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Dr. Aiden Krone is a former professor of Applied Physics at MIT, notorious for his unrivaled brilliance and obsession with Thermodynamics, Advanced Propulsion, and Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). Despite his increasing tendencies to demand control and secrecy, he became the Founder and Lead Physicist of a classified Time Travel research program. Over a decade later, Krone's program had successfully developed the world's first time-traveling suit technology. However, as the program's equally secretive decision-makers demanded this technology be adapted for military applications, Krone's feelings of self-entitlement and anger grew. He secretly desired a new existence, a new world where his scientific endeavors could be shaped and experienced without outside interference. The combination of Krone's mind and his suit technology gave him the ability to create and control another existence - an existence where a man of science could finally operate without restrictions and do so within a place where science itself was properly respected? regardless of the effects on humanity. It is now up to you to trace Krone's last known appearances and stop his tyrannical rule over Alpha District. In a twisted world where scientific accomplishments reign, it's up to you to don the Beta Suit and Master Time to Become the Ultimate Weapon.

Customer Reviews:

  • Prince of Persia Meets Halo
    I am not a total gaming guru, but I do love first person shooters and have played almost all of the good ones within the past 3 years, Halos, Blacksite, Gears of War, etc. This game was great. Some fun weapons, a cool time suit, etc. Its controls reminded me of the Prince of Persia series where one has the ability to slow, stop and rewind time. Some of the guns could have been a little bit cooler, but all in all, a fun game worth the money....more info
  • Shifty...
    There are plenty of good shooters out there. Maybe that's why "TimeShift" got mostly dismissed by the gaming press when it was released last year. Despite some problems, however, this one definitely qualifies as good. That in itself is a shame, however, as it could have been great had the developers been able to rewind time and compensate for its many faults.

    If you need a reason to strap on your guns and wade through the corpses of enemies in an FPS game, you'll be disappointed from the start. In essence, you're a guy in a prototype suit that allows you to control time. You must infiltrate an alternate reality and stop the villainous Dr. Krone, who has transformed this reality into a dystopian nightmare over which he presides as ultimate ruler. Joining a ragtag resistance movement with nary a word escaping your lips to add anything resembling a personality to your alter-ego, it's your job to stop Krone once and for all.

    Despite the wounded attempt at storytelling, the setting, at least, will grab you from the word "go." Think City 17 from "Half-Life 2" meets the future world of "Terminator" and you're close to the money. A bleak, war torn cityscape plagued by torrential rains, patrolled by jackbooted thugs and robots that snuck out of a showing of "Robocop", will be your first stop. It may not be particularly original, but it looks amazing. The graphics on display here truly are inspiring, complete with amazing lighting. They suck you into the setting despite the lack of an involving narrative.

    The gameplay is equally compelling. The weapons you find have a good solid feel to them, complete with alternative firing modes. Some of them are more satisfying than others, but there's no denying the thrill of the Thunder Bolt, a crossbow-like weapon that launches explosive arrows into your hapless foes, to name but one standout. Enemies react accordingly to where they have been shot more often than not, sometimes even being so kind as to gib into chunks of red gore. It's unfortunate that sometimes they seem a little too resilient to open fire, however, like walking bullet sponges just waiting to absorb your shots.

    Elements of "Halo" and the aforementioned "Half-Life 2" mix liberally with the revamped "Prince of Persia" series and its hook of being able to manipulate time. Why nobody thought of this before is beyond me. Thanks to your prototype suit, you can not only slow down time ala "Max Payne," "F.E.A.R.", and "The Matrix," but freeze it indefinitely or rewind it as well. Fortunately this isn't some tacked on gimmick, as you will need to master these abilities and think on your toes in some cases to progress. Overall, these abilities are very well-implemented and really enhance what would otherwise be a merely decent shooter.

    Unfortunately, the game has more faults beyond its unfortunate excuse for a storyline. Repetition is one of them. Most of the time you'll spend in the game facing the same generic grunts or performing the same switch-pulling objectives that have been with the genre since "Doom" and even earlier. Add to that later levels that overkill industrial settings and a weak finale and you have what amounts to a bit of a disappointment. The game is so much fun early on that it's a shame its designers couldn't maintain its appeal to the very end.

    That said, if you're not in the mood for a classic, and could use some hands-on time with a solid FPS, you could do a lot worse than "TimeShift."

