Bissell 5770 Healthy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

Bissell, 12A Healthy Home Vacuum, Multi Cyclonic Technology Delivers Non-stop Suction & Removes Dirt & Allergens From All Surfaces, Microban Anti-microbial Product Protection, Acarosan Dust Mite Powder & Control Spray, HEPA Filtration System Traps & Seals In 100% Of Dust Mites, Pollen, Ragweed, Mold Spores & 99.9% Of Pet Dander, On Board Turbo Brush, 7 Carpet Height Adjustment, Easy Empty Dirt Container, Lifetime Belt, Includes: Acarosan Dust Mite Spray & Powder.

  • Upright vacuum with multi-cyclonic technology delivers nonstop suction to remove dirt and allergens from all surfaces
  • AireTight HEPA filtration system traps and seals in 100 percent of dust mites, pollen, ragweed, and mold spores and 99.9 percent of pet dander
  • MicroBan antimicrobial coating fights the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Features anti-tip design and long reach, anti-clog stretch hose
  • Includes Acarosan dust mite killer powder and spray for added cleanliness

Customer Reviews:

  • very good with flaws
    The vacuum cleans very well and with that I am very pleased.

    The vacuum does have the problem of stability (not only with but especially with usage of the hose attachment). To empty the dirt collector and to avoid using one's hand an appliance is needed; I use a bambo stick. If the vacuum shorts out occasionally it's probably the initial installation of the handle -- a frustrating experiance until one is knowlagable of the cause -- which is easily corrected by proper re-installation.

    Having learned how to live with the vacuum's shortcomings it serves me quite well. ...more info
  • Much room for improvements
    I've owned this vacuum for 7 months. What I like about it -- Does a fantastic job of picking up dust and dog hair from carpet. The hose is actually long enough to do the stairs without having to lug the vacuum behind you. It comes with a smaller attachment that works great on dog beds, furniture, etc. Obviously, no bags to replace. What I dont like -- The trap door hinges are plastic and I've already had to replace the door. The dirt does't always fall right out of the canister so tapping is required. Be careful. (Bissell should have used metal hinges). There is a bare floor selection on the dial. Great, except for it sucks...and not in a good way. When vacuuming the bare floors, it continuously spits out dirt and dust making it pointless. (Bissell should have made a floor attachment for the hose). Since I haven't been able to find one yet that fits, I have held on to my old vacuum. *sigh* If you have mostly bare floors in your house, steer clear of this vacuum until it comes equipped with an attachment! I wouldn't have bought it for this very reason, but I am hoping to find a universal/adjustable attachment...I hear they are out there....more info
  • Healthy Home vs. Dyson and Sears
    I was torn between the Bissell, Dyson and Sears vacs - all had positive reviews, both on Amazon and in consumer rating magazines. So, I bought all three and did a vac-to-vac test.

    First up was the Dyson. I purchased the Dyson Ball Animal model - the one with the large trackball instead of wheels. The best thing about the Dyson was maneuverability. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of how to best use the ball, but once you master it, fantastic! Corners on a dime, very easy to push on both hard floors and carpet. Unfortunately, that was the only standout feature. It performed well on hard floors, but only so-so on carpets (compared to the other two). Pet hair (cat) was a particular problem (ironic given the designation of "Animal" for this model). The build quality was not to the standard I expected for a vac that cost that much - it felt very "plastic" and not something that would survive the usual bumps and bruises a vac can take in use. Lastly, the tools were a real pain to use, and I mean that literally - the hand grip is oddly shaped and positioned, and you get arm strain using the attachments. Plus, it's just a pain to get everything set to use - lots of motions needed. I expected a lot more for the price charged.

    Next was the Sears Progressive upright. It's the darling of the consumer magazines, which gave it a top rating. It's a pretty good vac - works well, easy to push, good airflow. The downsides was the fact that it toppled over easily when using the hose at a distance. Cost was a factor as well - it was nearly $95 more than the Bissell, and the replacement parts (filters) are more expensive as well, since you have to buy them at Sears. But, it did perform well. Build quality is good, but a notch below Bissell -- parts don't fit together as well, and the attachments/hoses are less solid. Replacement parts are very pricy.

    The winner turned out to be the Bissell. It has outstanding pickup on hard and carpeted surfaces. Very easy to use the attachments - just pull out the hose and you're off and running. The anti-tip design works very well. Love the fact that all the attachments fit on board. The pre filter is washable foam, so the only filter than needs to be replaced is the main HEPA filter, which you can get at a good price at Amazon or discount stores. If you clean the pre filter often, you'll cut down on the frequency of having to replace the HEPA filter.

    The main downside is that it is heavy. Carrying this up a flight of stairs could be an issue if you're slight of build or elderly. For a typical person, however, it's doable, albeit you'll certainly notice the weight. But, with the weight comes very solid build quality and a five year warranty instead of the usual 1 year. Plus, you can get replacement parts at a very reasonable cost (i.e., if you have to replace the hose becuase the dog decides to chew on it).

    A few tips:

    1) Replace the plastic wand extension with a metal one. You can get it on the Bissell website. It has click stops that prevent the wand from folding up when you press hard (such as when cleaning carpeted stairs with the power head tool). If you register your vac with Bissell, they give you free shipping and a 10% discount on accessories, so the cost comes to about $14. Well worth it and it fits in the same holder on board as the plastic one.

