Eva-dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier
Eva-dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier

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Product Description

Eva-Dry Petite Dehumidifier (Model EDV-1100) The Eva-Dry EDV-1100 is a conventional dehumidifier in a compact size. Excellent for baby rooms, kitchen cabinets, storage rooms, closets and large wardrobes. Absorbs approximately 8 oz per day at 86 degrees F RH. Features: Eliminates odors and fungus Automatically turns off when the tank is full Whisper technology- no compressor High speed 3" x 3" brushless motor For use in small spaces such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, storage rooms, baby rooms etc Dimensions 6" W x 8.5" H x 5" D

  • Whisper quiet
  • Renewable reservoir
  • Compact size is perfect for bathrooms, closets, and R.V.s
  • Low energy consumption

Customer Reviews:

  • Great and economical
    This is my second Eva-Dry Petite Dehumidifier. It really works well and is an excellent buy as it is very inexpensive for the job it does. I use it in my RV to keep the dampness out. My prior unit was only a year old but I dropped it and it died so its short life was the result of that incident and not the unit itself. I would recommend this product for any small area. ...more info
  • Compact in size but big in value
    This little guy works like a charm. It is pretty amazing how it dutifully sucks water out of the air. Have had it for several weeks, being used in my master bathroom, without a single problem. I leave it on mostly after showering for about an 8 hour period - the tank fills up in ~7 days.

    Don't own any of the regular size dehumidifiers so cannot make any noise comparisons so the only slight drawback, in my opinion, is that it does make a little noise. ...more info
  • Does Exactly what it says it does
    Its quiet and fast, and easy to use. Just plug it in and come back in a couple of days. I use it in my basement to keep the moisture down and I have definately noticed a difference. Great product for the price....more info
  • Pretty small but works great
    I bought this for my daughter's dorm room (located in the basement of the oldest building on campus) because it's super humid and musty. I wish I would've bought a little bigger. 1- because it fills up fast 2- because it took a week to get the room less humid. It is quiet enough and my daughter appreciates the auto shut off when it's full....more info
  • Good small space dehumidifier
    Very portable and great small size. Liked using it on the boat and in the bathroom to remove moisture from bath towels after showers in the summer. Too noisy to have in the bedroom while sleeping. A challenge to remove the small plug to empty the water out.

    I look forward to many years of good service from this little workhorse!...more info
  • great little dehumidifier!
    This is a perfect size...and gets the water out fast! I am very satisfied and would definitely reccomend this....more info
  • Dehumidifier
    Ideal for my boat cabin. I drilled a small hole to allow it to drain into the sink....more info
  • Worked great for 4 months
    The unit arrived and was plugged into our 5th wheel trailer in early Nov. 2008. Worked like a charm. Noise was moderate, although it might be a wee too loud for sleeping areas. Then the magic escaped and it just plan died in early March. 4 Months at a cost of about $[...] is not cause for great satisfaction. I will not buy another as I dont feel like shelling out [...] bucks annually. ...more info
  • Not impressed
    I live in a less than 600 square foot house... We placed this dehumidifier in a closed room of about 100 square feet.... and it felt like a tropical forest in there. Even though the room was so humid that the windows got fogged up, the dehumidifier took 2 days to fill up its 2 cup reservoir. Very inefficient, not effective.... pricey for a job poorly done. ...more info
  • disappointing for many reasons
    Would I've only listened to the 1* ratings here...

    here what I don't like about the unit.

    1. power supply
    Why the hell do we need an external mini power supply adding another 4ft wires? Can't that be build in? I wouldn't even have a problem if it would come with a 1ft cord...

    2. whisper technology
    Excuse me? My A/C unit is quieter that this! Maybe they meant it prevents whispering. Its definitely not quiet!

