Liv Sure Water Tester

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  • Measures contaminates in water
  • One touch operation
  • Pocket-sized
  • Takes just a few drops of water
  • Results in just a few seconds
Customer Reviews:
  • do not like
    The product came with in the time allowed. It really didn't do what I needed it to. I am not happy with it. Nothing against who I bought it from....more info
  • Useless
    This water "tester" cannot distinguish what's in the water. It will barely give you a reading. If one is using distilled water --which is the water I drink and use for cooking-- this tester will give a reading of ZERO particles. Aside of distilled water, everything else will get a reading of 120 or more. There are much better products out there that will give precise information not only concerning percentages but also giving on the contents in our water.
    I tested distilled water, filtered water and tap water. According to this "tester" the filtered water in our shower got the same reading as the water coming from the tap. I do not need this tester to tell me distilled water is 100% pure because I know that already....more info
  • Very good product
    shows total dissolved solids in your water, which helps you evaluate the performance of your water filtration system....more info
  • Liv Sure Water Tester is quick, and portable!
    I often travel (foreign countries/...)!- I'm "!VERY!" concerned about the quality of the water I drink!???
    They... "always" assure you, that the water is good!- Have they built up a resistance to...?!

    I Googled "Liv Sure", and it sounded VERY GOOD (non-specific tester)!-

    Small Enough to Take Anywhere!- The Liv Sure Water Tester is small enough to fit in your pocket. This way, you can take it out with you and test the drinking water at restaurants or wherever else you go!

    Measures Total Dissolved Solids-
    The readings are based on the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level in the drinking water. Total Dissolved Solids are impurities found in the water. TDS's can include salts, metals, lead, arsenic, byproducts from sewage, fertilizer, pesticides, and a variety of other impurities.

    Easy to Understand-
    In addition to the "numerical value" the IHP Water Tester provides, it also gives a visual indication so you know the quality of your water at a quick glance.-

    If the water is very good in quality, a smiley face is shown. If it is pretty good, the face is half smiling. If it is adequate, but not great, the face is neither smiling nor frowning. If the water quality is suspect, the face is half frowning. If the water is unclean, and unfit to drink, a frowning face is displayed. A chart is also printed on the back of the device so you can quickly determine how good or bad the reading is.

    Cost effective, "multi-use" tester!- I'm also going to use Liv Sure on my well water... too!
    If the Liv Sure TDS test is anything but "full smiles"!?-
    I'll then use an "EPA standards" specific tester!- like Amazon's-
    "First Alert Drinking Water Test Kit #WT1"- 1st has !2 tests!, instead of others... 1!- First Alert had EXCELLENT reviews (4), on another web site!
    I ordered both of these products?- I will update this review, and add First Alert's- after using them both (I'll compare results...?)?

    ...more info
  • Bueno
    Es muy bueno para saber si el agua es apta para tomar o no, pero cuando el agua no es apta para el consumo este no especifica que esta mal, si es porque tiene muchos minerales o si tiene bacterias etc. ese es el defecto que le veo, por otro lado lo bueno es que es portatil....more info
  • Nice Product.
    I just purchased this item and I like it. It's a very small gadget that fits in your pocket and it tests small quantities of any type of water. I took the liberty of testing all types of bottled water from Arrowhead, Crystal Gyser, Aquafina...etc. Honestly, I wasn't surprised because some of the bottled water I use to drink tasted like beach water. It works great especially if you wanted to test the purity of your filtered water. Need I say more?...more info
  • Interesting Product
    This is a pretty interesting product and it does exactly what it says it's supposed to do. It can't distinguish between good and bad particles but it definitely works. A bottle of minetal water has a reading of 120 or so and water from one of those non-mineral bottle waters read 13....more info