reviews:

  • Really good and quick
    I bought this product at the store rather than online and I enjoyed it a lot. It tastes a lot less vinegary than the real sushi and the major turn on is you can add whatever you want as the filling. I am glad this really doesn't take that much effort to cook. All you have to do is put the rice in the microwave for 1 minute and you are done with the cooking part. Now, the wrapping is a different story. It's not difficult but it's messy and the wraps are brittle, but still usable to wrap, to me but I have fun making them. It also comes with soy sauce but I really didn't need it at all. This product is really easy to make, is a great alternative when you don't want to cook anything or dirty, hardly, any dishes, and you are in control of it. I really like this product a lot and I will definitely buy it again....more info
  • Good
    Great product! The rice is nice and sticky and the nori is crispy and delicious. The rice isn't technically sushi rice (no flavoring), but it works well. I didn't find it messy at all. Get a fork full of rice, grab your nori and smooth the rice down the nori. Next pick whatever you want and throw in it and wrap it up. The picture on the box is deceiving because I doubt you could really get that much stuff in the roll though. This is a single serve type of thing, not making sushi for your family. But it's great for some veggies, or crab or a piece of fish. I think I have found my perfect lunch from now on. ...more info
  • Super tasty
    I was hesitant to purchase this, despite the outstanding reviews, because of the price. I mean, what could be cheaper than rice and toasted seaweed?

    With that perspective, I was very pleased with these meals/snacks. The rice was more delicious than the freshly made white rice served in many places (possibly even better than the rice in my house) and the wraps are super delicate and with a nice lightly crispy texture that is most enjoyable.

    If you like sushi wraps and rice, I highly recommend you try these....more info
  • Next Best Thing to Real Sushi
    Living in the Midwest, 120 miles from any large metro area, we are unable to indulge our Sushi cravings as often as we'd like. These kind of fit the bill and are easy and portable. I bring along some pickled ginger, meat and veggies and this makes a substantial lunch. ...more info
  • Reminds me of my childhood.
    I grew up in the military and when we lived in Germany, my babysitter was Asian. She used to make sticky rice for us and serve it with seseame toasted seaweed. We would place some of the rice in the seaweed and eat. It was great! I saw these wraps in the store today and decided to try them....I loved it. It took me right back to Germany. The sticky rice turned out fabulous...especially coming from a microwave. I loved it and plan on buying many more kits. ...more info
  • sushi fun
    Lots of fun, and the potential is endless. Great way to get ready to go out and get all the supplies for a sushi dinner. It's perfect for a friend to join in and make some fun snacks....more info
  • Adds some fun to lunch at work
    I bought this product last summer when I was experimenting with buying in bulk while I was living at college over the summer and working for Admissions. I brought in the sushi kit one day and had so much fun surprising all of the counselors with sushi. The sticky rice adheres to the seaweed after it is cooked. The kit is "beginner-friendly" to rolling sushi. At first, I didn't really know what I was doing. The product tastes great even if you don't add meat or vegetables. It's surprisingly filling. ...more info
  • Sushi your way
    It's a quick, fun way to have sushi your way. You put the 'stuffing', anything you like into the roll. The rice is perfectly sticky, wish the wraps were just a little more sturdier....more info
  • A little messy, but fun!
    I love eating sushi, but ordering from my local sushi place is just too expensive! Also, I'm a vegetarian, so it's hard to find places with a plethora of options, other than the standard avo-cucumber rolls. I decided I wanted to try my hand at making my own sushi, but I was a little nervous about buying the right type of rice, nori, inside ingredients and wasn't sure I wanted to buy a full out kit if I wasn't going to use it very often. I decided this would be a good product that would be that intermediate step - not doing all the work myself, but trying it out nonetheless.

    - You can put whatever you'd like inside (I like sweet potato or banana rolls myself!).
    - Easy to make! Just pop the rice bowl in the microwave, spread some rice on the nori, throw a couple ingredients inside, and you're good to go.
    - You don't have to have just one type of sushi! I'd rather have 10 pieces, each with slightly different contents than 8 pieces that are exactly the same. This allows me to do such.
    - Easy to bring for work, and like an earlier reviewer mentioned, a fun conversation starter at lunch! Just chop up a couple veggies, throw them in a zip-lock and ta-da, lunch!

    - No wasabi. This isn't a big deal for me, as I like my sushi rolls condiment free, but my partner likes his sushi doused in soy sauce and wasabi. It does come with a little soy sauce packet, but that's it.
    - It's not so much a "roll" as a little packet that you delicately have to put together, then shove in your mouth as quickly as possible to prevent it from falling apart. This may be my own ineptness, but I find it a bit tricky to keep together.
    - I'm not sure you can make inside out rolls (rice on the outside) with this kit. I don't always love the taste of seaweed, but putting a bit of rice on the outside of my "packet" and putting that side in my mouth first works a little.