    2) The contour tool is another must purchase if you have pets. It has rubber fingers that attract hair and, unlike the power tool, it won't snag on sofa or chair throws. Also fantastic for getting hair off carpeted stair edges and corners since the tool flexes. You can get it at various stores or from Bissell. This does not, however, fit on-board.

    3) If you want a wide floor tool, the Sears model will fit the Bissell. The multi-use dusting tool that comes with the Bissell is fine for corners, but sometimes it's nice to have a full size floor tool for picking up things such as cat litter or spilled cereal. Bissell does not sell one, but the Sears one fits perfectly. I keep it attached to the plastic extension wand to make it quicker to use, and keep the metal wand on board for use with other attachments.

    In short, this is a great vac. I've been using it now for a couple of months and have been extremely pleased with the ease of use, durability, build quality, and performance.

    ...more info
  • 1st day
    I don't own a dyson. I don't need a dyson. I own this bissel. I bought it today for 200 large at Costco. It was planted right next to the 500 dollar Dyson. Would I have bought the dyson if they were the same price....dunno, there are a reason Ferrari's are more than Ford Fiesta's. But with vacuum's not the same case. This thing works phenomenally. Leaves your house smelling fresh, clean and more livable then ever before. I hope I'm saying the same thing about this vacuum in a year, but so far it's beyond amazing, and I'm extremely happy with this product. ...more info
  • The best vacuum cleaner I've ever used!
    This is the first vacuum I've owned that leaves no trace of scent behind in the air after vacuuming. The HEPA filtration system is fantastic. The HEPA filter (Model 3282) works great and I didn't even have to replace it for over a year which is much longer than the 6 months they recommend. I own the Bissell Healthy Home 6100 Vacuum and I can say it is the best vacuum cleaner I've ever purchase. I used to own Hoover products but they really went down hill as far as the quality of manufacturing goes along with many other problems. This thing works equal to the top Dyson or Kirby but at a fraction of the cost!...more info
  • Heavy vacuum
    I am a strong young woman but this vacuum is way to heavy even for me.I can't even imagine how an older person can use it at all.I would not buy it again....more info
  • Clean and fluffy!
    My Hoover Windtunnel broke its belt, and I decided the cost of repair, cleaning and new filter wasn't worth putting into an old machine. So, the Bissel Healthy Home is my upgrade.

    I've gone through the whole house once with this vacuum, but so far am very impressed with its effective cleaning skillz! It made our grungie grey carpeting - yes, renting at the moment - look almost new. And that's saying a lot. I was loath to walk on it and disturb the fresh carpet tracks, but just had to call my husband upstairs to see the miracle of our clean bedroom floor.

    I give it 4 out of 5 only because of the vacuum's weight which adversely affected how quickly I could get up and down stairs and the ability to go easily around furniture.

    The cord is super long, allowing me to vacuum the entire upstairs without having to move where it was plugged in. And yet, the cord is super long and it sometimes gets in your way.

    I love all the accessories for this machine. I frequently had questionable suction through the gadgets for my last vacuum, but with this machine and its little friends, I never lost suction. The turbo-brush worked wonders on my stairs, the one for corners is about 18" long and gets in all sorts of places the little tiny ones don't, and the dusting brush actually has a short and long brush versions.

    The hose is sturdy and long enough for me to set the vacuum at the base of the stairs and reach the top step. Definitely a plus. No more awkward balancing acts.

    Overall, I'm very pleased and hope we have many happy years together. ...more info
  • Can't carry this filthy machine
    Right off the bat, there's no carrying handle for this machine. Are you supposed to lift the whole thing by the dirt canister? I can just see the plastic parts breaking off.

    Next, it just doesn't suck. The suction is weak, and the brush is difficult to clean and remove wound on fibers (pet hair, etc). Do NOT use this if you've just replaced your carpet - all those fibers will completely clong the brush.

    Last, the canister has to be removed and taken apart to get pet hair out - the open the bottom you see in the commercials drops the dirt, but not the hair. Even then, you end up with dirt on the outside of the canister - kind of pointless.

