Vicks Ultrasonic Humidifier - V-5100-N

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Vicks, Ultrasonic Humidifier, Visible Cool Mist For Relief Of Cold & Flu Symptoms, Superfine Mist Restores Moisture To Dry Indoor Air For Healthful Living, Variable Mist Control Allow You To Regulate The Humidity Level In The Room For Maximized Comfort, Directional Mist Outlet Allows You To Control The Direction Of The Plume, Silent Operation

  • Uses Kaz Demineralization Cartridge #DC-51-6 to Remove Minerals & Other Impurities From Water
  • Features:
    • Honeywell #V5100N Ultrasonic Humidifier

    Customer Reviews:

    • bait and switch
      When I was comparison-shopping on Amazon's site, the product pictured was last year's model, which is what I intended to purchase. I even paid a little more for it--imagine my surprise when I got this one instead! Its capacity is smaller than the previous model, and the motor is very noisy--it makes a constant, high-pitched whine. The handle is weirdly placed and makes the tank much more difficult to pick up once it's been filled. It does do the job of emptying the water mistily into your room, however. But I was disappointed to receive this newer model and not what I had ordered!...more info
    • 2 units in less than 8 months
      It worked great for about 3 months. Then the unit simply quits. We cleaned it every day and only used it for nights. We even changed the filter every month and followed the "wait time" after filling to start it. It should have lasted for quite a while. Nope--just when it's past the 90-day return policy, it dies.

      It is quiet and does a good job putting moisture in the air, but it's terrible as a long term solution.

      P.S. Hope you like white "dust" all over everything in your house--that's another drawback. Not sure if all "cool mist" humidifiers are like that or not....more info
    • Quiet and easy, but is it working?
      We're on day three of using this machine, and thanks to a weather monitor, we've witnessed the indoor humidity actually dropping while using it. I have a hard time believing this is happening; a fine mist is being emitted and the water level is going down. Also my husband has complained about waking up with a sore throat for the last two days.

      On day two I also noticed that the white plastic top is cracking as if it was dropped. It have been damaged in shipping, since the box was quite mangled. Still, it troubles me.

      I do agree that it's very quiet. A small whirring of a fan is really the only noise.

      Setup was straightforward and simple, which is good since the manual is useless.

      Regarding "white dust," we are fortunate to have a whole-house water filter, a water softener, and on top of that filtered drinking water, so we have not yet noticed any dust due to mineral content.

