Whirlpool AD50USS Gold Dehumidifier - 50 Pint Low Temperature

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Product Description

50 pint dehumidifier with ultra low temperature operation (down to 38 degrees F). Suitable for medium-sized environments.

  • Energy star qualified.
  • Removes up to 50 pints of water in 24 hours.
  • Operates as low as 38 degrees F.
  • Adjustable humidistat. 2 Fan Speeds
Customer Reviews:
  • Whirlpool AD50USS Dehumidifier
    The dehumidifier works fine, I got the push button model instead of
    the dial control this time. It has less control but seems to do the job
    just fine.

    It is a little noisy, but since it's being used in a basement, it's not
    a concern. But the general noise of the dehumidifier seems not any worse
    than previous models I have owned.

    I tried a Zenith (LG manufactured) and it lasted a day. ...more info
  • What Warranty, it last 18 months and whrilpool can't fix.
    This unit worked great for 16 months, 1 summer, and it just stop working. It blows hot air and no water is taken out of the air. I purchased whirlpool dehumidifiers for their reputation of dependability and good customer service. What a bunch of horse manure. Since sears purchased whirlpool and now handles warranty repairs it is awful. I called the 800 numbers was told that limited warranty, 5 years on sealed parts could only be repaired by authorized service center since a tech can't come to my house outside of Chicago, no tech in this area, WOW sears is based in Chicago. Oh well I will take it to SEARS, great a sears is 2 miles away, there everywhere. They took 2 months, got the unit back dirty and ding up, and it didn't work, it still didn't work after 2 months at a repair center! I called back and they said, it would now cost a minimum of $45 and may cost up to $150+. I paid $199 for the unit at Lowes on sale. I have read up on whirlpool dehumidifiers and I have noticed complaints are after 16 months of service, most don't last 2 years. Lousy customer service, I think I will never buy another whirlpool anything. I filed a complaint with the BBB, maybe they will help get it fixed right this time. The 5 year limited warranty is a joke....more info
  • Stopped working after 1.5 years
    After 1.5 years of use, it doesn't work properly. I tested it in a steamy bathroom and ran it for 15 minutes and not one drop of water. the compressor runs but no water in bucket. Of course it's beyond the 1 year warranty and do I really want to pay a service person $80 to just have a look at a unit that cost me $200....more info
  • Great, except it doesn't dehumidify
    This unit is extremely quiet (for a dehumidifier) and seems generally well built. However its cost cutting cheap design makes it ineffective if the area is cold.

    I'm trying to dehumidify my 55 degree basement. This unit does not reverse cycle, nor does it have heating coils to deice it. All it does it turn off the compressor, turn up the fan and wait for any ice to melt or evaporate.

    When the ice evaporates it increases the humidity. While the compressor is not running, its not dehumidifying.

    Maybe this works if its warm and muggy, but in a cold damp basement its worthless. It spends all its time trying to deice.

    I had an extremely loud LG before this. It sounded like a jack hammer. To deice, it would reverse cycle and shut off the fan. You could hear the ice melting (water running into the pail). It would pull out an amazing amount of water from the same space. It died, and I tried replacing it with this Whirlpool, but alas the Whirlpool doesn't do what a dehumidifier is meant to do, which is dehumidify....more info
  • Not good
    I have the AD50USS2 model. After working OK for a total of maybe 10 days total (over several months), it now leaks water on the floor. Not from the water bucket, but from somewhere inside the unit. Not a piece of high quality goods....more info
  • A few tips
    A short brand talk:
    * This is my third dehumidifier in eight years, the first, a White Westinghouse, completely rusted out within 3 years. I took it to the repair center, it was unrepairable and I was issued a $50 rebate towards a new Fridgidaire.
    * The Westinghouse had issues with frost, so I bought the Fridgidaire that could operate down to 50F. After a couple years, it started to leak all over the floor. I discovered the auto-defrost circuit must be out and big block of ice was forming in the machine. When it melt, it leaked onto the floor instead of the bucket. The motor would also run nonstop unless I turned it way down.
    * I was about to buy a third dehudifier because dampness could be felt along the floor, and that's when I discovered the compressor on the Fridgidaire had failed completely and only the fan was running and making the noise. Since I use direct drain, that's why the failure was not discovered earlier.
    * I gave up on the Fridgidaire group and did a lot of research on the web, in my mind two units in 8 years is almost becoming undurable goods. I bought a Whirlpool today, I like it because I can pick it up at Lowes, no shipping and less chance of damage. I picked the Whirlpool because of its ability to run down to 38F (I'll have serious problems if my basement gets that cold).