    Do NOT buy this product....more info
  • Piece of Junk
    I purchased this vacuum from Linens and Things last February. It worked great (although VERY heavy) until about October. At about this time the rotating brush started to work intermittently and by Christmas Eve, it totally quit spinning. I emailed Linens and Things and was told that they are going out of business and, technically, I am out of luck. I proceeded to email Bissell. They never returned my email or even called me by phone. So, basically, I spent $250 on a vacuum cleaner that didn't even last one year! I will never buy another Bissell vacuum cleaner again....more info
  • Great suction!
    Although the vacuum is heavy, I guess it shows the quality of the build strength for the casing. The suction is great. The electrical cord is extra long which is great. The only con I have besides the weight, is the extension tube holder location. It is on the right side as you are walking, and sticks out a little too far. For me, I have had a tendency when pulling back the vacumm for the to of the tube to hit a door jam or two. Finally I took off the extension and next time will see if that helps. This may be my issue on how I vacuum versus any problem with the Bisell. Over all, it's the best vacuum I have owned so far....more info
  • Excellent Suction
    I was surprised at how well this vacuum sucks up dirt! The extra tools are easy to use and store right on the vacuum so you don't fumble around looking for them when you need them. It's a bit heavy, but if you can get past that, my house feels so much cleaner and my allergies are not as severe since using this. I also like how you can turn off the brush rotations if you want to clean non-carpet bare floors. I would recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Vacuum Sadness
    The vacuum works really really well before the roller stops working....I can't believe how many people have the exact same problem. I've had the vacuum for just over 2 years and after about a year the roller starts to intermittently work. You do have to move the vacuum back and forth to get it go and then you are afraid to stop vacuuming. This past week the roller permanently stopped working. Not sure when this model first came out, and if maybe a bunch of us got defected ones. I just bought a Hoover (cheaper model), but actually really miss my Bissell that I may look into getting it fixed and just spending the money anyway. It is heavy as heck, so if you don't have alot of upper body strength you will have problems using it. If you decide to purchase, just beware that there may be problems, or try to get a warranty on it of some sorts. Great vacuum, but mine just didn't hold out. However, looks as though alot of people are loving theirs. So, like I said, maybe it was a bad batch that mine came from....more info
  • It does the job very, very well
    First, this vacuum is heavy and could use another handle near the midsection for lifting. Otherwise, it cleans great and doesn't redistribute bad carpet odor. I've actually been able to shampoo my carpet less often. The brushes really pull hair and such out if the carpet. Emptying the dirt is easy. This vacuum will clean your bare floor without kicking the dirt back like other vacuums and the nose is quite low to vacuum under furniture. I almost bought a Dyson but the price and reviews sold me on this Bissell and am glad I bought regrets!...more info
  • Like dragging a shopping cart full of bricks
    My son has asthma, so I bought this thinking that I'd be able to clean all the surfaces in my house. It's got loads of attachments, but the problem is getting the thing where you need it. To say it's heavy is one whopper of an understatement. Since my house is carpeted upstairs only, that's where the thing lives. I've tried using it with the attachments on the stairs. but it tips over quite easily,so I find ways to keep it propped up. Assembly is easy if you have the right screwdriver for the job. I tried several, gave up for a few days, then lost the screw, so if you buy one, get that done ASAP. Also, if you're petite like I am, watch the cord. The suction is really strong, and since the thing is super heavy, it's easy to loose track of the cord and shred it. Exactly what I did. Also, the mini brush attachment on top falls off all the time. My home is not nearly as "healthy" as I thought it would be. Wok, wok...more info
  • Fragile piece of crap
    Worst vacuum ever! Had it a year and have hated it almost every day. Plastic is weak- the canister bottom broke off after two months and the front top latch followed a month later. Cleaning power is worst than the 20 year old Hoover I had years ago. Pet hair? Forget about it. Save yourself some time and use a lint brush on the carpet. The "turbo brush" attachment is even more useless than the vacuum itself. If I wanted to tickle my dog, then, and only then, it would have a job it could handle.

    Too bad there's not a 'no star" rating. This thing deserves it....more info
  • Had to GO WITH BISSELL and NOT HOOVER this time
    This vacuum was a great purchase. We have always just bought Hoover, but this Bissell was the best deal for the price and the features we wanted, so we decided to try it. The HEPA filtration is great for asthmatics like us. The 12 foot hose is great too, although the stretchy type hose can be a pain sometimes, but all uprights have stretchy type hoses, although most are 8 foot at best. Another feature that it has not all vacuums have is a push button brush-roll control. This Makes it easier to use the vacuum as you dont have to turn the height dial to the floor position to stop the brush-roll. And converting to a bagless vacuum from are old bagged Hoover was the way to go I must say. Sure you may have to empty it more often to keep the suction up to par, but it doesn't take much time and is less of a headache then changing out a nasty, full bag every once and awhile. The tools are great too, which include a TurboBrush, and the cord is extra-long. An added perk is the fact that it comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Hope this review helps!...more info
  • Avoid this vacuum!
    I have had this vacuum for less than a year and it has not been a good vacuum. The first issue I had was that the handle does not stay together tight enough so often the machine shuts off. When I called bissell they said it was a common problem I just had to hold the handle together as I vacuumed to maintain the connection. Ridiculous solution! Now after less than a year when it does turn on the suction is terrible. I hate that I spent so much money on such a poor quality appliance!...more info
  • Impressed With The Healthy Home Vacuum
    *UPDATE 3/1/09*

    I wrote a review on the Bissell Healthy Home back in September and have been using it every week for the last six months. It continues to clean with the same amount of suction as it did the day I got it, including the turbo brush attachment. The reason I'm writing a second review is because I've read a lot of the complaints and I'd like to let people know how I've prevented and/or fixed some of them.

    First, I came across a number of people complaining that the Healthy Home is just too heavy, and have downgraded their rating accordingly. For those who bought here on Amazon, that's a fair statement, as you probably didn't have an idea of how the vacuum felt to push around until it was shipped to you. Anyone, like myself, who bought at a retail store, this isn't a fair complaint. Every store that sells these things has them on display, and if it was too heavy at the store, what makes you think it wouldn't be too heavy at home?

    Second, regarding the brush roller intermittently stopping, I had this problem once and fixed it. Even with the vacuum in a non-upright position and the roller button depressed, I had a problem where the brush roller would come on and then stop mid path and on and off. When you put the vacuum together, one of the initial steps was to screw the top handle to the main body of the vacuum. In my case, I unscrewed the handle and took it off, blew on the connection on the handle and the vacuum both and reassembled it. That corrected the problem completely and it hasn't come back since. I can't blame this on Bissell necessarily, because I've accidentally pulled the vacuum over on its side and twisted the upper handle with quite a bit of force trying to rotate the vacuum to my next work area. This may have loosened up the connection over time. Some people may have legitimate defects in the micro switch in the base of the unit that kicks the roller off when the unit goes vertical, and if that's the case, obviously this fix won't help you out.

