Germ Guardian Digital Humidifier - H3000

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Product Description

The Germ Guardian Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier. (H-3000) uses nano-silver technology to prevent mold and bacteria from growing in the water tank: By humidifying clean water, you provide a healthier breathing enviroment by not spreading germs and bacteria into the air. The Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier senses the humidity in the environment and automatically adjusts to a pre-set level and has an option for warm or cold humidification. An adjustable spray function helps regulate the volume of spray you desire. And since the humidifier is ultrasonic it's virually silent when it runs, making it ideal to have on while you sleep.

  • Option for warm or cold humidification: Warm humidification maintains an 80 degree temperature to ki
  • Low water indication: Lets you know when it's time to refill the water container
  • Variable Spray function: Allows you to adjust the volume of spray output
  • Humitidy auto-adjustment: Humidifier senses jumidity in the environment and automatically adjusts to
  • Healthy Environment: Silver nano technology is used to prevent microbial growth within the unit - wh

 Customer Reviews:

  • 5 tries and no success
    I can't beleive it, but we've tried 5 models of this humidifier, and none of them worked properly. We worked with the manufacturer, Germ Guardian, and they sent us "tested" models by their "engineers" but alas, they too had malfunctions. 3 of the 5 models could not read the accurate level of humidity in the room and even after 24 hours of mist coming out, the units still read 30% humidity (the level it read as we turned it on) in our standard bedroom size room. There was no way to program them. The other 2 of the 5 had no spray control and although it was "programmed" to low, they kicked out high volumes of moisture which saturated our oriental rug! VERY frustrated with this humidifier and the company, who claims it must be our environment and "no one else appears to have this problem". How could that be? We only tried 5 models because it appeared to be the best humidifier with the most features on the market, looked great, and seemed to be the best, but after this experience, perhaps simpler is better....more info
  • Why I took it back to the store
    Two problems: The machine did not work as expected and the company's customer service seems terrible. The machine is nice looking and has what appear to be good electronic controls. It is also extremely silent. But even though you can set the humidity control for various stages from 50% to 80%, the humidity (according to the indicator on the machine), did nothing but fluctuate between 30% and 33%, even after I ran it for several hours in the kitchen and then in the bedroom. In addition, when I set it for "sleep/auto" according to the book it is supposed to set the humidity at 8o% and stay on all night. But it turned off in the middle of the night, even though the water tank was still over half full, and in the morning the humidity still registered only 30%. I called the customer service number listed in the book to ask some questions, but all I got was a computer message saying to leave a message and I would get a call back. I did so, but after five days I received no call back. The same afternoon I sent an email to customer service asking the same questions, but after five days I received no reply. This is probably the worst customer service response I have ever had. I would certainly not recommend this machine, or this company, to anyone. BUT, maybe I just got a lemon. I hope someone else has a better experience....more info