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Medal of Honor: Heroes lets you become each of the main characters from the Medal Of Honor series. Players can unlock over 20 classic MoH characters to use in multiplayer games adding both variety and personality to their online experience. Travel through 12 unique environments, from rocky coasts of Italy, to the rainy streets of Holland and snowy fields in the Ardennes.

  • Become Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson - star of Medal of Honor & Medal of Honor - Frontline - in an untold chapter of his time in Holland as part of Operation Market Garden
  • Play as Sergeant John Baker, from Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough, and sabotage German defenses on the Italian coastline, to help the invasion forces crack Hitler's iron hold on Europe
  • Return to the Ardennes Forest during the Battle of the Bulge to complete unfinished business for the OSS, as Lieutenant William Holt from Medal of Honor European Assault
  • Up to 8 people can fight together in multiplayer combat -- go online for wargaming with up to 32 players
  • Quickplay missions allow players to jump right into the action or to create customized mission scenarios for added re-playability

Customer Reviews:

  • a commendable portable shooter
    If you like first person shooters, especially WWII-themed FPS, and you have a PSP, your options are limited. Fortunately, this soundly executed title fills the void well enough to be worth buying. The single player mode has some nice maps but disjointed missions and a fairly short campaign. If you have a friend with a PSP and a similar fondness for vintage weaponary, the multiplayer mode significantly adds to the replayability. The game does a commendable job of devising a usable PSP control scheme that, while not intuitive, is learnable and usable. Score it 4 out of 5....more info
  • Game Rocks
    I have to say there has yet to be another game for the PSP that hits this level of play. Especially the multiplayer aspect. It's as good as sitting at your home PC. BUY THIS GAME if you love multiplayer and the PSP...more info
  • Should have been much more
    I agree with most of the reviewers who put 3 or less stars on this game. It's just not all there. Story mode is short and I too was not clear on what you need to do to earn a Gold medal in each mission. Even though you did what was required in a given mission you would end up with Bronze or Silver Medals. I FINALLY figured out that you needed to kill a "certain number" of enemy and achieve a "certain" hit percentage, but these are not given to you during mission briefings.

    On-Line play via Infrastructure is truly horrible. There are only a handfull of games going on at any time and it seems like they are filled with cheaters or people using network lag times to become invincible. Opponents just walk right up to a heavily defended flag take it and stroll away back to their base as a whole platoon is raining fire on them. Or there are opponents who fire unlimited shells out of bazookas. Infrastructure is totally lame and because of these problems it is just not worth it.

    Graphics are good though.

    I really regret buying this game and will be selling it back to one of those re-sale shops. Don't do the same....more info
    I'm not a FPS fan, but I was playing the demo, and it was fun, so why not buy it! You can get it for free by visiting: and click the sign up link! They will send it to you in the mail! Just do some ads! No downloads! This is INVITE ONLY, so use the link I gave you!...more info
  • Medal Of Honor
    Our nation's highest decoration for military valor has come to the Sony PSP. For the PSP, shooters can be tricky. For gamers accustomed to the dual stick layout of an X-Box, a 360, or a PS/1/2/3, this game takes a little getting used to. Once you're there, the gameplay goes well enough.
    The game itself is a typical MoH game. That is to say, it's a WWII shooter. It simply features different missions and maps than other MoH games. Is also features something that few other shooters do: the portability of the PSP. ...more info
  • Great game
    This game is amazing. Campaighn 3 stars cuz it was a little boring
    Skirmish idea is one of the best ideas medal of honor has come up wit
    yet.Also wen u get hit wit a granade the screenh blurs and you see double
    very realistic.Over all great game and the multiplayer adds a great
    touch. you can play for hours and not get bored
    campaighn culda been betta Multiplaya roks so buy dis game!!!!...more info
  • It's War--On the Go! Amazing! Spectacular! Worth the Hype!!
    This game has been on my "Must buy" list for about three months now. And picking it up today was a sigh of relief, almost.

