Ionic Pro Therapure 100 Compact Germicidal Air Sanitizer

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Product Description

Ionic Pro Therapure™ Air Purifier - The Therapure™ uses UV light and an air sanitizer to kill cold and flu viruses, destroy staph and strep bacteria and wipe out mold spores. It s a powerful partner for staying healthy and comfortable year round. The lightweight, energy-efficient unit houses a germicidal air purifier with a quiet 3-speed fan and built-in UV lamp that work together in an effective 3-step purification process to circulate fresh, sanitized air into any room. 6"W x 5-1/2"D x 15-1/2"H. UL liste (90TP100TW1FP )

  • Ionic Pro air purifier removes germs and bacteria
  • Petite for tabletop placement; UV germicidal lamp attacks microorganisms' DNA
  • Lamp operates at 2 speeds for different needs; low power consumption
  • Weighs 7 pounds upon shipping; made in China
  • Ideal for small rooms
Customer Reviews:
  • Super Sanitizer!
    I was skeptical about purchasing this product, but now I am so happy that I did! I have pets and there is a smoker in the household and I must tell you for the size of this thing it is fantastic at eliminating orders. It works perfectly on a room 24X16 and smaller. I can place this product in a room and within in an hour or less the smell of smoke or any other bad order is completely GONE!! I recommend this product to anyone who has pets, allergies, or has a smoker in the house. This product eliminates the smell of pets, smoke and just about anything else. I will be purchasing another one, but this one has been working so well that I haven't been in a rush to buy another one just yet. It is worth every penny! Plus, the maintenance is a breeze..there are no disgusting filters to change or clean. You just pop out the Ionic lamp, wipe down with a clean, dry cloth and place it back in the machine. That's it!!...more info
  • Air Purifier
    The Ionic Pro is a little different than the one I have had for several years. I have an Ionic from Sharper Image and it does wonders. Because it is so aged I thouhg I might replace it. The Thermapure is different because it uses lamps to ionize air passing through. The lamps can cause damage to the eyes if you are not careful to turn it off when you clean it. There is no such danger from the one I have had for so many years. I have the Therapure in a back bedroom and it seems to be doing fine.

    Chas E. Moser...more info
  • Helpful when working with clients
    I use this product in my small massage room and the air quality is significantly improved. It's also not noisy.
    What bothers me though, is the fact that the little fan in the top of the unit cannot be removed for easy cleaning with water. The spaces between the fan are too small to get a Q-tip in for cleaning, I might try a toothpick with a cloth - in any case, cleaning the fan is going to be time consuming.
    Shipping was very slow, took almost 4 weeks. The warranty card which I sent in, came back because the PO Box was closed without a forwarding address. So I had to call the company to find out their new PO Box and send the card a second time.
    Nevertheless, I do like this unit. I feel less tired from work since I use it....more info
  • Ionic Cleans the Air
    All of our expectations were met with this Air Purifier; worth every penny....more info