MaMa Lotion Mandelic & Malic Acid
MaMa Lotion Mandelic & Malic Acid

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MaMa Lotion is the ultimate agent for those wanting clear, healthy skin. Its powerful formula is tough on wrinkles, acne, and scars, yet gentle on the skin.

Customer Reviews:

  • Waste of money....
    I purchased this product because of the rave reviews on a different site. I was highly disappointed. It did NOTHING for my skin! I don't think this works well on African American skin tones. It was a complete waste of money. I noticed on the other site that all the before and after pics are of non-black woman. It seems to work well for them. When I mentioned this in my review on the other site it kept getting deleted! I wonder why? They don't want you to know the truth! Try something cheaper like Bio-oil!...more info
  • Love It
    This product must be used carefully according to people's skin. If you have sentitive skin, use it sparingly for a few weeks and use a bit less of it. If you don't have sensitive skin, then do what works best. I have been using this product less than a week and can see a difference in the clarity and acne scaring on my face. I love this stuff!...more info
  • MaMa Mia! My skin looks great!
    I first tried this lotion due to a sample that I received with another skin product. I discovered that used every other night at bedtime, resolved several of my skin issues. Also, if any of you shoppers think this product is only for women - think again. As a male nearing 50, this product has given me great results and helps keep my skin looking great. It diminishes the size of my pores and softens my facial scars, not to mention lessens fine lines around my eyes and mouth - it also evens out the color, reduces the occurence of shaving breakouts and makes my skin super soft. The cost isn't cheap, but it's also not outrageousely expensive. Besides, you only need a very small amount per application, so a 1 ounce bottle will last quite awhile....more info
  • Outstanding!
    I have spent a large sum of money on skin care products over the past few years. Specifically to address a facial scar from a car accident back in college-almost 17 years ago! MaMa lotion has been the ONLY product to make a noticeable difference. The best part-I have been using it for only one week! I have spent two to three times as much on other facial lotions, devices, etc. and have not seen results like this. ...more info
  • Helped smoothen my skin
    I've been using this product for a month now. I did have to have a break from it since I decided to use more than the prescribed application of once or twice a week when first starting out. The fact that I was using Retin A about thesame time (though not in conjunction)also probably didn't help my poor face (which peeled and felt very raw).
    My face has since recovered so I'm back to using it again. The stinging is still there but it's very mild. As for results, the texture of my face has improved significantly (very smooth indeed),my pores do appear reduced and I break out less. However, it is still early days and I'm hoping and yet to experience dramatic results on my fine lines and acne scars....more info
  • Love this lotion
    I put it on in the morning and it makes my skin feel amazing - smooth and tight. Also helps keep my skin from becoming too oily during the day. And long term helps prevent breakouts....more info
  • Great, but my skin got used to it after awhile
    When I first bought this product, I absolutely loved cleared up my skin like nothing else had done. But, after using it for about a year now, my skin is back to getting breakouts....not as bad as before, but that seems to happen with all kinds of skin gets used to it and it becomes less effective. I didn't really notice it getting rid of the red left by acne either.

    Overall, I'd say it's a pretty effective product, and even though it's not as good as it used to be, I think that's just the way my skin works. I still use it, and will continue to do so, cause it also helps with keeping blackheads away....more info
    After struggling for years with adult acne at 34 years old I just could not take anymore! I had TCA, and glycolic peels, masks, and a boatload of over the counter and prescription lotions. As a wine consultant I have to face people everyday, and some days I did not even want to leave my house! I was considering FRAXEL treatments, but it's $1200 per session and you need about 4!!! What if it did not work? I was desperate but could not afford to chance that kind of cash! After researching more, I found MAMA Lotion, for $45 it was worth a shot before emptying my bank account for lasers...

    AFTER 3 DAYS I KNEW THIS WAS GONNA BE MY SAVING GRACE! Pores are smaller, skin is smoother and the peeling is more like flaking, and easy to's a dream! Now after 2 weeks I love looking in the mirror, my skin glows and the large t-zone pores and shallow scarring is begining to fade - it's truly amazing!

    I will continue using this for the rest of my life!...more info
  • MaMa Lotion for Melasm
    I purchased this product to help with melasm. Unfortunately, it did not lighten it, but it made my skin smoother and younger looking. ...more info
  • Expensive but I like it

    1. Don't use this product unless you use a sunscreen that contains Meroxyl, such as Neutrogena or better yet La Roche Posay. Your skin will be more vulnerable and you need to protect it accordingly.

    2. If you have very sensitive skin, I'd avoid this product or at least try a sample (check eBay) and proceed very slowly.

    3. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. This product contains acid, after all.

    I have oily, OPRW (Oily Pigmented Resistant Wrinkled skin--see the book "Skin Type Solutions" by Dr. Leslie Baumann [...]) with patches on my forehead and chin that are a little darker than the rest of my face. They're not very obvious but I can see them and I feel self-conscious without makeup on.

    I used samples of this for 8-10 weeks and then stopped because I didn't want to buy a full size. After a few months I found a picture of myself AFTER I had used MaMa and there was definitely improvement. I guess it was so subtle that I didn't notice it right off the bat.

    So I finally caved and bought the full-size bottle. At least a small amount goes a long way.

    The worst thing is the price--COME ON!

    ...more info


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