    3. why no power-off timer
    why cant they have a auto power off after 1,2,3 or so hours. I'm usually not at home for 10hrs after I took my shower... its probably going to burn down the house

    ...well I give it a few days... and probably return it....more info
  • waste of money, badly constructed
    Like so many other people, I had this machine for about 10 months, then one day it just stopped working. I messed with the power cord, changed plugs etc. but got nothing. It's just dead.
    I won't be using this brand again.
    If the product has such a predictable "life" then the company should state that up front so customers can factor it in while determining weather they feel the product is worth the price.
    They should recall these things. ...more info
  • Just the ticket!
    I got the little eva-dry dehumidifier for a basement closet that smelled musty and within hours I could tell the difference. I have to empty it every other day or so, but what a difference it has made and doesn't take up alot of room! I've been running it for a month and it continues to improve my closet. It doesn't feel damp in my closet anymore. The smell is almost gone. I would buy it again....more info
  • just okay
    Not "whisper" quiet at all.
    I would have purchased a more powerful device for my tiny (5x4) bathroom with significant moisture issues....more info
  • Only Last a Year...BUT......!!!!
    I live near the coast in my RV during the winter and I absolutely LOVE these! I have had both of mine for 2 years and between the two of them they keep my 34' RV completely dry. I run them constantly at seperate ends of my RV. It takes about 5-7 days for them both to fill up.

    HOWEVER, regarding the comments made about them only lasting a year....after about a year both of ours did stop working. We sent them back to the Eva-Dry manufacturer as they have a 1 year warranty...we were just under the year. What they are having problems with is not the unit itself but the power cord "box". That is is the part that has been going bad. If it is under a year Eva-Dry will fix them and if it's just a cord give you a new one! I'm on my second year and now looking for just the cord!

    Because of this they lost a star with me too.

    ...more info
  • Fantastic in damp basement storage room
    This little dehumidifier works! I no longer have to deal with mildew in my storage room as this little device fills up every week with all the water it has collected....more info
  • Don't expect much from this unit
    The performance of this unit is so meager that I have a hard time giving it a thumbs up. I suppose if you have a very, very small area, and you don't mind the dehumidifying process taking a long time, then this is the unit for you. I'm simply trying to keep mold from growing in my shower by dehumidifying bathroom after I get out of shower. As long as a run a fan (with shower door open, and fan pointing in the shower) in addition to running this unit, then I can dry out the shower stall. Without the fan, it takes way to long. Therefore, the obvious question: maybe the fan alone would do the trick. ...more info
  • Great Dehumidifier for the price
    I read all the reviews and figured I would give it a shot. I live in Hawaii on the windward side. And we have a lot of humidity. I was finding mold growing on shoes and belts, so we tried the damp-rid products. They removed some of the moisture but mold was still growing. It was slower but still there. So I bought the eva-dry and stuck it in the bottom of the closet and kept the doors open. It has been great! I takes 4 days to fill up and the mold has stopped appearing. It was very quite for the first month but has become a little louder. But it runs 24/7 in the closet in the master bedroom.

    I just bought a second one for one of the upstairs bedroom. And I am going to buy a 3rd one for the other bedroom.

    It seems to handle a 12x14 room with no problem. Since I had 2 of them, I tried both of them in the same room. There was no real improvement having both in the same room. They just took longer to fill up.

    For the price of these dehumidifiers, you will save alot in comparison to buying the damp-rid over a few months....more info
  • Didn't work
    This product did not work AT ALL. It didn't take one drop of moisture out of the air. I tried it in one small, damp closet, and in a damp laundry room. This dehumidifier didn't work in either area. I returned it....more info
  • Eva-dry works pretty good
    I live in Eugene, OR and everything in our bathroom drips with condensation. The dehumidifier fills up every couple of days but doesn't seem to make a big difference in moisture in the room, everything is still covered in condensation....more info
  • Eva-dry dehumidifier is great
    it seems to really collect a lot of water, and has helped keep my bathroom dry - much less stuffy in my bedroom since it is attached!...more info
  • gives out electronic ozone smell and is very inefficient.
    I accidently burned out the first one by using the wrong cord...(w/o AC adapter) and out of fairness bought another one to try to use for a small bathroom. It worked very slowly if at all....no humidistat so it never turns off...but even if a very humid bathroom I never could get the tank to fill up as the smell eminating from the thing had a very ozone/electronic smell like one of those Ion generators that seems unhealthy...especially considering public health experts warning against ionization machines. It's advertized to be used in 'baby rooms'. NO WAY!