    When you first turn on the game, you are struck by the music and the main menu. Once again, EA NAILED IT! Great MUSIC, and the Menu is easily navigatible.

    I thought it'd be best to learn the control scheme in Skirmish mode rather than try my luck at playing online... ...once again, WOW! It was as if I had picked up a PS2 controller. The guys at EA got this right! There are a lot of small "shortcut" buttons that allow for all the functions that the PS2 Medal of Honor Games have. For example, double tapping the right D-pad button will automatically switch to grenades from your weapon--very handy in a heated online game!

    As far as the Multiplayer, which is why 99% of people are buying this game, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! I was shocked to see that there was already 32 people online, and I jumped into a game with no hassle. One thing I love about the game is the ability to pick up weapons! This is very handy when you are regularly a sniper, but at the moment, the Bazooka that the guy you just killed was carrying looks very appetizing.

    Another GREAT feature that adds a lot of strategy to the game is the Sprint function. By normal ways your soldier will walk, and if you NEED to run, you tap, and then hold the up analog stick. By doing this your character will sprint, BUT he will also lose his energy (which is represented by a meter in the lower left corner). Once he regains his energy you may sprint again. This is very much like real life, and is a healthy alternative to those other games that let you sprint continuously around maps with irregard to the fact that humans, and especially weapon-carrying soldiers DO get tired, and slow down.

    Really, I can't say anything bad about the game AT ALL. My only advice would be to turn the sensitivity of the analog stick and directional buttons up ALL the way, because they were a bit sluggish when just starting.

    The maps in this game, were something I didn't cover to well, but they absolutely ROCK! My favorite so far is the bridge map! I sniped 4 Nazi-Scums on that map in about 2 minutes.

    Got to go kill some Nazis!!!! ...more info
  • All the best of MoH in perfect PSP size
    I love Medal Of Honor. Something about killing Nazis, who represent pure evil, set against the backdrop of the Greatest Generation, makes this a great franchise. I recently got my PSP, and was looking for a new game for my trips. The price could not be beat, and, much to my surprise, neither could the gameplay.

    First, it was far more detailed than I imagined; almost no change in graphics from PS2. Second, the missions are alternately easy and hard, giving you a good sense of challenge and accomplishment. Finally, the use of the controls is actually good. Shortcuts, like a double tap right to bring up a grenade instead of cycling through your inventory, help a lot.

    Overall, I just wish there were more missions! Still, after conquering most of Europe, who am I to complain? ...more info
  • So far not so good...
    Right now I completed 5 boards and I am still unsure about this game.
    The controls are hard on the hands. The game play is pretty bad - the guy you play moves around sluggishly and the AI is really bad. Overall movement is horrible. Graphics are outstanding and thats about it. Online play is pretty bad - everyone sluggishly moves around like drunks. TERRIBLE. The folks that give this game a 5 are nuts.
    At this point I will attempt to finish the game and see if it grows on me. At 40 bucks wait and buy it used or rent it.
    Don't believe the hype.........more info
  • Better then the others!
    Medal of Honor Heroes is actually better than Rising Sun and European Assult. This game has multiplayer, skrimish- where you can go to a level filled with other soldiers and it is every man for himself. Then of course there is campain. Campain is fun but it is always the same thing- kill someone or protect a base which is fun at first but gets a little boring after a while but I still love this game!

    This game overall is awsome. It is better than all the medal of honor games and is more intense.