      I did a great deal of research and I'm under the impression that the cool mist ultrasonic models are the best choices for both cleanliness and health reasons (kitty has asthma). Whether this one is as good as others on the market, I can't say. I will probably return it due to the cracking plastic - this does not affect operation - but I may or may not buy another of the same model. In the meantime, back to the drawing board......more info
    • Works great.....when it works!
      I've gone through 3 of these. They work great for the first few months as a previous reviewer stated but then they suddenly stop working. I cleaned it and changed the filters as necessary. I was quite happy with it up until the day it stopped working. There seems to be no reason why either. I returned one to the store that had stopped working and purchased a 2nd one at that time. But now both units have stopped working. So, 3 units that fail is enough for me to find another product!...more info
    • Humidifier
      First one I received had a noise problem, the manufacturer was VERY responsive and sent me a replacement almost immediately. This one works very well, pretty much as advertised. the only thing I wold change is the method of filling the tank, it fills from the bottom, and there is no easy way to hold the tank, which has no provision for setting on a counter and no handle that can be used when filling....more info
    • Quiet?
      Although described as "silent," I found it far from so. I'm returning it because the constant whine is driving me crazy. Also seems that water that goes through the demineralization cartridge turns brown....more info
    • Does a Good Job
      I bought this product despite mixed reviews, I have used it for several months and I like it. A full tank of water does last more than eight hours on high despite one review I read. I also don't think its noisy as one reviewer remarked. You can hear it steaming and gurgling a bit but that's it. I do clean it out regularly so maybe that makes a difference. Its simple to refill, easy to handle, easy to break down and put back together during routine cleaning, and best of all its not terribly bulky. When you turn it on the knob glows green so if you aren't into having a night light you might not want this particular model....more info
    • OK, not great. Not silent, either.
      (1) Bought this humidifier advertised as "silent." Silent to me means that it doesn't make noise, and not having owned a humidifier before that's what I expected. It's not LOUD but it makes noise. (2) Covered every single thing in my room with white dust the first day. Gross. (3) Gets really dirty inside the unit and you have to clean it. (4) It BROKE! Stopped working suddenly, no power at all after 10 months. Kaz will replace it but I have to ship the whole mess myself which will probably cost a pretty penny, and the replacement won't arrive for 4-6 weeks. (5) I will be looking for a different model....more info
    • Great for us!
      I don't know much about humidifiers and need ours only when my 1 1/2 yo is congested (otherwise "not daily") and this has been great. We had a hand-me-down from family and it was really loud and didn't seem to do much to help my son. When I went shopping for a new machine this was a bit more expensive than I wanted however it was well worth it in the end. We have had no problems with it for our use and I just bought another for my cousin to use with her baby. ...more info
    • Great product
      I love this's a great personal humidifier to put in the baby's room. The only annoying thing is the refilling process and pouring out the trapped water....more info
    • The quietest and best humidifier I've ever own!!
      I have had an older model for probably 7 years and was just looking to see if I could another one. I remember when I bought it I had a problem getting it to work. It's water sensor can be touchy. I took it back and got a new one. I have had absolutely no problem with it in seven years! It is still working to this day. I have a small crack in the Water Tank but it is not leaking yet. It runs so quiet and humidifies the air nicely. When the kids are sick I lug it from room to room because the other three humifiers I have stuck under my bathroom sink are loud and do not put out as much mist. I don't use the Demineralization Cartridge, but I do use distilled water or softened water. I don't have any white dust. Jackie...more info
    • Good...not 100% silent
      I bought this one after the previous model burned out after five years of constant daily use each winter which is fair enough. This has essentially the same quality & features but does have a bit of noise which the older model didn't. Also, I had to turn down the mist control about half way or the room filled with white mist. Besides this, I would recommend this unit but make sure to clean it regularly as directed!...more info
    • Good product...
      Use distilled water when possible, filter dirties up very quickly. Otherwise, runs very quietly, no complaints as of yet....more info
    • Advertising is false... there's no way this thing is "silent".
      I bought this (at a Target store) largely because of the claim on the box that said "Silent operation, won't disturb sleep". I guess it all depends on what they mean by "operation". It's true that there is no water gurgling, but there is a constant low whirring (like a fan) that is far from silent.
      ...more info
    • Works Great!!!....dies fast too!
      This unit does a very good job, anad is easy to use and maintain, however it just stops working after 2 months or so. I've gone thru 5 of these units in the past 2 years, and we only use it during night time, when the heat is on. Not for long term buy....more info
    • Scary!!!!
      We bought this model humidifier after researching several on the market. We have had it for almost two months with routine cleanings and using purified water in the unit. No problem- very quiet. Then, we changed the filter and followed the installation directions- At 2am, my husband heard my 11 week old coughing- Upon going to check on her- her room was filled with a foul smelling smoke and the humidifier was making an awful noise. After turning it off, the water in the base was a yellowish color and white dust was every where. Needless to say this product is going back....more info
    • Unreliable
      Purchased this humidifier approx 1 and half years ago, only used it in winter months, changed water, cleaned base and sensor with Qtip and replaced filter religiously, the machine no longer outputs the cool mist, it stays on and does nothing. When I called the company they recommended that I soak the sensor with white vinegar for 20 mins; tried that and still does not work. I recommend you do not buy this, its very unreliable. ...more info


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