Newair ADS-300 Compact and Silent Dehumidifier Helps Remove Odor - FREE GROUND SHIPPING

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Product Description

Perfect for bathrooms and small to mid-sized rooms where dampness and humidity are a problem, our ADS-300 Mini Dehumidifier even comes with a Car Kit adapter, for moisture removal from any car or truck! It also features an automatic shut off switch to power the unit off when the water reservoir is full. When this occurs a yellow "full" indicator light will alert you when the fluid tank needs to be emptied. Holds up to 16 oz. The ADS-300 quiet dehumidifier also comes with a 1 year limited manufactures warranty.

  • Cooling Element: Thermo-electric Peltier Motor
  • Fan: 3.2 X 3.2 inch DC Brushless Motor
  • Power Adaptor: 12 V DC 3A mp
  • Power Consumption: 36 W
  • Removable Water Tank: 16 oz
  • Car Kit Included
  • Water Level Detector: Automatic switch off with Yellow LED indicator when water tank is full
  • Product Dimensions: 6.0'' x 8.5'' x 5.0''
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • 1 Year limited Manufactures Warranty
  • Features:
    • Free Ground Shipping in the Continental United States
    • Comes with a car kit to plug in your dehumidifier on-the-go
    • Doesn't use chemical substances to absorb moisture, making it an environmentally friendly product
    • The NewAir ADS-300 Mini Dehumidifier Capacity ranges in at Capacity: 10 oz per day at 86 degrees fa
    • Ultra Quiet
    Customer Reviews:
    • Buyer beware
      I purchased this unit for a small closet. I received several customer service emails before it arrived to make sure I was satisfied with my product. It did not work out of the packaging (fan blades did not turn). As soon as I had a defective product, I inquired about how I could return it. It turns out the return policy is that the customer pays shipping and unless you get an exchange, you're subject to a 15% restocking fee. Also, you have to wait 2-3 weeks for a return number, package the return in a very specific way and mail within 7 business days of receiving the return number, or it will be refused. This is not what I would call satisfactory customer service. I have inquired about waiving shipping fees for a defective product but am not holding my breath. I would never do business with this company again.

      Update: The replacement product I received quit working after only a few months. Waste of money....more info
    • Stopped working after 2 months
      I have had the same problem as others - this unit workd fine for 2 months and then one day I went to empty out the pan and it hasnt worked since...more info
    • On and Off Switch Broke within a month of purchase!
      Although the unit did a marvelous job in the three weeks I owned it...the on and off switch suddenly froze and then literally broke off. Upon further examination, I discovered that some plastic attachment in the switch area had kind of melted inside it...(This could have been the cause of the malfunction but I am not an expert!) I would not recommend it for the sole reason that an investment in a devise such as this ought to last longer than one month. I am deeply disgusted and disappointed....more info
    • New-Air Dehumidifier
      Using a timer to operate from 6 PM to 6 AM, I use this unit in my motor home and it does a great job of controlling moisture and odors. It's very compact and easy to use. However, this is my 2nd unit, the first having failed after only 18 months so I'm concerned as to it's overall quality. ...more info
    • Finally - A Dry Bathroom!
      I live in a tiny 700 square foot apartment with a tiny bathroom. This bathroom is in the very back of my apartment with no windows and a ventilation fan that barely works. Mold / mildew problems have been a continuous issue and no matter what I tried, it kept coming back. I was constantly bleaching the ceiling and walls - quite a project in itself since the bleach smell would get so strong.

      After reading the reviews here I decided to take the plunge and purchase this dehumidifier (on March 30, 2008) as a last ditch to see if it helped. After the first use there was already a huge difference. This little thing works like a tank and just pulls all the moisture out of the air. I turn it on before I take a shower and let it run for a while after. The bathroom has never felt so dry, and I have no more mold problem! I can also breathe so much better in my house now that the mold is gone.