    (Technical score: 3 and a half stars)...more info
  • a game to enjoy
    this game its really fun and its the kind og game that its not soo hard to win so yo have fun killing and discovering things inside the game , and of course in timeshift you can control the time and used as a weapon bealiveme its really fun ...more info
  • Not living up to its potential
    This game has a great idea with the time shift premise, but besides that the game was average at best. you can only drive one vehicle. Driving that was horrible and hard to control. It just basically felt like this game was pushed out to make money and no one took the time to really think the game through. Story sucked and so did the ending. The worst part no vs. mode ...more info
  • A Fantastic But Probably Overlooked FPS
    Since I played the demo, I knew I'd want this game. It's simply fun. Other than the time powers, it may not do much more than other FPSes, but it's the gameplay that counts. People might think being able to stop and slow down time would make the game super easy, but there are points where there are so many enemies that it can become quite tough. Especially as your time powers can only last a certain amount of time, you have to work fast if you don't want to die.

    The graphics are for the most part great. Mostly what you'd expect from a next-gen game. The weapons are fun, but there could be a bit more variety. That AI is definitely quite good, but of course, the coolest part of the game is being able to slown down and stop time. There's nothing like blowing up a couple guys in slow mo, or stopping time and stealing the enemies' weapon then watching him freak out because he has no idea what just happened. The multiplayer is also a ton of fun and quite balanced. This game will actually pull me away from Halo for awhile. If you're into shooters, definitely add this to your list....more info
  • Hyped and Hooked
    I feel like a fish that was hyped in to buying this game only to realize I was hooked and yanked from my 'comfort zone'... When I saw the video hype of this game, I should've realized that there are games, and there are games that should be movies and not games.

    The only thing different about this FPS is that it is on my XBox and not a computer. Nothing remarkable about the graphics or the gameplay at all. Does Goodwill or the Salvation Army take game donations, because I don't think I can give this one away.

    Remarkable disappointment. ...more info
  • Timeshift is both boring and repetitive.
    After playing the demo for this game a few months ago I was pretty excited about the game. You play a scientist that time travels to kill another time traveler. You have the ability to stop time, slow time and reverse time. It should have ended there. Timeshift is one of the worst games I've played on the 360. The single player is extremely short, I played on the medium skill level and beat it in under 5 hours. There is almost no story to the game, just a few very short clips from a flashback and usually some guy telling you to push a button. The game gets boring once you get over the fact that you can travel in time which is after the first level. I dont know why but the makers of the game thought it would be a great idea to have a guy yelling in your ear every minute. Hearing, "what are you doing? push the button" is so annoying i wanted to break this game. And I am not exaggerating about the repetitiveness of the messages. The multiplayer is also boring, there is the chance of using a timeshift but comes in a small bubble that you use like it is a grenade; this bubble is to be used on your enemies, not for yourself. You would think they could come up with something more creative than this. One cool thing about the game is the chance to unlock some extra features like sketches, but that is it. Overall the game is awful. The developers lacked creativity and made a game that is as linear as you can possibly get. The concept is cool, but the implementation is lacking. It was a struggle just to finish the game. Multiplayer is weak and hard to find a good match. Do yourself a favor, and don't even bother with renting this game....more info
  • I spent months with this game...
    I worked at Vivendi (Sierra is a 'fake' company owned by Vivendi). While there, I spent a few months testing this awful game. Total lack of plot, painfully easy gameplay, followed by ridiculously difficult gameplay, sprawling maps that appear open but are actually strictly linear... if you accidentally travel outside of where they want you to go (not always obvious), you'll be lost for hours. Oh, and if you wander too far and find a way *around* where they want you to go, you'll find yourself stuck, having to reset to the last save.

    This game was originally set for the original X-Box, but took so long to develop that they had to upgrade it to 360 status. The problem is that they didn't upgrade enough.

    This game leads you by the nose, and is fun for twenty minutes or so, before getting frustratingly familiar.

