3M FAP03-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier

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Product Description

Filtrete Ultra Clean Room Air Purifier, FAP03-RS, Large Unit, The Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier Circulates The Air More Efficiently Than A Hepa Filter, Filtrete Is 99.9% Effective At Capturing Airborne Allergens Such As Pollen, Mold Spores & Dust Debris, Quiet Operation & No Ozone Generation, Covers Approximately 350 SQFT.

  • Electrostatic air purifier for large rooms; charged fibers magnetize floating dust particles
  • Reduces pollen, mold and dust mite debris
  • Circulates and cleans the air in rooms up to 350 square feet
  • Filter change indicator shows when it's time to replace
  • Designed to blend with any d¨¦cor; 99.9 percent effective at capturing large particles

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product

    I previously purchased TWO different air purifiers trying to find the best one (in the $75-$200 price range). One purifier was on the edge of the effective sq ft range for my bedroom, the other would have cost TONS in HEPA and pre-filters.

    So...I decided to return those two and go with this one. The filters are going to be cheaper, it has better pollen filtration capacity then a lot of other purifiers and hey, this one just looks tons better! The unit does not produce a large amount of noise on low or medium. When you turn it on high the noise resembles that from an in window air conditioner. Also, this purifier is one of the only ones that covers such a large area (350 sq ft).

    Like the other review states, it is pretty big but at least it is not a total eyesore!...more info
  • Air purifier
    This is one of the best deals I have purchased it a long time. It works so well and I can really tell the difference. I have both cats & dogs and it is amazing...don't know how I have lived so long without it!...more info
  • I really Like this Product
    I really like this product I bought it for my Daughter who has Asthma and my newborn son who is a Heart Patient to help him breath better, and I am very pleased with it. It does clean the Air very well I do notice a difference in my Family Room. I like it so much I plan on buying another for my Bedroom....more info
  • wonderful
    I am sold on Filtrete air cleaners and I love this one. I have a huge living room that has 18 ft. ceilings. This really does it's job. I have Filtrete in all our rooms and with the size of this house, I see that they help a lot.
    This item came very quickly and is worth every penny. I just wish filters weren't so expensive. ...more info
  • I think I'm in love with this filter
    We got this filter to solve my fiance's cat allergy problems. Every day, I lift up the filter door and this thing has managed to suck down about a full cat worth of hair, let alone keeping any dander from floating around in the air. It's sort of amazing just how much power this fan has to pull in dust, fuzz, and in the case that happened yesterday, an entire ball of tape the cat was playing with. I'm very impressed, it's totally taken care of allergy problems and is also keeping dust bunnies from forming! And it's super easy to clean and looks nice too! ...more info
  • Works very well
    Noticeable decrease in allergy symptoms. Never tried any other purifiers, though considering getting another one of these for the rest of the house....more info
  • Very nice machine, well-balanced
    I spent a great deal of time comparing different purifiers: cost, performance, ease of use, noise, filter replacement, etc. This unit is superb in every respect. The unit is large but is very handsome and blends in well with the room. It has a very smooth fan that is not too loud but but you can really feel it move the air. There is one filter to replace and they are not terribly expensive and easy to find. In short, I think this unit really meets my needs while being fairly inexpensive and, over the past 6 months, 100% reliable....more info


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