    maybe in a very small closet or a hole in the wall...but it couldn't even dehumify a 8 by 5 bathroom...not even close. So maybe it's meant only for a cupboard. ...more info
  • So far so good
    We have a problem under our kitchen sink where by whenever it gets humid it tends to smell. We installed the Eva-dry under the sink for about a month and it has been running 24 hours a day without a problem. We have emptied it at least twice and it has kept the humidity at a level that it no longer smells. We did have to adjust the switch arm that someone else mentioned to get it to run when we first got it, but a part from that it has operated as we would expect....more info
  • eva-dry, but hot!
    Just purchased this little champ. We placed it in 7'x7' closet off the attic. This is older house and not well-insulated. The unit is doing a great job collecting water. However, when I went to move it the back of my finger brushed against the power adapter box on the electrical cord and I did get a little burn. So maybe it is working a little too hard! ...more info
  • Nothing stellar, but it does the job...
    This little dehumidifier does what it's supposed to do - I keep it in a small bedroom in my apartment, and it fills up about once a week, which is less often than some other reviews say it should. However, it took the damp smell out of my room, and the air doesn't feel moist every time I walk in, which I suppose is all I can really ask for....more info
  • Useless
    i kept it running for 6 hours in a very humid room (>80 humidity), after 6 hours it collected few drops of water. definitely not efficient....more info
  • Only lasts a year before breaking! Otherwise, great...
    I would give this little dehumidifier 5 stars because it's not too too loud, it's small and discreet and it does suck moisture out of the air like nobody's business. However, it simply does not last long enough to justify such a positive review. I bought two and they both died roughly one year later (after fairly continuous usage but still, a year is not very long!)

    Although it was a little hard to contact them, the company that manufactures them did replace one that died under the one year warranty (be sure to register it if you buy it -- that way you can at least get two years' worth of use out of it.) I really wish they were longer-lasting as that seems to be their one downside....more info
  • Uses for Eva-Dry
    We bought one of these for work and use it in an air-conditioned room where our paper is stored. In spite of the air-conditioning it still removes a reservoir and a half of humity/week! So I bought one for our home bathroom and it works well if the door and window are kept closed (which makes sense considering the compact size). Nice, lightweight little dehumidifier!...more info
  • For TINY spaces only
    Wanted to use this unit in a small bathroom with very poor ventilation to take care of moisture that was causing mold to grow.

    Ran this unit non-stop for a couple of weeks. It's quite small, so it obviously doesn't have capacity to remove a large amount of moisture (like after a hot shower), but having read the positive reviews about using this for small spaces, I tried it anyway to see if it would do the trick. Used it at various conditions, from 90% humidity (post-shower) to 45-55% humidity (normal level).

    It does indeed dehumidify (water does collect in the reservoir when it's very humid, like after a hot shower), but it does so VERY slowly, so that it's essentially useless in a high-moisture environment like this bathroom. Granted, it's probably not designed for rapid dehumidification, but it did not make a noticeable difference even when humidity was lower (humidity remained at 40-50% when running 24/7).