    Please don't buy this game unless you've already played through it and for some reason really like it. Renting this game will save you money....more info
  • An Underrated Gem
    How games like this get overlooked while mediocre games like Rainbow Six Vegas get all the hype, I'll never know. What a little gem of a game. If you're a fan of Sci Fi shooters, you'll like Timeshift. First the bad. The story is almost non existent. But what it lacks in story, it makes up for in gameplay. In the beginning, I found using the time shifting abilities a little cumbersome. But once you get used to it, boy does this game get fun. The graphics are excellent, the guns are cool. The environments are varied and challenging. The enemies are smart and will flank you fast. The game never feels redundant. One of Timeshift's greatest assets however is the checkpoint system. I HATE games where if you die, you have to repeat the last 6-10 minutes of gameplay you just finished before you died. This can ruin what might be an otherwise decent game. That never happens in Timeshift. The checkpoints are perfectly placed. It becomes apparent that the developers put autosaves just before really challenging parts. A huge plus! All I can say is don't let this game pass you by. I am a fan of shooters like Resistance, Halo, Call Of Duty franchise, and in my opinion Timeshift is just as worthy a shooter. ...more info
  • Time Shift
    Time Shift is a game that was released on October 30, 2002 it is rated M for mature. Time Shift is only playable on X Box 360 and playstation 3. it approximatly cost $59.99. Time Shift is about a scientist from the near future have been working on a viable timemachine. the project results in the creation of two devices , the alpha suit, a less advanced prototype jump suit, and the Beta suit, a more advanced, so-called military grade with features the Alpha suit lacks. The director of the project, Doctor Aiden Krone takes the Alpha suit and travels back into the past when there be alters the timeline, placing himself as the ruler. The protagonist, a fellow scientist whose name never spoken, then takes the Beta suit and follow Dr. Kane to !939 to a place called Alpha district. He then proceeds to assists the Occupant Rebellion against Dr.Kane.
    Jeremy B....more info
  • Time Shift Review - It's Okay
    Time shift is the standard post-apocolyptic first person shooter with the standard array of weapons and tactics. On the positive side, the AI is intelligent, shifty, and reacts to any part of their body that you shoot. The environment is very similar to the feeling of Requiem or Red Faction II in that you're always fighting through tunnels and open streets. The weaponry is decent, but nothing new under the sun. The ability to time shift itself is great, however, the effects don't last as long as they should. On the downside, the campaign mode is LOOOOONG. I never thought the game would end. I'm all about a good first person shooter, but after a while, it's just continually running and gunning....more info
    VERY-VERY GOOOOOD GAME....more info
  • unstable framerate but fun
    Timeshift is an average shooter in every way but there's nothing wrong with that. There's a nice variety of weapons and there's plenty of single player levels to explore. But there's some downsides too. The framerate is a bit unstable (though it never breaks the gameplay) and the overall speed of the game is slow when you would want to be able to run around in a shooter game. Instead you're forced to sort of amble around rather than run, because the game engine could never handle the fast redraws that running around the level would require. The environment textures are extra blurry and grainy too (unlike the PC version would looks natobaly better if your PC can handle games).

    All in all this is a very average shooter but I enjoyed the single player game for the budget price. If you havent already played Half-Life 2 though, that is a better choice than this game as far as single player shooters go. ...more info
  • Entertaining but a little not up to HD
    Well... Let me tell ya that I'm NEWBIE reviewing stuff on the net... so, bare with me.
    What I've got to say about this game is that it is actually very entertaining and all that...
    it's kind of cool when you can actually stop time and see the rain falling all over you, or steal guns froms your enemis and then execute them... so good
    but actually the game comes short on the graphics, yup! you actually can do a lot of stuff in the game but the
    graphics can be a LOT better...
    Bottom line, this is really not a MUST havegame, It's a nice to have game.... and you get FPS with time powers (Nice)....more info
  • Amazing
    This is a truly amazing game. Especially if you have a big screen LCD or Plasma with surround sound. Timeshift is in my opinion one of the most underrated games of all time, hands down.

    I won't repeat the 'cool factor' about time shifting since many have already done it. BUT, there is one other aspect of this game that has gone mostly unmentioned. That is the weapons. (Not to mention their sound).

    So many games have 1 or 2 good weapons. Moreover, 50% of these don't make the sounds you'd expect from them. With that said, Timeshift got it right the first time. Listening to this game while you are holding one of the *Many* awesome weapons, hearing these things fire out of your speakers is an amazing experience.

    The overall graphics are stunning (very comparable to Halo 3 at least on my 52" Plasma using HDMI) and another area that has gone un-noted is the Multiplayer. Matches for multiplayer can be set up using the amazing "Low Gravity" and there is also a "High Speed" setting. There are tons of maps available and the overall experience will truly blow your mind.

    Time shifting at any given moment - as well as stopping time to regain your last bit of health in messy situations - is truly rewarding. And one of the funniest aspects to the game (believe it or not, it IS actually laugh out loud funny) is the voice acting. I won't go into it here, but you'll see what I mean as you progress into the game.

