The Original McKenzie Super Roll Lumbar Roll

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Over the years, The Original McKenzie Lumbar Rolls have literally helped hundreds of thousands achieve freedom from common low back pain. An adjustable elastic strap lets users secure the roll to standard chair backs and auto seats. Proven quality! An independent laboratory compared the high quality McKenzie Lumbar Rolls, by OPTP, with competitive products and found "...the OPTP Lumbar Roll is more supportive, will not lose its supportive qualities as quickly, and will offer more consistent support longer than the other rolls sampled." An independent laboratory confirmed the superiority of The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll in a blind random analysis with test rolls from our largest competitors. While the foam used in a competitor's lumbar roll suffered immediate and continued structural breakdown, OPTP's roll suffered no structural breakdown and remained consistent through the test period. The lab's conclusion: "...the OPTP lumbar roll is more supportive, will not lose its supportive qualities as quickly, and will offer more consistent support longer than the other rolls sampled..."

  • Superior lumbar support with less bulk. Plush, soft velvet Polartek? velour cover
  • Superbly designed and crafted for chair or automobile
  • Sleek design features custom high resiliency foam for supportive qualities that last
  • Adjustable and removable elastic strap easily attaches to most chair backs and Velcro strip feature attaches to fabric chairs with no strap

Customer Reviews:

  • Disapointed with item size...
    This item was surprisingly small and did not fit either of my cars (which is the main reason I bought it). It may work for some types of office chairs - but only ones with full backs. My office uses two piece chairs and so this was useless there as well.
    But it is well made and seems to be of high quality. Just not as useful as I thought it would be....more info
  • Portable Pain Relief
    I have gotten wonderful relief for my lower back pain with this pillow. It is just the right size, shape and firmness for me. It is portable for home, auto and travel which i find is a big plus. This is a quality item that delivers what it promises. The price i paid on Amazon was the best i found....more info
  • Works well.
    This works well. I have been using this for about a month now. I have also been doing some back exercises as well, but my back is feeling better. The strap needs to be pretty tight otherwise you have to adjust it every time you sit down. You will still need to sit properly for this to work, but when you do sit properly it does feel much better. If you slouch though then this won't make a difference....more info
  • The Original McKenzie Super Roll Lumbar Roll
    As a lumbar roll to support your back while driving, the McKenzie super lumbar roll is the perfect product. This half round pillow is not too small, but just big enough and firm enough to give the right amount of support. I have tried other pillows and cushions with some real disappointment. I strongly recommend this product as a lumbar back support. After all, McKenzie is the man to cure back problems! ...more info
  • Back relief
    This was great, after therapy it gave my back a good feeling and lots of support. Price was the best I found....more info
  • Great Lumbar Roll
    I think this lumbar roll is the best one. The elastic strap goes around a chair back and has velcro that holds the roll in place. I have lost rolls from my car because they fall out when I am getting out. Also, it is dense enough foam to give good support without being too hard....more info
  • awesome.
    I drive all day for a living. Rough, pot-holed city streets, different vehicles with different degrees of stability and suspension quality.

    The one thing that never changes is that I have taken this lumbar support pad with me every day for about 10 years. It's my second one. I lost the first one.

    I originally started using the round, 'roll' type cushions. They felt awkward and were hard to keep in the right position. This one not only felt more comfortable, but was easier to keep in place, and with the velcro strip, usually stayed in place even when I got out of the seat momentarily.

    My job is hard on the lower back. I didn't have any serious back problems when I started this career, almost 20 years ago now...and I still don't, unlike many of my associates. I don't know if this support cushion is the *only* reason for that, but I'm certain it's a major contributor. I would be lost without it. After ten years of daily use, it is starting to look a little beat, so I probably should start thinking about getting another one before too long, but I suspect I could probably get another five years out of the one I've got if I wanted to.

    Practical, useful, healthful and durable. Well worth the price!...more info


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