    BOTTOMLINE: It does work, but only for an EXTREMELY small space. Even in a small bathroom (about 45 sq ft), it made little difference at 45-90% humidity....more info
  • Worked for a while but died
    Purchased this item in fall 2007 for $40. It worked great when in use, but the motor burned out fall 2008. Not sure if it was a defect of the one I purchased or if it is a common problem. Now it's just another dead electronic that sits in my closet....more info
  • A bit misleading
    The Eva-dry is super quiet and small but not very effective in a small bathroom (as advertised). ...more info
    I bought this for my son's room because he has severe allergies. This had made a big improvement in his allergies and the room doesn't have that stuffy feeling anymore. I will be buying a couple more of these....more info
  • works until broken
    I bought this to use in my humid deployed location. It worked really well to keep my small room dry. My towels dried out really quick and the dampness in my room diappeared. However after two months the motor went out and it broke. I was unable to register the warranty because of the firewall on base and when I got home from the deployment the warranty was bad because I did not register within 10 days. So I am just out the money. Recommend because it worked great for two months, just use caution and dont forget to register for the one year warranty....more info
  • Only lasts about a year
    This is the second one I have bought.The first one lasted about a year and this one lasted 13 months. I use this in a small bathroom about 2 hrs a day.It does its job fairly well.If you don't mind buying one every year then this unit is fine,but I think they should last longer than that.I will not take anymore chances on these.They just aren`t durable.By the way I would regularly clean it with dust off....more info
  • Works like a dream
    I was skeptical at the size and price of this product, but have been pleasantly pleased. I have had my Eva-dra Electric Petite Dehumidifier for three months now and have wonderful results. I run this in my bedroom constantly and it gets so much moisture out of the air. I live in a tropical area with high concentrations of mold, and this has definitely helped keep my house clean and mold-free. Contrary to other reviews, I've found the Eva-dry to be VERY quiet and much quieter than my bedroom fan. It's no problem to sleep with this running. I have to empty it every 2-3 days....more info
  • Good for a limited amount of time
    I have had this dehumidifier for 8 months. It worked well for quite a while, very quiet and seemed pull a lot of moisture from the air in a small, converted garage. However, about a month ago, after having it off overnight, I turned it on and it made a horrible noise. I opened it up to find a loose screw. It got tightened and closed up, at which point it was less noisy but didn't seem to be working. It happened again, but since it isn't working anyway, it does not seem to be worth it to try and fix again.
    Perhaps, as another reviewer mentioned, it should only be used in small rooms for a short amount of time....more info
  • Does the job!
    I got the Eva-dry in December of 2008 and I've been using it ever since. I put it in my bathroom because we don't have any windows (the ceilings are low too). I think it'll only be good for small spaces. It seems to work well for us. The entire dehumidifier fills up within a little less than a week. Originally when we got it I thought it was a little noisy but since its in our bathroom (across the hall from our bedroom) you can't really hear it too much. If you were planning on using it for your bedroom I wouldn't recommend it unless you don't mind the noise. I also wasn't sure if using it after a few months, it wasn't as effective. I thought originally when I got it, the water compartment filled up pretty fast. It doesn't do it as fast now and I wasn't sure if it was because I've been using it for a while. I try to dust it pretty often incase dust gets stuck in the machine. Overall, I still think its worth getting....more info
  • not what I expected
    This item turned out to be much too small for my use.
    Also, it was delivered defective. I got it ready to trial and it wouldn't even turn on. It was returned for a full refund, which I'm still expecting....more info
  • So far so good
    We bought it for a damp closet. It's amazing to me how much moisture this little guy sucks up. I just hope it continues to work for a long time. ...more info
  • Works Great!
    This works great! I like mine sooo well that I've ordered another. I also like that it takes up so little space.

    FYI - I contacted Eva-Dry about not being able to register within the 10 days of purchase because of Amazon shipping time and the Eva-Dry warranty registration form not working online.

    Ken Judd, General Manager, Eva-Dry stated the following:

    "I'm sorry were still having problems with our website. We honor warranties even if we get them after the 10 days."

    Here's his info:

    Ken Judd
    General Manager

    12157 West Linebaugh Ave #152
    Tampa, Florida 33626
    813.433.9206 (Direct Line)
    727.726.0597 (Direct Fax)
    kjudd@eva-dry.com ...more info
  • Great dehumidifier with some flaw
    I had this machine for nearly 9 month.

    It collect great deal of water, and I am very happy about that part.
    If you live in apartment, it is just a perfect size.

    If you try to set this one up in basement or large room, tank might be too small. But for NY apartment, they are perfect size and very quiet.

    The major flaw of this machine is not unit itself.
    But, its power switcher(whatever they called for AC adapter)

    I happened to bought 2 unit, and one of them already failed.
    Turned out, it was power switcher that failed and unit are both still functional.

    After reviewing other people's comment about similar problem,
    I suspect it is frequent occurrence.

    Thus I will rate this one 3 star for cheaply made power units, and seemingly impossible to find replacement.