    Third, for those losing suction after a few months of use, I have a strong feeling you're not taking care of cleaning the vacuum like it's taking care of cleaning your house. After EVERY vacuum session, I empty the collection bin in my green waste barrel and then shake and lightly blow out any loose debris that remains inside. This takes all of 2-3 minutes and has never been messy. I've been using this vacuum for six months, which equates to at least 25 sessions of use, and I've never encountered any kind of mess as a result of using this vacuum. Roughly every 2-3 months, I go a step further than the above mentioned cleaning regimen and I use my kitchen's Delta spray nozzle to clean out the lower collection bin and hinged door and then gently spray up into the upper portion of the collection bin and around the fine holes on the perimeter of the bin. Every time I've done this, power on the next vacuuming session is easily 100% of the first time I purchased the vacuum. Just be 100% sure to let the upper and lower collection bin portions dry out before reattaching them and using the vacuum. To speed this up, I take the upper portion outside and swing it with both hands like a baseball bat. A few minutes of doing this and the majority of water has been expelled.

    This may sound like "too much" work to keep a vacuum working well, but I've found over time that the better care I take of the things I buy, the better my experience with them turns out to be. Aside from the vacuuming itself, we're only talking about 5 mins a week and an extra 10 mins every 2-3 months. Compared to my actual vacuuming time, the maintenance time here is very reasonable in my opinion.

    The Bissell Healthy Home has done a great job over the last six months of keeping my place clean and dust free, which is what I bought it for. I hope some of these tips help others out.

    I'm blown away that this vacuum received 17 one star reviews. Just goes to show that some people were born to complain about everything. I had a Hoover Windtunnel bagless for the last six years, which was a great vacuum. Very strong motor and great performance. I became intrigued with the Dyson clones that began popping up after the patent wore off. The first model, the Infinity Deluxe, had too many problems with the thermal sensor shutting the unit down, so I decided to sway away from it. After talking to a manager at Bed Bath & Beyond, I decided to go with the Bissell Healthy Home for $199 with the 20% off mailers they send out. Excellent choice. I immediately noticed a significantly better suction than I ever experienced with the Hoover. After attaching the turbo brush, the roller inside it began spinning with the same amount of force as the powered brush in the main unit. Very easy to dump the contents (in an outdoor trash can) and a few taps on its side to completely clear it out.

    Some reviewers knock the unit for being "too heavy". All I can say is that with everything else nowadays becoming cheaply built and lightweight, I appreciate a product with some weight behind it. It's still perfectly manageable to me and has a feeling of durability behind it.

    I like the fact that the brush automatically stops spinning when the unit is in the upright position, because this allows me to do my dusting without having to raise the brush to the maximum height setting first. The dual purpose brushes are a nice touch as well.

    Some reviewers have knocked the unit for tipping over while using the hose and attachments. I'm fairly certain that they didn't read and/or follow the directions to leave the hose looped around the lowest hose hook, which moves the center of gravity downward significantly and prevents tipping. You lose about a foot of extension by doing so, but for those concerned about tipping the unit over, that should be of little concern.

    One rule of thumb EVERYONE needs to apply to any vacuum they purchase is to keep the filters and debris collection bin clean at all times. When any vacuum is first purchased and powered on, that is about the last time that you're dealing with 100% suction. Every minute particle that is vacuumed up diminishes the suction by at least some small percentage. That's why I make it a rule to clean out the collection bin after every vacuuming session and periodically clean the extraneous filters and let them dry thoroughly. This is the way I handled my Hoover Windtunnel Bagless, and it worked so well I never had to buy a single replacement filter in the six years I owned it even with weekly vacuumings. I also got maximum suction out of it by minimizing any obstructions within the flow path.

