Cat-Off Carpet Deodorizer, 16 oz. CONC

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Product Description

Odor, deeply imbedded In carpeting, upholstery, concrete and other porous materials, use Cat-Off directly from the bottle. Pull up on the applicator cap, point the bottle at the problem area and squeeze. Thoroughly soak the area, let dry. Cat-Off must penetrate as deeply as the problem odor. If any odor remains, Cat-Off has not reached the source. Repeat treatment. This kind of problem cannot be sprayed away. Odor, recent Cat-Off may be used directly from the bottle as above or put into a spray bottle and sprayed on the areas affected. Very effective when applied to the surface of litter boxes or tomcat spray. Stains Rub area thoroughly with Cat-Off soaked sponge or cloth. Blot with clean cloth. Let dry and vacuum. Although Cat-Off is a quality stain remover, not all stains can be removed by a single agent. Always spot test before using.

  • Eliminates Cat and Other Pet Odors.
  • Prevents Odor Reoccurences From Existing Problems.
  • Works When Most Enzymes Won't
Customer Reviews:
  • nice scent and does the job...
    I own five cats, one of which has very bad aim in the cat box. This product works wonders in eliminating the urine smell that results when she misses the box. The fragrance is very clean smelling but not in a chemical, soapy or 'perfumey' way (in fact, I'm convinced a reed fragrance diffuser I had used this stuff--it smells EXACTLY like Manhattan Diffusion's "Bliss" scent--now I just use this stuff with the reeds). I am very sensitive to strong fragrances and odors and while every person's idea of what smells 'good' is highly subjective, both my husband and I find this smell very pleasant (and it doesn't bother the cats either).

    I also use it in my steam vac/rug shampooer because it's an excellent stain remover (and makes the carpets smell wonderful). ...more info
  • cat off deodorizer
    I did not like this product....and will not said it was unscented....but I found it VERY perfumed and noxious.....when I called to return, they said there would be a 20% restocking fee....that plus the shipping didn't seem worth was a waste
    ...more info