    Overall, this is a fun lunch. It's a good size for one person, or for two to share alongside a more substantial meal :]...more info
  • great
    If you love sushi you will love this product. I was suprised good the rice is, I can make sushi for a quick lunch....more info
  • sushi addict... these are great!
    I'm obsessed with sushi... LOVE it. These do-it-yourself wraps have that sushi flavor I need - and you can put whatever fillings you want inside. I made my own California rolls and they were amazing....more info
  • A bit disappointed!
    I had purchased these at Walmart before and loved them. But when I used the first one the rice was quite a bit dryer then the walmart purchase. I don't know whether since they were bought in bulk they sat in a warehouse or what happened. I probably won't purchase them this way again. Sorry....more info
  • sushi wrap
    Taste fine. It comes with sushi rice and wrap. You still need to prepare other ingridents. Don't pay original price for it. I got it for 50% off. ...more info
  • Sushi Making One Bite At A Time
    I purchased this product (3 packs) to make Sushi for our family of four. The Nori or Seaweed Wrap is very small, a little less than 2" x 4" which makes it very hard to make a simple California Roll with crab, cucumber, and avocado. Once rolled it wasn't quite big enough to cut, but also made a much bigger single piece of sushi. The sticky rice was exremely sticky and we had more rice than what the 10 sheets of Nori could take. Don't recommend for family dining unless your family is looking for a snack and some sticky fun, however, may be perfect for the single person with time to play or only likes a single item in their sushi. I'll buy the bigger sheets for sushi next time... ...more info
  • Overpriced and far from ideal
    If you are a true sushi fanatic, these will probably be incredibly disappointing for you. The rice is excellent, but the precut nori is dry and crunchy and cut too small to roll much more than a single piece of avocado. Save the money and buy your own mat. Wish I had!...more info
  • Addicting and easy!!
    Love these wraps. They are a snap to make, even my kids can make them with no problems. They are very hard to find in the grocery stores so I am very glad Amazon sells them!!...more info
  • Tasty and convenient
    A quick way to make good sushi at home. All you need is the vegetables and meat, everything else is in the kit. Fast to prepare....more info
  • Yum!
    I love sushi. It's my favorite food and these are really good for convenience sushi! I am amazed at the quality of sticky rice ready in two minutes in the microwave. My Japanese friend makes these plum paste balls that you wrap in the kind of salted seaweed included and these are reminiscent of those. My husband and my three year old son were also impressed and I had to fight them over the last few. Delicious! ...more info
  • Kid-friendly do-it-yourself sushi
    My nine year old daughters love the rice and seaweed wraps. Microwave the rice and you're good to roll. They're vegetarians and recommend carrots, cukes, and radishes for their sushi rolls.

    This is good, convenient food, albeit pretty expensive for sushi rice and seaweed wraps. Still, the convenience is mighty nice....more info
  • Good if you enjoy making one at a time
    The seaweed is excellent quality however you only get to make one piece at a time because the Nori is very small. It's awful if you're making a lot of sushi at once. I prefer larger sheets so I can roll and cut many pieces of sushi. I will not be buying this product again because of this. It was however delicious Nori and good quality rice and very quick to do. It's just no good if you're looking to make more then 10 pieces, plus that causes it to actually take more time then it should....more info
  • I love Sushi!
    This is the best stuff ever! My attempts at sushi rice at home failed, never sticky, not seasoned right, etc.. This takes that step out, and with the just a few more things (california rolls-avacado,cucumber, crab) you have perfect sushi. The nori is also cut-up into easy to manage strips. The only thing that I thought was included, or at least should be, is a little spoon or paddle to scoop the rice....more info
  • Yummy & Nutritious !
    My kids love this meal! It's easy for them to cook - just pop it in the microwave (caution rice is hot!) - and they then have fun rolling up the rice in the small nori sheets. A healthy, simple, tasty and fun lunch....more info
  • Good intro to Sushi
    This kit is great for making your own sushi at home. Making sushi at home is a little daunting at first, but Annie Chun's makes it less intimidating. After trying this out a few times, I went ahead and got a rolling mat so I can really make my own. Fast and tasty!...more info
  • This is absolutely amazing!!!
    Trying this, it was very good because you got a sense of what it is really like to make sushi instead of going to a restaurant. What is even better is that you can have fun when you make it....more info
  • something bad happened here
    The salt had separated from the rice, or something weird happened to this product. The salt is just sitting on top and so the rice tastes wickedly terrible. Either the other folks here who enjoyed this product don't know what sushi is supposed to taste like, or my shipment got ruined enroute to me. I won't order this ever again.
    ...more info


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