    If I were you I would definatly get or rent this game it is AWSOME...more info
  • Christmas gift
    This game was a Christmas gift for my husband. He is new to Sony PSP games and he has had to get used to the controls but he seems to enjoy the game overall....more info
  • Impressive
    Wow, at first when I heard of this game I was thinking no big deal, its probably going to be like Coded Arms and have really bad controls and everything. Man was I wrong! I first downloaded a demo of this game off the internet and played it. First thing I noticed were the beautiful graphics, much better then Socom or any other game. After playing the demo I was thinking, wow, this game rules. I shortly after words bought a copy for only $20. Thats pretty cheap. Campaign is very fun. You get 15 missions on 3 different difficulties,green, veteran, or hero. Green is very easy and I would only recamend playing it for the first few missions. Then I would go back and switch to veteran. Its a lot more fun because there are more unlockables, like new uniforms, that Green mode doesn't have. Campaign objectives do repeat after a while but they start to change as the campaign nears its end. Your allies have ups and downs. For starters, you run through them so no annoying allies getting stuck in doorways and ruining the entire mission. You can also shoot through them too, so accidental friendly fire can't happen. The downs are that they never played catch with their fathers, meaning THEY CAN NOT THROW GRENADES
    AT ALL. Every grenade they lug at the enemy SOMEHOW ends up right next to you. Luckily, you can kick the grenades away.

    Skirmish mode is basically you versus the computer. Up to 16 computer players and you battle it out in one big deathmatch. You can choose the uniform you want to play in, the gun you spawn with, the map, and how long you want to play(5-30 minutes).The demo of Medal of Honor(MOH)IS skirmish mode. In the demo you play with 8 computer players. Imagine 16! The only bad thing about it is that you can't decided how long you want your respawn time to be. By default, its about 10 seconds.

    Unlockables are cool. You can unlock new uniforms in the campaign mode to play as in skirmish mode and online mode. You also unlock medals by doing certain things like killing 25 enemies or something.

    I've played very little with online. You sign into online with your EA account. Its free and you can make one on your psp. 32 people online is a little laggy and it's definitely different then campaign mode. I won't say if online is bad or not because I haven't played enough of it yet.

    A lot of people have been saying that Socom is better than this game. Its not, trust me. In Socom there is no skill. There is target locking in Socom, meaning all you do is go around with a button held and lock onto the enemy and blow them away. Its not fun at all and it is the most repetitive game ever made. Load times for Socom are awful too. MOH's load times happen very quickly and occur only when you start a mission and load the game(which doesn't take long). Socom's load times? Just plain awful. You have to load the main menu, the mission menu, and then finally, the mission. Then you die and you have to do all over again.

    So over all, I would try the demo of medal of honor first. Just find it on google. This game is very fun and well worth your money. ...more info
  • my opinion.
    This game is great, online there can be 32 players in a game witch is a new psp record. The controls work perfect on the psp. The one player part of the game is good but to short, you can beat it in about 2 hours. And if your goal is to get in the top 100 score board on EA online, its quite easy. I got to rank 88 in about 4 days I think.

    pro. 32 player games online.
    pro. controls work well.
    pro. 68 unlockables. (or so)

    con. to short story.
    con. it takes to meany bullits to kill some one online....more info
  • eh....
    A few months ago, when amazon was selling this same game for $20 through target(or the other way around) this game was a great bargain. It gave nice and stylish graphically amazing gameplay with an online option in a portable package. For $40 im not so sure. This game was pretty amazing fot 20 but u may have to rethink the descision to buy it at 40....more info
  • Just not good enough
    Well, I had been playing the excellent SOCOM Seal games and I decided to pick up Medal of Honor as I had hoped it would be another shooter of the same quality.

    Nothing makes sense.

    I'm playing green level (easy play, limited unlockables) because I like to play the stories through before going back and playing at harder levels.

    You can't clear an area. You move in and clear a building, doing all the right things. There is no way into the building - but enemies keep appearing out of the building. There is no strategy - all you can do is move and shoot. The tactic that works this time will get you killed next time.

    For some levels, the victory conditions are just not well laid out. I could not figure out that I had to hold a particular flag for 180 seconds - and once I did the level became overly simple, all you did was back into a tunnel and defend - this worked most of the time, unless multiple enemies were created at your rear.

