Germ Guardian EV-9-102 UV-C Air Sanitizer

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  • beats Ionic Pro
    I have purchased 3 of these Germ Gaurdians. The chrome one for the living room (also comes in other colors) and it definitely cleans the air etc. I have 2 of the table top machine, one for the computer room and one in the bedroom. I sleep much better at night because the air is fresh and clean and clear to breathe fresh air while sleeping is great. I feel the Germ Gaurdian is worth the money. The larger unit has a 5 yr warranty, compared to others only having a 1-2 yr warranty. I highly recommend either of these units. My grand-daughters even tell me how much better the air is and how much cleaner the house smells. ...more info
  • Research UV-C before you rate this poor...its a very good product with some limitations
    This product works to STERILIZE air by destroying bacteria and mold spores DNA and does so well...if you are looking for something to remove particulate matter i'd buy a rabbit air by mitsubishi...OUTSTANDING PRODUCT FOR THE PRICE or IQ Air, BluAir, or Austin which are also outstanding but plan to spend some bucks for those units....this UV unit makes an EXCELLENT those who complain about the low fan speed, if you research UV-C you'll understand why the fan speed is somewhat low which in turn does create less air exchange. The product does not claim to clean germs and mold in the air in a 200sqft space more than once in an hour.....which obviously by most air purifier standards is extremely minimal...BUT...find me a better machine at killing mold toxins and bacteria at the DNA level? Bacteria and mold need time in the aluminum lined light chamber to be destroyed so the germ guardian air exchange is low to allow the unit to perform its job while the aluminum intensifies the strength of the light. UV will also destroy some VOC's but not remove particulate matter (dust). The bottom line is this product WORKS to KILL MOLD AND BACTERIA VERY WELL! If you are trying to sterilize a large space (more than 200sqft) I would add this a supplement to a larger machine or buy two. Again, EXCELLENT device if you are looking to STERILIZE your air!...if dust, dander, and other particulates are an issue buy a rabbit and buy this to sterilize. ...more info
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says, "most home air purifiers fall short"
    UV purifiers. These devices rely on ultraviolet light to neutralize biological contaminants. Experts agree that UV light is effective in destroying microbes such as bacteria, dust mites and mold spores, given sufficient exposure time. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), however, most home air purifiers fall short: "Bacterial spores would require a relatively long time under the light for the light to have a killing effect. Most household air cleaners move air too quickly to provide adequate exposure time." Without the addition of a filter and fan, UV purifiers are ineffective against particles such as dust, pollen and pet dander, and some experts have raised concerns about the safety of UV units in household settings.

    ...more info
  • loud fan
    I bought one of these from the local Lowe's and returned it. The fan in it was loud even on the lowest setting. This would have been fine if it were moving a lot of air, but as the others on here have said it barely moves air.. so why all the noise? It was louder than my computer.
    Also, it doesn't need to move a lot of air through it to treat all of the air in a room over the course of 24hrs.
    I'll try another at some point.. and if it's loud then I'll swap the fan for a higher quality one. ...more info
  • This is a gimmick!
    When I first learned about the Germ Guardian, I thought, "Wow! I've just got to have it!" The manufacturers claimed that it was tested and found effective by the Harvard School of Public Health so I was impressed and ordered it. It turned out to be a slick looking product, space age and all and it looked good in the house but unfortunately, that's the only good thing I can say about it because after 5 days, my sneezing (I have allergic rhinitis) was no better, I felt the same as I did before it arrived and then, one day, I came down with an absolutely severe allergic attack and this thing did absolutely, 100% NOTHING!! So I have sent it back for refund. I don't recommend it at all and I feel that the whole thing is just a big bad gimmick....more info
  • Marketing Scam
    I bought two of these pieces of junk, and believe me they do NOT work unless your room is about 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet.


    When they say it cleans 700 cubic feet per hour, that is simply what the fan can MOVE per hour not what it actually will clean in a 10 foot by 10 foot by 7 foot room.

    The fan is so weak at full speed you can barely feel it. Really it is sucking in air through the bottom and blowing it out at the top. Both the inlet and outlet are facing the same side so you are basically recirculating most of the same air over and over again. This thing would need to be 7 feet tall to really work well.

    In a hospital they have HUGE systems that MOVE the air past LARGER ARRAYS of bulbs.

    So here you are sitting in a room with your kids coughing on one side and this thing recirculating the same air over and over again, in a little tiny airspace, what a great deal. Just be ready to buy 10 of them per room.

    Maybe you can try hanging 5 on the celiing and putting 5 on the floor of a 4' x5' bathroom and it might work in a week.

    Do yourself a favor, and buy a machine that has more UV light bulbs, and has a greater airflow so ALL the air in a room is moving and ALL of the air in the room goes through the filter.

    I gave it a one because it looks nifty.

    ...more info
  • Decent product but does not cover room adequately
    After hearing about this product and reading the reviews, decided to get one for our newborn baby. The problem however, is that this does not cover the entire room even on its "high" setting. Over the course of an hour, I would say this thing covers only a sixth of the air in our room (12 x 12). I put my hand in front of the sanitizer and could barely feel any airflow and this was on the high setting. I've only had this product for a month so I will have to follow-up on durability.

    First month impression is this thing is too weak to adequately sanitize an entire room. If it were a bit stronger, would give a better rating. I feel like I will return this item and get a stronger air cleaner, or buy 3 of these (not practical)....more info
  • IT WORKS!!!
    My wife works at a health clinic and I was constantly getting colds and sniffles ETC from the "bugs" she was around all day. Since we got this little gem (3 months ago)I haven't once had any germ/virus related symptoms. It's a little pricey but it beats having a cold for weeks on end. Plus it's very cool looking. My advice to anyone that is susceptible to colds and the flu, get one of the babies, hook it up in your bedroom and run it 24/7 at full speed (you won't even hear it). And for people looking for the replacement UV lamp, just Google Germ Guardian and they have all the parts for all their units....more info
  • great product-best purchase I've made!
    I purchased one of these for our great room and I also purchased the GG-1000 model for my sons bedroom. Our Family had been passing around soar throats, colds and the kids had ear infections since October. They would get better from the antibiotic and as soon as they were off it, they would be sick again. Since putting this in our home, (knock on wood) no one in the family has had a cold and that is awesome, especially because of the holidays and all the stomach flu-like symptoms that were going around...we didn't get it!!! I have ended up putting one of the GG-1000 UV models in every bedroom and one in the kitchen as well. I highly recommend this unit based on the few months we have owned them....more info
  • Germ Guardian ev-9-102 uv-c Air Sanitizer, Black
    The UV light went out on the sanitizer five days after using 24 hours a day. There is no restriction as to the amount of usage. Where can you get replacement lights?...more info
  • Thrilled Mom
    I'm thrilled with this product. It has made a tremendous difference in our home. It really does control the spread of germs. I can't tell you how exciting it is not to have my three children continue to reinfect each other. I highly recommend getting a couple, one for the bedroom and one for the family room. You won't be disappointed!...more info