    Overall, I'm very impressed with the Bissell Healthy Home. The suction is so great that it's actually lifting my berber carpet up as I've never seen before. I can't even keep it at the "low carpet" level setting, or it's practically hard to push along with the strong suction it creates. I'd definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone but the weakest of the weak that might have a problem pushing anything with some weight behind it....more info
  • Had to return
    Finally returning. I bought this after reading all the reviews (good and bad) and thought I will take my chances. I was wrong. When I 1st got it I thought - yea its heavy but I can deal with it. I was wrong. It ended up being an issue to lug it all over the house. Its wide so doesn't manuever easily. The canister that you have to empty is a problem as well. If you don't remember to hold it just right the bottom drops out and everything ends up on the floor. I started opening it over the garbage can and most of the time the bottom of the canister falls in and I end up digging it out the garbage. I probably used this 5-6 times and although it seemed to work "ok" in the beginning it seemed to lose suction. I noticed I had to go over the same spot. It seemed inconsistent in its function. I finally decided to return when after I vacuumed yesterday. I was doing just a small rug and it was shooting stuff out of the back of the vacuum instead of sucking it up. I am grateful the store I bought it from gave us 90days to return. ...more info
  • Wow and Wow
    Bissell 5770 Healthy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum
    Wow does this vacuum do a good job. Rather embarrasing to think of all the dirt that was in my carpet. Wow is this thing heavy. I would definitely not recommend it for women. You can test in in the store but doubtful you'll be able to test it on carpet where the weight really is noticable. The cannister is poorly designed and pops off regularly. Easy enough to snap back on but rather annoying. The turbo brush pops off regularly as well - just a poor design. The turbo brush is excellent for stairs - shame the vacuum is so heavy to lug on the stairs. The extension cord is nice and long. I guess the weight is the price for the impressive power and results. Make sure the place you buy it has a good return policy just in case it's not for you. Overall recommended but be aware of the flaws....more info
  • Way to HEAVY
    I purchased this unit after reading the great reviews even though some did mention how heavy this unit was. After trying it out I realized there was no way I could push this around without damaging all of my base boards in my house. I sent it back. Thanks Amazon for your great return process....more info
  • Bissell vs. Dyson
    I have four young children and my Dyson DC17 bit the dust yesterday, so I came home with the Bissell Healthy Home. Here is my journey and a comparison of the two vacuums. My Dyson is 18 months-2 years old. A few months ago it started having problems. I called my friendly local repair man who said no one works on Dysons, they are cheap, plastic and disposable, the company spends more on advertisement than product development, it will last 1yr.-18m. Great. He was right. Apparently, unless you want to spend in the $1500 range, price is not all that important...department/discount store vacuums just don't last. I can't spend $1500 on a vacuum. Here is the comparison,
    D is for Dyson; B is for Bissell:
    D is light; B is oh-my-word-heavy.
    D's HEPA is "lifetime" meaning it lasts the life of the vacuum, which isn't long and isn't clean; B has an easily replaceable hepa on the side and another replaceable filter in the front.
    D is narrow and gets in tight spots, B is wider and since heavier, harder to manuever.
    D's foot is tall; B's foot is short and goes under appliances better.
    D's wheels and corners are plastic and scuff; B's wheels and corners are rubber, which don't scuff but create drag and add to the weight issue.
    D's dust container uses one button to release it from machine and to empty=one handed ease; B's container takes two hands b/c of two buttons.
    D's beater brush inconvieniently is a knob by the floor; B's is a button on the handle.
    D's power button is in the front; B's is on the handle and can easily be accidentally pushed.
    B may be slightly quieter than D.
    D's extension rod is a pain b/c it is always one length - long - and always attached...not good for tight places like the car; B's rod is seperate and telescoping...nice!
    D and B have similar turbo brushes.
    D has an extra thin flat attachment; B's brush attachment is narrower, pointed and more manueverable.
    D has one beater brush level; B has 7 beater brush levels.
    D's recline release is just stepping on the front (not easy when you are behind the vacuum; B's is a button on the back left.
    Both have dual cleaning edges.
    Both seem to suck with similar efficiency.
    Both hoses are the same length.
    Both handles are similar design.
    Both carry most attachments on board...D's turbo brush is separate.
    BAD DESIGN PROBLEM IN BOTH: The "lifetime belt" is a problem. If the belt comes off of the beater brush, there is no way to take the machine apart to fix it- thus a disposable vacuum. Good for them, bad for you and me.
    My advice, if you've got money to burn and live in a small space or have lots of furniture, the Dyson might be a better pick b/c of it's manueverability. But if you don't want to spend double for a very similar machine, go for the Bissell. And remember, there is no perfect vacuum....more info
    Besides the fact that this vacuum is really big and heavy, it does a great job and is really easy to empty as long as you don't fill it up with dirt above the "Full Line". And when they say "Turbo" brush attachment they definitely mean turbo. That attachement is the greatest part of the vacuum and does a perfect job getting the pet hair off the furniture. Very satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Does a good job on both carpet and hardwood floors
    Only con is that it is heavy. The attachments are very well engineered and don't fall off like other vacuums. The hand attachment works wonders....more info
  • Works great even on pet hair!!!
    I purchased this vacuum after reading MANY MANY reviews on vacuum cleaners. I LOVE THIS VACUUM!!! I need a powerful vacuum with lasting suction to pick up the tons of dog hair from my two dogs off of carpet as well as my hardwoods. This vacuum did not disappoint. The suction is excellent! I filled up the canister in one room picking up everything my old vaccum had left behind. In fact, I have to empty it after every room because it picks up so much dog hair!! The hose is extra long, and the brush attachment is absolutely great on furniture and stairs. I love the ease of emptying the canister. It is extremely easy to remove from the vacuum and open into your trash can without getting dust everywhere. It also has a feature that allows you to turn off the rotating brush for hardwoods, and the brush stops rotating when teh vacuum is upright so your carpet is not ruined. I love everything about this vacuum!...more info
  • Great Deal
    Great product at a better price. This was a refurb model - aside from the box saying 'refurbished' I have noticed nothing that would lead me to believe this was anything less than brand new. Thank you....more info
  • Great suction, but...
    I have owned this product for around six months. Great suction, handy tools, ease of emptying the canister. So why the "but...", two things. One, the button to turn on the beater is right by the power button. I keep turning the unit off instead of turning on/off the beater. Two, the beater stops working occasionally. I just spoke to a service rep and seems this is a common condition. It is due to faulty instructions when putting together the vacuum. The handle gets offset and poof, no more beater. Just realign, reattach the handle. I would recommend this vacuum even so. Overall, a great value. ...more info
  • Great vacuum!!
    We bought the Bissell Healthy Home vac the other day as a replacement for an older Bissell model. We were undecided which to buy at first, the Bissell or the Dyson vac for pets. As always, Amazon is where I turn to for reviews from everyday product users. And it seemed that the Bissell was as good, and maybe better than the Dyson in some ways. Needless-to-say I am very very pleased with the purchase!