    This one is a keeper, simply for the online play. Just like Unreal Tournament 3, this is one of the most underrated titles *ever* for the XBox 360 AND XBox Live....more info
  • Stop, now DIE!
    Timeshift, to me looked like a VERY interesting FPS, so I waited till it was about $20 and then bought it off of Ebay for only $16.99! For that price this game ROCKS! It is soooooo cool how you can Stop, Reverse, and Slow the hands of time and destroy your enemies in a couple of seconds, but there are lots of them, so use your timeshifting abilities wisely. There is a puzzle side in this game, in where you have to figure out which time power to use, for instance, if you're in the sewer, and you want to pass a gate, in where you have to hold the wheel or otherwise it will shut, use time stop and walk right through without the gate closing, but you better hurry, because time stop goes by VERY quickly and you can't move as fast! Or if you are on a quad, and a bridge is about to collapse with you on it, use to slow to get you across, faster than an Eagle! If you don't make it, don't worry, just use time reverse and you'll be back on the bridge with a second chance! That's what's sooooo cool about Timeshift! The graphics and gameplay are amazing! The storyline is what makes this game a little worse, beacuse I don't understand it. But other than that I can't find anything wrong. You also have the option to turn the Blood and Gore off! Why would I do that? Blood and Gore is sooooo cool! Anyway, the weapons are also very cool, even though you only have a selection of 11. The levels are long, which is good! So, if you love FPS than you'll love this! Begin the timeshifting! NOTE TO PARENTS: When ESRB means "M" they mean it! Timeshift has non-stop violence, extreme blood and gore, and language. This game should not be played by ANYONE under the age of 13. ...more info
  • Good, but could have been better
    After playing the demo for this game, I was pretty excited about getting it. However, after playing the actual game, I was a little disappointed. It's still a good game, but it could have been better. It definitely has some interesting game play to it....more info
  • Its worth getting.
    This is a solid title. it kind of feels like Half Life, the controll is tight, the envirenments are well put together and the story stays interesting. The time manipulation is really fun to play with, there's nothing more satisfying then stopping time, drilling ten guys with the shot gun and then starting it again to watch the chaos.

    Bottom line, you can pick it up really cheap used, and its totally worth it. ...more info
  • Good but a bit too easy
    I believe this game was overlooked when it first came out. Overall, this is a good game that is fun to play. The time controls add a unique challenge to this game, forcing you to look at certain situations in terms of "time" in order to complete them successfully. The controls are well-designed, and there is nothing difficult in terms of controlling this game. The sound and graphics are decent. The graphics look good for a next-gen game, although they have a unique feel to them -- I'd call the graphics "action figure", since they're not entirely realistic. The sounds are very realistic but the soundtrack is totally lacking. In terms of challenge, the game has very good AI, and the enemies will attempt to surround you and outflank you. However, the time-controls make this game somewhat easy to beat, even on the hardest setting. You will find yourself using the same time-control over and over again to beat enemies. There's a good array of weapons, and some of the more rare weapons are needed to beat certain enemies, however, once you get a hold of certain weapons, you'll use the same weapon over and over again -- again, the game is not that challenging once you acquire certain weapons.