      A great product, great size (doesn't take up much room), great price too. It does make a little noise, but it is very tolerable. This comes highly recommended!...more info
    • So so
      The reviews I read for this product make it sound like it would work for a small apartment, but I've had two running all the time for almost a month and have not noticed any difference. The price was ok, but I would buy this product again. Also, there were no instructions for getting the water out of the bucket. The hole is partially blocked and does not allow the water to come out easily....more info
    • Outstanding Customer Service
      The Newair ADS 300 Dehumidifier arrived quickly and was doing an excellent job of removing the moisture in a 29 foot boat in soggy Western Washington for a few weeks. Unfortunately,the on/off switch malfunctioned and it stopped working. When I contacted the company they were outstanding! They backed their product and made the return process painless. I have been contacted several times about my satisfaction and couldn't be more satisfied with the service. I would do business with Air & Water Inc. again in a heartbeat.
      Newair ADS-300 Compact and Silent Dehumidifier Helps Remove Odor - FREE GROUND SHIPPING...more info
    • Newair ADS 300 doesn't hold up
      Mine broke after 2 months of use. I wouldn't recommend either based on the fact of how small an area it covers. ...more info
    • Works well for what it is
      This small unit works as advertised. It is meant for a small area or to supplement a larger unit. It is fairly quiet; you can hear the fan but it's subtle. The external transformer (inline, not a wall-wart) runs hot to the touch; if the unit runs in an unattended area I would only leave the power pack on a tile or metal surface, or propped up to provide airflow.

      The unit arrived in a timely manner and the seller enthusiastically requested performance feedback about both the unit and the delivery. I am quite satisfied and would recommend the unit....more info
    • Already impressed
      I plugged this little machine in less than 6 hours ago and it's working great! Nothing to put together, just plug it in. The resevior already has water in it so it's doing just what I need it to do. I wish my computer was as quiet as this! I honestly thought it was going to be about twice as big, but I didn't read the measurements. But at this size it fit right under my kitchen sink where I had a big leak in my basement apartment.
      The free shipping was a selling point and it arrived in 1 week from the company via fedex. I'm pleased and would recommend this product espescially for small spaces, maybe as big as a small bathroom, best for under cabinets & closets in my opinion.
      ------added 9.08
      Wanted to include that I wouldn't feel good about leaving this running for over 24-48 hrs without a break as the power adapter heats up a bit. Also I haven't found the knack of emptying the resevoir easily, do you pop out the plug? if so, that's what I do and have to shake out the water awkwardly. Even so, it's a good little machine that I'd still recommend.
      ...more info
    • Wish it worked better...

      I don't know if I got a defective unit or what, but this thing has only collected about a cup of of water in our tiny (5x7 foot) all-tile bathroom over about 6 weeks. I tried jostling the reservoir, moving it, unplugging/resetting, but it's just not sucking that much water out of the room. It is pretty quiet, doesn't have any problems like leaking, and I can feel it moving air (warm breeze coming out of the top of the unit), but it's just not collecting much moisture, even though there is plenty available and we keep it running 24/7.

      It looks like some other people have had considerably more success than we did, and I thought the size of our bathroom made it perfect for the size of this unit, but the reviews (including mine) maybe suggest inconsistent product quality. Since it was a long time before I was able to get the unit set up after I bought it, I think I'll relocate it to my closet instead of trying to return it, since it does pull *something* out of the air. Maybe you will have a better experience.