    My positives-
    The vacuum has much better suction than my older one, it pulled up only knows what from the underside of my stove (with the attachment). It also pulled up much more pet hair than the older one. So, great suction!

    I think it is pretty quiet

    This is the 4th vac Ive tried on ceramic tile and hardwood floors. I tried it with the brush on and with the brush turned off. With the brush off I felt NO kickback of dirt on my feet. Thank you thank you thank you!! I may never use the broom in the kitchen again!

    I havent tried the stairs yet, but from previous reviews, it sound as if it will go very well!

    I love the pop out canister feature. Its nice to hit a button and all the dirt goes right into the garbage. A lot of ppl say for those like myself with allergies and respiratory problems that bagless isnt the best option. My trick is to bring the canister over to a garbage bag, and snuggly wrap the bag around the bottom of the canister and then hit the release button, wait a few seconds for the dirt/dust to settle and then take the canister from the bag. Works for me.

    So far, the only sort-of down side is that the vac is heavy, but I dont so much mind it b/c I love the way it cleans!

    Overall, great vacuum! And I saved $$ vs. the Dyson....more info
  • Heavy
    Cleans well but it is so top heavy (dangerously falls over when vacuuming stairs or most times when using the hose) and is hard to push so I can not recommend for most friends and family....more info
  • Lived up to expectation.
    Having 3 cats, we were looking for a vacuum specifically for pet hair. After reading the reviews on the Bissell 5770, we decided to try it. The vacuum lived up to all the favorable reviews. Although I've not tried the more expensive pet hair vacuum to compare it with, I cannot imagine another vacuum performing any better than this one. Performance combined with the price, makes this a great buy! I was somewhat concerned about the weight and its maneuverability--my last vacuum was self propelled and had a retractable cord--but I didn't find it too heavy to maneuver and it almost seems self propelled, especially when the brush is engaged. However, it has a very long cord and I miss the retractable cord feature when I'm winding it up. ...more info
  • Good suction, but
    I purchased this vacuum after reading all of the reviews and going out to Bissell's website. It looked like the perfect vacuum cleaner until I had to clean it out. The housing collects all of the find dirt and is impossible to remove. After awhile it starts to smell. I live in the country, have three dogs and a cat. While the vacuum does sucks very well I cannot recommend it anyone who might have very fine dirt that will clog up their machine. Bissell needs to go back to the drawing board....more info
  • Worth the wait!
    I had wanted a Dyson for years and when my vaccum was finally dead, i said i'd spend the money for one, till the Bissell came in the weekend sale ads. I read the reviews here and bought it that weekend! I absolutely love it. I'm so glad I waited to buy, and that I chose the Bissell. My cousin swears the Dyson doesn't live up to the hype, she has one. I put my Bissell to the test on cat hair, and the door mat, it looked like new, and I was ready to toss it! Stairs clean up great and the suction is amazing! My son isn't afraid of the vaccum anymore, now he thinks its funny mommy can suck up his shirt with the hose! My HUSBAND Vaccums!!! That alone was worth every penny I spent on this!...more info
  • Worth the price
    I am male and in my 30s. I wanted to share my satisfaction with using the 5770 Healthy Home vacuum. First, thank you to everyone who have left reviews as I did use them in my decision to purchase this vacuum.
    While I have not have not seen the carpet look "brand new" again, nor had the canister need to be emptied before finishing the job. For the high traffic areas I am happy with the amount of "life" it does bring back. We are highly satisfied with the functionality of the vacuum. The filtered air that comes out as exhaust alone has made this vacuum very worth while. We have only used the vacuum as an upright and with the "turbo brush" accessory and both do their job as we expect. We do use the turbo brush for our animals pet hair on furniture and it works very well. I do take the time to clean out the brushes on both the vacuum and the turbo brush after every use to ensure they last a long time.
    I can also see the validity of people's complaints about emptying the canister when done, however I don't find it to be that big of a deal. I just give it a few slaps on the side and the contents fall out into the garbage can.
    I don't find the weight to be an issue for me. Again, thanks to these reviews I was expecting the vacuum to have considerable weight and in use find I don't even notice it.
    I have not had any of the accessories fall off or become loose during use, but I also do take my time and don't slam in into furniture or walls. The rubber has not caused any issues for me when they come in contact with the wall of leaving any kind of markings or snagging.
    I was expecting the blue of the vacuum to be darker based in the commercials but the lighter blue is okay.
    Suction does stay strong and work well- with the turbo brush there are some fabrics that I do have to make sure I only run the brush over forward or the brush has caused them to tear the fibers, which may lead to damaging the furniture/drapes/upholstery, etc.

    We are also extremely pleased that this vacuum can be used for carpets, hardwoods/tiles, and vehicles.
    Currently we are only using it on carpet, but we are in the process of buying a home that has tile, hardwoods and carpet. Should my feelings change toward it's cleaning effectiveness I will update my review/post.