    It's a good game that can probably be beat somewhere between 10-20 hours on the hardest setting. Playing about 1-2 hours per day, you will definitely beat this game in 2 weeks. I don't think there is a lot of replay value, but it is a lot of fun the first time through....more info
  • Everyone should buy this so they will make a sequel!
    The story mode on this game is actually fun and challenging. I have to wonder what game people are comparing this to (most likely COD4), but when comparing it to the Halo series it blows them out of the water. (I wish the main character could jump a little like master chief tho.) The destructable environments look great, the gameplay is very difficult, and at times you will be stuck and can't figure out where to go or what to do, and all of these things combined make TimeShift a fun and welcome challenge.
    When it comes to fps games there isn't much that we haven't seen. The ability to control time is seemingly all thats really left. Sierra (whom I've never heard of) did a very good job developing a 4D game, and I'm very excited to see what they can do with their sophomore effort. So if people can drop $20 and buy this game new like I did I think that the next TimeShift will be one of the best FPS games ever....more info
  • Single Player Campaign haven't played multiplayer
    Well Timeshift... while it is a decent game it holds nothing that hasn't been seen in a 1st person shooter before. Ok maybe the ability to stop and rewind time is a new experience but other than that it lacks in a multitude of categories. Stop time, shotgun a couple of dudes go hide until your time powers recharge, do it again... huh, dumb. This is the easy way to beat the game, I took this path a little later in the game when it got boring just to beat it. Since shooting people in the grill (i.e. The Face) doesn't kill them it isn't even remotly realistic. This realisim has been present since 007 Goldeneye so there is absolutly no excuse for it not to be present in this game at all. Tagging people with grenades... seen it in more than just Halo so nothing new, but it's still fun. Short game to so rent it beat it, and get the gamerscore increase. Haven't been able to play it multiplayer, Iraq doesn't give me the opportunity to play Xbox Live and nobody else that I know has this game so if the Multiplayer is good than it might get three stars....more info
  • Good
    This game has the best rag doll physics that could every be put into a game other than that there really isnt anything else...more info
    This game is amazing. When i played the demo it was amazing. I knew i had to have the game. You can freeze time, rewind time, or slow it down for about 3-4 seconds. The guns are amazing. Ill let you find out what they are. I recommend this game for xbox 360 or play station 3 either one is sick-nasty. What i think the best part about TimeShift is the online multiplayer. You can have 2-16 players in a game. The possibilities are endless in multiplayer. Im still finding new stuff in it. The storyline may be a bit confusing but you can try to do it or go online and find a walkthrough. The first person shooter is unbelivable in this game. Then the graphics are great as well. Its what you would expect from a next generation game. I think that this is the second best game for xbox 360 besides Halo 3. I would definitly suggest adding this game to your cart....more info
  • Derivative
    First off, there's nothing remotely "fantastic" about Timeshift, even though the game looks like it could be upon first glance. Instead, Timeshift is a derivative FPS that doesn't offer anything we haven't seen plenty of times before, and better as well. First off, the ability to manipulate time during gameplay is a cool feature, at first anyway. After a while, you'll realize that the time manipulation mechanic doesn't really add a whole lot to the overall gameplay, and comes off as nothing more than a gimmick. Strip the gimmick away, and you're left with a derivative FPS that features repetitive gameplay, lame mission objectives, and a cliche, uninteresting story. Flaws aside, there are a few solid points with Timeshift, albeit not many. Online modes over XBox Live are enjoyable, and there are some inventive weapons to play with as well, but there just isn't enough here to seperate Timeshift from the rest of the pack, as there are plenty more, and better, FPS' to check out instead of this. All in all, Timeshift is worth a look, but don't expect much out of it in the very least....more info
  • Suck-Fest
    If you liked "Gears of War", you are in for a let-down. Imagine walking around in the rain with limited weapons, basically no purpose, and no real desire to continue on. The movie tweens look great, but that's about it. No features, no cool ops, no purpose. Save your money and wait for the next series of Gears of War....more info
  • One of my favorite games for the 360
    I bought Timeshift last year and played it until I beat it on hard. It's an excellent game minutes a few drawbacks (see below).


    Gothic, Orwellian futuristic landscape. I like the artwork but it is lacking some detail. I'm picky about detail b/c I like to see at what level the artists/designers went to do design this game. Gears of War 2 has some of the best 'detail' I've ever seen in a game, so one could argue that is the benchmark of detail in a game; if Gears 2 is a A+, I'd give Timeshift a solid C. There is a distinct Half Life-type of feel to it, but it takes NOTHING away from the gameplay--gameplay is where this game truly, truly shines.

    Sound: A

    Timeshift has some of the best sound in gaming, I have no complaints at all. I think the designers put more work into the quality of the sound effects than anything else. I cannot imagine how well this would sound on a good Bose 5.1 system.


    The gameplay is excellent and should be considered a benchmark of how games should be played. I could not rate this higher! The concept of the time suit really changes how you play; it's not a simple run-n-gun type of game where you shoot and take cover. No no. You have to be tactical in how you will use your time-shifting abilities to overtake an adversary; it can be anything from a tank to a room full of enemies, and kept me entertained completely. The game has bullet-time, and gives you a lot of useful methods to use the suit (ie. walk on electrical water, through fire, etc.). I throughly enjoyed this aspect of the game.

    PLOT: B

    Timeshift is Orwellian to say the least, but holds its charm throughout the game. I wish they had put more into the history and sub-history of the main character. I got the feeling they had the plot written, but stopped and re-wrote it somewhere along the way b/c it doesn't follow a nice/easy flow that most good plots do. Perhaps that is the way the designers wanted it to flow with the idea of time travel, but otherwise a good story line. Put it this way....it's no Bioshock, but keeps your interest.


    I gave this game an A- b/c of how good the gameplay really is. Sound is excellent, but graphics could the better. Plot is ok, but has phenomenal gameplay. One thing is for sure....there is no perfect game but Timeshift is a lot of fun to play. If I would have known how fun this game was before it came out, I would've paid full tilt for it. Thankfully, I found it for $20 used....more info
  • Fun for a while....
    I bought TimeShift despite some rather negative reviews that I had read.