    So far I have a few tips after running the unit for a couple hours:
    * I got a AD50USS2, one other review seems to indicate it is a lot quieter than the USS1 model. I think you should have no problem finding one if you go to a high volume store, the Lowes I was at had 8 of them, all the ones in the front are the newer version, I didn't bother to check the back.
    * I think a lot of complaints about the noise come from rattle around the caster wheels and the bucket. Mine would make the rattle noise if I apply pressure towards the bucket. However, I found the advice about reusing the styroform base was spot on. Once I put it in the base, it was very quiet.
    * Continuous drain outlet is about 5 inches off the ground rather than in the bottom of the bucket. It greatly helps to drain water away from the dehumidifier and avoids a dirty bucket if you use the continuous drain option.
    * The unit is pretty light, housing is all soft plastic, it is smaller and lighter than my 4 year old Fridgidaire, and even manage to pull 10 more pints of moisture per day.
    * Unlike the new Fridgidaire (which is a little cheaper), it does not show the desired relative humidity setting in numbers, just a normal, dry, and max dry setting. It does not bother me to not see the numbers.

    I will update this review with newer findings in a few more weeks....more info
  • The Noise gets worse!
    I did a lot of searching prior to buying this at Lowes. I appreciated the many good reviews written on this particular model (AD50USS2). I made sure I had the model ending in ..USS2, and I made sure the one I selected was stored upright. On getting it home it started quietly, and became a little louder once the compressor came on. Over the next 6 weeks, I noticed the compressor needed to run almost constantly (for 25 x 55 ft basement to 50% humidity). As the weeks went by, the compressor noise got louder and louder so that I was soon hearing it in the living room above a well insulated basement. The dehumidifier had a notice which said to call a Whirlpool 800# and not take it back to the seller. So I called and was told that there was a manufacturer's warranty which paid for service if service was needed, but if there was nothing wrong and only normal noise, than I would have to pay for the service call. My goodness- what a policy. The manufacturer gets to determine if it's their problem or my cost! So much for buying anything from Whirlpool ever again!...more info
  • Real customers,real reviews
    After deciding that this product met my needs as far as size,features and price I was a little confused about why the reviews were so far apart in customer satisfaction until I read The july 9, 2007 review by Fix-It and relized there are two versions floating around AD50USS1 and AD50USS2.I went to Lowes and was able to make sure I was purchasing the AD50USS2 model and I'm very happy with it so far.Thanks Fix-It....more info
  • Worked well for a while
    This is pretty much the only game in town for a cold environment (I have an insulated metal building in the Northwest). One previous Whirlpool model was not up to the task, freezing up and requiring auxiliary heaters, and a second one was involved in the recall of units that might cause a fire, so I finally got this one as number 3.

    It rattles a lot, but did work quite adequately for a couple of years. Then it just quit extracting water, even though the compressor runs and it otherwise behaves normally. I wrote the company via their "support" page with a question about getting this fixed or re-charged with coolant, and received no response.

    I am going to have to shop for a dehumidifier yet again, but it probably won't be this one... unless it's still the only one available for low-temp applications.

    ...more info
  • I think that all the other reviewers may be correct.
    I purchased at Lowes two Whirlpool AD50USS dehumidifiers for my basement. One of the units functioned well out of the box and was reasonably quiet, especially considering that it is a dehumidifier. It is certainly quieter than previous models I have owned. The other unit was another story. It was quite noisy, with lots of vibrations in the plastic cabinet, and there was something wrong with the fan. It would operate only at low speed. I checked both units and discovered that the quieter unit had the model number AD50USS2 and came with a manual printed in 12/06. The noisy malfunctioning unit had a model number AD50USS1 and came with a manual printed in 3/06. I exchanged the malfunctioning unit and made sure that I got a model AD50USS2. The new unit functions just as well as my other "quieter" unit. My guess is that the AD50USS2 is a later model that has had the Noise Bugs ironed out. By the way, here's a tip. If you really want to get these units about as quiet as they can be, keep the styrofoam shipping pad that is at the bottom of the unit and sit the dehumidifier in it rather than letting it rest on the wheels....more info
  • extremely noisy
    not sure why two reviews below say the unit is not noisy. I got this one because of two favorable reviews... I thought that it was going to be quiet and can leave it in my living room. and, I was wrong about that.
    it was very noisy! I got this one from Lowes. I am planning to return this after one day of use. It was at least 5 times louder than my refregerator. very disappointed....more info
  • Quiet, well made, effective -- good value for the price
    I bought one of these AD50USS dehumidifiers after reading reviews and was concerned it might be noisy... that's not the case with this particular specimen. It is as quiet as a box fan on medium setting. You can tell it's running from the sound, but it's not loud.
    The packaging was excellent -- you have to cut the bottom of the box away and pull off the box rather than try to lift the unit out of the box.
    The manual is well written and illustrated (and can be found in PDF format at the Whirlpool website). The unit was assembled in the US -- I was expecting an import but am pleasantly surprised to see it was put together here.
    The only feature this unit seems to lack is a display of the measured humidity. That would be a bonus on a future model.
    So far no trouble. It has a one year comprehensive and 5 year sealed system warranty....more info
  • Very quiet
    I just purchased this from Lowes and have used it for about 2 weeks. I didn't find it loud at all so they must have made some changes since 2006. It works great. I have no complaints so far. The 5 year warranty is also nice....more info
  • sound like a jet engine running
    This is the loudest dehumidifier on the planet. Not only does it wake up the dead when its compressor comes on, it also shakes and rattles to produce the most annoying racket. It does not even deserve a single star rating!...more info