    Otherwise, I would have given 5star....more info
  • Works well, but broke down too soon-IT WAS THE POWER THING NOT THE DEHUMIDIFIER THAT FAILED
    I have had mine for about 18 months. We have a large closet that has a trapdoor to a crawlspace, so we needed something stronger than the absorbent crystals but pretty small. This fit the bill, the price was right, and so we tried it. For 18 months we ran it pretty much 12 hours/day every day. It was quiet enough that I could go into the room, pause and listen and know if it was on or not behind the closet door, but never disruptive in the room. It got a lot of water out, needing to be emptied once or twice a wk depending on the weather. Then last wk it just died. So on overall performance for 18 months it absolutely would rate 5 out of 5 stars. Tempering that with such a short life, I have to give it a 3. Now trying to decide if I should buy another or look for something different. NOTE: I DID BUY A SECOND ONE: it turns out the original dehumidifier was FINE; the separate power cord/converter thingie is the part that wasn't working. So now we have two good dehumidifiers and are trying to reach the manufacturer about getting a new converter thingie....more info
  • The first one worked well, so I bought a second one.
    Before I purchased this item, I read both bad and good reviews on it. I bought it anyway in April for my small bathroom that did not have a fan. My bathroom had problem with molds from the many hot showers, unless I wiped up the walls after every shower. I thought I ought to wait a few months to see if it worked as intended before I rated it. It's been 6 months now; I haven't had to wipe up the walls in the bathroom and I don't have mold problems anymore. It was expensive for a small thing, but it saved me a lot of time and energy from having to clean the bathroom everyday. It was also a little bit noisy at first, but I got used to it after a couple of weeks, and now, at times, I even wondered if I had it turned on or off. I recently bought a second one for the other bathroom, although it did not have problems in there, simply because the gadget was on special ($15 off I think).
    I will update my review after I have it for more than 12 months. I read some customers have problems with the gadget after that time period.
    I hope this helps....more info
  • Great for small areas
    We have an storage closet that is accessible from the outside, only. It has no temperature control. We live in the South where the humidity can be wearable and this dehumidifier keeps our items from becoming junk. The only complaint I have is that the first one only lasted a year. In defense, though we had a full size humidifier that cost lots more and it only lasted a year, too. So - for my money - this is a better purchase....more info
  • Eva-dry works
    It's a small thing but does pull in the water. My small bathroom only has a window and not a vent, and in cold months opening the window is not an option. I wipe the excess water from the shower/bath and steam from walls, then let the mini do the rest. ...more info
  • good little dehumidifier
    I live near the ocean and things in my closet get mildew. I have a long wall closet and ended up buying a second. One wasn't enough. So I put one on one end and the other on the other.

    They are quiet, they sound like a fan. And they pull water. I have to empty them about every 4 days. I would recommend them for very small spaces....more info
  • Works great but small resevoir
    I have been using this for a month now in a small basement bedroom. It works great so far. I put it in the room before leaving for work and I could feel/smell the difference by the time I got home from work that day. The resevoir is small though so it must be emptied often. It is pretty quiet like a small fan. The price of less than $50 is not bad even if it only lasts a year....more info
    The product performs very well. It is essential in order to maintain a dry environment....more info
  • Small, simple and works
    Wow! I didn't realize just how Petite this thing was. I got it out of the box and it was the size of an American football. I leave mine on 24-7 and generally get around 2-3 ounces of water a day. Somedays it is more, some days less. I use it in my bedroom and bathroom, so it is not exactly "contained". It is not too loud for sleeping, but I generally put it in the hallway at night due to the bright green light on the power switch, otherwise I would put it right next to my bed. The noise level reminds me of my laptop when the fans come on; a small buzz but far from annoying.

    I am a little disappointed it doesn't pull out more water, but then I don't know how much water is actually in the air for it to feel humid. I am considering another one for full time bathroom duty, as I don't have a vent for when people shower. ...more info
  • works great in a small area
    I put this little machine in the basement of my store and it works great but is a little too small for the area so I am going to buy a bigger unit to really handle the problem. It is very quiet and reliable. I would recommend it for a little area....more info
  • Great product and efficient for it's size
    My air conditioner was out of service and Florida is very humid, to top it off I have a salt water and fresh water fish tank in which water that evaporates has nowhere to go. I needed this product in the mean time I get my A/C serviced. Well the humidity levels in the bedroom dropped from 82% to 70% in about 2 days which is pretty good considering it's a medium sized bedroom. I fixed the A/C and humidity levels dropped to 60% having the Eva-dry turned off. As soon as I turned it on it dropped to about 52%. Even having my A/C working I still use the Eva-dry to save some money on my energy bill and at the same time getting rid of humidity. I really like this product for it's efficiency, size and quietness. This product can only be found in Amazon.com so if you are looking for a small dehumidifier for a small or medium room this is the one for you. ...more info
  • good concept - poor execution
    I have owned this product for over a month and it failed to meet my expectations. I had researched this product on several websites - all had a significant amount of good reviews. The claims I found were