      ...more info
    • A little small
      This unit works its little heart out, but it's just too small to do much good in my RV. If you've got moisture/mold problems, bite the bullet and get something a little bigger....more info
    • Good Product
      This is great and actually works in my small unventilated bathroom. The towels are actually dry!...more info
    • Product Life is Short
      I bought this dehumidifier thirteen months ago, and it seemed to do its job well for about six months. At the six month mark, it began having problems collecting moisture, which seemed odd because the unit was operating (turning on, fan woring, receiving current, etc.). This unit was placed in a high-moisture area and just seemed to have a mind of its own, randomly alternating the days it decided to and not to collect moisture. After ten months, it simply stopped collecting any moisture whatsoever....more info
    • fast
      I was very pleased by the fast response and shipping.The past reviews helped me make my decison. I would use this company again...more info
    • staying dry
      I recently bought a house in the country and converted a shed into a study room. I purchased the Newair ADS-300 Dehumidifier to keep my books and furniture dry. It works like a charm. It is compact, silent as well as effecient. It maintains the room dry and free of the usual wet smell in high humid areas. The low price is another plus as well as the free shipping. Much satisfied....more info
    • Newair ADS300 dehumidifier
      Works great. Very small, but does a very good job in a small bedroom, bath, closet, etc. Has been turned on 24/7 for some weeks now. Shipping was quick and price was very good.
      ...more info
    • Excellent product
      This product is quiet and works effectively and efficiently. Every couple of days, I need to empty water from it which indicates it is working correctly. It is simple to empty and clean. The price was very reasonable. It has kept the mildew smell out of my bathroom. ...more info
    • good service
      I had a problem with the first item I ordered and they promptly replaced the item with a new one no hassle return they sent a return label and so far the item is working great. thanks...more info
    • Small, quiet, and efficient
      My bedroom closet was always mildewy. My leather shoes constantly had a fuzz growing on them. Jackets I hadn't worn in awhile had white, powdery splothes on them. Ordered this unit and solved all my problems. Not super quiet, so I turn it off when I go to bed and flick it on in the morning. The tank takes a couple of weeks to fill. A great unit for the price. Zero problems. Vendor contacted me a couple of times to follow-up on purchase. Highy reccommend (especially for the price)....more info
    • Pretty Good
      I ordered the Newair ADS-300 to use in a bathroom without ventilation that tends to get pretty humid. In my bathroom, it never works as well as under "ideal conditions", but my bathroom is much less humid and I am happy with it....more info
    • Works great ... while it lasts.
      This little dehumidifier completely changed my daughter's room from a damp chilly room to a drier warmer-feeling one. The only problem was that one day, the on/off switch got stuck in the off position. It seemed easy enough to fix - looked as though something inside just slipped down which caused the switch to get stuck, but we couldn't open the unit - the screw was stripped (makes me wonder if I actually got sent a new unit or a refurbished one when I paid for a new one). We got in contact with the vendor - they were willing to fix the unit, but only if we paid the shipping both ways ($8 each way) which they told us we could "conveniently" charge to our credit card. When I objected and suggested they were not standing behind their product, I never heard another word. Overall a dissappointing experience - I would recommend steering clear of this vendor (Air & Water)....more info
    • Nice Dehumidifier
      Small and somewhat quiet. This is a string hum but nothing that can't easily be ignored. I've had it running for a couple of weeks straight with no probably and it fills up every 2 to 3 days. ...more info
    • Great Product and Seller
      I am realy pleased with the performance of this dehumidifier. It is SO tiny, but it really does the trick! I just bought a new house and while I am waiting for renovations, this product has completely dried out two large closets that were waterdamaged and never properly aired out by the previous owners. Within two days, the horrible smell of mold was absolutely gone. The seller also followed up with me to make sure that the product arrived and that I was happy with it. ...more info
    • great buy
      I bought it for my mom in Acapulco, Mexico, where summer is very humid. She complained about the concrete floor in her apartment feeling damp. She says the dampness is gone, and in a very rainy season all her neighbors complain about the dampness in their apartment and hers is now perfect. It also help her with some allegies that she was suffering. Worth every penny, which it wasn't a lot to begin with. Also very light weight if you need to move it to a different room, my mother loves it....more info
    • great little dehumidifier
      This little thing doesn't take up much space yet it really takes the moisture out of our basement room....more info
    • No problems
      Very smooth process: Ordered on-line and received product in timely fashion at price advertised. Like the product too--functions well for the size that it is (mini-humidifier). Overall, satisfied customer....more info
    • Not strong enough
      I'd read previous reviews of the ADS-300 dehumifier. They accurately conveyed that the dehumifier is quiet, small and uses (I assume) little electricity. I purchased two and placed them in my bathrooms. However, I haven't been impressed with the quantity of moisture they removed from the air. Although I haven't measured it, it appears to be in the neighborhood of 4 oz/day....more info
    • It doesn't work!
      I bought this product because I take very long showers, and then once I open the door to my room and let in all the steam, it is hard to sleep because it is so humid. I left this in my bathroom for weeks, making sure to even leave my door closed. Well, by the end, there was not one drop of water in the bucket. Obviously very disappointing....more info
    • good product
      This is a good product. it works as advertised. I would say that I wish it held a bit more water (I seem to empty it about every 4 or 5 days). the one thing I would change if I were designing the product would be to make the water well easy to clean. As it stands now, there is no way to remove the top of the well to clean it and as such, it was recommended by the seller to pour vinegar into it to maintain its freshness. That seems to be easy to remedy as I'm not interested in making a salad with it, just have it dry out my over-humidified bathroom...more info
    • Doesn't work
      I was really excited to get this product however it has not worked since I have received it....... I'm still contemplating returning it....more info
    • didn't work, terrible
      I plugged it on, flipped the switch, and it didn't work. Something inside was messed up. I messed around with it and got it to work for literally once second. Then it turned off again. I tried for 20 more minutes and it wouldn't turn on.