    I use the vacuum at least once a week and I LOVE that I don't have to keep going back and forth over pet hair and other dirt on the carpet for the vacuum to pick it up. ...more info
  • The right choice for those of us who cannot afford a Dyson
    I bought this vacuum a few days before we brought our new cat home and have had it a little less than a year. Our old vacuum was no longer doing much more than pushing dirt around and I was not going to waste another $70 or $80 on a vacuum that would only last a year or so. I couldn't, however, afford a Dyson, so I chose this one and am happy with that choice.

    The main selling point for me about this vacuum was the whole "healthy home" thing (though one of the "features" of this vacuum is a bottle of chemicals to spray around your house to kill dust mites, which I do not use). I have bad allergies and with a cat on the way I wanted a vacuum that could handle dander and pet hair. This does both very well. In addition to our cat we have a miniature poodle and a greyhound, so pet hair is a problem. This is why I was excited to try out the Bissell 5770's TurboBrush. I hate sitting on a couch covered in pet hair and had yet to find anything short of a lint brush that did a decent job cleaning it up. The TurboBrush is apparently what I've been looking for. It works great for getting cat hair off furniture.

    The TurboBrush, however, is also one of the most annoying things about this vacuum. It works great, I just don't like the way it is stored on the vacuum. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate having all of the attachments housed on the unit, but the way the TurboBrush clips onto the front, it frequently falls off while I vacuum.

    Also, the unit as a whole is really heavy. This is not a vacuum for the feeble. If you are at all concerned about being able to push your vacuum across your floor, this is not the one for you. It does make vacuuming into work, but I don't mind. After all, I own a push lawn mower (you know, the old fashioned kind with the blades), so I'm into that sort of thing.

    The hose is very long but I find that it doesn't reach nearly as far as you'd expect it to. It's pretty tightly coiled so it has a lot of spring back, if that makes sense. Also, be careful not to vacuum up ink pens. My wife vacuumed three pens up (she was not paying attention, to say the least) and one of them punctured the hose. I can patch it, I'm fairly certain.

    The wide swath is listed as a selling point, but I wish it was a couple inches less in width. For one thing, the wider a vacuum is the harder it is to get to hard to reach areas like under end tables and such. Plus maybe it would make the unit a little lighter.

    The anti-tip design is not exactly anti-tip. Granted, it doesn't fall over nearly as easily as my last vacuum did, but it's still top heavy and since the unit as a whole weighs a million pounds, when it falls it falls hard.

    Even with these flaws, I like this vacuum. It's the best one I've ever owned, and worth the money, especially if you can find it on sale. ...more info
  • A good buy for the money!
    I bought this vacuum after owning an Electrolux for 12 years. I had had my heart set on getting a Dyson, but stumbled across the reviews for the Bissell. Boy, am I so glad I did! I have 5 children, a husband remodeling our basement, a cat and dog, and we live on a block that is being developed. Needless to say, lots and lots of dirt and dust gets into our house. I am so pleased with the job this vacuum does. It picks up an amazing amount of dirt and lint and pet hair. Yes, it is heavy, but, hey, the exercise doesn't hurt me. I wouldn't recommend this vacuum for an elderly person or for someone who needs to cart it up and down the stairs alot. But, it is definitely worth every penny it costs! It does a super job and I feel like my carpets are cleaner than ever before....more info
  • Excellent machine but way to heavy.
    This machine worked excellently but it needs to be self propelled, it's really heavy. Forget taking it upstairs to clean....more info
  • This vacuum sucks!
    The only good thing about this vacuum is it's amazing suction power. It really does suck!

    Edge cleaning is non-exisitent. The wand accessory can only pick up small dust bunnies. Anything else overpowers it and you can get hurt when it does a kick back.

    It is also very top heavy and often falls over. Be careful of your toes and any other body parts that get in the way.

    Cannot handle dog hair and gets clogged.

    The canister is diffucult to empty. Be sure to take it outside
    to empty it or you will have a huge mess to vacuum up again.

    We bought this vacuum instead of the Dyson because of price and the good reviews we read. Don't make the same mistake we did!

    ...more info
  • Fabulous! Great product for the $$!
    I bought this vacuum because of all of the great reviews I read on Amazon. I have a shedding 100 lb. lab and 3 kids under 6. We all spend 90% of our time in two rooms of our house, so I vacuum at least every other day. This vaccum is wonderful and here's why:

    It fluffs your carpet and makes it look newer. It pulled out dried dirt that had been tracked onto my carpet.

    It's quiet without that high pitched sound that every other vaccum I've owned has had.

    Our floors are hardwood/carpet combination and this vacuum sweeps up the hardwood better than anything else including a broom and dustpan. With one push of your thumb to turn off the brushes, it transitions right to the wood.

    The turbo attachment fluffed my stairs and cleaned deep. The only other time it looks that good is when I have it professionally cleaned.