    "Effectively reduces humidity in rooms up to 500 sq. feet"
    "Removes up to 8 ounces a day"

    For my particular application I need a RH of 40-55% at 65-75 degrees F. I am a plant broker and I grow cultivars of rare trees with CO2 enrichment. CO2 enirhcment methods can cause significant increases of humidity in small closed systems. The RH can be around 70% which is too high but at 65-75 degrees just removing 1-2 ozs of water will make enough difference to bring RH to my desired values.

    This product seemed like a perfect solution since I cannot have a large compressor dehumifer in the present propagation/grow area. The area is only 25 sq feet and less than 100 cubic feet.

    This product only removes 1-2 ounces a week at 75 degrees. The packaging states to achieve 8 ounces a day it must be 86 degrees F & 80%. I do not know of many residental scenarios that would even fit that. I find it hard to believe this product could be effective in bathrooms at lower temperatures since the lower temperature differential will render the unit significantly less effective.

    As other reviews have stated this unit will only be effective in VERY small areas. I think it would be a dubious benefit at that. The claim of being effective at 500 square feet has been demonstrated to be completely false.

    ...more info
  • Hard-working little dehumidifier
    I am now on my second of the eva-dry petite dehumidifier. The first I purchased a year ago because my bathroom doesn't have an exhaust fan and the humidity in there is terrible. This little humidifier worked like a charm to reduce the humidity and prevent mold from growing. It is easy to empty. And it runs quietly and fits in the small bathroom perfectly. After owning it for about a year, it quit working. However, since I read the other reviews I was expecting this and figured I got a good life out of it. So I ordered my new one and am still happy with it....more info
  • Great when it works
    I bought this probably 5 months ago, used it a lot(maybe 2-8 hours a day) in a small bathroom with no ventilation. It worked great but recently has stopped collecting water. I'd love another one this small but think I'll be spending the $ on a regular size one that won't stop working after a few months....more info
  • Excellent product
    This little dehumidifier works great for my closet. I empty it out just about every three days. Very quiet and totally surprised me, and i was skeptical. Worth the buy....more info
  • Little machine but works great
    Shipped quickly. Works great. Not too loud. Doesn't take too much electricity. Not made for big rooms though. ...more info
  • If you need a small one this is it.
    My girlfriend has all kind of allergies and buys a lot of junk that doesn't work. I saw this one and bought it, meanwhile another of her products showed up at the door, the same price as this. It was a small heater that didn't do anything. I hooked this up 4 days later and she was amazed at the silent enough operation, that really does what it is supposed to do....more info
  • You are all smoking crack, these things are whorthless!!!!!
    The biggest problem with the Eva-dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier is that it doesn't dehumidify. Sure it's small and cute, and is blue and white, just like water. And it has a little recycling symbol on the front to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Oh and it's so easy to empty, all you have to do is pull out the little water holder and pour it out. Not sure why they included it though cause you will never need to empty it cause IT DOESN'T WORK. This dehumidifier doesn't dehumidify. It's super quite, mostly because it's not really doing anything. And super compact, again because it does nothing. It sits in the corner, plugged into the wall, and sucks out maybe one cup of water per week. Pointless. We put it in our bathroom which gets really steamy, and it pulled out maybe 1/8th of a cup of water per day. Don't waste your money. ...more info
  • Almost Worthless
    The humidifier works very slowly, taking about a week to fill a two cup resevoir. Even in a small closet, that is not enough to make much difference. ...more info
  • Eva-dry: petite and DOA
    The product was designed smartly (it was downright cute), well packaged, and very promptly shipped; we were delighted to get it. But it showed no signs of life whatsoever when plugged in. We returned it via Amazon's quite convenient process, and they quickly credited our account. Maybe this company makes good products, but our specimen was DOA....more info
  • what a tiny one to keep in the small area
    Eva-dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier
    it's good for smaller area or smaller space.
    it's very light. i like it...more info


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