    Starting out, I must be honest, the game is pretty cool. Playing around with time to screw with your enemies is very fun. You have the option to slow down, pause, stop, and rewind time. All of these have their role throughout the game. You can slow down time so you can avoid bullets and kill a big group of enemies a lot easier. You can stop time in places where you have to cross a pool of water but there is electricity flowing through it. These are some examples of the places where the time abilities are pretty neat. The best is when you pause time and run up to a guy and take his gun, then play time normal and he is wondering what is going on.

    But besides the time feature, it is a pretty lack-luster game.

    The graphics are decent but nowhere near what they could have been, but this is not the major short coming of the game. The major thing wrong with this game is the storyline, and the boredom factor. The levels are very long, which in a great game is nice, but when the game gets boring, long levels just add to the frustration. The story does not keep you interested enough to get really into it, which would have made the game not as boring.

    A couple good things about the game are: like i said before the time altering abilities (but even those get old), and the weapons are pretty cool. As far as the multiplayer, i would not know because i have not played it, but i can't imagine many people still play this game so you may not have a smooth multiplayer experience.

    All in all the game would be worth about $15 which is what I paid for it, but anything over that I would not purchase it. There are just soo many other great shooters out there, such as the Orange Box and Call of Duty 4 and what not, that TimeShift isn't worth the time....more info
  • Instead of spending 60 bucks on this game, do yourself a favor and throw a fork into your eye.
    The game just isn't fun. Your enemies are absurdly aggressive, accurate and lethal on even the most basic setting. You have no idea of when you're supposed to use your time manipulation until AFTER something happens.

    Say, for instance, you're trying to run down a hallway. Cool-WOOPS! The whole thing gets blown to smithereens and you're dead. No warning. Nothing. I don't want a hand-held walkthrough like I'm an idiot, but some sort of clue as to when you're supposed to use your powers would be nicer than running around and randomly being blown into oblivion.

    The conrols are sloppy, you have to be in EXACTLY the right spot holding down X forever to steal a guy's weapon in "freeze" mode, or you'll just end up running against the guy and doing nothing. Cover is pointless, because the enemy always has better cover(which I know is a norm in gaming and I'm fine with that), but your cover either sucks or is nonexistant.

    The graphics are great, but I think you'll probably have more fun getting mugged and beaten than playing this game....more info
  • Typical FPS Shooter with a VERY confusing storyline
    I thought the trailer was fun and that the concept of manipulating time to aid in battle was quite creative, BUT when you actually buy the game and play it, it's a different story. Speaking of "story" - the storyline for the game is so fragmented and confusing that you'll be wondering what it was you actually accomplished when you finish the game (I logged in about 7hrs of total playing time to finish this game). You'll be saving your game progress a lot (trust me, you WILL). The battles get redundant and the puzzles to solve in regards to manipulating time are no-brainers and not that difficult. Aside from the redundant battles, slow time power charging, and so-so weapons, this game was a huge disappointment. I recommend that you RENT the game and not shell out $59.99 for it. I have yet to piece out the storyline. Little artsy tidbits of flashbacks and scenes of a Windows desktop doesn't tell much about the story. It sure left me disappointed. ...more info
  • Time Shift
    This game is soo damn boring, the missions are not even fun their just annoying, and the graphics are not all that good eather compared to other first person shooters, if you are looking for a good first person shooter play call of duty 4, your not going to find a better game than that...more info
  • excellent
    everything, the game , the cost fo the game and delivery time were simply excellent, thnks....more info
  • Don't pass on this one
    This game steals off a bunch of other games, but I got over it and enjoyed the ride. Don't worry, there's also original parts. One of the few games I've played with moments that had me smiling ear to ear.
    Remember that scene on "Click" where Adam Sandler pauses time and punches David Hasselhoff repeatedly? Substitute the Hoff for soldiers and Sandler's fist with ultra violent weapons and explosives. Watching someones head pop off like a champagne cork in ultra slow motion, never got old for me. Good times for all!
    I suggest playing on the hardest difficulty for more achievements and some epic battles. A fun strategy is finding a hiding spot, slowing time, then attacking and retreating, then resuming time. The soldiers make comments like "WTF was that?".
    The final battle is very satisfying, as well. I'd say there was 16 hours of good game play on hard. No one is ever on Xbox live with this game, so multi-player is nonexistent....more info


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