      I called to have them send me another one. They refused unless I sent it back. Sorry but I'm not wasting an hour of my time at the post office, paying for the gas to get me there, and I'm not paying the 15% restocking fee to send back a broken piece of equipment only worth $40. It's not worth my time our theirs.

      So in the end, I'm out $40.

      I advice you to spend more money and order from a different company....more info
    • problems not addressed by Newair
      I first purchased this dehumidifier in 10/06 and it quit working almost immediately. Newair did replace it and the replacement worked until June, when it suddenly quit functioning. I contacted Newair re the warranty and got no response. ...more info
    • more than what I could have imagined
      When I first recvd this, I laughed. The unit is very small, but boy it sure does the trick. Our main bathroom has no ventialtion or fan to remove the moisture that builds up, so we were having a major mold problem. My younges daughter was recently diagnosed with tons of allergies and one was mold. Actually she is allergic to all but 2 different kinds of mold. I needed something small enough to tuck away as it is a long narrow bathroom. This unit fits perfectly between the stool and the sink. I am amazed daily at how much moisture it collects, I have to empty it about every 3 days and it runs quietly. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
    • dehumidifier
      This is an excellent product and would highly recommend. They are a wonderful company to buy from. Very fast shipping and professional...more info
    • great!
      I was very hesitant about getting the dehumidifier since I had never gotten one before, but now I'm so glad I did! Shipping was super fast! And I just absolutely love the product! Thank you sooo much!...more info
    • Execellent product
      This product has performed ably since I turned it on. Great product, very reasonable....more info
    • Love It!
      We've had the dehumidifier for two weeks and it has seriously helped our bathroom. You can't beat the price and the free shipping. It does a great job. I was surprised how much water was in there after just one day....more info
    • Hooray for the little dehumidifier!
      This is a good little dehumidifier; it gets the job done without being excessively loud. I work at night and I actually keep this on during the day while I sleep just to give me a little white noise. The water reservoir doesn't fill up very fast, so you don't have to worry about emptying it too incredibly often....more info
    • Tiny dehumidifier but packs a punch!!!
      When I first saw this dehumidifier I couldn't stop laughing. This little bitty thing was supposed to tackle my moisture overload in a large storage shed? I figured that something was better than nothing until I could buy a better(bigger) dehumidifier. I hooked the little one up and come back the next day to check out the progress and much to my surprise the little-bitty sucked up an inch of one night!!! Now I am so confident that this will do the job I will recommend this for anyone with a similar problem. The free shipping was a great plus as well!!!...more info
    • Perfect Little Dehumidifier
      I have a small bathroom with no windows. We've had a problem with mold because of the poor ventilation. I bought this little dehumidifier and it's dramatically helped. It's so quiet I forget forget it's there. Whenever the moisture catcher thing gets full, I pull it out and that's all I need to do to maintain it. The mold problem is gone and I feel healthier because of it!...more info