Newair ADS-400 Mini Silent Dehumidifier with Car Adaptor Kit - FREE GROUND SHIPPING

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Product Description

The NewAir ADS-400 removes excess atmospheric moisture from any room, creating a comfortable environment and protecting your furniture and electronic devices from water damage. It can also hold a great deal of water, up to 32 oz. which saves you the time and the labor of constant drainage. It even comes with a Car Kit adapter, for moisture removal from any car or truck! Big enough for a small to mid-sized bedroom but small enough for a large automobile, this dehumidifier definetly makes a noticable difference in whatever room you put it in! The ADS-400 also comes with a 1 year limited manufactures warranty.

  • Fan: 3.2 X 3.2 inch DC Brushless Motor
  • Power Adaptor: 12 V DC 3A mp
  • Power Consumption: 36 W
  • Removable Water Tank: 32 oz
  • Car Kit Included
  • Water Level Detector: Automatic switch off with Yellow LED indicator when water tank is full
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • 1 Year limited Manufactures Warranty
  • Features:
    • Comes with a Car Kit to plug in your dehumidifier on-the-go
    • Ultra Quiet
    • Cooling Element: Thermo-electric Peltier Motor
    • Doesn't use chemical substances to absorb moisture, making it an environmentally friendly product
    • The NewAir ADS-400 Mini Dehumidifier Capacity ranges in at 16 oz per day at 86 degrees fahrenheit,
    Customer Reviews:
    • Worked decently - then stopped
      This product worked pretty well for its size for the first couple months. Then I put it away for winter and when I took it out again, it wouldn't turn back on....more info
    • Not as good as I expected.
      Before I bought it, I read the reviews and descriptions, so I had expected it is as quiet and good as other customers experienced. It was very noisy on first few days but now seems getting quiet. As for drying the moisture, it did but not as much as I hoped. ...more info
    • Super little machine
      I am very happy with this mini dehumidifier. It collects enough water so that I have to empty it every 3 days, it sits in a small bedroom that is not warm. No problems! I was so impressed with it and decided to get a larger dehumidifier for the rest of the house, I never knew how humid this house was!
      I have suggested it to a friend too....more info
    • Disappointing
      We bought two. One works okay; the other one never worked. We bought at the end of a season, used one once, the other stayed in its original package over the summer, but has never worked since we opened it. The fan barely turns.

      A good size, but poor construction....more info
    • Great compact dehumidifier
      I've owned three different brands of compact dehumidifiers and NewAir is by far the quietest and most efficient. I have a small apartment so the compact size is also a big plus....more info
    • Worthless
      I set it up in a rather small room, which had plenty of humidity. After two straight days of running, it had barely collected a few drops of water. IT did not change the relative humidity of the room by even 1%. I tried two other units of the same model and found that they collected just as little water from the air. I can think of no use for this product besides to waste electricity and take up space....more info
    • Surprisingly small....
      ... but for it's size it seems to do alright. It's not astounding by any means but after a few days of nasty Washington, DC summer humidity it seems to fill up and keeps the small room it lives in at least tolerable. ...more info
    • know what you're buying!
      This dehumidifier is about the size of a 2L soda bottle. The amazon info says it will remove 16 ounces of water a day. I have it in a warm, very humid bathroom with a sweating water tank and toilet tank, and it only removes 3 or 4 ounces/day. The packaging it comes in says that it is only for cars, pantries, and kitchen cabinets. I'll probably move it under the kitchen sink where I've got just a short section of sweating pipes. Hopefully it can keep up!

      The item description also says free ground shipping, but I was charged $4 + change for shipping....more info
    • I am happy!
      It does what the ad said it would do and I am happy!...more info
    • Nice Little Dehumidifier
      Used this dehumidifier in my bathroom because it's not very well ventilated. This unit works well in that space. Used to have a problem with dampness, but this really has helped control that...more info
    • for a small not very moist space only
      UPDATE: my unit's external power supply started making a hissing sound a few months after my purchase. I did an internet search and found that this could mean bad capacitors in the power supply which could possibly lead to a fire. i would not recommend this product. this unit is smaller than i was expecting; it is 11" tall and 5.5" in diameter. i have it in our small bathroom at the moment because it was too small to affect the humidity level in the 120 square foot room i had originally put it in (i have a hygrometer in the room to measure its humidity and this unit did not affect the humidity level in 24 hours). i doubt it is adequate for our tiny bathroom. it seems like it might be adequate for a not-too-humid closet. it says it removes 16oz. a day at 86 degrees Fahrenheit, but whose house it 86 degrees? in our humid bathroom it sucks up a mere third of an inch a day. ...more info
    • Perfect Little Dehumidifier!
      I bought this to use in the space under my kitchen sink because I wanted to get rid of the musty smell coming from there. It's been fantastic. I don't have to hold my breath anymore when I need to reach in for dish soap. I just empty the water that collects in the resevoir thing every once in a while. There is a little light that comes on to remind me that I need to do it. It came with a car adapter so I'll run it in my minivan to get rid of the damp smell my car has after I left the moon roof cracked open when it rained....more info