    Your own men jump in front of you - which is disconcerting until you realize that you can shoot through them.

    Fragging is a mess - your own men are constantly fragging you - they throw grenades in random directions and if you are lucky you can kick them away. The only good news is that you seem to be able to take a lot more frag damage than the Germans.

    The other disconcerting thing is that the German weapons are better than yours. Better mag sizes, (the Thompson has the small mag that holds 20, and the German equivalent holds 32. The BAR holds 10 and the German equivalent holds 30. But the shotgun seems to be the best for anything except distance work. In skirmishes I always want a shotgun - also, reloading the shotgun makes the most sense. So you are constantly picking up weapons and then killing people and running into fire to get the ammo that they drop - which, again, makes NO SENSE. But you have to do it.

    Compared to the SOCOM US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo game, the shooting is miserable. There is no target locking - you are aiming at the enemy by swiveling and strafing. Nothing you can do in a game makes any sense as compared to real shooting, but I've fired competition combat pistol and 3 gun matches and you mentally snap from target to target - so the whole concept of target lock and snap to different targets makes more sense in a simulation of the real world.

    So: No real strategy, bad shooting, and the one thing that could allow this all to make sense, a good story line that you could actually play through, is also missing, because even at green levels, you can't figure out how to win the levels.

    Buy the Seal Team Bravo game - when you get done with the story, you can play with others and frag to your heart's content - on the Internet if none of your friends have the game.

    And in a way, I feel bad that the Medal of Honor is tied to this game.

    I gave the game three stars because, well, it has not hung up yet....more info
  • Better than it's Sequel!!!
    This game designed dozens of ten minute missions that are fun and addictive to play, te first time I sat down to play I played for 3 and a half hours. I would have kept going but I didn't want to finish the game, so I forced myself to stop. I like this game much more then the second one because of the quick levels, I like the screen set up better (where your healther is shown and endurance) (you can comprare the screenshots on google) and there are alot of enemies. I found the second one (with the exception of the first level) everything was prolonged, and certain actions made certain ennemies appear. It was more a chore to beat the sequel than a game. This one however, is 5 to 15 minutes a mission, no checkpoints, one loading time for the full mission, and easy to understand how to complete objectives, and find the secondary objectives. This game is my favorite medal of honor game as of december 08. Sure guys appear from nowhere, but it doesn't matter, the games just alot of fun. If you want a war game, this is the one to buy....more info
  • Excellent game
    Although the campaign mode of this game is pretty short, it is intense and action packed. The multiplayer modes are amazing, and never get boring no matter how long you play. I got it from Target via Amazon for $19.99 and it was worth every dime. Delivery was excellent, and if you like FPSs you'll like this game alot, I guarantee it. The cons of this game are: short campaign mode, controls (tricky at first). However, there are way more pros, so I think that the 20 bucks was a bargain for a qualit game like this....more info
  • Good FPS for the PSP
    I've been playing FPS since Doom 1 and since than I have been playing nothing but FPS and I know how to play a FPS like a champ, but this game right here was just plain fun.

    The graphics: 5 out of 5-Simply amazing graphics on the PSP; it feels like I'm playing on the PS2 the graphics are that good.

    The controls: 4 out of 5-Like any FPS, the controls take some getting used to; it took me at least five minutes to get used to the controls, once that was done oh it was ON!

    Gameplay: 5 out of 5-Overall, this is a good FPS for the PSP; even though I'm sad to say that there are very few FPS for the PSP, this is a good one.

    Storyline: 5 out of 5-Besides being an old school gamer coming from the old school days of Contra for the NES which is just shoot and run, the storyline is actually pretty good; basically you have to lead your men through the invasion of Italy, The Netherlands, and eventually working your way out to Nazi Germany which along the way you have to get things like the Enigma, classified papers about the Axis, and some other stuff too so unlike Contra, this is not shoot and run.