    I'm a stay at home mom who feels like a grandma with a new Cadillac! Thanks Bissell!...more info
  • Powerful, reliable, big and heavy
    the suction is powerful and it doesnt lose much suction provided you clean the canister, entry points and various filters regularly (i have done this once in the nine months that i've had it, and not because it was losing suction, so doing this once a year would be sufficient i would think) (i vacuum once a week every week).

    the brushes are powerful--the main unit does a great job on carpets (with an adjustable nap setting) and the turbo brush does an excellent job on couches, etc (we have two cats and a couch made of a fabric that loves to trap cat hair and this handheld unit gets all of it out) (again, i have cleaned the turbo brush once and not because it was performing poorly). you have to use the handheld to clean small carpets (like a bathroom mat) because the regular brushes are powerful enough to suck them up or pull up an edge and get caught in the unit.

    the unit is unfortunately heavy, but good vacuums tend to be. it is also pretty bulky and difficult to manuever except in a straight line, which is the main con for me because my apartment has a lot of weird corners that this vacuum just can't get into, so i end up using the narrow wand tool a lot which is fine because we have wood floors with wide gaps between them that a lot of things get stuck in and the wand easily gets it all out (again, the suction is great) (i was able to get a large kitchen knife that fell behind the stove by using the narrow wand to suction the flat side of the blade).

    the only problem i have encountered with this vacuum is that the handle assembly can sometimes dislodge itself if you're jerking the vacuum around or if you hit something just right. if this happens, the unit will not turn on. when it first happened (after six months), i didnt know what happened and thought the vacuum was a dud, but it miraculously came back on. it happened the second time and i found the cause on a message board, put the handle back in place and it worked fine. the assembly does not lock, so this problem may reoccur. but, again, its happened twice in nine months and only after vigorous use.

    the canister holds everything it takes in (nothing spits back out, no plumes of dust) and holds quite a lot. i empty it after every use, but could use it 3 or 4 times before i really had to. the canister's opening is quite narrow though and it should be brought outside to empty, as you will either have to shake it around quite a bit or use your hands to get everything out (remember, i have two cats so the hair complicates matters--if most of what you are vacuuming is dirt and debris, it should empty fine).

    overall, it does and continues to do a good job of doing what i want it to do, which is getting the house clean. it has its pitfalls, but it is still one of the better vacuums i have owned, if not the best....more info
  • Boy does this baby SUCK!
    I've had this vacuum for just over a month now. We had a Hoover Wind Tunnel before and it didn't even last a year before breaking. We have 3 cats and I thought it did a good job but it was horrendous compared to what was picked up by the Healthy Home when we started it up. The carpet looked so much fresher after being vacuumed once and you wouldn't believe it after another run or 2. There are still spots that need to be shampooed but I wouldn't trade this vacuum for any other. It picks up cat hair like I haven't ever seen a vacuum do before and it even gets the litter up with no issues.

    It's a hefty vacuum but I think that's part of why it does such a good job. Also, it's not as easy to empty the cartridge as one would think after trying it out in the store. Pet hair has a tendency to gather at the bottom and it needs some help coming out but it's not that bad. The on/off button is easy to hit while it's running but none of these cons are enough for me to give it less than a 5 star rating. This vacuum is AWESOME. Period....more info
  • Pulls Up the Dirt!
    Great product. It was almost as if I had never vacuumed in my life. The dirt that came out of the carpet was amazing. The only thing that I dont like is that it is very heavy. It will definitely keep you in shape!...more info
  • Better then Dyson
    I have had this vac for about a year now and it still works fine. Initially I had bought the Dyson Animal. It did not pick up as well as expected and the attachments were very difficult to use. I returned it and replaced it with this Bissell. This vac picks up better than the Dyson and using the hose and attachments is a breeze. I found emptying the cannister to be about the same, as with all bagless it is messy. Otherwise you need to buy a bagged vac. We have a lot of long dog hair, so I don't open the trap (or the debris is just stuck). I unhook the top of the cannister and turn it upside down to empty it into the trash can and everything slides out easily. Then just snap the top back on. I have to take away a star due to the weight. It is very heavy, so anyone frail or with arm or back problems would probably not want this machine. Great vac for the price....more info
  • No Suction with the Tools
    Once my Hoover Windtunnel, after 12 years, became too loud for even me to stand, I decided to try the Bissell 5770. I'm sorry I wasted my money. Suction works great when using the floor vac in the upright position. However, the tools have no suction and I use them quite frequently as I have dogs. I have taken this one to my office to use, and have gone out and purchased another Hoover Windtunnel product. I am so glad that I did, what a difference. ...more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever owned
    I have 4 big dogs (indoor dogs) and 10 indoor cats so needless to say I need a great vacuum. I've had the $400.00 Sears uprights and canisters, Hoover, Kenmore, etc. and I'm sick of having parts that keep breaking. I personally love the bagless vacuums. Some people hate them because they hate to empty them, they say that the dust goes all over the place. I have not found that to be true. Believe me, I have vacuumed up a lot of dust and animal fur..... When I empty the canister, I just empty it into my trash can in my problem.
    I can't believe how much suction you get with this vacuum!!! I would recommend this vacuum to all my friends....more info
    ...more info
  • Best Vacuum Cleaner
    I received this vacuum cleaner as a wedding present and I love it. My husband and I have two small dogs one of which has very long thick hair which sheds a lot. When I vacuum the Bissell gets up a TON of his hair. Some people have said that they found the vacuum to be too heavy. I'm a slim girl and not particulary strong and I don't think it was hard to manage at all. I love the Hepa filter and the Microban technology as well. Plus the vacuum cleaner is not incredibly loud which is nice since we are living in an apartment and don't want to annoy our neighbors! I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Not reliable at all
    We purchased this vacuum a year ago and have had nothing but problems with it. The brush will stop turning for no reason. After two not covered under our warranty trips to a repair shop and one "it just magically started working" fixes later, it quit working again. I followed the tips online to try to make it work, but nothing seems to help.

    Finally, I pulled a Jimi Hendrix and smashed it on the ground out of frustration. Avoid this machine at all costs.

    ...more info


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