    So if you have a PSP and want to get your FPS on, this is the game for you....more info
  • This is what portable gaming is meant for!!!!
    EA Games has pushed the PSP to it's limits with this game.The graphics are almost PS2 quality just a little bit choppy.And OMG,the 32 player online gameplay is un frekin bealeveable.It is like HALO 2 on xbox live and i have it for xbox 360 folks.This is free online play.unlike Xbox live which is $5 a month.Anyway buy this game at Ebgames or Gamestop and try it.If u dont like it return it.But 80 out of 100 people could not put this game down.It is only $40.That is kinda expensive but wait 2 to 4 months and u will get it for $30 or $25.Please try it.U will not be dissapointed....more info
  • My Kids Love It
    My kids wanted this for Christmas and have enjoyed playing the game. My kids are older but would recommend that you do not give this game to younger children....more info
  • Someone (EA) finally got FPS on PSP right!!!
    I must say I am very impressed!! I am a FPS fanatic so when I tell you this game is done right I mean it. Best FPS on the PSP to date hands down. Granted there have not been two many FPS on the system to date anyway, so in comparison it is the best by leaps and bounds. EA has done this one right!!! Let get in to it...

    Graphics - 4.5 out of 5 - Some of the best graphics I have seen on the PSP to date. Nuff said...there are patches that get a little rough around the edges but hey it is a PSP.

    Sound - 5 out of 5 - Ever played Medal of Honor on Console or PC versions well the sounds compare greatly to its console counterparts. Outstanding sounds and voice acting.

    Controls - 5 out of 5 - They said a good FPS could not be done right with the use of only one analog stick on the PSP but guess what EA prove them (Critics) wrong. This game controls beautifully you of course have to use the X,O,square and triangle buttons to look up, own, left, and right but it is done beautifully. It also helps that the action doesn't come at you in a pace where you can't turn quick enough. But if you feel the need just do a double tap for a quick turn.

    Game play - 5 out of 5 - if you have ever played Medal of honor on console then you will be please that the same game play elements that made it such a success are still here and work great for on the go playing.

    Story - 4 out of 5 - its Medal of Honor...Nuff Said!!

    I will say that I am a big 1st person shooter fan anyway so this game was right up my alley and by no means a let down. I was truly skeptical at first considering past PSP FPS, but I honestly can not imagine anyone NOT liking this game once they started playing (Esp. if you like a good FPS).

    Bottom Line: We are in the Holiday season and it is really starting to show, some of the best games we'll see this year are being released now and in the next couple of weeks to come and Medal of Honor will be ranked among them easily.
    ...more info
  • So many things could have been done...
    EA just wasn't with it this time around. I'll start off with single player.

    I'd have to say each mission is exactly the same, there's just no change. Everything is about holding a certain area, there's just no change. There's really only a few weapons worth using, and the physics just aren't there. If you are going to buy this game simply just for single player, I advise you to back away, even the average gamer can easily complete single player on the hardest skill level. I would have honestly only payed $10 for this game, it litterally took me only 1 and a half hours to beat, on two difficulties.

    Now for the online...

    Online isn't any better than single player. There's only about 100 people on a day comapared to SOCOM FTB2's 4000-6000 online daily. With 32 players, there's nothing more than lag. EA could have also made some different maps instead of taking them off of single player, in my opinion, that's just flat out laziness. They also could have created team deathmatch, and created an option to turn respawn off.

    Final words: EA got one, and only one thing right. The graphics. Out of all the PSP games I have played, this has the 2nd best graphics. But honestly, graphics don't make the game, it's the gameplay that counts.

    ~Fellow PSU Member, PSPDude12345...more info
  • Medal Of Honor : Hero
    This game is awesome. As first hand shooter you go through some real intense combats & there are various types of weapons to choose from. The graphics & special affects are great. This game was supposed to be for my son but now we both share playing time.I love it....more info


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